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How Much For A Porch Roof

Brick Porch Repairs & Maintenance

Porch Roof Framing & Shingles – How To

Weed and moss removal

Brick porches are susceptible to mildew and moss growth, which can look unsightly and may also cause damp. To remove it, you should mix a cup of bleach with a gallon of water and apply it to the area with a scrub brush.

Structural damage

If you notice your bricks are cracking or crumbling, then you can either hire a professional for £ or do it yourself. To repair your brick porch, you will need to first remove any loose brick with a pry bar . You can then install a new brick using a pre-made mortar mix .

Compare Different Types Of Roofs

The cost of a roof replacement can vary from a few thousand dollars to close to $50,000 for high-end projects and oversized homes, with the average cost coming in at around $8,000. The size of the home can play a major role in the overall cost of a house, but the deciding factor is typically the style of roof being installed.

Below you’ll find a range of the most popular roof styles and how each type impacts your bottom line when preparing for a roof upgrade.

Wood Patio Cover Cost:

Adding wood latticing to a roof of the same size could add $500-$10,000 onto a project.

No matter what type of roof material you choose, venting is a top priority. As covered in a previous chapter, venting in a roof structure is critical to promote air circulation in each season. Proper venting in a patio roof will prevent moisture from accumulating in hotter weather to extend the life of the roof structure.

A patio roof that is installed within 10 feet of trees may incur additional costs for tree protection.

When pricing patio roofs, you may come upon two basic options available to you:

  • DIY Patio Covers All materials and instructions are included for simple patio cover construction.
  • Professional Patio Roof For a professional patio roof addition, a roofer will measure and cut appropriate materials to fit an exact patio size. Most common patio roof covers will be made from wood or aluminum or may integrate specialized materials to match existing roofing.
  • If youre hoping to save money on patio roofing, you can look for an affordable contractor or do the project yourself. While it is fairly straightforward to construct a DIY patio cover, building a patio roof is a much larger project indeed.

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    How To Attach A Porch Roof To A Stucco House

    The people staying in a stucco house must be wondering how to attach a porch roof to a stucco house. Well, its an obvious question. The procedure is almost the same as above. But the installation of the ledger board is a bit different.

    First of all, you need to mark on the stucco wall where you will place your ledger board. Above the inch of the marking, you need to cut a straight line on the stucco wall with the help of a circular saw. Then insert the flashing into the groove. Now secure the ledger board exactly on the marking with the help of lag bolts.

    Again, you need to seal your top of the metal flashing with a caulking gun, which is essential. It will prevent the water from entering your porch roof framework. Once you install the ledger board, you can install the column and place the horizontal beam where the rafter will rest. Then you need to use good sheathing followed by shingles. Now your porch roof is complete.

    Porch Roof Ideas Boost Your Curb Appeal

    Porch Roof Add On

    Most homes have a small porch, either on the front, side, or back of the house, thats big enough for a couple of chairs. Add a roof to that porch and youll not only get some extra shade, but youll also give your house a totally different look.

    If its your front porch, a roof can elevate your homes curb appeal while back or side porch roofs will add extra depth to the home . Lets look at some porch roof ideas and how you can boost the looks of a house because even a small porch roof can make a big difference.

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    Top 4 Things To Consider For The Pitch Of Your Screened Porch’s Roof

    Screened porches and exterior decks are similar in many ways. They are both used for leisure and are attached to the exterior of a home. The major difference that distinguishes a screened porch from a deck? A roof.

    While both PVC decks and porches may be similar in design, . Screened porches, on the other hand, generally feature roofs that can offer homeowners protection from the rain, sun, and snow as they enjoy the outdoors. The roof of a screened porch is able to moderate temperature and weather conditions, allowing homeowners to enjoy the comforts of their porch year-round.

    When designing a screen room, one of the key features that you must plan for is the roof and its pitch. Pitch refers to the slope or angle of your screened porchs roof, and is generally calculated by the number of inches in rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. To determine the appropriate pitch for your roof, you should consider a number of factors:

    How To Choose The Best Soffit Material

    From wood to vinyl to aluminum to fiber cement, you have many choices for soffit material. With that said, fiber cement is, arguably, the superior of the bunch as it is the only material that resists cracking, fading, moisture, chipping, and insects. This makes it an overall better product for your homes exterior, whether it be for soffit or even for your siding.

    Of course, the choice is ultimately up to you. But, you can trust that youre getting the best soffit material possible when you opt for fiber cement.

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    Ending Thoughts On These Porch Roof Ideas

    In conclusion, you can have a lot of porch roof ideas to play around with. The ones that we showed you work with certain houses so make sure you find the right one for you. There are many styles available and chances are quite big that you will find one that suits you.

    If you liked this article on these porch roof ideas, check out these following ones as well:

    Porch Pricing By Material

    How To Frame Small Porch Roof Without Supporting Posts And Beam – Two Story Homes

    Wood, stone, and composite materials are the most common options for building a porch. Which one you choose will likley depend on your budget.

    If you do go with a self-build porch kit, youll find that 99.9% of them are constructed using wood. If, on the other hand, you decide to design and build your own porch from scratch, then youll have a number of material choices to choose from.

    Combined with size, its these options that will influence the overall cost of your porch than anything else.

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    Budgeting For A Porch Project

    Like houses, no two porches are exactly the same. For this reason and more, the cost to upgrade an existing porch or add a new one varies widely.

    Costs depend on factors like size and complexity, and vary region to region. A small and basic do-it-yourself porch project can cost about $5,000 to $10,000, but the budget for even a small porch project can go up quickly when lots of extras are included.

    Things like lighting, hardware, architectural details and furniture add to the basic cost of the project. A major extra, like a large fireplace, can really drive up the cost of a porch, since it involves more materials and labor and may require an upgraded foundation.

    A basic concrete-slab porch will be easier on the wallet than a larger screened-in porch or sunroom.

    Prefabricated porches can be found for approximately $10,000 to $20,000, and expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 for a good-quality, medium-sized porch with a floor and roof built by a contractor.

    Large custom porches with lots of extras can easily top $50,000, so it pays to do your homework and planning.

    Choosing The Right Porch Roof Style

    Explore by Category

    At The Porch Company, every job we do is completely unique to each home and to each owners tastes and preference. When it comes to determining the roof style for a porch, a couple factors come into play. Two of the most significant factors include the back-of-home configuration and the roof style that exist on the home. In a two-story home, the second story window configuration will often limit the roof style options. If there are many second story windows, we dont want to obstruct those windows so we will use a roof style that accomplishes that objective. Another important factor determining what roof style for a new porch is the roof style that exist on the home. The home may only have one roof line or it may likely have multiple roof lines. We will often compliment the existing roof styles of the home but not always. Its OK to mix and match rooflines.

    To see a page from one of our favorite books that illustrates the different roof lines, . This book entitled A Visual Dictionary of Architecture is by Francis D. K. Ching.

    Here is a collection of roof pictures to illustrate roof options for your Nashville-area screened porch.

    The porch on the home below has a hip roof. A hip roof is our favorite. This roof style allows for overhang on all sides. Its more sheltering than the other roof styles. With the roof sloping in multiple directions, its more protective and sheltering from the rain.

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    Minimum Roof Pitch For A Covered Porch

    Related Articles

    A roof protects a house and porch from snow and rain, as well as the heat of the sun. Adding a covered porch adds exterior space to a house, and providing a roof for the porch moderates the temperature and conditions on the porch. Adding a roof can create drainage problems if the roof pitch is too shallow.

    How Long Does It Take To Build A Porch

    Contemporary Patio Cover, Kitchen and Firepit

    For a professional contractor working full-time, building a standard screen porch on an average 2,000 square foot home takes around four weeks.

    Before that, theres also the planning stages to consider. Creating the initial plans, choosing and sourcing materials and obtaining those all-important permits can take another four to six weeks.

    In other words, you should expect the entire process to take around two to three months from your first discussion with a contractor to the day they finally sweep up and ship out.

    This process could take much longer if you have a larger or more complex orch, or if youre working solo and building your porch as a weekend project.

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    General Construction Material Costs

    New porch under construction – The Porch Company

    Foundation Work

    Concrete:Beams, Joists, Decking:






    Electrical Fixtures

    Other Costs to Consider

    Take time to consider the costs before you get started

    Frame Your Porch Roof

    Frame your porch roof by continually adding rafters until it extends one foot past your porch walls or support columns.

    Now mount the fascia board on the front and the sides of your porch roof frame. A fascia is a roofing material that helps compensate when there are inevitable inconsistencies in rafter length. Hold it against rafters and hammer it in place with galvanized finish nails.

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    Porch Roof Cost Calculator

    Building a porch roof costs $16 to $30 per square foot. For a 200-square-foot structure, this ranges from $3,200 to $6,000. A significant portion of the total depends on the material, which usually matches whatever you have for the rest of the house.

    Roof Construction Prices Per Square Foot


    How To Attach A Porch Roof To A House

    How to Install a Copper Porch Roof | This Old House

    A porch enhances the aesthetic style of your house. The process of building a roof on your porch is the same as putting a roof on your house, with some additional factors.

    If you are building a front porch, it should always be wider than it is deep. Choosing the right color and height for your porch will add beauty to your house. Some people prefer open porches, but they are not as safe. Most people opt for a covered porch.

    Let us now examine how to add a porch roof to an existing house in detail.

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    How Much Does A Porch Cost

    This information was collated from a combination of online sources and tradesman around the UK. But you should note that the figures provided are only a rough guide as there are several factors which will affect exactly how much your new porch will cost.

    The average cost to build a porch will depend on the type of porch you choose, as porch prices range from £1,900 for a uPVC porch up to £10,000 for a lean to porch. Other porch types include traditional-style porches such as Victorian and Edwardian porches which cost around £2500 to £8400.

    The cost will also vary depending on the material, for instance, a brick porch tends to be priced at £2,200 to £7,500, while an aluminium installation may cost slightly more at £7900. These can be all installed as a front or rear porch, although the latter option will usually be a lot larger as there are fewer restrictions.

    The size of the porch is also an important factor, as under planning permission regulations, a porch should be no larger than 3 square metres, although many people do opt for porches that are 6 or 9 square metres for the rear of their property.

    How Do You Attach A Gable Porch Roof

  • Step 1 Position the Porch Truss. Position and secure the gable porch truss flat against the top plate of the porchs end.
  • Step 2 Set the Valley Rafters. Measure and cut the valley rafters based on your building plans.
  • Step 3 Install the Sheathing.
  • Step 4 Install the Roofing Felt.
  • Step 5 Install Shingles.
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    Does Adding A Front Porch Add Value To Your Home

    A front porch definitely adds value to your home. Not only does it increase the curb appeal of your house, but it also improves the look of the exterior of your home. The added value it can bring to your home in a good market can pay for itself if you decide to sell. You can advertise a good porch as an outdoor living space and can make your home sell quicker as well.

    Cost Affecting Factors Of Building A Porch

    The New Front Porch

    A porch extension cost will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of porch you choose, for example, a lean-to porch can cost up to £900 per m², while a simple brick porch only costs around £400 per m². The material used will also affect the price, as uPVC porches tend to be cheaper at around £300 per m², while an aluminium porch can cost up to £800 per m².

    The size of your porch will also affect the prices, as an average-size 3m² porch tends to cost around £1900 to £3700, however for 9 square metre porch you could pay up to £10,000 plus an additional fee for a planning permission application.

    The type of roof you choose will also be a cost affecting factor, so if youre looking for a cheap option it may be best to stick with a flat roof, which tends to cost around £30 to £50 per square metre, while the most expensive roof option a hip roof is typically priced at £50 to £70 per m².

    You may also need to pay extra for excavation work if the area where your porch is being built is in poor condition. This will increase labour costs, as the job will take a lot longer to complete.

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    Shed Style Porch Roof

    Image source: Terracotta Design Build This type of porch roof ideas doesnt really work for every house. This is because the roof will attach to the house and has a singular slope over the porch. It works great for narrow ones but not deep porches.

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    Image source: Battle Associates, Architects

    It has just one sloping roof surface that goes to the house wall. It is more common for long and narrow front porches and it looks really ok. The design it has is quite shallow so it complements the design of the house and in the end, might just work as a solution.

    Do You Need Planning Permission To Build A New Porch

    You might dislike the current porch on your home or it could be in a poor state of repair or generally tired and outdated. Usually, the construction of a new porch does not require planning permission provided it sits within the following criteria:-

    • The porch is three metres square in area or smaller
    • It is two metres or less from any boundary that has a highway so a road or footpath
    • Maximum permitted height is usually three metres from ground level up with a flat or mono-pitched roof or no higher than 3.5 metres with a dual pitched roof
    • Materials used should be in keeping with the appearance of and sympathetic to the original building

    If your home is listed or in a conservation area then you are likely to need listed building consent if you do want to add a porch.

    Refurbishing your porch can make a disproportionately large impact on the look of your house for a relatively modest financial outlay.

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