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Where To Buy Replacement Concrete Roof Tiles

Why Choose Concrete Roof Tiles


One of the main benefits of concrete roof tiles is their price tag. On average, concrete roof tiles work out to be roughly 20% cheaper than machine made clay versions. However, there are other benefits too:

  • Unlike clay, that can, in very cold temperatures, crack or shatter, concrete tends to hold up better in extreme weather conditions. So, if you live in an exposed area that is prone to frequent cold snaps this may be worth considering
  • For those aiming for a very crisp, uniform appearance when it comes to their roof covering, the that fact that concrete does not have quite the same natural variations in tone and texture as clay could be a good thing
  • Concrete resists damage due to impacts well a useful quality for roof tiles which can, over time, become dislodged and fall or get knocked by falling branches and so on
  • Concrete tiles are hard-wearing and have good longevity there are good examples of homes in the UK that have concrete roof tiles dating way back that still look good. The lifespan tends to be between 35 and 50 years
  • Concrete roof tiles can be used on roofs with lower pitches than clay some can be installed on pitches lower than 15
  • They can be supplied as interlocking tiles where they simply ‘click’ together for a quick and secure fix. This is good for those looking to keep installation costs and times down.

What To Expect When Getting A Roof Replacement

Prior to any work starts, make certain to ask your roofing specialist for a contract that clearly includes everything you have actually talked about. Things that should be included are the shingle type, the color, the location of the roof that will be worked on and just what the work includes, such as layering, flashing, stripping, and so on.

Thankfully, contractors have a piece of devices that can easily select these up: a huge magnet with wheels that they utilize to take around the lawn to grab these fasteners. Often, nevertheless, roofers fail to bring these magnets along. Ensure to ask them to perform this nail-collecting service prior to you make the last payment.

While all roof materials ultimately require to be replaced, their life expectancy can be lengthened with correct upkeep. Here a few maintenance ideas to help your roofing last as long as it can: Constantly watch out for any damaged or missing out on shingles, and when you discover something, get it repaired rapidly.

Are Concrete Roof Tiles Right For My Home

All things considered, it makes sense why so many homeowners choose concrete roof tiles. They can lower electric bills and enhance just about any homes curb appeal with their wide-ranging style and their 50-plus-year lifespan.

However, their relatively hefty upfront costs and cumbersome weight can just as easily turn away someone seeking a more affordable, easier-to-install roofing material.

If youre sold on concrete roof tiles, the next step is to get in touch with local roofing companies and talk cost. With estimates and consultations from multiple vendors, you can find the best price for your budget.

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The Difference Between Concrete And Clay Roof Tiles

There is no getting away from the fact that clay is one of the oldest roofing materials out there some examples date back as far as 10,000 BC.

Clay is durable and incredibly long lasting making the initial cost outlay pretty effective if you look at it across their lifetime.

Being a natural material, clay is also full of character and texture plus it can be moulded into all kinds of shapes and styles before it is baked. Add to that the fact that it can withstand a good deal of adverse weather and is a fairly good insulator to boot and it isn’t hard to see why it remains such a popular roof tile material. In fact, in certain areas, planners will insist on clay roof tiles being used.

Unlike clay, concrete roof tiles are manmade and their character relies on the manufacturing process as opposed to any inherent natural beauty. And whilst concrete can look very similar to clay, the colour of concrete can tend to fade over time although both clay and concrete tiles have similar life spans.

How To Choose Concrete Roof Tiles

Replace a concrete roof tile

There are several factors to consider when choosing concrete roof tiles, including the style of your house, the shape of your roof, your budget and your roof pitch.

Firstly, think about shape. Large format tiles are quick and therefore often cheaper to install but when it comes to concrete tiles they are less likely to look like convincing clay replicas than smaller versions.

S-shaped pantiles and Roman tiles, with alternative flat and curved sections, tend to look more attractive in appearance.

You will also have the choice between plain and interlocking tiles. Plain roof tiles are simple and rectangular in shape and tend to be smaller than interlocking tiles. They are laid ‘double-lapped’ and are good for those after an attractive, traditional look though they are more costly than interlocking.

Interlocking tiles are shaped to fit together tightly so only a single lap is needed. They tend to be larger than plain tiles, meaning fewer are needed to cover a roof.

You will also need to take your roof pitch into consideration when choosing concrete tiles. Check the minimum pitch which the tiles can be laid before selecting.

Finally, do bear in mind that concrete tiles tend to be heavier than clay your roof structure will need to be suitably strong in order to take their weight so talk this through with your roofer or builder.

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What Is The Definition Of A Concrete Tile

A concrete tiles are made of mixture of sand, cement and water, which are molded under heat and high pressure. The exposed surface of a tile may be finished with a paint like material.

Concrete tiles have additional water locks, or interlocking ribs on the edges that prevent water infiltration. Concrete tiles come in three main appearances, which are:

  • Flat profile: no curves.
  • Low Profile: small curves and has a rise to width ratio equal to 1:5 or less.
  • High Profile: large curves and has a rise to width ratio greater than 1:5.
  • Concrete tiles simulate the appearance of traditional clay tiles, wood shake, slate and stone. Concrete tile surfaces can be textured or smooth, and tile edges can be ragged or uniform. They are resistant to hail, wind, and fire, making them a very safe roofing material when properly installed. You can basically design it anyway you want it to look like.

    What Goes Into Repairing Concrete Roof Tiles

    It must bestressed again that roof repair is extremely complicated and dangerous and isbest left up to the professionals. Having said that, it is important to knowwhat these professionals are doing so that you can make sure you aregetting the best possible service from them. The following is a basicillustration of how damaged concrete roof tiles are repaired. It is notintended to be guide to repairing damaged tiles but merely to illustratewhat to expect when tiles are being repaired.

    The stepsare:

    Asmentioned earlier, roof repair is something that all homeowners have todeal with at some time in their lives. You can minimize the need for thisby making sure your roofing tiles are properly installed and maintained byqualified professionals. If repairs are needed, it also best to make use ofprofessionals as it is safer and the work will be of a high quality. For moreinformation on roof repairs contact ABC Roofing Corp at 344-4622.

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    A Better And More Sustainable Alternative To Concrete Tiles

    One of the best roof tiles types that serve as an excellent alternative to concrete tile roofing is composite roofing, which is made from an incredibly lightweight and durable polyurethane material. One brand, in particular, to consider turning to is CeDUR, who is known for their beautiful, synthetic roofing shakes that are modeled after real wood shakes. Where can you buy these roof tiles? Easy! Right here on our site.

    Quality Concrete Tile Roof Installation

    Replace Broken Concrete Roofing Tile Walkthrough

    Are you one of the many homeowners who think about purchasing a better roof, but worried about the affordability of a tile roof? Concrete roof tiles are a durable alternative option to clay and ceramic tile and deliver many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. Our roofing professionals can provide comprehensive information about concrete roof tiles as well as other roofing solutions to ensure that you get the appearance, protection, and cost youre looking for. To learn more about how concrete roof tiles can benefit your Austin, TX home, or to find out about all of your roofing options, call our roofing team at today to schedule your consultation.

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    When Does Insurance Cover Roof Replacement

    The nationwide average cost to change or set up a roofing system is $2,500, and rates normally range from $1,700 to $8,500. Some clients have likewise reported paying as much as $22,000 for a roofing replacement, and some companies charge as much as $25,000 for a new roof. Typical Expense $2,500 Typical variety $1,700-$ 8,500 Nevertheless, numerous aspects can affect the cost youll pay.

    Schedule Our Team Now

    We have many services dedicated to assisting our clients, such as our emergency services. For those who have found themselves in a disaster, urgent services can help them solve their roofing problems in no time. Bad storms can leave many roofings in terrible conditions. Call us at ASAP if you realize that you have an emergency.

    • Residential RooferLet our residential roofers help you with any repairs, replacements, or installations you may need on your home.
    • Emergency Roof RepairWhen youre in an emergency, you need to work with a team you can trust. And you can trust us!
    • Roof Insurance Claims HelpAfter a disaster, let us help you file your roof insurance claim in no time.
    • Commercial RooferOur many different commercial property roofing services are dedicated to helping you with whatever you may need.

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    Forticrete Concrete Roof Tiles

    Forticrete‘s concrete roof tiles offer you superior style and durability at affordable prices, keeping your project on budget without compromising on quality.

    Want some advice or need to check details? Call our knowledgeable team on 01752 692760 and theyll have all the information you need.

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    What Are Concrete Roof Tiles

    Tile to Colorbond

    The introduction of concrete roof tiles to the United States began early in the 20th century, but its popularity has significantly grown in the past 25 years like all tile roofing. In the early years, making concrete tiles was time-consuming and involved mixing concrete and pouring it into metal or wooden molds to harden. Today, concrete roofing tiles are manufactured in a plant and the process involves molding a mixture of sand, Portland cement, and water under heat and high pressure. An application of a paint-like material to the exposed surface gives it a finished look.

    Homeowners appreciate concrete roofing tiles for their various colors and styles and the ability to mimic old-world charm. Concrete roof tiles also minimize external noise and contribute towards a safe home because they are non-toxic and wind- and fire-resistant. Homeowners in warm-sunny climates report lower energy costs to cool a home because concrete tiles reflect sunlight. Similarly, in cold climates, concrete roof tiles help to insulate the house from freezing temperatures, which lessens heating expenses.

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    How To Replace Concrete Roof Tiles

    • Written by Charles Ramos, Jr. on Mar 09, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    When concrete roof tiles need to be replaced, many people will call a pricey contractor to fix the problem. Sometimes a professional is necessary, but most of the time, you can follow these few steps to save money by doing it yourself.

    Step 1 Examine the Roof

    First, you must examine the roof to determine how many tiles you will need to complete the task. Make note of the number of tiles you will need and purchase them.

    Step 2 Take Safety Precautions

    If possible, get someone to hold the ladder securely as you ascend it to reach the concrete roof tiles. Make sure that you are wearing treaded shoes with soles that allow you to move about the roof safely without slipping. However, whenever safely possible, try not to walk on the concrete tiles, as they can crack or break under your weight. For extra safety, try using a roof safety harness.

    Step 3 Lift Top-Adjacent Tiles

    Removing Tiles With Nails

    If nails have been used to attach the tile to the roof felt, lift the tile to see if the nail comes with it. If not, continue to use the claw of a hammer to remove them.

    Removing Tiles With Adhesive

    Step 3 Replace Subsidiary Materials

    Step 4 Remove Broken Tile Pieces

    Step 5 Seal Any Holes

    Step 6 Lift the Adjoining Left Tile

    The Cons Of Concrete Tile Roof Replacement

    If you are choosing to replace your roof tiles, you will need to buy them new. Some may suggest that you take tiles from other areas of the roof to replace broken tiles but the only accomplishment is exposing another area of the roof. A good suggestion is to keep a collection of extra tiles in your garage for moments when an area needs replacement. One must also be careful to choose the same color and type of tile when conducting replacements.

    When weighing up the pros and cons of replacing or repairing your concrete roof tiles, it is a good idea to get an informed idea of what each option would cost from a licensed contractor. Another factor to consider when making your decision is whether it is the roof tiles that need to be repaired, or the shingles underneath (which have a shorter lifespan than the tiles themselves. Regardless of your choice to replace or repair your concrete roof tiles, you are always better off hiring a licensed contractor.

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    The Cons Of Concrete Tile Roof Repairs

    The nature of cement roof tiles requires a seal to fulfill its purpose as a roof tile. Due to the porous nature of concrete tiles, seal is needed to avoid moisture leaking in. The details of size, weight, seal and basic knowledge of roof repair is vital for a permanent solution to repair. A mistake can be detrimental in the long run on the functionality of your roof.

    What Are The Main Characteristics Of Concrete Roof Tiles

    Replacing some concrete roof tiles
  • Water Absorption
  • Concrete roofing tiles have a water absorption of about 13%. Consequently, this higher rate of water absorption leads to the development of mildew and stains on concrete tiles.

    Absorbed water also increases the already heavy weight of a concrete tile, and puts increases pressure on the roof structure.

  • Weight
  • Concrete tiles weigh almost 40% more than regular roof tiles. Concrete tiles can weigh anywhere from 820 to 1.100 pounds per square , depending on the style, As a result, it is more difficult for the roof structure to adequately support the heavier weight of concrete tiles.

    In some cases, concrete tiles are not recommended for use on buildings, unless the roof framing is reinforced to support the added weight.

  • Maintenance
  • Heavier weight, higher rate of water absorption and formation of mildew makes concrete tiles a lot more challenging to maintain than clay tiles, which are almost free of these issues.

  • Color Longevity and Appearance
  • Since clay is a naturally occurring material, clay tiles maintain their original color for years despite being subjected to weather conditions.

    On the other hand, the color-thru technology used in concrete tiles is not as effective in maintaining the original bright tile color, and concrete tiles are known to fade over time.

  • Durability
  • While concrete tiles outperform most other roofing materials in durability, concrete tiles may last between 30 to 50 years.

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    Classic Roof Tile Now In Colton

    Classic Roof Tile is a green company! We strive to repurpose and recycle as much roofing tile as we can, to keep it out of our landfills.

    Contact us to see how we can help you stay green by salvaging your roofing tile from your property.

    Our delivery service is second to none. In most cases we can offer same day delivery to keep you moving forward on your project. We make it simple email or text us a picture of the roof tile you are in need of and we will send a picture back showing you what we have in stock and will let you know the quantity we have on hand.

    Are Concrete Roof Tiles Any Good

    Concrete roof tiles are made using a combination of sand, cement and water. Their shape and strength is ensured thanks to a manufacturing process which involves heating the tiles within moulds and exposing them to high pressure.

    Just as with clay tiles, the quality of concrete tiles very much depends on where you source them and, in many cases, what you are willing to pay. At the cheapest end of the market lie tiles that are obviously concrete, painted with a coating to make them look like something else . These poor quality versions are often prone to fading and damage.

    However, if you are willing to pay a little more, concrete tiles can be very convincing in their appearance, with plenty of texture and a good depth of colour.

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