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Can You Put Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingles

Can You Put A Metal Roof Over Shingles

Asphalt Roof Shingles Installation

Yes, its possible to put metal roofing over shingles. Before you get started on your project, though, you will need to check with your local building department to see if theyll allow you to. Some areas will only allow re-roofing over one layer of shingles while others will allow over two layers. There are also some disadvantages to installing metal roofing over shingles that youll want to know about before starting. Contact your local roofing company to learn more and see what they can do for you.

Advantages Of Metal Roofs Over Shingles

Theres already plenty of advantages by choosing a metal roof, and theres even more when you decide to put a metal roof over shingles. They include:

Advantages of metal roofs in general:

  • Metal roofs have increasingly become a more popular option for homeowners due to their reputation for longevity and curb appeal.
  • They can last much longer than shingles. In fact, they can last for about 40-70 years depending on the material.
  • They can withstand almost any type of weather condition to keep your home safe, comfortable, and dry. Rain will quickly and easily drain, and snow will be able to melt slide off easily. They can also sustain wind gusts up to 140 mph.
  • Many of them also come with the ability to resist fire and withstand a hail storm without taking damage.
  • They can come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. These include the appearances of natural cedar shakes or stone.
  • They can improve your homes energy efficiency by reflecting solar radiant heat, which may even reduce cooling costs by 10-25%.

Advantages of metal roofs over shingles:

  • Metal roofs over shingles will also provide an extra layer covering your home, helping to further insulate it.

How To Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles

Homeowners looking to replace an aging roof have two basic options: they can either strip off the old roof and replace it with a new asphalt roof, or they can install metal roofing over the existing asphalt shingles.


  • 7 Conclusions
  • Unless building codes require it, there is usually no need to tear off the old roof. Installing metal roofing over shingles is the best solution.

    The metal used for the roof can be tin, copper, aluminum or steel. In terms of performance many homeowners choose a steel roof, making it the most popular option when it comes to creating a metal roof over existing shingles.

    While metal roofs are more impervious to hail, rain and high winds, they are also more expensive on a square foot basis. But, whereas an asphalt roof may only last 20 to 30 years, a metal roof can last as long as 50 years. See our related post on how long does a metal roof last.

    If your roof is leaking , it may be worthwhile to go with the metal roof solution. It will give you decades of peace of mind. So, from a purely practical perspective, the clear winner is performance over cost.

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    Greater Protection And Insulation

    It is true that metal roofs can get quite hot in the summertime. However, a metal roof can reflect the suns rays and resist high temperatures far better than asphalt shingles. They are also more soundproof and provide more protection against high winds and torrential rains. Metal panels are more likely to hold up in hurricane weather than asphalt shingles.

    Installing Edging Panels And Flashing

    Can you install a metal roof over shingles? Absolutely ...

    Youll need to install edging around the roof before you install your panels. Youll need to use corner pieces anywhere the roof bends, and make sure the edging extends about a ½ over any gutters that are installed.

    Once its time to install your panels, its crucial that you follow the manufacturers guidelines for roof installation. Metal panels need to be cut and spaced and screwed in a very specific pattern, and that pattern will vary depending on how your home is oriented with prevailing winds and the type of panels youre using. Its also imperative that you use the screws or fastener clips that are recommended, and save your nails for a different project.

    If the screws arent properly placed and fastened, they wont be able to withstand the load they are designed for. This placement varies depending on the type of roof. Panels with exposed fasteners and standing seam panels use totally different anchor systems. Aluminum roofing panels will require a much tighter screw spacing than heavier sheet metal.

    Experienced roofers will be familiar with your local weather conditions. They also tend to be loyal to roofing materials that they trust and will know exactly how to safely and effectively install it over your old roof.

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    Question : Why Leave Shingles When Installing A Metal Roof

    Find a better roofing contractor. The old roofing should be removed, underlayment installed and furring strips screwed down for the metal to be fastened to. Dont let the installer screw the metal to plywood sheathing. It wont hold over time. If the old roof needs to be replaced why leave it there and not make sure there are no underlying problems before covering it over again? Also, the extra weight could be too much for your framing and cause cracking or other structural problems.

    · Todd Shell, Angies List

    1. Some metal roofing contractors are trying to convince people that you do not need roof wrap under metal roofing presumably so they can get their initial installed cost more competitive with other roofing materials. Dont fall for that metal roofs do leak at times, and without the roof wrap you have nothing to keep the water from saturating and rotting the sheathing and rafters, destroying your entire roof.

    2. Also, if your roofing is flat sheet raised seam rather than corrugated, the batts or nailing strips should be discontinuous small gaps are needed every few feet to allow hot air to flow up to the ridge vent , otherwise it just becomes an oven between the roofing and the sheathing, plus the sheathing gets much hotter and makes your entire attic hotter in the summer.

    3. It saves having to fill up landfills with old shingles.

    · Unknown, Angies List

    Will The Warranty On The Metal Roof Be Void If Installed Over Shingles

    The specifications of your metal roof warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer. You, or your installer, must check the metal roof warranty to make sure that you arent breaching the warranty terms by installing it over asphalt shingles. Doing so will leave you without any coverage on your brand new roof.

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    Determine The Number Of Shingles You Will Need

    The very first step in your shingling project is to determine the number of shingles you need. This will be done by measuring your roof with a tape measure. Measuring your roof will require you to climb to the roof safety is of utmost importance.

    If you are not comfortable climbing up the roof, you can hire a professional who can take the measurements for you. Measure the length and width of your roof make sure to measure all your roof sections multiply the height and width to obtain the surface area of your roof.

    Once you have the surface area, you can buy the shingles and the underlayment. Make sure that you buy enough to cover all your roof.

    Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Roofing

    Standing-Seam Metal-Shingled Roof Installation

    Do you want to switch from shingles to a metal roof? Trust the Kreunen Construction expert team for that job. Our products have a Class 4 distinction in impact and a Class A fire rating. So, they can resist a wide range of damaging forces.

    They last much more than slate, wood, and shingles. Moreover, they are algae, rust, and mold resistant.

    Your metal roof from Kreunen Construction will last a lifetime.

    Contact Kreunen Construction at or online today to get a quote. At Kreunen Construction, we serve Olive Branch, Southaven, MS, and all of Memphis, TN.


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    Do You Have To Remove Shingles Before Installing A Metal Roof

    Although the answer is technically no, you dont have to remove the old roof, Bridger Steels team NEVER recommends installing a new metal roof directly over an old roof. This is because by installing the new roof over the old one, you can easily miss any damages, water spots, mold, or rot that may be underneath the old singles or materials, which can cause future damage. It can also result in having to remove the new metal roof a few years down the road to fix the underlying problems from the old shingles or underlayment, causing extra and easily avoidable work. Installing a new metal roof over an old shingled roof also affects Bridger Steels warranties because the abrasions from the rocks on shingles can cause backside wear as the metal expands and contracts from both hot and cold weather.

    Both of these careful inspections will give you the reassurance that once youve installed your new metal roof, no prior damages will affect your new roofs performance. Although removing shingles may be messy and take a bit more time, the end results and confidence in knowing your metal roof will last for decades to come are worth it!

    Metal Roof Over Shingles Problems

    While installing metal roofing over shingles is a convenient and cost-saving means of adding a new metal roof, it isnt without its pitfalls. In this section, well cover some of the problems youll encounter with this type of metal roof installation.

    Roof sheathing is covered typically, the old shingles are removed before installing a new roof. This gives the homeowner a chance to inspect the roofs deckings for any problems such as rot to determine if structural repairs need to be made before proceeding with a new roof installation.

    There is no thorough way to conduct this inspection when the roof is covered, which may lead to unwelcome surprises later if there are structural problems that are hidden beneath the shingles.

    Complicates future roof repairs If there is a roof leak in the asphalt shingles, adding a metal roof will provide a patch for those leaks. However, if there is a leak in the metal roofing, water will run between the two roofs until it reaches the original leak, then leaks through the roof. This scenario can make the leak difficult to diagnose and fix.

    Condensation The space between the original asphalt roof and the metal roof wont be airtight. This means damp air can get in between these two layers, causing condensation to form, which can lead to mold growth or rot.

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    How To Install Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingles

    Whether youre looking to install a steel roof over shingles or another type of metal, its a good idea to learn the know-how. Knowing how to install a metal roof over shingles is important for a homeowner whether theyre looking to do it themselves or hire professionals. Remember that if you choose to install metal roofing over shingles, its best to add an underlayment or purlins.

    How Do You Put On A New Roof

    Can You Put Steel Roofing Over Shingles

    Installation of a new roof drainage strip along the perimeter of the roof. Place the â â â â â â in the holes in the ceiling where the two parts form the hole. Draw a series of chalk lines 15 cm apart. Ask the newbies. Put first gear. Install the second row of slats. Shingles around vents and chimneys.

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    Average Cost To Install Metal Roof Over Shingles

    Metal roofing costs vary depending on the type of material. Metal roofing ranges between $1.50 and $2 a square foot, depending on the brand of the roofing. This compares to asphalt shingles which cost around $1.50 per square foot.

    Installing a metal roof yourself can save a significant amount of money. The cost of installing metal roofing costs between $7 and $14 a square foot for standing seam roofing and from $8 to $10 per square foot for metal panels or shingles.

    The Weight Of The Roofing System

    Most buildings are designed to support the heaviest roofing systems. However, the combined weight of asphalt shingles and metal roofing may require additional support in the roofing structure. This is especially true if the structure is older and not designed for modern roofing materials. Before undertaking a residential or commercial metal roof installation, make sure the building can support both roofs long-term.

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    Can You Install A Metal Roof Over Shingles

    Everyone at some point has heard of the saying out with the old, in with the new. But when it comes to roofing, a new roofing material does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of the old one.

    A home that removed asphalt shingles and installed a standing seam metal roof

    If youre getting ready to make a big roofing change from asphalt shingles to metal, youll have to first make a decision on what to do with your old shingle roof. One option is that your old shingles can be removed prior to the new metal roof being installed, but that is not your only choice. It may come as a surprise that a metal roof can actually be installed over your existing shingle roof.

    But just because something can be done, does that mean you should do it?

    At Western States Metal Roofing, we have over two decades of experience with customers upgrading from asphalt shingles to a metal roof that are faced with this exact decision. We believe that this choice should be made on a case by case basis. It depends on different factors and every roof is going to be different from the next.

    In this article, youll learn more about re-roofing . We will also go over 4 factors to consider when deciding if you should remove your asphalt shingle roof before you install a metal roof.

    Can Architectural Shingles Be Installed Over Architectural Shingles

    Installing Galvalume Metal Roof and Solar Panels

    Several readers have recently asked me if they can have architectural shingles installed over existing architectural shingles during a re-roofing project. With the growing number of architectural shingles being used today its no wonder the question keeps coming up. So in this article Ill go over this issue and some of my thoughts on the subject.

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    What Is The Minimum Roof Pitch For Shingles

    The minimum roof pitch for shingles is a 2:12 pitch. If your roof is less than 2 vertical units up for every 12 horizontal units out, its considered low slope.

    But why cant you put shingles on a low slope or flat roof?

    Shingles arent meant to hold or have sitting water on them. Because of this, the shingle manufacturers installation instructions and building codes state you cant install asphalt shingles on a roof with a pitch below 2:12.

    You might think you can avoid problems by ignoring the installation instructions to save money. Not only will the shingles not do their job properly, but the manufacturer also wont stand behind their product because the installation instructions werent followed.

    This leaves you with no recourse if theres an actual problem with the shingles themselves. You can still try to get the problem fixed with your roofing contractors workmanship warranty.

    But if they were willing to ignore installation instructions, I guarantee they wont stand behind their work. No matter what, dont install asphalt shingles if your roofs pitch is below a 2:12.

    You Wont Get To Replace Crucial Roofing Materials

    When you get a metal roof-over, you bypass the tear-off process of getting a new roof. This will save you money, but you miss out on replacing crucial materials that are included in a full roof replacement.

    For example, one of these crucial materials is the underlayment. Its your roof systems last line of defense for keeping your decking dry. When you roof over your asphalt roof with a metal roof, you have to rely on the underlayment from your old roof. You also wont get the proper kind of underlayment specifically designed for a metal roof.

    Roofing materials arent meant to last forever. Thats why if youre already going to invest in a metal roof, I recommend starting from scratch with clean decking.

    To learn more about the crucial materials that are replaced when you get a new roof, read this article on the 9 materials included in your roof replacement.

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    Contact Legacy Service To Schedule An Appointment

    At Legacy Service, we love just about everything about this type of roofing. When they are installed correctly using the right materials, they can withstand just about anything. And since it reflects heat from the sun, it can help you save significantly on energy costs. Its also 100% recyclable, making it eco-friendly. We have decades of experience when it comes to installing this type of roofing, and we can actually custom-make every panel for your project. We also offer a lifetime warranty, which makes for a sound investment. If youd like to learn more about metal roof replacement, contact our Legacy Service team today to schedule an appointment.

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    A lot of elements play a role in maintaining the integrity of the roof, but as a homeowner, the most important components to pay attention to are the underlayment, ventilation, and material.

    How Do You Install Metal Roofs Over Shingles

    Metal Roof Over Shingles Problems #Roofing #Roofers ...

    When installing roofs over shingles, an underlayment is placed over the shingles. This will prevent any leakage onto the existing shingles, though ideally, the roof should already be watertight and in relatively good condition. Once the underlayment is in place over the shingles, the metal roof can be installed. Professionals will ensure that the roof is installed correctly and impervious to water.

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