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What Are Metal Roofs Made Of

Which Is Better: Steel Or Aluminum Roofing

How Steel Roofing is made at Martin Metal

Neither type is better than the other its all about your preferences. However, if youre trying to choose between steel and aluminum roofing, do as much research as possible before you make your decision. In the previous sections, you can read about the pros, cons, and costs compared to the other types.

To make the most informed decision, contact your local roofing experts to schedule a consultation. Our team at Legacy Service will guide you throughout the process, from helping you determine the best choice during the inital consultation to communicating with you every step of the way if you decide to go through with the project.

Metal Roofing Has Been Around For More Than A Century Used Originally For Commercial Industrial And Agricultural Buildings Todays Metal Roofing Also Comes In Steel Shingles In A Variety Of Attractive Contemporary Colours

Of all roofing materials, it is well known that metal roofing is by far the longest lasting roofing material. One only needs to travel the countryside to see century-old homes and agricultural buildings with steel roofs still standing solid and proud. Although some of them are a little rusty and discoloured on the surface, they have endured countless years of battering from the elements and are still weatherproof. Of course, in earlier days, steel roofing materials did not enjoy the benefits of todays rust resistant metal coatings, technological advances in oven-baked paint systems and solar reflection qualities all bonded to the steel surface at the factory. Times have changed since then. Residential steel roofing materials are now available in a wide variety of designs and colours to complement any style of home. Todays steel roofing materials offer unmatched durability, lasting as much as 4 to 5 times longer than asphalt shingles. They are so reliable, beautiful and appealing to the eye that they are not only used in roofing applications for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, but also as cladding on inside and outside walls of prestigious commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, professional sports venues and other private and public facilities.

Metal Material Types: How To Choose The Best Material For Your Roof

Whether youre a contractor, installer, architect, distributor, or building owner, knowing the pros and cons of the most popular metal roofing materials can help you make the best choice for a structures roofing project.

Whether youre in the market to purchase a new metal roof, a distributor trying to sell metal coils or sheets to customers, or a contractor dealing directly with a home or business owner, its vital to know the pros and cons of different metal roofing materials.

Five of the most common materials used in metal roofing are Galvalume®, aluminum, zinc, copper, and stainless steel. Luckily, there isnt just one solution for every single customer, so the advantages and disadvantages of each metal should be discussed in depth with the contractor, distributor, architect, or manufacturer before making a final decision.

As one of the leading distributors of coated and bare metal products in the industry, Sheffield Metals helps individuals find the solution that will work best for their specific residence, building or business every day.

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Metal Roof Vs Shingles: Cost

Asphalt shingles are undeniably affordable and easy to install. Metal roofs are more expensive and require specialized knowledge to install.

While it depends on the specific roofing product and where you live, the average cost of an asphalt-shingle roof is around $7,000 to $10,000, whereas the average cost of a metal roof is at least several thousand dollars more around $12,000 to $20,000. But keep in mind that metal roofing will last nearly three times longer and requires less repair.

Winner: Asphalt shingles in the short term. But if youre playing the long game, its metal all the way.

Shake Shingle Tile And Slate Profiles

House with an orange roof made of metal, top view ...

The growth in demand for standing seam in the residential roofing market over the past few years may be exceeded only by the growth in popularity of the new metal roofs the shake, shingle, tile, and slate profiles. These products allow homeowners the opportunity to have the benefits of metal roofing along with the looks of something very traditional and timeless. The four different types of these modular panels can vary greatly in terms of look and use. The following is a description of all four.

Metal shakes are designed to mimic the look of hand-split cedar shakes. While many homeowners select these shake systems because of their resemblance to wood shakes and also because of the long-term performance metal provides. Many other homeowners enjoy these specialty metal shake systems for their unique and distinctive look.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Costs

Standing seam metal roofs have far superior longevity and last two or three times longer than non-metal roofs. They are the most common metal roof design due to its availability all over the U.S. to roofing installers and easy access to metal materials. The design features vertical panels that are joined by interlocking seams as seen below.

Standing seam metal roofs will cost you about $4.00 to $6.50 per square foot. The average cost to install a standing seam metal roof on the average size home can range from $23,000 to $30,000 in total. They come in painted aluminum, galvalume steel, galvanized steel, and copper or zinc metal roof types. They perform extremely well in harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, hail and fire.

Metal Roofs Guaranteed At Any Proximity To Ocean

Steel roofs can last a lot longer than asphalt for Newfoundlanders, but did you know a modern aluminum roof can last a lifetime and maintain its beauty at any proximity to the ocean? Modern aluminum roofs with durable PVDF coatings can actually increase residential resale values and provide an excellent return on investment if the right product is chosen. Four-way interlocking metal shingle designs, installed directly to the roof deck, resist high speed winds and allow for natural thermal movement of the roof. A product that uses Kynar500® or Hylar5000® PVDF colour coatings can actually be guaranteed never to crack, chip, peel or flake and can also come with long lasting guarantees against chalking and fading.

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All About Metal Roofs

Its hard to top the versatile looks, longevity, and peace of mind that come with a roof made of metal. Read this guide to learn what you need to know before putting one on your own home.

The advantages of metal roofs are tough to ignore. Theyre strong, able to survive hurricanes, hail, and wildfires. Theyre durable, enjoying a life span of up to 50 years or more. They can save energy, thanks to their ability to reflect the suns heat. And properly installed, they need virtually no upkeep.

In America, copper and lead roofs appeared on important public buildings beginning in the 18th century, including New Yorks City Hall in 1764. By the mid-1800s, metal roofing became more common as mass-produced steel began covering ordinary homes and barns. By the 1920s, lightweight, no-rust aluminum entered the market, as did paint coatings that added color and longevity to both aluminum and steel roofs.

Today, metal roofing is on the rise again: Its popularity has nearly quadrupled in the last 20 years. And while it commands a premiumthe components are expensive, as is the skilled labor for installationa metal roof can boost a homes resale value by up to 6 percent in some areas. Up ahead: a look at materials and styles to consider, plus how to get the job done right, so your house will stay cool and dry for decades to come.

How Are Metal Roofs Made

Metal roofing Manufacturing (How it’s made)

Metal roofs are distinguished by thick sheets and a solid protective and decorative coating. Metal roof shingles have panel ribs that are further defined by their shape, height, and spacing. Durability of your metal roofing sheets greatly depends on three factors: the thickness of the panels, the height of the ribs and the quality of the coating.

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Metal Roofing For Newfoundland

Metal roofing in Newfoundland and Labrador is increasing in popularity as homeowners grow tired of constantly replacing temporary asphalt shingles. The unpredictable and volatile weather on the Island of Newfoundland shorten the lifespan of most traditional roofing products. The constant exposure to sea salt air and spray works to break down most roofs at an extremely accelerated rate.

Alternatives To Metal Roofing

There are multiple alternatives to metal roofing in addition to the more obvious ones . Slate tiles and composite polymer roofing materials can offer a durability and recyclability similar to metal roofing. Additionally, asphalt corrugated roof panels look similar to metal roofing and also come in sheets.

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Cons Of Aluminum Roofing

Natural Color Using aluminum roofing in its natural color isnt recommended by too many architects and installers. As the metal ages and undergoes weathering, it doesnt hold its original color and often becomes washed out and spotty. The best way to overcome this issue is to buy resin coated roofing coils or panels, which will age much cleaner over time.

Denting Since aluminum roofing is frequently a thinner, more lightweight material, it has been known to dent easier than other metals. If a structure is underneath trees or any other object with something that could fall on the roof, another type of metal material may be a better option.

Thermal Movement Aluminum expands and contracts roughly twice as much as a steel roof. This generally means you do not want to double pin the panels if they are in lengths greater than 20. This expanding and contracting can also cause oil canning, increased noise, and more required maintenance on exposed fasteners.

Corrugated Metal Roof Costs

Metal Roofing Systems

Corrugated metal sheets have a usual shape of repeated wavy pattern or rippled pattern throughout. A plain metal roof is strong and has a great life expectancy but a corrugated metal roof increases the strength-to-weight ratios which withhold perfectly in harsh weather conditions.

Corrugated steel panel roofs are the least expensive type of metal roofing, costing about $1.20 to $5.00 per square foot comparable to the price of asphalt shingle roofing. Average costs to install a corrugated steel roof would be from $10,500 to $19,500. You can choose from corrugated aluminium roofs, steel or copper roofs according to your needs.

Corrugated steel roofing panels are thin and lightweight, which means it can be installed over an existing roofing. This cuts down on the costs of removing old roofing. However, the quality tends to match the price, as these metal panels are vulnerable to leaks and rust.

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Metal Roofing Contractors Near Me

The best way to find a good metal roofing contractor is through friends and neighbors who have had similar work done. Unfortunately, because metal roofs are uncommon, you may not know anyone who has had one installed. In this case, your best bet is to use one of the Webs contractor-finding sites such as HomeAdvisor or Networx. The benefit of these services is that they help you find local metal roofing contractors who have gone through a pre-screening process.

Another route for finding metal roofing specialists is to call architects or builders who have designed or built homes utilizing metal roofs and ask them for their suggestions.

Make appointments with at least three professional roofers. Make sure they are well experienced at the type of roof you intend to have installed. Then get references from satisfied customers and call those references to be sure they were happy with the work and to discuss any issues that arose during the project.

Featured Resource:Get Free Quotes from Reviewed Metal Roofing Contractors Near You

You can often get a local installer through the manufacturer, too. The manufacturer will usually put you in touch with a local representative or installer who will bid on your job.

Be sure to clarify whether or not labor and freight are included in the price. Because freight can be very expensive, it usually pays to choose a manufacturer in your region.

If youre considering buying a metal roof, get at least three bids from qualified pros.

Pros Of Copper Roofing

Lightweight Compared to different metal substances and other roofing materials such as shingles, concrete, or tiles, copper is extremely lightweight. Not only does this make it easier for installers and contractors to work with, but it also puts less stress on the structure of a home over time.

Energy-efficient All metal roofing is energy efficient and can help cut down the cost of energy bills.

Durable Copper is a durable element and can withstand numerous decades as a roof. If properly installed, copper roofing can last 100+ years in some instances. Copper also works well in locations with heavy snow, frequent rainfall, and strong winds.

Aesthetically Pleasing Copper is often referred to as a premium roofing material, as it enriches the outside of a building and adds a metallic reddish-brown focal point to a structure. As the copper ages over time, it develops a blue-green covering called patina, which happens because of oxidation and sun exposure. Many building owners specifically buy copper because of the way it ages and adds to the curb appeal of a structure over time.

Recyclable Though not as recyclable as zinc, copper can also be recycled and reused if still in good condition. Copper is also a naturally sourced metal and can be used in its original mined metallic form.

Solderable Copper can be soldered, unlike other roofing materials. This means that roof and wall flashings, as well as gutter joints, will be weather-tight with a soldered connection.

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Cons Of Galvalume Roofing

Oil Canning Oil canning is an inherent characteristic of light-gauge, cold-formed metal products, especially products with broad flat areas. It is a visual phenomenon seen as waviness or distortion in the flat surfaces of metal wall and roofing products. Oil canning is subjective and normally only an aesthetic concern that does not affect a products strength or performance. This occurrence is a possibility for any kind of metal roofing or walls, including Galvalume. But there are methods to minimize the appearance of oil canning, including:

  • Hiring an experienced contractor who knows the best methods to reduce oil canning, including:
  • Panel thickness
  • Buying trustworthy brands of coil
  • Using striations or bead stiffeners in the flat area of the panel to minimize the appearance of oil canning
  • Fading/Chalking One drawback to painted Galvalume is the fact that the color will fade over time due to sun and UV exposure. There are ways to slow down this process, most of which depend on the resin or paint coating used on the metal. Kynar painted systems have the most fade-resistant coatings, followed by silicone-modified polyester and polyester systems. Also, painted Galvalume could be susceptible to chalking, a whitish residue visible where the coating is present. Again, its important to pick the coil with a tested and proven chalk rating.

    What Are The Different Types Of Metal Roofs

    Home made roof ladder hook for metal roofing.

    Once you decide to install a metal roof on your home, youll have to determine which type of metal would work best for you.

    Four types are most commonly used among homeowners. They include aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The trick is to find which one would go best with your tastes and preferences. For example, if youd prefer the cheapest type, then you might want to choose steel. But if youre looking for one that can stand the test of time, then youll probably prefer copper or zinc.

    For more detailed information, weve discussed the most popular types of metal roofs in the sections above. You can find their pros, cons, and relative prices. Then, give us a call at Legacy Service to schedule a free consultation for a roofing installation or replacement. Well also help you determine what you want regarding the colors and styles of metal roofing, from standing seam to corrugated metal.

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    Metal Roofing Panel Types

    If you decide to purchase a metal roof there are more options than just metal roofing panels. Western States Metal Roofing doesnt sell metal shingles, slate, or tile, but they are excellent systems that we will touch upon.

  • Corrugated Metal Roofing– Exposed fastener panel.
  • Standing Seam Roofing– Concealed fastener panel.
  • Metal Shingle Roofing– Metal roofing with a traditional look.
  • Metal Slate Roofing– Affordable alternative to slate.
  • Metal Tile Roofing– Affordable alternative to clay tile.
  • What Is A Tin Roof

    The term tin roof is a bit of a misnomer. Most people that think of it are probably thinking of the soft metal, corrugated roofs that can last up to 60 years, but which dont offer a lot in looks or style. In fact, this type of roof is actually known as terneplate roof, and it may be made of any soft metal that is coated in tin and lead.

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    Wood Shingles And Shake

    The go-to roofing choice for hundreds of years, many homeowners love the look of wood shingles and shakes and how they weather to an attractive shade of gray. Wood shakes are handmade and rougher-looking than wood shingles, which are usually cut by machine.

    If you live in a fire-prone area, look for Class A fire-rated wood roofing products that include shingles treated with a fire-resistant coating.

    Pros: Wood shingles offer a rustic look and are a natural product usually made from cedar, redwood and southern pine.

    Cons: Fire codes in some areas prohibit use. Wood shingles can be a concern in wet climates, and can mold, split or rot.

    House Styles: Shake’s rustic aesthetic pairs well with bungalow, Cape Cod, cottage, Craftsman and Tudor-style homes.

    Cost and Life Span: Prices start at around $100 to $150 a square and will last around 25 to 30 years.


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