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How Often To Get Roof Replaced

How Do I Know If My Roofing Job Is Bad

Why Can’t I Get My Roof Replaced?

When shelling out for a complete roof replacement, you simply must ensure that you enlist the services of a professional and reputable company. Unfortunately, there are cowboy builders & roofers out there who will happily complete a quick botch job and run away with your money. It is therefore important that you are able to spot a bad roofing job when you see one. Luckily, there are a number of signs to watch out for. Some of the tell-tale signs include: missing drip edge flashing, a lack of a uniform appearance, sheet joins, lack of proper roof nailing if shingle, reuse of old flashing material, unfixed flashing that make noise, irregularly fixed sheeting, missing shingles, stains, missing underlayment, and more.

Holes Drilled On Purpose

Tiny holes in shingles are sneaky because they can cause rot and other damage for years before you notice the obvious signs of a leak. You might find holes left over from satellite dish or antenna mounting brackets or just about anything. And exposed, misplaced roofing nails should be pulled and the holes patched. Small holes are simple to fix, but the fix isnt to inject caulk in the hole. Youll fix this one with flashing and spot replace the roof.

What Happens If You Dont Replace Your Roof

Worst case scenario, severe failure to replace your roof when it is long past overdue can result in the complete collapse of the structure. However, before this occurs, failure to replace the roof when it needs doing can cause further damages to both the roof itself and other parts of your property. If part of the roof collapses and damages the structure below, you will have to pay for parts of that to be replaced too. If leaking causes damp damages to your walls, ceilings, furniture, etc, you will have to pay to have them fixed/replaced as well as the roof. You may also find that your house price drops if your roof is in dire need of repair during your sales period due to this being what everyone looks at.

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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Replacing Your Asphalt Roof

Now you know why and when you should replace your roof. Like I stated earlier, every roof replacement has to be done at the right time.

That right time isnt going to be the same for any two people. Maybe the right time is because youre getting close to that 20-year mark or you have to replace it to sell your home.

Now that you know the signs that it’s time for an asphalt roof replacement, what’s next?

The next step is to learn everything you can about replacing your roof. There’s a lot of information out there, though. Wouldn’t it be great if the most crucial information was in one place?

Luckily, we thought about this and wrote an article to educate homeowners like you on the most important things you need to know about an asphalt roof replacement.

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has been providing the residents of Nashville with high-quality roof replacements since 1990. We offer a no-pressure sales process that focuses on educating you.If you’re local to Nashville, don’t hesitate to contact us to begin the roof replacement process.

Does A New Roof Increase Home Value

Roof Replacement Saving Tips

A new roof on your home can increase the value by an average of $17,000. Similarly, a house with a roof in dire need of repair can see the price drop significantly. Roof replacements are necessary after a certain period of time, therefore it is only logical that the newer the roof, the better the house value.

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How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof

It generally takes one day to replace the roof of a small home, but the period could vary depending on the type of roof, the materials used, steepness, and extra details like valleys, roof penetrations, etc. If there is more roof surface to replace, the work could take longer than one day.

As a Charleston, SC roofing contractor, Tri County Roofing can help you with your roof replacement project. With our certification, we offer our clients the GAF Golden Pledge® extended roof protection warranty. Whether you have a shingle or metal roof in South Carolina, weve got you covered. Contact us today for any inquiry about roof replacement, maintenance, or repair.

The Shingles Are Covered With Moss Or Algae

Okay, this is actually no reason to panic. “It’s just a cosmetic issue,” says McGavic. People may choose to replace the roof just because they don’t like the aesthetic . Whatever you do, don’t take matters into your own hands by power washing or scraping away at the green stuff. “That’s a good way to chip off all the granules, which again, essentially renders your shingles useless.”

How much time you’ve got left: As long as you can stand the look. Consider a wash that’s one part bleach and one part water to remove algae or moss. Or look into zinc strips that can be installed at roof peaks and will eventually eliminate the problem. If you do decide to replace your roof, consider tiles that are algae-resistant, like GAF Timberline roofs, a Good Housekeeping Seal holder.

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How To Get A Roof Replaced With Insurance

When you take out your homeowner’s insurance policy, you should check what kind of cover it offers for your roof. When it comes to insurance for roof replacement, it is worth paying that little bit extra. After all, replacing even a small roof is costly. There are mainly two types of insurance when it comes to roof cover. You can choose in between replacement cover and repair cover. We always tell our clients it is best to have both included in the policy.

Most of the time, an insurance company will pay for the cost of having your roof replaced when there has been a catastrophic failure. This means your roof has been damaged beyond repair.

Take Note Of Signs Of Wear

Never Replace Your Roof

Climb back up that ladder and inspect these areas for deterioration:

  • Shingles: Curling or missing shingles equates to holes in your roofs armor, leaving your home more vulnerable to the elements. Uneven discoloration, black streaks, and moss signal that this layer is past its prime.
  • Storm gutters:Clogged storm gutters trap water along your roofs edges which may lead to mold and decay. Granules of your shingle material in the gutter are another telltale sign that its time for a swap out.
  • Chimney flashing:Chimney flashing is the lining at the bottom of your chimney where it meets the roof. If your flashing is slathered with cracked cement or tar, youll want to upgrade to quality, water-tight fitting to prevent leaks. Note a red flag for rusty flashing, as well rusted flashing invites leaks and further structural damage.
  • Wall and roof intersections: See decay where your roof meets the exterior walls? Damaged or missing step flashing allows water to settle into this meeting point, inducing corrosion.
  • Attic ceiling: Your roof is leaking if you see any stains, streaks, or light beams underneath it. A sagging ceiling in the attic or top floor also suggests leakage.

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Inspect The Roof For Damage

The most important thing to remember about repairs is that you want to be sure that youre doing them at the correct time. The best time to do a repair is when youve had a chance to inspect the damage yourself. This way, you can take a closer look at what needs fixing and determine whether you need to make any repairs at all. Once you have inspected the damage yourself, you should then decide whether you want to make any repairs at all, whether you need a new roof, or whether you should simply replace your existing roof.

How Often Should My Roof Be Replaced

Despite knowing the average lifespan of your roofing material of choice, most roofs need to be replaced after about two decades of good use. Of course, if there are major issues, it might have to be done a lot sooner. Look for signs of severe damage, such as large water stains on your ceilings. Mold and other discolorations will also tip you off about excess moisture. A persistent leak can make for a seriously dangerous roof with structural problems, and may even put you at risk of a respiratory illness.

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Start By Learning Your Roofs History

Gauge whether youre closing in on your roofs expiration date by determining its installation date. If you purchased a new build or owned your home during the last roof replacement, then this should be fairly straightforward. Otherwise, dig a little deeper by reaching out to one of these sources:

  • Ask the previous owners: Give good old-fashioned communication a try and talk to the person who sold you the house. Even if they dont know the exact date, they can provide you with a ballpark estimate. If you no longer have their contact details, your real estate agent can look into their records and provide them to you, so long as it would not violate any existing non-disclosure agreements.
  • Find the building permit: A roof replacement typically mandates a building permit from the local county. Head to your local municipalitys code enforcement office and request records of building permits for your address. A code or zoning officer will pull up any documents submitted for the project, including scope and building timeline.
  • Contact the roof installation company: If you know which company installed the roof, call and ask if they still have a record of the project in their database.

During your research, keep an eye out for any warranties included. A shingle warranty lasts 20 to 50 years, protecting you against manufacturing defects a workmanship warranty covers issues that may occur due to improper installation.

Important Signs That You Need To Replace Your Roof

How Often Does a Roof Need to Be Replaced?

Even understanding the quality and durability of your roofing material, the lifespan of your roof still depends on the climate. Frequent hail, snow, hurricanes, and inclement weather can cut the longevity of any roof. There are also recommended roofs for hot climates

Instead of relying entirely on the age and material of your roof, its more important to check your roof frequently and take notice of any potential signs that it could use a replacement.

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Look At The Physical Condition Of Your Roofing Material

Look for missing or loose shingles or tiles. Replacing small damaged patches before they let the shingles and tiles around them get exposed to the elements from underneath.

Look for signs of warping, curling, or breaking. Particularly with asphalt shingles, if you are seeing a lot of debris from your roofing material, you may need to consider roof replacement.

If you have a metal roof, look for signs of rust. That means that water is getting through the seal over the metal and you will need to repair that section. Be sure to do this properly and clean up the rust, making sure it is resealed and not just painted over.

Look For The Warning Signs

There are signs that indicate that your roof needs to be replaced, most of which are fairly obvious. A regular roof inspection is going to be the key here. Having a professional take a yearly look at your roof will not only give you peace of mind, but their trained eye can inform you of any underlying issues that could amount to potential damages if not addressed quickly.

It can be the opposite, too. If youve inspected the roof yourself and have noticed water damage, a leak, or missing shingles, your mind might automatically jump to a roof replacement when one is not needed. Only a professional, trained inspector can let you know when your home or business is in need of its entire roof to be replaced instead of its shingle repaired.

You also might find pieces of shingles in your gutters, a sure-fire indication that your shingles are just about done with their lifespan, as they are breaking apart. Just a glimpse at your roof might tell you that with the shingles curling and buckling, the whole roof will need to be replaced.

Its a very bad sign if you stand in the attic and notice daylight peeking through, or worse, a leak. If your insulation is retaining moisture, you most definitely need to replace your roof, and right away.

Theres also a call for concern if your roof has been layered over instead of replacedsomething that might require you to have an inspector do some investigating. The layering isnt going to help you if it too is old and needs to be replaced.

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What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Roof

If you walk through any neighborhood, it might occur to you that most peoples houses have roofs that typically look the same. However, a roofs lifespan can vary wildly from house to house, no matter how similar the appearance. Many factors can determine just how long a roof will last. Here are a few typical factors to consider:

How Often A Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Get Your Roof Replaced in 2020

January 6, 2020 by Trico Exteriors

In this modern-day and age, everything seems to have a sell-by date, and your roof is not exempted. There are several reasons a full roof replacement might be necessary. For instance, if your roof suffers storm damage, simple repairs may not effectively restore its integrity. You may need a complete shingle or metal roof replacement to prevent further damage to your home. Other than emergency storm damages, a roof will need a replacement after a certain number of years.

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Average Life Of A Roof

How long your roof lasts will primarily depend on the type of roof you own and how well you maintained it over the years. Common three-tab asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing options. However, this affordability comes at a price a reduced lifespan. Most roofs with asphalt shingles will last an estimated 15 to 20 years. You can expect architectural asphalt shingles to last a bit longer at an average of 25 to 30 years. Galvalume or metal roofing materials have an estimated lifespan of 30 to 45 years, and concrete tile generally lasts between 30 and 50 years.

Other factors can also impact the lifespan of your roof, such as the color, orientation, and slope of your roof. Darker-colored roofs typically absorb more heat than lighter-colored roofs. If the person lives in a warm climate with lots of sun, their roof may need to be replaced more often. If your roof has a slope that faces south, the sun will have a bigger impact which causes a reduction in the lifespan of the roof. Also consider the pitch of the roof. Roofs that have a high pitch will generally last longer as rain and snow are not able to settle as easily.

Removing Old Asphalt Shingles

You are allowed to have up to two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof, meaning that you may just be able to install new shingles over the old shingles. This can potentially save you some money, but in the long run, you may have to deal with more costly repairs. Without stripping away the older shingles, the roofer cant check the decking or flashing underneath. Removing the old shingles also gives the roofer the opportunity to install ice and water shields, which can prevent water damage if you live in a particularly wet climate.

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How Often Should A Roof Be Replaced A Helpful Guide

by Perla Irish | May 4, 2020 | Home Improvement

Page Contents

The roof of your home is what keeps you safe, dry, and protected. It can also be quite expensive if you need to replace it.

So, how often should a roof be replaced in order to ensure that your home is safe?

How Often Should a Roof Be Replaced A Helpful Guide

Read on to learn about some signs you may need a new roof and how often you should consider replacing yours.

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Pricing: All About The Factors

How often should you get your roof replaced in Edmonton ...

The question that tends to follow how often do roofs need to be replaced? is almost always, how much does a roof replacement cost? Unfortunately, theres no one answer, as all houses are different and it does depend on where you live.

There are several factors that contribute to the price of a roof: Size of the roof, the pitch, how the roof is installed, products and supplies needed for the job, code requirements, layers, features of the roof that need to be worked aroundchimneys, skylights, etc.

Not to mention theres a cost to tear off and remove your current roof, the labor involved in the entire process, and the sheer cost of the materials used for the job. Cities will vary in their costs for roof replacements. Some cities will be cheaper than others, it all depends on the cost of living, access to materials, and the going rate for roofing companies in the area.

Asphalt is a popular choice when it comes down to the material for a roof. Asphalt is one of the cheaper options, but definitely, a durable material that has been used as a roofing material for decades.

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