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How To Build A Solid Roof Pergola

Step : The Ledger Plate

How to build a Pergola – Purlins and Roof Sheets

In this example the ledger plate is bolted to the fascia board just below the spouting.Sometimes this is not possible due to lack of free fascia board or fixing area below the spouting in which case the ledger plate will have to be fixed to the house wall beneath the eaves.


  • Fix the ledger plate to the level line on the fascia board using coach screw at least every 1200mm apart, penetrating through the fascia board and into solid timber, usually the end of a roof rafter or eaves sprocket.


  • If the wall is masonry fix the ledger plate to the wall using masonry anchors every 1200mm. Before fixing, place DPC between the ledger plate and the wall.

Make A Statement With Water

‘VTB Capital Garden Spirit of Cornwall’, designed by Stuart Charles Towner with Studio Evans Lane for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

If you’ve been tempted by the designs in our water feature ideas gallery, then how’s this for a eye-catching look? Granted, it’s in a show garden, but if you’ve got the budget for something bespoke then it’s a surefire way to make a stunning statement.

The water from the reservoir on the top cascades down a sleek panel of glass into a pond below to create a waterfall effect. The soothing sound and sight will give the seating space beneath tons of added atmosphere a great way to set the tone for a peaceful afternoon outdoors.

Giving Your Pergola Some Style

To conjure up the feeling of being in a fabulous Spanish hacienda by the sea , we shamelessly copied a simple, curved line from a neighbors pergola, drawing it freehand on the first header, then using a cardboard template to trace it onto the rest. We did the same for all the joists, then made all the cuts with a sabre saw. By this time, the sun was fading, and so were we, so we wrapped up and rehydrated ourselves in an appropriate fashion.

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Do You Need Planning Permission For A Pergola With A Roof

If you are planning on installing a pergola with a roof in your backyard, you may need planning permission and a permit. This depends on your local laws, HOA rules, and the size of the structure you plan to install.

If your pergola is small and placed in your garden, you probably wont need as many permits or permissions to install it. This is especially true if you select a lattice roof. If you have a more permanent and flatter roof, you want to check with your HOA rules and local ordinances to determine if you need a permit.

Most likely, you will need to place the pergola a certain number of feet away from your fence. This will be mandated by the HOA. Other than that, planning permits will be minimal if the pergola is small and not attached to your home.

On the other hand, you will likely need much more permission and planning if you are attaching a pergola with a roof to your home. Anything that is attached to the building will need to be approved by your city or state officials. More so, certain HOA rules will stipulate how it should look and more.

To find out exactly what you need to do when installing a pergola with a roof, it is best to begin by contacting your city officials. Your city officials will give you the basic code requirements based on your city, county, and state. They can also give you more resources so you can find out more information.

A Quick Guide To Getting The Pergola Height Right

Patio Pros

You have decided to buy a pergola for your yard. It is going to be magnificent, the go-to place for parties, dinners, and intimate conversations with your favorite people. But before we proceed with its construction, its essential to understand the scope and magnitude of the project and get the right pergola height.

A pergola is just like an arbor, but with a partially open top, breaking up the sunlight and shade filtering underneath it. When setting up a pergola in your home, make sure it blends effortlessly with the surroundings. A vital factor to consider here is the height of your pergola.

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Square The Top Frame For Interest

We’re all about mixing up our pergola styles and we love the look of a square top frame. The modern structure and chic white finish brings the look of this outdoor space together really nicely. From the outdoor fireplace, to the stunning furniture and other decorative accents, it’s a simple but effective addition.

Pergola Ideas For Your Yard

Odds are, you already have a vision for where exactly your pergola could go, but what will you do with it once its there? Incorporating your pergola into your yard could look completely different for each person depending on the type of space youre looking to create. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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Pergola Cost Per Square Foot

You can build or install a pergola in virtually any size youd like, and it can be freestanding or attached to your home. Most pergolas are square or rectangular simply due to the design, which consists of rafters and support beams.

Of course, for custom pergola designs, youll pay more. For the purpose of a pergola cost estimator, its easier to project prices for a square pergola. For that reason, weve put together a chart of pergola installation costs for four different square pergola sizes.

Estimates are based on cedarwood, one of the most popular materials used to build pergolas today, at an average cost of $30 per square foot.



Getting Started On How To Build A Pergola

How to build a solid pergola and deck – Installing Timber Beams – Part 2 of 2

Heres a summer project designed to keep you cooler on even the hottest of days. The classical columns support an overhead wooden lattice that works like a big shade tree, letting only a portion of the suns radiance shine through.

What looks like the toughest part of this pergola plans project is actually the easiestthe graceful, solid-looking columns. Theyre not wood at all but a hollow-core composite material with amazing structural strength and durability. Weve designed the pergola plans so you simply slip these columns over treated 4×4 posts embedded in concrete. When screwed to the wooden posts, these columns provide a stable, solid base for the overhead lattice framework.

These paintable precast columns are available by special order at home centers. They come in a wide variety of diameters and heights and architectural styles.

Pressure-treated dimensional 2x8s and 2x10s make up the majority of the upper framework, and the decorative end pieces are cut with a jigsaw from our pergola plans. The whole project can be built in a couple of weekends, with another weekend for staining and painting.

We built our pergola over an existing stone patio that saved a lot of patio work. If youre planning to install a patio as part of your overall project, youll need to allow extra time.

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How To Build A Timber Pergola

Home> How to Build a Timber Pergola

Pergolas are an open outdoor structure made up of wooden posts and have a framed roof either open or covered. They were common features of 17th-century Italian gardens, often covering walkways and today, the same design is used to frame a focal point in your garden.

Pergolas are fast becoming Australias favourite versatile outdoor structures they can be built against the house or freestanding.Without solid walls or roof, a pergola defines an outdoor space by placing you both inside and out at the same time.

With the right design and consideration, you can create a beautiful, functional space for the Australian Summer where you can relax and socialise.

How To Add A Roof To A Pergola

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Essential Materials And Tools

Timber wood or metal bars for the frame, roofing material such as metal sheets, shingles, non-metallic tiles, Carpenters pencil, hammer, ladder, spade, corded saw, box level, wraparound safety eye protector, drill drivers, etc.

The roofing material can be corrugated metal, shingles, and even non-metallic tiles. The choice of material can greatly influence the longevity and appearance of the structure.

This article is mainly based on installation of wooden frame and posts. If you have difficulty with timber maintenance, then non-rust, high-quality metal can also be used for building the frame of the pitched roof.

Consult your contractor about differences in durability, convenience, maintenance requirements and budget issues to be more decisive on these aspects.

If you have experience with roofing, then trying out DIY ideas is a worthy option for saving money. However, it can be a waste of resources if you are a novice.

There is always a solution if you contact a professional contractor for the project who can provide interesting pitched roof pergola kits, show multiple designs, and complete the work within a short span of time.

How To Build A Pergola

polycarbonate patio covers

This article was co-authored by Benjamin Hansen. Benjamin Hansen is a Landscape Contractor and the Owner of Artscape Gardens, a boutique landscaping company in Los Angeles, California. With over 12 years of experience, Benjamin specializes in transforming properties into aesthetic, functional, and drought-tolerant oases. Benjamin uses color scheme, dimension, and water conscious spaces to inspire the design and installation of soft scape, hardscape, patios, pathways, irrigation, drainage, fencing, concrete, lighting, and electrical work. Artscape Gardens covers all areas of the C-27 landscape contractor classification.There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 96% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 69,390 times.

A pergola is an open outdoor structure that is made up of wooden posts and has a trussed roof. To build a pergola you’ll need to prepare and measure a space in your yard before laying down the foundation posts. Once a strong foundation is in place, you’ll finish the project by constructing the roof. With the right materials and forethought, you can build a sturdy pergola that can add some style to your yard’s decor and can create a shaded area where you can relax and socialize.

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What About Other Woods

Relatively inexpensive pine is a pergola possibility, and if you stain it yourself you can save even more. While pine is more prone to warping and weather damage than cedar and redwood, pressure-treated pine is fairly rugged stuff. Then theres teak, fir, acaciain fact, the only real limit is your imagination: You can integrate reclaimed barn wood, salvaged beams, or even a backyard tree into a pergola design.

Your Homes Location And Climate

Based on where your home is situated, youll need to take sun patterns into consideration before placing your pergola. Determine how much sun you want and that will help you with placement, says Cutler. Morning sun requires exposure to the east, afternoon to the west. Also, consider the seasons, a summer noon sun will be almost overhead, in the winter much lower in the sky. The last thing you want is to sit under your pergola after a hard day of work and have the sun shining directly into your eyes, making it impossible to relax.

As far as climate goes, choose your materials wisely. Softer woods will weather much quicker in harsh winters than metal or even vinyl. The goal is the make the pergola last as long as possible. Be intentional when choosing materials for your pergola to save on maintenance in the long run.

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A Pergola Attached To The House

An attached pergola looks like an extension of the home itself, similar to how a front or back patio functions. At least one of the sides of the pergola is attached to or shares the same wall, flooring, and/or beams as the home itself.

The pergola provides privacy even outdoors while still allowing ample sunlight and breeze to come through its open sides. You can decorate it with a lounge, a table, and some plants to create a relaxed space to entertain guests.

Laying Down Foundation Posts

How to build a solid pergola and deck – Attaching the Pergola to the House
  • 1Place a post into the first hole. Youll want to use posts that are at least 8 by 8 inches thick and 10 feet long. Work on each post one at a time until it’s secured to the ground. Put one end of the post into a hole and make sure that it rests flat on the gravel. Hold the post in place as you move onto the next steps.
  • Posts shouldn’t go straight into the ground, because you want to minimize wood rot. Pour them in with rapid set quickcrete, or if you’re on a flagstone or paved patio, use brackets that create a gap between the surface and the post. Then the brackets are poured into the concrete, and the posts are bolted into the brackets.XExpert Source
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    Alignment With The Surrounding Architecture:

    Ensure that your pergolas height aligns with your existing landscape and architecture. For example, suppose youre planning to place your pergola attached to the house. In that case, the roofline and window dimensions will determine your pergolas size since you wouldnt want the beams of the pergola blocking your view from the window.

    Set Posts In Concrete

    As you dig your holes, put the soil in a wheelbarrow and find a place to relocate it away from your site. Save any gravel or sand to reinstall pavers. You may need to move a post slightly. We shifted one post near the house to create an entry along the steps.

    Reconnect your layout string to make sure the holes are aligned. Cut your forming tubes and insert them into the holes. Level the tops of the forming tubes until theyre flush with the patio surface. If you mix the concrete on site, youll need about five bags of Quikrete or Sakrete concrete mix per hole, for a total of 30 bags. Add your 60-in. posts and pour concrete around them.

    As you set your posts, reposition your string line about 1-3/4 in. to allow for the post thickness and then align the posts with your string line as you pour in the concrete.

    Note: If you have a post thats 1/2 in. out of whack, dont sweat it. Youll be able to align the tops of the columns later when you install the overhead beam. Once the posts are embedded in concrete, let the concrete harden for a minimum of two days.

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    Choosing A Site And Design

    The patio is concrete, 12 X 24, and in very good condition . After looking at some pergola pics online for inspiration, we came up with a simple design, and after pricing materials, we decided on roof dimensions of 12 X 16. We went with a free-standing design, which, in addition to looking good, requires no permit, since it isnt attached to the house. Building codes vary widely, so check with your local inspector.

    While my daughter rinsed the scuzz off the patio, my son-in-law and I went to the local home center, and managed to get everything onto my truck in one trip.

    Take Yours From Day To Night

    How to Build a Pergola on an Existing Deck That Will Stay ...

    What a dreamy setting, which will work just as well by day as by night. Lanterns add a fun decorative touch to this backyard pergola and keeping them solar powered means that they’ll naturally illuminate this spot exactly when you need it without costing you too much either.

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