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How To Make Your Roof Hurricane Proof

Secure Your Windows And Doors

Hurricane Proof Your Home – Building a Storm-Ready Roof – Bob Vila eps.3203

Since strong winds can pick up debris, your windows are often left vulnerable. Consider boarding them up with plywood. For better protection, you can install storm shutters. There are various types available accordion versions are permanently installed and can be open and shut as needed.

Also, consider motorized storm shutters, which are easier to operate. Adding window film or high-impact glass are also good solutions.

Along with your windows, make sure to secure your doors. Dont forget your garage consider installing a hurricane brace. Be sure to practice manually opening the door in case you need to evacuate.

Replace Wood Doors With Fiberglass Doors

In addition to windows, make sure your doors to the outside are impact and wind-resistant. When a hurricane rolls through, debris inevitably goes flying through the air. Unfortunately, it only takes one of these windblown items flying at hurricane-force winds to knock the average front door down. Once its knocked open, more wind, debris and water can enter into the interior of the home. This can result in significant structural damage from increased pressurization, as well as flooding from excess water.

To avoid these disasters , take precautions by installing hurricane proof doors to the outside. Hurricane proof doors are typically made of Fiberglass. According to The Balance, these doors are built tougher than your average door and can be made to look like wood. The articles notes that Fiberglass doors rarely scratch, peel or warp, and can resist different weather conditions performing better and lasting longer than wood doors. In addition to being able to withstand strong wind forces, Fiberglass doors are more energy efficient as well. The price of a Fiberglass door varies by customization but typically hovers around the $1,500 to $2,000 mark.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

The first step to preventing hurricane roof damage is by keeping up with regular maintenance throughout the year. this means calling a professional to come to your home and look over your roof.

It will cost money getting this process done a few times a year, but you’ll save money in the long run when you don’t have to get expensive roof repairs done.

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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage

Homeowners insurance may be inadequate for hurricane damage. Thats because a standard homeowners insurance policy wont cover flood damage. And if you live on the coast, wind damage may be partially or completely excluded from your policy.

A good hurricane insurance policy is typically a combination of policies to cover the home from the most destructive elements of a hurricane: strong winds, driving rain and flood water.

Protecting Your Homes Roof From Hurricanes

How to make Your Roof More Weather Resistant

When considering what steps you should take to protect your home from hurricanes, it is always wise to speak with your trusted roofer, who may have specific advice for your roof. In the unfortunate event a hurricane damages your roof, it can help you to know you have financing options for roof replacement and repair that can ensure you get the damage fixed quickly. Plan ahead and be prepared this hurricane season.

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Go Over Your Insurance Policy

Let’s assume you don’t get hurricane roof protection done before a storm hits your Greater Houston home. The repairs are going to be costly and you may not be sure if you’re going to be able to handle it.

It might make you feel better to know that your insurance will cover a good portion of the repairs for you. Always look over your insurance policy and deductibles ahead of time so you know what to expect.

It will save you a lot of stress if your roof is destroyed, and it’s good to be familiar with how much damage your provider will cover.

Study Your Insurance Policy

Unfortunately, you may be unable to prevent damage from a hurricane. You should thoroughly inspect your insurance policy to see what your coverage is. Some insurance policies dont cover hurricane damage, so its crucial to look over your coverage before disaster strikes.

Our team strives to make the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible. So, whenever you need professional support for roof damage or roof storm damage insurance claims, give us a call or book a Free Roofing Inspection.

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Ask For A Preseason Roof Inspection

Professional roofers are your roofs first line of defense from hurricanes. Before hurricane season begins , you should have a roofer inspect your roof. They may spot potential problems, from bent flashing to missing shingles, which could make your roof more vulnerable to extreme winds. One of the most common issues is damage to the edge of the roof, including the fascia and soffit boards. Roofers should pay special attention to this area of the roof and ensure all is secure before hurricane season.

Routine maintenance, such as cleaning gutters, downspouts and valleys, as well as trimming nearby tree limbs, can also help protect your roof from damage during storms.

While you have your trusted roofer inspecting your roof, ensure that you have their updated contact information available in case of an emergency roof issue after the storm.

Reinforce Your Roof To Make It A Hurricane

Making Your Roof Hurricane Proof – Part 3

For further protection, you can reinforce your roof from the inside. If you have an attic, you can inspect the underside of the roof for any holes or cracks. Try to determine if any spots seem fragile or damaged these are the areas youll want to reinforce more heavily.

You should also inspect for mold or water damage. These areas are more likely to give way during a hurricane, which could lead to further damage during the storm.

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Protect Using Removable Metal Panels

If you dont have the budget for hurricane-resistant garage doors, there are still ways to bolster them against hurricanes. Smith recommends using removable galvanized steel and aluminum panels, which can be mounted to the garage door when a storm is approaching. If you have non-wind-loaded doors, you can also install vertical storm braces for extra reinforcement.

What Other Preparations Should I Make For The Hurricane Season

Preparation is key to getting through the hurricane season. A good hurricane plan typically involves a three-prong approach: make sure you have adequate insurance coverage, fortify the home and have an evacuation plan.

Dont underestimate the value of a well-planned evacuation. If you take the steps now to prepare for hurricane season, you can save yourself valuable time in case of an emergency evacuation.

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Add Or Inspect Hurricane Ties

Hurricane ties strengthen the connection between the roof truss and the homes structural elements, preventing roof blow-off in high winds. Consider adding hurricane ties. If your home already has hurricane ties, your roofer should inspect them for corrosion and other damage during the preseason inspection.

Choose The Right Roofing Materials Vs The Cheapest

Hurricane Resistant Homes

Metal roofs are a good choice to withstand hurricanes. According to Roofingcalc.commetal roofing is rated to withstand winds between 110 mph and 160 mph. Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing states that metal roofs earn a 140-mph wind rating with some able to withstand up to 180 mph.

If using shingles go with architectural vs. 3 tab shingles. Architectural shingles are heavier and have a rating of 130 mph vs. 60 mph for standard 3 tab shingles, according to Victors Roofing, a roofing contractor. For those in hurricane prone areas like Florida, Texas, Louisiana, etc. the difference in the wind rating can make a big difference during a storm.

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Invest In Flood Insurance

Heavy rainfall can create unexpected flooding issues. The accumulated water can cause long-term problems, such as mold, which is why its vital to check the local flood insurance rates in your area. The average cost of insurance is $700. Other factors like flood risk and type of coverage play a role in pricing, although the long-term savings outweigh the higher expenses. It could cost you around $1,206 to repair water damage.

Use the National Flood Insurance Program to find a trusted company. It partners with many of the nation’s largest insurers to sell and manage policies. Your home insurance agent can help process the application. If you have a larger or more expensive property, look into private flood insurance, which offers higher coverage limits and shorter waiting times.

While having coverage is important, take preventive measures to protect against flooding. Consider raising your home’s foundation using stilts or piers. Also, install sump pumps to remove any water from your basement. Make sure you have one with a battery backup in case the power goes out. Also, add coating and sealants to your walls to prevent water from entering your home.

Here are some more ways to combat water damage:

  • Install check valves on all pipes

  • Raise your electrical outlets and switches

  • Leave some space between the mulch and siding

  • Point your downspouts away from the house

Nail Down Loose Shingles

Asphalt shingles are not all created equal. Even if they were made in the same plant and installed on the same roof, each shingle has its own distinct life that may cause it to stay or fly away like confetti at a childrens birthday party.

So climb up on your roof and ensure that all shingles are nailed down and secure.

The last thing you want to do is watch as the storm starts tearing off shingles one by one, and all you can do is wish youd taken steps to protect your roof BEFORE the storm!

Heres a video on how you can secure your shingles.

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Other Considerations For A Hurricane

The best roof material for Florida isnt the only thing to think about when ensuring your roof is hurricane-proof. Installing hurricane straps or other roof reinforcements isnt just a good idea its mandatory for new Florida homes. When choosing your new roof, remember to think about the following:

Living somewhere like Florida, youve got to expect high winds in the hurricane season. From the beginning of June until the end of November, you could be caught up in a massive hurricane at short notice. That leaves the rest of the year to prepare for it and make sure you have the best type of roof for hurricanes before one happens.

Hurricane Resiliency: Windows Doors & Roofs

Tornado-proof your roof with this easy preventative step

The windows and doors of a home are particularly vulnerable areas during the high winds, heavy rain, and debris of a tropical storm or hurricane. Storm windows and shutters, hurricane doors, and wind-resistant shingles can be one of the first lines of defense, fortifying the barrier between the high winds outside and the indoor living space.

To date, over 2,500 hurricane-impact windows and doors and over 2,000 new and reinforced roofs have been installed into Florida homes using PACE financing. Find out all the ways you can hurricane-proof your home with PACE:

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Effective Ways To Stormproof Your Roof To Prevent Home Damage

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, investing in stormproof roofing is essential. The roof is the first line of defense for a home. A leaking roofcan cause damage from water spreading through your attic and down your walls. It can also cause foundation problems.

Many roofs are not designed to handle the stress of a major storm. Making upgrades and improvements is often the only way to ensure a roof can withstand extreme weather.

So, what upgrades should you make? Is there a type of roof that handles storms better than the rest? What modifications are worth adding? American Home Shield® is here to help educate you on the best roof materials for the job and what to do to help make your roof hurricane-proof. Here are four effective ways to stormproof your roof to prevent home damage.

From Smaller Tasks You Can Do Right Now To Bigger Renovation Projects These Strategies Can Help Keep You High And Dry At Home

Bud Dietrich, AIAFrom the Houzz archivesFrederick + Frederick Architects1. Protect your windows and doors.Sagan / Piechota Architecture2. Keep your landscape free of debris.Nick Deaver Architect3. Design for uplift.4. Mind the door.Eggleston Farkas Architects5. Let the water flow. Bud Dietrich, AIA6. Take a “belt and suspenders” approach.Phil Kean Designs7. Keep the power on.Sandy8. Keep basic supplies on hand.emergency kitFederal Emergency Management AgencyRossana Novella9. Keep the lines open.HOMEpossible10. Keep up to date.User11. Keep your head above water.Tell us in the Comments: More

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Prepare A List Of Key Contacts And Phone Numbers

Prepare a list of key contacts and phone numbers to keep handy in case of an internet outage. This may include close friends and family or emergency contacts like your insurance company and the Federal Emergency Management Agency line. Either way, have your list ready in case you dont have access through your normal communication options.

Making Your Northern Virginia Roof Hurricane

Pin by Prefab House on Home Dreaming

With the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and, most recently, Hurricane Irma in Florida, its a good time to think about making sure your own home would be safe in the event of a hurricane hitting us here in Northern Virginia. While we are nowhere near as prone to devastating storms as states located on the Gulf of Mexico, that doesnt mean that we are exempt from damaging catastrophes that could wreak havoc on your home.

The only way to prevent a catastrophe like this from happening is to hurricane proof your roof while the weather is calm and serene. This can involve either repairing and fortifying an existing roof, or replacing an old one with a roof that is new, tough, and up to current hurricane standards. A new roof is undoubtedly expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Considering the damage that hurricanes and other storms can do to the interior of your home, however, you can consider this a cost that pays for itself in prevention.

If a hurricane, tropical storm, or severe storm has already compromised your roof, it is critical that you contact a licensed roofing professional as soon as possible to assess the damage and make necessary repairs to ensure that you will be better prepared for the next bout of inclement weather that comes around.

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Hurricane Proof Your Homes Exterior Entry Doors

Like your windows your doors will be vulnerable to a hurricanes severe wind gusts and flying objects. You want to ensure you hurricane your entry doors to prevent damage or pressure build up inside your home.

When it comes to hurricane proofing your entry doors you have a few options. You can install new, impact rated entry doors. Or you can install hurricane shutters or storm panels on the exterior of your entry doors. The shutters and panels will create a barrier between the elements and your door.

Are Solar Panels Hurricane

Many residents of coastal areas are concerned about whether their homes and businesses are ready as hurricane season draws near. The ability of solar panels to endure the strong winds and flying debris that are part of severe storms is one of the main worries. As energy prices climb, solar systems have become more and more popular. However, how do solar panels fare in strong winds, and can they withstand hurricanes?

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Tips To Help You Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Double check your windows and doors. Protecting these areas against flying debris is step number one. Hurricane-force winds can hurl objects through glass, posing a real danger to your family. Consider installing impact-resistant glass or a shutter system to protect these areas of your home during a storm.

Clear your yard of debris. If you havent pruned your trees in a while, now is the time, before dead branches become projectiles. Youll also want to remove patio furniture and other loose items from your yard. There will be plenty of time to entertain guests outside once the storms have passed.

Check your gutters. Its always important to keep your gutters and downspouts clean, but its especially important during hurricane season. Make sure theres nothing that can block the deluge of water that a hurricane can bring. Believe us when we say that you dont want all that water pooling on your roof.

Brace your garage door. This is something few homeowners think to check. However, a weak garage door can cause plenty of damage, especially if hurricane-force winds enter your home and tear off your garage roof! Make sure that your garage door is installed to withstand heavy winds. If youre not sure, brace it to add a second layer of strength.

Which Roofing Design Is The Most Hurricane

Hurricanes: How to build a safer wooden house

Home»Blog»Which Roofing Design Is the Most Hurricane-Resistant?

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, one of your main concerns about your homes stability is probably the integrity of your roof. Today, we will discuss what roofing materials and designs are best for homes in potential hurricane paths, and how you can make your home has a hurricane-proof roof thats built to withstand inclement weather.

Lets get started!

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Inspect For Loose Shingles

Once youve given the underside of your roof an inspection, its time to get on top of the roof and look at the shingles. Youll want to make sure that none of them are loose or damaged. The storm is likely to tear off any loose shingles, leaving your home unprotected and susceptible to damage. Therefore, inspecting for Loose Shingles is one of the most important top tips for a Hurricane-Proof Roof

Secure any loose shingles you find before the storm hits. That way, youll be less likely to experience damage.

If you are looking to replace the shingles on your roof, metal shingles are the best hurricane-proof roof shingles that you can look into. They are secure and can easily protect your home from water damage.


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