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What Color Roof Should I Get

Complement Your Homes Exterior Materials

Metal Roof Color: How To Pick The Best Color For Your Roof

Weve touched on matching your shingled roof to the color of your homes exterior, but what about the materials of your homes exterior? Exterior materials can include:

Take a red brick home for example. The three-dimensional texture of red brick often features undertones of brown and gray. Since the brick itself is usually multi-toned, you likely want to stray away from a multi-colored shingle roof to prevent clashing. Simple black, dark brown, and gray roofs work great with red brick houses because they create a cohesive design that lets the artistry of the brick shine.

Solid-colored vinyl siding is smooth and sleek, offering room for a multidimensional shingle roof.

What Color Roof Is Best

Unlike the past, when plain black asphalt shingles were used on nearly all residential roofs, there is tremendous variety in roofing materials today. Homeowners selecting a new roof must decide not only whether they want shingles, tile, metal, or flat roofing, but they also must choose between dozens of specific styles and colors.

Given the many options, homeowners can choose a roofing material that works best for their home, their neighborhood, and their budget.

If You Have A Stone Or Brick House Choose Your Roof Colour Very Carefully

Most brick or stone homes do not change colour very often so this will largely impact choosing your roof colour.

The earthy gold stone on this house combined with the creamy beige brick dictate a very custom coloured roof but this roof is reddish pink and again looks patchy. Im not a fan of combining stone or brick in general however I think this is a better combination than many Ive seen.

READ MORE: How to choose stone or brick for your homes exterior.

Unfortunately, the roof colour no longer blends in with this colour scheme. A solid, grayed spanish style roof to go with the French Country style of this home would have been a much better choice.

One of my readers snapped this picture of a house being built in her neighbourhood. There are way too many high end homes that look like this. This home aesthetic is NOT classic at all with two completely unrelated colours of brick and/or stone chosen for the same house.

As I understand from clients who Ive consulted with, there are neighbourhoods where you dont have a choice. Its in the covenant that you must choose a combination of stone and brick. And if someone else has already chosen the best combination of brick and stone, you are left with the alternatives and there are not many.

This house is lovely. The stone walkway relates to the solid brown standing seam metal roof which is perfect with the creamy stone.

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Does A Dark Roof Make A House Look Smaller

Typically, using darker roofing shouldn’t make your home look too much smaller, but this depends. Especially for single-story properties, using dark roof colors like black or deep grey can create the illusion your home is smaller than it is.

Lighter roofing makes a home appear bigger while darker colors can do the opposite. Of course, this depends on a house’s layout. But, overall, you might want to avoid deeper hues if you’re worried about your home’s size.

What Is The Most Common Exterior House Color

Final color selections should always be made using full size shingles ...

What is the most popular color for a house exterior? Blue-Gray is the most popular color for a house exterior. This trend became popular in the last decade. Today, designers merge their tones to create a welcoming color.

How do you match roof color with brick? Look at Brick First For instance, a warm-colored roof fits well with a tan, gold or brown-casted brick. A mid-tone roof wont overpower a brick exterior with a white cast. Another idea is to choose a roof with multiple color blends, with one that is similar to the primary brick color.

What colors go good with light brown roof?

Brown roofs work well with:

  • Warm stone colors creams, tans, browns, orange, and yellows.
  • Most brick colors reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.
  • Trim colors that are warm cream, beige, or dark chocolate brown .
  • Muted rather than fresh colors.

What color roof goes with a brown house? 17 Facts and Tips on How to Pick Shingle Colors to Complement Your Home

Grey, Brown, Green, Blue

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Should You Get A Designer Color On Your Roof

Roofing technology continues to improve and innovate. Some of our new favorite colors are available under the designer title and can make your home appear very distinct from others on the block.

One of our favorite colors was rated as the Owens Corning 2022 shingle color of the year: Bourbon. Its an incredible shingle color with blends of red, brown, grey, and blue that would turn heads on any street. Other Owens Corning Designer colors we love are Sand Dune, Aged Copper, and Pacific Wave.

Need Help Choosing A Roof Color For Your Home?

The project managers at Sol Vista Roofing have helped hundreds of homeowners make the right color choice for their home. We can provide samples and help point out resources where different options can be considered. When youre ready to get started, contact our team!

Mistake #5 When Choosing A Roof Shingle Color

You dont look at the shingle samples outdoors during different times of the day.

Make sure you look at the shingle colors in full sunlight and at dusk. The colors will look different in brighter light and low light.

Just like when picking paint colors, you have to look at how colors look in your home in low and high natural light.

Looking at my shingle colors at the end of our driveway in full sunlight

Now you should have your shingle colors narrowed down to one color!

Congratulations! You have just chosen the roof shingle color for your home!

What a BEAUTIFUL impact it will have on your homes curb appeal!

The picture below shows our new shingle color: Onyx Black. Its a soft black almost dark charcoal color. We love it!

It gives our home the welcoming elegant look that we love and goes beautifully with our trim, siding color and brickwork.

It creates such beautiful curb appeal!

We plan on repainting our front door and garage color to a soft black to tie it all in.

Our new shingle color: Onyx Black!

Heres one more tip when getting your roof reshingled. Make sure you keep the extra leftover shingles that youve purchased. You never know if you may have to fix a few down the road.

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Dark Roof Shingles Vs Light Roof Shingles

If youve already done a bit of research, youve probably heard that light roof shingles are best for warm climates, while dark roof shingles are better for cooler climates. At face value, this does make some sense. Darker colors absorb more heat, and warmer roofs make it easy for snow and ice to slide right off. Lighter colors reflect sun rays, keeping roofs cooler and helping homeowners in warmer climates save a little on their energy bills.

But, given todays technology, the lightness or darkness of your asphalt shingles doesnt have all that much to do with the energy efficiency of your home. Whats more likely to have a bigger impact on your roofs efficiency is the quality of shingles you choose. When examined side by side, white and black shingles from a high-quality roof manufacturer only provide about two degrees of difference in temperature. Thats not a give enough difference to make a noticeable impact on the comfortability of your home, or the cost of your energy bills.

How To Choose The Right Roof Shingle Color For Your Home

What colour should you spray your roof?

At Powells Roofing & Siding, we tell our clients the most common consideration when choosing a roof shingle color is their homes siding color. You want a roof color that complements that siding color. Looking for more texture or having many shades on your homes exterior? You can get shingles that combine a few colors for a speckled look that can accent more than one color at a time.Indeed, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right roof color for your home. But we tell our clients that warmer colors and cooler colors generally work well together.

When in doubt, we say to choose timeless roof shingle colors like black, brown, or gray. These neutral colors typically help boost a homes resale value over more expressive color choices, and they also provide excellent texture to your homes exterior.

When choosing your roof shingle color, you want to consult your trusted roofers. Or get a better look at your options with online tools such as the CertainTeed Siding and Roof Color Visualizer tool.

Our trusted roofers at Powell Roofing and Siding have decades of experience helping clients find the right color for their roofing shingles. We also have the latest trends and styles straight from the Certainteed roofing products. Our roofing experts will be able to offer you a free consultation if you consider different roof shingle colors for your next home project. For more on roof colors and products, contact us at Powells Roofing and Siding today.

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Consider The Natural Surroundings Of Your Home

Is your house next to a lot of trees? Are you in the desert, or located near a lake? The natural colors surrounding your home play an important role in deciding the colors of your shingles and will make sure that your home pops – without looking out of place.

Desert landscapes have wonderful brown and red shades that can bring out your homes natural look. Image source: Envirogreen

If you have a desert home, using muted, light brown, and red tones plays with the natural surroundings and makes your home blend in with the surrounding beauty.

Light colors work best with the ocean in the background. Image source: Kimmel Studio

If you live by an ocean or lake, it is great to blend the earthy, sandy tones of light cream, yellows, blues, and light brown. This will give your home a relaxed feel and fit into the effortless landscape around it.

Darker tones make your home look perfectly in place in the woods. Image source: ACM Design

For a home in the mountains surrounded by trees, dark wooden tones play well with the landscape. Think of a log cabin or a sturdy home built in the clearings of the trees. Reds, browns, and black make your home stand out but dont take away from the stark greens surrounding you.

The suburbs offer a place for your home to be unique amongst its neighbors. Image source: Curbed

After you determine your homes aesthetic and natural surroundings, it is time to apply that to finding your shingle color.

Roof Color Choice & What Color Is Your House

Choosing the color for your roof starts with the color of your home.

red brick and siding color combinations

roof colors for tan house

blue house white trim

tan brick house

If youre not planning on painting it any time soon you should consider the color of your house and what would complement the property most, otherwise you may want to do that at the same time or close to your roof replacement, or consider the color that youre planning on painting before you make your final decision on the color of the roofing materials youre using.

Another important element is the structure of your roof.

The greater the slope or higher the pitch , the more of your roof will be viewable from the ground or street level and therefore affect the appearance and curb appeal of your home.

Accordingly, its essential to choose a shingle color and roofing material that fit with and even enhance your propertys general architectural look and look and feel and even draw the eye towards unique features like gables, dormers, skylights, and even things like turrets if you have a particularly dramatic or unusual home.

Google images of homes in your desired color palette and perhaps even look through real estate listings in your area.

You can also drive around the neighborhood and nearby areas and see what appeals to you for inspiration.

After all, youre going to see your roof every day and it is a major investment.

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House And Roof Color Combinations: How To Coordinate Not Match Your Roof Shingles Colors To Your House

It is as simple as combining a warm shingle color with a warm siding color, or a cool shingle color with a cool siding color. Your color palette for your roof and siding should fall under the same tone , and a similar but never the same color.

Here are some popular house and roof color combinations. My roofing contractor told us the most popular colors of roof shingles are all made up of variations of:

If Your House Is White:

Ever wondered why roofing shingles are usually black? How exactly does ...

You have a lot of flexibility with your roof color choice. Solid-colored shingles and primary colors are optimal. Anything from red, black, blue, gray, and green can be complimentary roof colors to a white home. The one roof color category to avoid with a white home would be a brown roof, unless you choose something on the extreme dark brown spectrum.

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Do You Want Warm Or Cool Colors

Dont automatically assume that a dark roof and light siding are going to go together. Helping you avoid mismatched colors is one of the primary reasons we put this guide together. For example, if you have a beige house and slap a bluish-gray roof on it, you might clash because your house is warm and your roof is cool . Generally, warmer colors and cooler colors are going to work best together.

Take your landscaping into consideration as well. For example, cooler colors could accent nicely if you always plant bright colored flowers and have hanging plants. While landscaping made up of more naturally occurring plant life like pine trees and bushes, warmer colors will look incredibly nice in juxtaposition.

Be Consistent With Neighborhood Standards

For home-selling purposes, its not a good idea to have the most unique house in the neighborhood.

Choose a color or blend consistent with what others in your area are using. This is especially true when homes are close together, near the road and/or have few large trees in front or around them.

In many neighborhoods, this means conservative, darker colors. Where homeowners are freer to express themselves in flamboyant house colors, your options are unlimited.

Is there a homeowners association in your neighborhood? If so, check the bylaws regarding exterior home colors. Some rules are very strict.

You certainly dont want to be taken to court for your brick red roof where bylaws say grays, browns and blacks only.

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If Your Home Has A Combination Of Brick And Stone You May Be Required To Choose A Custom Roof Colour

If you have brick or stone or both on your home, thats when the colour of your roof becomes the most important decision you will make regarding the exterior colours of your home. And, thats when a custom colour will most likely be required over black or brown.

Both the roof and the stone on the house above, combined with the stacked stone columns, green-grey trim and bronze windows create a very busy colour scheme. And the navy blue siding relates to nothing.

This patchy brown roof on this house above only competes with the busy stone on this home and creates an overall dark looking combination.

The reason why black or brown roofs are the most popular roof colour choice is the same reason why there is more pink-beige or taupe carpet and sofas sold than any other colour:

Homeowners who are on their own choosing finishes mostly assume that they need to go as neutral as possible so they dont make a mistake

What colour is the most neutral? Brown or black seems to be the most common answer in my experience.

The Best Color Combinations For Shingles And Siding

Choosing Roof Shingle Style & Color

Its crucial to match your siding and roofing materials if you want to improve your curb appeal and avoid clashing your roof and siding . However, picking the proper hues might be a challenge, especially if you want to invest in something that will last for decades. Depending on the color of your siding, there are certain suggested colors for your roof shingles that you can consider. Here are some of our favorites based on the color of your siding.

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What Colors Should I Paint My House

67 Inviting Home Exterior Color Palettes

  • Black + White + Ruby Red.
  • Mocha Chocolate + Ocean Blue + Pale Blue.
  • White + Gray + Dark Blue.

Can you paint vinyl siding? It is possible to paint vinyl siding and has been done by many. But once you paint a vinyl sided home, it cant be undone, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons before opening the paint can.

What color is Elk Horn?

Benjamin Moore Elk Horn / AF-105 / #988669 Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #988669 is a shade of brown. In the RGB color model #988669 is comprised of 59.61% red, 52.55% green and 41.18% blue.

Does grey go with brown? Brown and gray are both neutrals, and they appear together way more than you may have noticed . So, yes, they can be a perfect pairing and they also work well with many other colors.


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