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How Much Does A Flat Roof Cost To Replace

Fasteners And Wind Loads

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Flat Roof? ROOFING QUICK TIPS

Depending on where your building is located, weather and local codes will impact the type of fasteners your roof system requires. In Florida, buildings must be designed to withstand up to 150-mile per hour winds. This requires stronger fasteners at more frequent intervals than some other areas might require.

Flat Roof Installation Cost By Type

The type of flat roof affects the overall project cost the most. Tile prices vary between $4 and $35 per sq.ft, installed. Every type is made of a different material with its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you analyze what you need to pick the best type for your home. The chart below highlights the different types of types of roofs that are flat and their respective costs, followed by subsections giving a brief explanation of each type.

Type of Flat Roof
$10 – $35

How Long Will A Grp Flat Roof Last

Many tests and research have been carried out regarding the life expectancy of a GRP roof, and studies have estimated that they can last somewhere more than 50 years. This is proven because many glass fiber laminates, which were manufactured back in the 1940s, are still used today. Research has shown that GRP doesnt really deteriorate in fact, it has remained in the same condition throughout the testing periods that have been trialed. Some experts would even argue that GRP products applied by a specialist company could potentially last a lifetime.

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Choose Bge Home As Your Maryland Roofer

If you are looking to replace your roof in Maryland, give BGE HOME a call. We are here to help you find the right roofing for your home and budget. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate, and well come out for a site visit and give you a customized solution for your home. Call us today at 888-243-4663 or get in touch via our contact form, to discuss your roofing project or repair needs.

Cost To Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Flat Roof?

Replacing an asphalt roof with new shingles will cost between $5,400 and $9,000, or an average of $7,211 for a 2,000 square foot home not including old roof removal. The actual cost will vary depending on whether it is a composite asphalt shingle roof or a fiber cement composite shingle installation.

Asphalt is the least expensive solution, with a cost to remove the previous asphalt roof and install a new one coming to $7,850 for a 1,500 square foot home, while the same project undertaken and installing concrete shingles instead of asphalt will cost $24,950.

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Why People Opt For Flat Roof And Pitched Roof

A pitched roof has at least two slopes that rise to meet at a peak. Known for their long lifespan, their construction is designed to enable usable space in your buildings loft area, maximizing space and affording the type of flexibility that a flat roof simply cant match. Your property will benefit from added insulation and rooms will not be afflicted by extremes of temperature that can come with a flat roof installation.

Unfortunately, pitched roofs also come with a reasonable price tag their complex design and significant labor and material costs mean that pitched roofs are far more expensive than a roofing service near me.

A residential flat roof is basically a horizontal base fixed to the buildings ceiling joists and then covered with a waterproof membrane. To enable rainwater to drain from the roof, a flat roof is slightly pitched by just a couple of degrees.

Flat roofing is both economical and efficient, which saves the owner energy and money. Its construction involves considerably less labor and materials than its pitched roof counterpart and full replacement can often take just a day

Where Should You Install A Flat Roof

Did you know? a flat roof with proper insulation will be 30-40% more energy efficient than asphalt shingles, which are used on the majority of sloped roofs. This can save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs. For maximum savings, you need to make sure that you are installing rigid foam insulation with a proper R-value.

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Flat Roof Extension Cost

The price you will pay for a roof extension varies depending on the size. Flat roof pricing ranges from $1,000 to $20,000. A roof extension can be done for various reasons, such as adding a kitchen, bedroom, office, or updating your home. The advantages of building a roof extension outweigh the cons. Building this type of roof is an affordable way of extending your living space and increasing your home’s curb appeal. There arent many disadvantages to extending your roof other than your ceilings are lower than a pitched roof extension.

Average Price Of Replacing Your Roof Vs Repairing

How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?

The national average cost to repair a roof ranges from $200 to $3,000, with most people paying between $225 and $1,150 depending on the extent of the damage, and the type of roofing materials on the roof that needs repairing. If there is either extensive damage or your roof is about 20 years old, and it needs replacing, the average price to replace your roof is around $7,211.

Roof Repair Cost


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Installing The New Roof

The final stage is the installation proper. Depending on the material, this can go in different ways. For instance, with felt, the material is laid in place and secured with nails or drills. Meanwhile, with rubber, the best means of securing the material is with a strong adhesive.

A similar technique is required when repairs are necessary, but simply on a smaller scale. So, once the damaged section is inspected and removed, the last steps are to measure it and replace the old material with the new one.

However, replacing one section of the roof without touching the other areas could lead to its own problems. So, if there is a problem with the roof, or some damage occurs, unless the effect is minuscule, the standard recommendation is to replace the entire roof.

Flat Roof Drip Edge Repair Cost

Repairing flat roof drip edges ranges from $150 to $400. Drip edges are L-shaped metal pieces positioned at the edge of the roof. They can also be known as drip edge flashing and are used to divert water off the roof, away from any fascias, preventing it from pooling under the roofing materials. Metal drip edges are strong, but they become dented or damaged in storms or because of falling debris. So, they may occasionally require patching or cleaning.

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Diy Roof Replacement Vs Hiring A Roofer

For homeowners looking at replacing their roof instead of hiring a professional, an asphalt roof will cost $3,000 less to $6,000 less . However, while small roof repairs are cheap and relatively easy to carry out by the homeowner, as long as safety precautions are taken, roofing a home is better done by professional roofers. The downsides of completing the work as a DIY project are:

  • In removing the original roof, you may cause issues that will lead to leaks.
  • Once the old roof is off, you could miss structural issues or things that will contribute to more leaks.
  • You might not create a perfect weather seal to protect your home from the rain when installing the new roof.
  • You could introduce issues that translate to increased utility costs from heating or cooling.
  • You could fall from your roof.
  • You could negatively impact the resale value of your home.

Your roof is the single biggest surface barrier between you and the elements. Given the importance of the roof, and the potential for significant problems, we suggest looking for bids from the roofing professionals we have on HomeGuide before making a final decision to do the work yourself.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted roofing companies:

What Types Of Flat Roofs Are There

How Much Does Replacing a Flat Roof Cost?

Any material used to construct a flat roof must be watertight because even though flat roofs are built on a slight incline, they are still very susceptible to leaks. That said, there are five main types of flat roofs: roll asphalt, single-ply, multiple-ply, modified ply, modified bitumen, and flat-seamed metal.

  • Roll asphalt flat roof
  • Roll asphalt comprises layers of asphalt-coated fiberglass, tar, felt, and water-resistant materials, all of which are kept in place with nails or asphalt cement. The top layer is covered with gravel, which protects the roof from ultraviolet rays. This type of flat roof has been used for over 100 years and is generally the cheapest however, it doesnt usually last much longer than 10 years.

  • Single-ply flat roof
  • Single-ply flat roofs are made from one layer of materials that are a bit like rubber. These materials cost less but are studied and more energy-efficient than roll asphalt roofs. Usually, single-ply roofs are made from EPDM, uPVC, ethylene, and TPO. These are all mold-resistant and low-maintenance. Single-ply roofs usually last for up to 12 years.

  • Multi-ply flat roof
  • This type of flat roof comprises lots of layers of fiberglass, which is packed between layers of asphalt. The big benefit of multi-ply flat roofs is that they are reinforced, lasting longer, and are less damaged. They can last as long as 30 years.

  • Modified Bitumen flat roof
  • Flat-seamed metal flat roof
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    Flat Roof Flashing Repair Cost

    Repairing flat roof flashing costs $200 to $500. Flashing is a thin metal material used to seal the edges of the roof and prevent water damage. It is usually made from steel, copper, or aluminum and resists water and weather. However, it naturally wears down over time or may become damaged due to impacts in storms.

    The Checklist You Need To Find A Great Roofing Contractor For Your Flat Roof Replacement

    Now you have a good idea of how much your flat roof replacement will cost. Remember, you wont know the exact cost until you get an inspection from a local roofing contractor.

    But before reaching out to a few roofing contractors in your area, you need a tool that helps you differentiate between a reputable roofer and a not-so reputable one. After all, the roofing contractor you hire has the biggest impact on your roof.

    Thats why you need the Checklist of Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor.

    This checklist has the 16 questions every homeowner needs to ask and the right answers you should get back from a roofing contractor. With it, you’ll find a roofing contractor that does things the right way and gives you a stress-free experience.

    The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided high-quality roofing services to homeowners in Nashville and surrounding areas since 1990. Whether you need a roof leak repaired or a full roof replacement, you can count on us to provide an experience rare in the roofing industry.

    If youre local to Nashville, dont hesitate to contact us for your flat roof replacement or any of your other roofing needs.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Flat Roof

    Our aim in this article is to help you understand the question how much does it cost to replace a flat roof whilst breaking down the exact costs involved with repairing or replacing a flat roof.

    There are lots of different factors that go into figuring out a flat roof cost estimate but well try and simplify the entire process.

    From cost examples to the best types of flat roofing systems, well dive deep into making sure you have everything you need to make the best decision possible for your individual property.

    The image below shows a flat roofing project that our team at SPS Roofing Ltd completed near Exeter in Devon. The reason for displaying this image is to show we deal with flat roofs on a daily basis and get asked a series of common questions from our customers, and hope to pass our real-life experiences to you.

    How Do Flat Roofs Drain

    How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

    Its no secret that flat roofs are more resistant to severe weather conditions compared to other roofing systems. But when it rains or snows, where does it go once it all falls? Flat roofs are not able to use their slope or the power of gravity to remove water as efficiently compared to a shingled roof. They need a specifically designed drainage system to get the job done. Lets take a look at the two most commonly used flat roof drainage systems:

    • Interior Drain An interior flat roof drainage system is commonly found on larger commercial flat roofing systems, but can be used for your residence as well. With the slight slope of a flat roof, water will flow similar to how sump pumps and drain tiles are designed. The water will flow into the drain into an internal series of pipes which are located beneath the roof. Then the water is carried out and pumped out and away from the foundation of your home or commercial building.
    • Scuppers This flat roofing drainage design is simply just large square gaps located in the curbs or walls along the buildings roofline. Scuppers allow water to flow throughout the sides of the building. It is common to install downspouts directly below the opening to catch and divert the water away from the foundation of the building.

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    Ensuring The Professional Is The Right Fit

    Use the below questions to make sure the professional youre hoping to hire is the right fit for you.

    • What experience do you have? Its always useful to know if they are a well-established company or they are just starting. You might find that a newer company is slightly cheaper, or you may prefer to pay more for experience.
    • Have you got customer feedback and photographs of any work youve done in the past? The tradesperson may have a portfolio to show you, or they may direct you to their website. Websites often have case studies, photographs, and customer testimonials.
    • Are you a member of any trade associations? Trade associations will only grant membership to tradespeople with a good work record. They must also have high standards of workmanship.
    • Do you have insurance? Is your public liability insurance up to date? Public liability insurance is vital for all tradespeople as it protects them and you from any injury or damage claims should an accident occur during the installation of your felt roof.

    What Is A Flat Roof

    Many homes and commercial buildings across the United Kingdom have a common feature a flat roof.

    People often think of flat roofs as being completely flat, however they do have a very slight pitch to enable rainwater to drain away efficiently. The last thing anyone wants are water pools on the flat roof surface leading to the steady breakdown and decay of the material itself.

    Flat roofs are typically found on extensions, garages, dormers, balconies, carports and outbuildings. They can be very cost effective and slightly more flexible than a traditional pitched roofing system.

    Many of our customers are led to believe that flat roofs are not as durable as slate and tiles but we feel differently.

    If the correct material, system and roofing contractor is chosen, with the appropriate approvals such as Bauder, then a flat roof can last in excess of 25 years.

    Combining this lifetime vs the cost and you can see a flat roofing system will often be a great choice for certain types of building and use cases. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should choose a flat roof or pitched roof, then please feel welcome to contact SPS Roofing Ltd for advice and flat roof estimates.

    So now weve covered exactly what a flat roof is and where they are typically found, lets explore the benefits

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    Cost To Redo A Roof With A Different Type

    If you are replacing your existing asphalt roof with a roof type that is heavier, like slate or stone tiles, the potential exists where you may need some structural reinforcement for the rafters and joists in the roof framing structure to support the additional weight. The reinforcement alone will average between $500 and $1,500 depending on the size of the home and the amount of reinforcement needed. Add the cost for your chosen roofing material plus labor on top of that.

    Roof Tile Replacement Cost

    How Much Does Replacing a Flat Roof Cost?

    Roof tile replacement costs between $1,400 and $1,600 per square on average for concrete tile, Spanish tile, and clay tile. Tile roofing tends to weight a lot and will cost $1,000 more if your entire roof framing needs an upgrade to support the extra weight.

    Clay Tile Roof Cost

    Clay roof tiles are right up there with entry-level copper in regards to price, which averages around $1,500 per square. The average cost to install a new clay tile roof costs between $15,000 and $45,000 depending on your roof size.

    Concrete Roof Tile Prices

    Like clay tiles, concrete tiles also carry a $1,500 per square price, with the average installation costing $22,500 to $30,000. Depending on the current structural integrity of the roof framing, it is possible some repair or strengthening work will need to be done on the rafters to support the extra weight of these heavier products.

    Spanish Tile Roof Cost

    Spanish roof tiles generally have a little more design to them than entry-level clay or concrete, and you can expect to pay in the region of $1,500 to $1,600 per square for the install, and around $1,000 first if your entire roof framing needs work to support the added weight.

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