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What Is An Elite Roof

What Locations Do You Serve

Elite Roof System R & R with Complete Re-Screen

CharlotteBallantyne, NC | Belmont, NC | Charlotte, NC | Concord, NC | Cornelius, NC | Davidson, NC | Denver, NC | Dilworth, NC | Gastonia, NC | Huntersville, NC | Kannapolis, NC | Lincolnton, NC | Matthews, NC | Mint Hill, NC | Monroe, NC | Mooresville, NC | Myers Park, NC | Plaza Midwood, NC | Pineville, NC | Rock Hill, SC | Fort Mill, SC | Weddington, NC | Lake Wylie, SC | Lake Norman, NC | Indian Trail, NC

HickoryBethlehem, NC | Catawba, NC | Conover, NC | Granite Falls, NC | Hickory, NC | Hudson, NC | Lenoir, NC | Morganton, NC | Newton, NC | Taylorsville, NC | Valdese, NC | Lincolnton, NC | Statesville, NC | Connolly Springs, NC

BooneBanner Elk, NC | Blowing Rock, NC | Boone, NC | Deep Gap, NC | Elk, NC | Fleetwood, NC | Foscoe, NC | Millers Creek, NC | Todd, NC | Vilas, NC | West Jefferson, NC | Wilkesboro, NC | Zionville, NC

AshevilleAsheville, NC | Buncombe County, NC | Hendersonville, NC | Black Mountain, NC | Biltmore Forest, NC | Woodfin, NC | Weaverville, NC | Fletcher, NC | Brevard, NC | Marion, NC

Winston-SalemAdvance, NC | Clemmons, NC | Greensboro, NC | Kernersville, NC | Lewisville, NC | High Point, NC | Summerfield, NC | Winston-Salem, NC | Summerfield, NC | Forsyth County, NC | Guilford, NC

What Warranty Do Roofs Have And What Do They Mean

Warranties may apply to the entire roof system and they may guarantee the performance of the roof system, or they may apply to only replacing defective shingles, paying pro-rated market value on the shingles rather than replacement value, and may or may not apply to labor. In all cases, the warranty will apply only to shingles that are installed per the manufacturer’s recommendations and only if you can prove your shingles came from that manufacturer.

We have certified installers of GAF, CertainTeed, and CSSB shingles and as such we have special privileges when it comes to warranties. We are here to work with you to get the best-fit warranty for your situation.

Here are the current warranties on these popular shingles:

What Is Net Metering

Net metering is a program that measures the electricity you receive from your utility, as well as any excess energy your solar system sends to your utility. Your utility will supply your net meter to keep track of what you consume from and export to the grid. You may receive credit for exported energy to help offset the cost of the utility electricity you consume.

Programs/availability differ from state to state, so please be sure to do your homework. Net metering and similar excess or buyback programs and participation vary by location and utility provider, and are subject to change from time to time. We do not make any guarantees. Check with your utility provider for details.

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A Local Company Delivering Quality Service

Elite was founded to be a little different. We saw a need for a dedicated commercial roofing shop with the skills and expertise to handle maintenance and repair as well. Since our founding, we have worked on a variety of projects including grocery stores, malls and more than a hundred ma and pop shops in the greater Connecticut area.

Today, we are proud to service our commercial clients with the roofing options they need, and with the addition of our snow removal service, the team at Elite is a true 365-day company. Now is the time to see what Elite can do for you and experience the difference a local company that truly cares can make on your commercial roofing project!

How Did West Side Roofing Become A Master Elite Contractor

Euroclad® ELITE Roofs: Elite 1

In order to become a Master Elite roofer, we had to go through training. Every single person in our company has its own training, from the roofers to the sales team. We have to follow protocols for every process we do.

Then there are inspections. GAF does random inspections on any of the building we provide services to. This holds us accountable to make sure we do the best job, every time!

West Side Roofing is among the top 5% best rated Master Elite Contractors in Ohio, and only 2% of the roofing businesses in the United States are Certified Master Elite contractors.

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What Happens If I Sell The House

Most homeowners want to know they can use their warranty as a selling advantage for their home. Elite Roofing is proud to offer a 20 year workmanship warranty that is completely transferable. Manufacturers defect warranties are almost all transferable to a second homeowner but may have significant restrictions. Elite can help you navigate these policies to maximize your return.

What Happens If I Sell My House

Great news! Because solar can add value to your home, most solar owners simply add the cost into the listing price of their home and, if they used financing to go solar, pay the balance off at closing. The other option is an assignment of the solar lending agreement, which may be allowed by certain lending partners. Contact your lender for details.

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What Tax Credits Rebates And Incentives May Be Available For Solar

Solar rebates, tax credits and incentives vary depending on where you live. The most significant is the 26% federal investment tax credit , which allows you to deduct up to 26% of the cost of your solar energy system from your taxes and is currently available through 2022. Some states even offer additional tax credits, and certain municipalities and utilities also offer cash rebates or other incentives. These amounts are subject to change, so consult with a tax professional if you have any questions.

With 26 Branches And Counting The Success Of Elite Lies With The People Serving Our Customers Day In And Day Out

GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor – What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter???

The branch mantra is to understand our customers needs so we can provide the right solutions at the right price, delivered at the right time. To do that takes a committed team. The Elite team has no egos. Our experience lends itself to the humble confidence we carry with us in everything we do.Elite offers jobs in a variety of roles at each branch that allow you to do what you enjoy and train for the future.

Managing Partner

Our group of managing partners are industry legends. They have years of roofing expertise and excel in running their branches and teams. They are the leaders that motivate, encourage, and set the tone for the branchs success and drive. They encourage service, safety, accountability, continuous improvement and humility within each branch and help share the magic of Elite with customers and vendor partners alike.

Inside Sales

Outside Sales

Operations Manager

Drivers and Loaders

The face of Elite at the frontline with customers, our dedicated team of drivers and loaders operate a variety of vehicles, loaders, cranes, flatbeds and conveyors.

Semi Driver

Our semi drivers are top class drivers who pride themselves on safely getting material from our yard to the jobsite.

Conveyor Driver
Jib Crane Operator
Roof Loader/Unloader

Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse Associate

Branch Staff

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Q What Happens If I Use A Gaf Weather Stopper Certified Contractor

A standard certification program for most major roofing manufacturers, including the Weather Stopper Certification with GAF, only requires that your roofer uses 3 of their roofing components In addition, they are only required to hold the Handyman License in TN. While these types of warranties are better than a general factory warranty, they do not confirm that your roof was installed properly

Superior Results For All Clients

Here at Elite we’re committed to doing our best work on each and every job – from the smallest residential snow shoveling to an expansive commercial roof installation. We’re proud to say we’ve cultivated relationships with clients of all kinds throughout Connecticut. Our specialty includes commercial customers such as private building / companies, office space, car dealerships, grocery stores and more.

And guess what? You may have seen our work before – we even did the WFSB News Room Building!

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Superior Protection And The Best Warranty

Since a Master Elite contractor will always be able to provide the best possible service, they will also be able to provide some of the best warranties in the roofing industry. These warranties will ensure that your roof is kept up to GAF factory standards, with many including the option for a factory inspection of your finished roof.

As for physical protection of your home, a Master Elite contractor will be able to provide that as well thanks to GAFs Weather Stopper Roof Protection System. This system is designed to deliver a lifetime of protection from severe weather thanks to a state-of-the-art leak barrier, attic ventilation, and ridge cap shingles to keep your roof safe and dry even during the worst storms of the summer or winter.

Midsouth Construction Is A Gaf Master Elite Certified Roofinc Contractors

Euroclad® ELITE Roofs: Elite 1

Im sure you can understand why most roofing companies cannot even begin to qualify to be a GAF Master Elite contractor. MidSouth Construction is committed to exceeding your expectations and providing you with the most professional, top-quality roofing system available today. Most of all, we want to keep the lines of communication open so that you are always welcome to contact our home office with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your roofing project.

Contact us today at 615-712-8893 and request a free estimate for your roof repair or full roof replacement!

We are always happy to conduct FREE Roof inspections and help you find the best solution to your roofing needs!

Get a Roofing, Water Mitigation, Fire Claim, or Storm Damage quote.

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Thermoplastic Polyolefin And Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber Roofing For Residential And Commercial Properties

TPO and EPDM roofing materials have quickly become the favorite for commercial property owners due to their effectiveness, ease of installation, and price point. With each of these types of roofing materials, the installation process is similar. First, the substrate that the roofing material is going to be placed on needs to be prepared. Once its prepared, you choose a type of insulation to lay down. Then, your roofing material is simply rolled out in sections and installed.

This is because these types of roofing come in large rolls instead of shingles or sheets. Another direct benefit of these roofing materials is that theyre fire resistant, and they can either reflect or retain light that interacts with your building to optimize efficiency and energy consumption.

TPO roofing is white, so it reflects light, where EPDM roofing is black, thus absorbing light. These roofing materials last, on average, between 15 and 20 years. However, theyre relatively easy to repair, maintain, and replace, if needed.

While TPO and EPDM roofing materials are most commonly used for commercial buildings, wed be happy to install it on a residential property if thats what you need.

Is Any Water Damage To My House Covered

Structural or cosmetic damage to your home due to roofing system failure is typically not covered by the warranties offered. Because Elite Roofing is also a general contractor licensed for structural, drywall, framing, millwork, and painting we are pleased to offer structural damage coverage up to $1,000 during the first two years of the workmanship warranty.

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Steering Clear Of Bad Roofers

One of the big reasons for hiring a manufacturer-certified roofing contractor is that it safeguards you from the schemes non-certified ones make to cheat people out on a quality roofing system. These fraudulent roofers offer their services at a drastically low cost, drawing interest from homeowners who dont know any better.

It does sound tempting to many, but lower costs on roof repair services are indicative of the contractors penchant for cutting corners and not doing a good job. Engaging their services means the finished roof will have to be repaired again in a matter of hours or a few days after a storm hits. Substandard work might also void the roofs existing warranty coverage, not to mention hasten its wear and tear and premature failure.

Heres a list of how bad roofing contractors cut corners:

At Kingdom Roofing, there are no shortcutsjust pure residential roofing expertise that meets the highest possible standards. As a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, we are committed to providing our customers with the most professional roofing services and installing only the highest quality products, correctly, on-time and at the best value.

Give us a call at 217-2411 to get started. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free quote.

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Why Work With A Gaf Master Elite Roofer

GAF Master Elite Story: NexGen Exteriors: What is your “Why”? Roofing Insights

To have a GAF certified contractor working on your home is the greatest reassurance you can have as a homeowner. When it comes to your roof, there are few more knowledgeable than a GAF Master Elite Roofer. GAF provides warranties called the Golden Pledge Warranties. These warranties make providing better service and quality to customers a lot easier. The reason for this is that these roofers can provide better materials and warranties than those who arent certified.

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What Happens If My Panels Produce More Electricity Than I Use

Depending on your state and utility company, you may be able to participate in a net metering program and potentially be credited for the excess energy that your solar panels generate. You can also elect to store the excess energy in a battery backup* for later use during a power outage or at night.

*Battery backup may not be available for GAF Solar Roofs at launch.

Will My Roof Really Last Forever

No roof will last forever and depending on the roofing material we select together, the amount of time will vary. How well it is taken care of can have a major impact as well. Roofs should be inspected regularly, repaired as needed, and kept clean and free of debris. Roofs may also be damaged by inclement weather such as hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and heavy winds.

Asphalt composition roofs deteriorate through a breakdown in the bitumen due to UV and heat exposure. Over time the shingles will become brittle and crack and lose the colored granule layer. Loss of this layer accelerates the deterioration. Weather conditions and maintenance will alter the overall life but you can expect an asphalt composition roof to remain watertight for 15 to 30 years depending on various conditions.

Red cedar shake shingles deteriorate through the breakdown in the shingle coming from the fungus that eats the wood as it grows. The fungus requires a continually moist environment to thrive so maintenance is key. A red cedar shake roof can last from 40 to 50 years or longer if properly maintained.

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Why Choose Elite Roof And Solar As Your Trusted Boone Nc Roofing Company

The Elite Roof and Solar team is driven by a singular purpose to put a smile on our neighbors faces by protecting their families and homes with a safe, beautiful, and innovative roof over their heads its what we call The Elite Way.

Our award-winning team of roof and solar energy professionals is here to guide you and serve you every step of your roof and solar installation journey to make it as simple and easy as it can be and provide you with an Elite Roof.

We are also the exclusive provider of GAF Energys Timberline Solar shingles for our region of the Carolinas. So if you want the most innovative solar energy system on the market, choose one of the best solar roof companies in Boone, NC Elite Roof and Solar!

We strive to provide you with the highest level of professional service, expertise, and to earn your trust.

Metal Roofing For Residential And Commercial Properties

Our Elite Status &  How You Benefit

At Elite Roof Experts, we love a high-quality metal roof, and the reasons why are simple. For starters, metal roofing is one of, if not the most durable form of roofing. On average, you can expect a properly-installed metal roof to last you around 60 years. Additionally, metal roofs are fireproof, wind-resistant, and are essentially self cleaning, as rain and snow will simply slide right off.

Metal roofs are made from rectangular panels that are installed on your roof. They can be put directly over existing roofing, or you can build a new metal roof from scratch either way, you can expect a visually-appealing, reliable roof. In terms of cost, metal roofing is a tad bit more expensive than asphalt roofing, but not as expensive as some other forms of heavy-duty roofing.

The one main con to consider when comparing roofing types and your needs is that a metal roof is prone to denting in the event of hail or falling debris. Thus, if youre a client in a hail-heavy area, you may want to consider another form of roofing.

Like with asphalt shingles, Elite Roof Experts can provide both residential and commercial property owners with incredible metal roofing.

Need Expert Residential Roofing Services In Florida Or West Virginia?

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Gaf Master Elite Requirements:

To qualify as a GAF Master Elite contractor, we had to have the following:

  • Proper business license We have to prove our Georgia business license to GAF.
  • Proper insurance A reputable roofer has the right insurance to cover accidental property damage.
  • A proven local reputation When contractors become GAF Master Elite contractors, they become GAFs face for homeowners in that particular area. A good standing with the local community is important for GAF. We can proudly say that our 11 years of service to residents of Marietta and nearby Metro Atlanta areas can speak for itself.
  • Commitment to ongoing training As GAF continues to innovate with new products, standards, and work processes, we have to keep up. We committed to ongoing professional training so we are always ahead of the game.

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