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How To Become A Licensed Roofer

License Requirements In Illinois

Should I Become a Certified Roofer?

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations is responsible for issuing roofing licenses to contractors throughout Illinois, but testing is conducted by separate entities, such as Continental Testing Services. Roofers can apply for a limited license , unlimited license , or a commercial/industrial license.

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In addition to a $125 application fee, you will need to provide proof of workers compensation insurance as well as liability and property damage insurance. You will also need to obtain a surety bond in an amount dependent on the license type. Once the Application for Licensure as a Roofing Contractor has been submitted, you will have three years to complete the examination that corresponds to your license type. Consult a roofing attorney in Illinois with our law firm if you have any questions.

Take note, roofers! Just because youre licensed by Illinois doesnt mean youre licensed to conduct work in a specific city, especially in a city like Chicago.

The Ultimate Guide To Roofers License Per State

Acquiring a roofers license is one of the crucial steps in becoming a certified and legitimate construction business. With each state having different license requirements and regulations, you need to know the specifics before moving and starting your business.

So, why do roofers need to be licensed?

Besides protecting your payment rights, holding the proper license helps you build trust and confidence with your clients. What’s more, working without a roofers license is illegal in some states, and you might end up losing your rights.

Here are the license requirements for each state.

S To Become A Licensed Roofer

  • Work with a roofing company or contractor. Certification is required for qualification everywhere you go. If you are unfit to be a roofing contractor, you will find out during your job period, saving you time and money.
  • Find the certification requirements in your region. The employer may guide you to resources, or you can find them through the Contractor License Information Page provided in the Resources section of this article.
  • Provide research guides and a contractor s test report. There are several outlets for research guides. Some states may give them on their exam website or refer to examples on the Contractors License website.
  • The average annual salary for licensed roofers is $42,100. The median wage is the salary at which half of the workers working paid more than that amount and half paid less. The lowest 10% earned less than $26,540, and the highest 10% earned more than $70,920.

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    Commercial Roofing Contractor License Requirements

    Commercial license holders must also meet the general RCAT requirements to obtain a license, but the insurance and testing requirements for this license are more stringent. Commercial roofers must hold $500,000 in combined single limit general liability insurance or provide a $100,000 contractor’s surety bond.

    If you plan to obtain a commercial roofing license in Texas, you must also pass the basic business and safety knowledge exam and a commercial roofing exam with 70% or higher on each portion. The fees for a commercial roofing license are $450 for RCAT members or $750 for non-members.

    Additionally, if you meet these requirements and pass both the commercial and residential roofing exams, you can pay a slightly higher fee and earn your roofing license as both a residential and commercial roofer in Texas.

    Contractor Licenses In Florida

    How to Become a Licensed Roofer

    A roofing license is a must if you wish to work in Florida, but it does have a lot of requirements that youll have to be sure are complete before applying. According to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, any contractor wanting to perform roofing services of any sort must have a license. Florida roofing licenses are issued to workers 18 years or older and who has at least four years of experience. This can come in a variety of ways such as a degree in a construction-related field from a four-year college or a mix of accredited college classes with real work experience, with at least one as a foreman. Additionally, anyone seeking a roofing license in Florida must also pass an exam.

    You can then schedule a date to take the required exam. The exam fee is $135 and you must get a score of 70% or higher. Its a good idea to take some time and study before the exam so youre prepared. The Florida DBPR provides a list of helpful study materials to review. You can view it here.

    A background check and fingerprints are also required to obtain a roofing license in Florida. You must use an approved vendor to perform the fingerprinting and submit it to the state. The cost of this can vary depending on where you have it done.

    Once youve obtained your Florida roofing license, you can now start to work with homeowners near you!

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    Experience Options For Military Veterans

    • Three years of military service and one year experience as a foreman applicable to the category for which you are applying
    • Two years of military service, one year experience as a foreman, and one year experience as a worker or foreman applicable to the category for which you are applying
    • One year of military service, one year experience as a foreman, and two years experience as a worker or foreman applicable to the category for which you are applying

    What Licenses And Certifications Should Your Roofer Have

    December 14, 2020 by Trico Exteriors

    Hiring a licensed and certified roofer protects you from unethical practices and inferior workmanship. When looking for a roofing contractor, you can easily fall victim to unscrupulous, unlicensed handymen luring homeowners with a much lower price than licensed roofing contractors would quote.

    However, when it comes to roofing services, you always get what you pay for. When you hire a low-cost, unlicensed roofing contractor, you are losing out on many of the benefits which come with choosing a licensed and certified roofing contractor, such as quality workmanship, security, extended warranties, and insurance coverage for accidents or damages.

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    Why Choose To Become A Roofing Contractor

    While roofing isn’t typically the first career choice for the general public, it can become an extremely lucrative business if done right. The job offers a wide range of benefits, and you learn numerous valuable skills throughout your career. Furthermore, you become an extremely valuable member of society.

    Here are some of the top benefits of becoming a roofing contractor:

    Change A Condition On Your Licence

    How to Become a Roofing Contractor

    Your licence or certificate allows you to do and/or supervise the work described on your licence card, subject to any specified conditions.

    These conditions may be imposed to limit the scope of work you are able to do, or to place other requirements on the licence or certificate holder.

    They may be as a result mutual recognition processes, disciplinary action, bankruptcy, external administration or other factors.

    If circumstances change, and this affects your ability to do the work described on your licence card, you must let us know within seven days.

    If you wish to have your licence or certificate updated to remove limitations on your category of work, you will need to make an application to vary your licence or certificate.

    Refer to the Add a category to your licence or certificate section above.

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    Submit The License Fees

    The annual license fee is $150 a non-refundable $100 new license application processing fee must also accompany applications for a new limited license. Checks in the amount of $250, covering both fees, can be made payable to the Home Builders Licensure Board. The Board accepts cashiers checks, certified checks, personal or company checks, or money orders for all new applications. All fees must be paid before the application will be processed.

    Commercial Roofing Contractor Licensing Education & Exam Prep

    A Roofing license is required for anyone in Oklahoma who works for compensation in any roofing activity. We offer a course with exam prep, the book for the exam, and additional services to help you obtain your license. All of our training is offered in an online self-paced format. Our exam prep is designed to help you pass your test the first time, and is backed with our no pass, no pay policy. All of our courses are available from almost any device, any time. We hope that you will make RocketCert your home to help you obtain your Oklahoma Roofing Contractor License.

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    Why Should I Choose Rocketcert

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    How Do I Obtain A License

    What Is a Licensed Roofer? (with pictures)

    To apply for your license, contact the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board at 405-521-6550 or visit

    Oklahoma requires each licensee to complete continuing education prior to each renewal. Oklahoma has reciprocity arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

    With RocketCert, our education is written but a combination of professional educators and industry professionals. Our exam prep is guaranteed to help you pass the exam, and is backed with our no pass, no pay policy. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service. Also, if you find a better price, we will beat it by 20%.

    In order to sit for the exam, you must submit the application for licensure to the state. It must include verified education and work experience as required by the state. Once approved, the state will contact you with an exam date and time.

    After studying with RocketCert, you will be on your way to passing the required State exam . Pre-approval is required. Testing centers are setup throughout the State in larger cities.

    After completing all the steps above, it will be time to apply through the CIB to obtain your Oklahoma Commercial Roofing Contractor License. Have questions or concerns with this process ? Our licensing specialists can help you with the process.

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    Licensed Roofers Know The Industry

    Working with a licensed roofing contractor is an indication they have proven knowledge in the latest and best practices in roofing installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

    This means your roofer will get the work done right the first time, something you cant say about unlicensed roofers.

    Florida Roofing Contractor License

    A Florida Roofing Contractor is a contractor whose services are unlimited in the roofing trade and who has the experience, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or design, if not prohibited by law, and use materials and items used in the installation, maintenance, extension, and alteration of all kinds of roofing, waterproofing, and coating, except when coating is not represented to protect, repair, waterproof, stop leaks, or extend the life of the roof. The scope of work of a Roofing Contractor also includes skylights and any related work, required roof-deck attachments, and any repair or replacement of wood roof sheathing or fascia as needed during roof repair or replacement and any related work.

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    Stay On Top Of Health And Safety Advice

    Working as a roofer is high-risk. Not only are you working at height, youll need to understand how to reduce and manage the risks of working with excessive dust, asbestos, and machinery.

    As a contractor, your employer will provide the necessary PPE for you to carry out your work safely. You should also be familiar with the HSE health and safety guidelines for people working on roofs.

    Select Your Method Of Payment

    How to get a Roofing Contractor License in Florida

    Start with cash.

    With everything in place, you now need to decide how you want to be paid. Cash and perhaps checks are definitely a smart way to start.

    As your business grows, you can appeal to more customers by accepting credit and debit cards. This is easily done by contacting your bank and opening a merchant account. In the US, you might also consider the latest trend of working with a finance company like GreenSky to offer preapproved loans for your customers.

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    How Long Does It Take To Get A Roofing Contractor License In Texas

    Once you pass the exams, the appropriate license will be issued to you by RCAT within one to two business days. In general, roofers should expect the entire licensing process to take approximately three months. Here’s an estimated timeline of the application process:

    • Complete the application and gather documents, proof of insurance and references: One to two weeks
    • Study for and pass the required licensing exams: Eight to 12 weeks
    • Receive license: One to two business days

    Earn A High School Diploma Or Equivalent

    Many employers that hire roofers require at least a high school diploma or equivalent, like a GED. It’s important to earn a high school diploma because it’s likely that your peers applying for the same position have at least a high school equivalent too. You also learn a lot of fundamental skills in school that are appealing to employers, like basic math and reading. The courses you take while in high school can help prepare you for a career post-graduation, as a roofer or otherwise.

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    How Long Does It Take To Get A Roofing License

    There are many kinds of license involved in the building industry, and one of them is the roofing license. Though when you engage with different contracting professionals to build your home, a general contractor is the one who has the role of an overseer. However, the roofing license is meant only for the roofing contractor, as he will only deal with such a specific project.

    When hiring people, it is highly recommended for property owners to demand license from prospective roofing companies before hiring them. The essence of having a licensed roofer means youre getting the job from a trusted professional. A professionals work is upheld to the highest standards. Belonging to a legit industry means that you are dealing with genuine contracts so that when things go wrong with the job, you can go after them.

    Best is to hire a roofer with a license than getting someone without.

    Demonstrate Your Ability And Experience

    Roofer using air or pneumatic nail gun and installing ...

    Applicants must hold a business or occupational license that has been issued by a municipality, township, or county in Alabama, on or before one year prior to the date the application was submitted.

    Additionally, if applying as a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership, a certificate of compliance from the Alabama Department of Revenue must be submitted.

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    What Are The Requirements To Getting A License

    • Pass Commercial Roofing Contractor and Business and Law Exams
    • Obtain $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance
    • Obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance or exemption
    • Register business name with secretary of state
    • Applicant must be Owner/Officer of a corporation, member of LLC, or general partner of an LLP which is actively enagaged in the trade.
    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

    Other California Roofing Requirements

    California also requires that you have worker’s compensation insurance, even if you don’t have employees. Since roofing is an industry with numerous risks, it’s wise to look beyond the state requirements.

    Most contractors go for general liability insurance, which covers many claims like property damage and injury. If you’re a handyman, you’ll be better off with handyman insurance for liability coverage.

    Joining a trade organization is one way of differentiating your business from other California roofing experts. In addition to your insurance and license, having the support of a local trade organization shows your clients that you’re actively working to improve your business and community.

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    Licensing Requirements In Chicago

    The city of Chicago lumps roofing contractors in with general contractors. The Chicago Building Code defines a general contractor as a person who works to erect, construct, alter, repair, move, install, replace, convert, remodel, rehabilitate, modernize, improve or make additions to any building The general contractor license application shows that license types range from A-E depending on the dollar limit per contract project. Among other pertinent information, you will need to provide proof of commercial general liability insurance.

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    Annual licensing fees can range from $300-$2,000. Thats quite a bit of money, but it doesnt compare to the penalties that can be incurred from contracting without a license or with an expired license. If you are ever accused of roofing without the proper licensure, be sure to consult an attorney with our roofing law firm.

    If you would like to speak with an experienced roofing lawyer in Illinois, please contact us today.

    Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.


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