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How To Clean A Tile Roof In Florida

Quick Tips For Keeping A Roof Clean And In Good Condition

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Regular tile roof cleaning is an excellent way of keeping your homes roof in good condition and looking its best, but a homeowner can also reduce debris on a homes roof by trimming back tree branches and especially if they hang over the roof directly. Trees drop leaves, twigs, seeds, moss, sap, acorns, needles, and other such residues onto a homes roof, while providing a place for birds to roost those birds then leave caustic, damaging, and unsightly droppings on the roof!

While you cant always do much about airborne dust and other debris created by nearby production facilities, construction zones, and roadways, you can reduce the dust and dirt around your property with regular power washing services. The more layers of dirt covering your homes exterior walls and driveway, the more that might become airborne and wind up on the roof!

Letting moss, mold, and other growth form and spread along a homes exterior walls and underneath roof eaves can also mean seeing those residues make their way to the roof. Regular pressure washing, gutter cleaning and brightening, and other property washing kills growing mold spores and other residues, reducing the risk of roof moss and algae.

Take Note Of Roof Changes

Maybe you didnt realize that your tile roof needed cleaning until recently because of the sudden appearance of discoloration or moldy patches. Once you can visibly see changes in your roof, a cleaning is required immediately. When a roof is cleaned on a regular basis, it is quite rare to see mold or other grime since it is washed away before it can really bite in and flourish. In hot and humid climates, mold or mildew is almost always starting to grow on a microscopic level since these conditions are very favorable to mold growth, especially if a large section of the roof is in the shade throughout the day. The goal of tile roof cleaning is to remove any potential roof-damaging growth before it makes itself visible. Since most roofs are quite high up, seeing anything from the ground indicates an urgent need to call in a professional. Darkened tiles are not a normal part of aging and should not be ignored!

How To Clean Tile Roofs

Roofs are an integral part of our homes and it is important to keep them maintained so that they can do what they need to when you most need it. Tile roofs typically last half a century if they are made from concrete, synthetics, or metal. The clay variety can go up to 100 years. Regardless of the material of your roof, though, it is important to maintain them as normal wear and tear are bound to happen given all that they are exposed to.

There are a few reasons why you want to stay on top of your roof in this regard. For one, it will make it look better and have a big effect on the overall appearance of your home from the outside. This adds aesthetic as well as appraisal value to your house. Staying in tune with what is going on can also help you detect damage early and when it is small and manageable. Waiting too long to notice or fix something can often lead to much greater damage and costs. Finally, if you really want to get those fifty or hundred years of life out of your roof, you need to keep it up to date. If you dont, it will not last that long.

Primers, sealant, and paint should be handy so that you can fix up any visible defects and to protect the tiles from dirt and moss. Replacement tiles are good to have as well in case you break some or you find some cracked tiles. Finally, some clean clothes to buff the roof will be needed.

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Does Your Tile Roof Need Cleaning

  • The Florida climate is conducive to the growth of mildew, mold, algae, and moss on both clay and concrete tile roof systems. While mildew, mold, algae, and moss do not grow directly on the roof tile, they do grow on the dust and other organic materials that accumulate and settle on the tile. This growth can result in a dingy or dirty appearing roof surface. Thankfully, it can be properly treated and restored to the original look of the tile.
  • Is there a reason I need to clean my tile roof besides improving or maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal? YES!
  • Moss acts like a sponge, collecting and holding water. This moss growth then leads to a softening of the tile. When a softening of the tile occurs, tiles begin to crack and split.
  • How often should I clean my tile roof?
  • In the Florida weather conditions, we have found that most tile roofs are typically in need of a roof cleaning within 4 years of installation. Light colored roofs tend to need to be cleaned within 2 years of installation, as they are more prone to show faster mildew, mold, algae and moss growth. This is also the case with roofs that have a great amount of tree coverage. After the initial cleaning, most roofs can be cleaned on bi-annual basis. Of course, there are many other factors that affect these suggested timelines. Keep in mind, there are also roof sealants that can be applied after the roof is cleaned that come with a 10-year no clean guarantee, which means no hassle or maintenance needed!
  • Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your Tile Roof

    Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Lakeland, Florida

    While power washing may work to remove algae and mold from your tile roof in the short-term, it can breed long-term headaches such as:

    • etching the surface of the tile
    • cutting through sealants and underlayments
    • making the tiles more porous

    High-pressure and harsh chemical systems can also drastically reduce the useful life of your tile roof. Overall, pressure washing your tile roof can cause irreparable damage to your roof, especially when done by untrained persons. Pressure cleaning companies are not trained, licensed, or certified to work on or repair any type of roof. Avoid having to pay someone to clean your roof and another to repair the damages caused by the cleaner.

    Here are five reasons we DO NOT recommend pressure washing your tile roof:

  • Voids tile manufacturer warranty. Any pressure over 1,200psi can cause irreparable damage to your roof.
  • Damages roof underlayment. This creates more opportunity for leaks to happen.
  • Loosens waterproofing flashings. Loose flashings will allow water to leak in.
  • Etches tile surface. Etched tile means there are deeper crevices in the tile, making it easier for algae to grow.
  • Changes the color of the roof. Your roof will start to look duller even after cleaning.
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    Soft Washing Vs Pressure Washing

    Whats the difference between soft washing and pressure washing, and why is soft washing a better way of cleaning your roof? Pressure washing uses high pressure equipment that sprays water at a pressure forceful enough to blast away dirt, grime, moss, algae and other forms of debris.

    Soft washing uses a garden hose with very low pressure and biodegradable chemicals to clean exterior surfaces of your home, including the roof.

    Pressure washing can be very effective for cleaning side-walks, drive-ways and garage floors, but can be very damaging for more delicate surfaces like roofs. High pressure washing will damage roofs and should never be used.

    Soft washing is designed to safely remove moss, algae, mildew and all forms of dirt from your roof without causing any damage. Soft washing not only preserves the integrity of your roof while cleaning it but is also safe for your plants and all other parts of your property.

    Make sure to ask your contractor if the chemicals they use for soft washing are eco-friendly.

    Reach Out To A Roofing Professional

    If you dont have any prior experience working on a roof or arent entirely sure if you can complete this job safely, you should contact a trusted local roofing contractor. A licensed and skilled professional will have the knowledge and tools to quickly and efficiently complete the job, saving you time and money in the process.

    As the premier roofing company in Tampa, Florida, were always available to assist you in any roofing project you have. Call us today at 813-373-9088. Or fill out our online form to get a free service cost estimate.

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    How To Clean A Clay Tile Roof

    The best tile roof cleaning method is to call a power washing contractor near you specializing in soft wash pressure washing! A professional power washing company ensures a safe, effective clean, as said, and your tile roof cleaning costs are often far lower than you might realize.

    If you do want to attempt DIY tile roof cleaning, ensure you wear protective gear include shoes with good traction and safety glasses. When on your tile roof, note that the strongest point is where the tiles overlap, so try to keep yourself in those areas when working. Youll also want to plan your work so that you can stay on a dry spot rather than walking on a wet roof if needed, spread the cleaning over several hours or even two days so one area of the roof can dry thoroughly, giving you a safe walking surface.

    Start by spraying your tile roof with a very low pressure, just to dislodge and remove as much dirt, dust, and other debris as possible. Ensure you spray that debris toward the gutters and not the top of the roof or over the side of an eave without gutters!

    If you need to address moss, mold, algae, lichen, or other such growth, invest in a roof cleaner meant for clay tiles and designed to kill those biological materials in particular. Some might need diluting and to sit for several minutes after application, to permeate the roots and spores of those growths.

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    A tile roof can be a great addition to your home, not just from an aesthetic perspective but also from a functional one. With that in mind, its an expensive investment that demands a lot of planning and preparation. If you want to install a new tile roof or have any questions regarding this topic, were happy to help.

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    How To Maintain A Tile Roof

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    Tile roofs provide several significant advantages over other types. Tile constructions are resistant to pests and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They also have superior thermal properties that reduce ambient temperatures on the roof deck. Tile roofs come in a broad array of colors that can complement the appearance of your home. But perhaps most significantly, a properly installed tile roof can last more than 100 years with only modest care. If you need to know how to maintain a tile roof, follow these guidelines.

    Cleaning And Removing Roof Algae And Moss

    Roof or wall tiles are often covered with moss or algae if its not cleaned for more than 3 months. Random moss spots here and there are easy to clear, but the excessive build-up of algae and moss is pretty hard to remove. Use a roof scraper to scrape the extra debris from the tiles. Also be careful to not damage the tiles. You can easily find many kinds of roof scrapers designed for scraping. Dont use the crap thats used for lawn scraping. Those could potentially damage the tiles.

    Now that the thick moss and page pad is obliterated, apply an anti-moss spray. If your manufacturer has a particular recommendation for this job, feel free to buy that spray. If you dont like chemical solutions you could also make a DIY spray if you want. Your tile roofs could be sensitive to particular chemicals. If there is any mention of a particular chemical, obviously avoid buying any spray that contains them.

    Spray the bottle by walking away or backward from where it has been applied. Which means you should not step into the wet, treated surface. Once you are done spraying the moss killers let it rest for some time or as per the products recommendation to dry roof.

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    Should I Get My Tile Roof Sealed

    A common recommendation many people give Florida homeowners is to have your tile roof sealed. But you may be left wondering, what does sealing your tile roof actually do and what is so great about it?

    Well, while you may love the beautiful Florida weather, the elements can often be harsh and damaging to your roof.

    The constant exposure to the strong sunshine, rain, and wind can leave your tile roof faded, filled with water, and possibly leaking into your home.

    The best way to avoid these pesky issues is to have your tile roof sealed.

    How Long Does A Tile Roof Last In Florida Now You Know

    Tile Roof Cleaning

    So, how long does a tile roof last in Florida?

    The answer depends on the quality of the materials, your maintenance routine, and your local weather. Hopefully, with proper care, your tile roof will last for many years to come.

    What if, after reading this article, you realize that its time for some repair work ?

    Your best bet is to sign up for a roof inspection. This allows you to catch small problems before they get worse or determine the next steps to take to care for your roof.

    If you live in the Sarasota area, were here to help. Contact us today with all your roofing questions or concerns.

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    The Tile Roof Cleaning Process

    Tile roof cleaning Tampa follows a strict process to ensure the job is done safely, accurately, and thoroughly. The first step is to use a power washer. The high-pressure stream of water removes leaves and twigs, dead insects, and other visible dirt and debris.

    Once the roof is dry from the power washing, it will be time to turn the pressure down and use cleaning chemicals. The cleaning agents need to work their way into your roof for at least a few minutes, although some people prefer to leave them until they dry. The wait time allows the chemicals to dissolve mold spores and remove ground-in dirt.

    After the chemicals do their job, you must rinse them off. If your roof was filthy, this could be the longest part of the cleaning process. The pressure washer should be at full force and aimed at the stains, starting at the top of the roof and working toward the lower portion.

    Most of the debris that comes from your roof is likely to end up in your gutters, so theyll need a thorough cleaning as well. Never leave dirt and leaves in the gutters. Doing so prevents them from moving water away from your home properly and can cause the ground around it to erode.

    The final step of the cleaning process is to buff the roofing tiles. This step is up close and personal, giving the person cleaning the roof a chance to inspect for damage. Buffing also prepares tile for sealing and repainting, if necessary.

    Can A Moss Killer Be Applied Before The Moss Is Removed

    This is a common question, can/should a moss killing chemical be applied to the roof before the moss is removed?

    The answer is no.

    First, you would need much more of the chemical as the moss would soak it up.

    Second, thick layers of moss will prevent the chemical from soaking into the tile/overlaps.

    Third, if you were thinking of applying the chemical instead of manually removing the moss with a scraper, then you would have a big problem the dead moss would gradually wash down into the gutters and block them. It could take months if not years for all the moss to wash off the roof. Your gutters would need frequent cleaning and even then they are still likely to become blocked.

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    Q And A About Roof Cleaning In South Florida

    Why is roof cleaning important?

    Roof cleaning also removes dirt, grime, algae, toxic mold and stains. Having a sparkling, bright roof will increase the curb appeal of your South Florida home. Having a dirty one will detract from its value. The mold and algae from a dirty roof will start breaking down the materials your roof is made of especially clay and wood and will contribute to you having to buy a new roof sooner than you should. Washing a roof also expands roof life!

    How often should you have your roof cleaned?

    We recommend cleaning your roof every one to two years here in South Florida. Why? Because of the amount of grime that can collect on a roof and because of the algae and moss created by

    All the humidity and moisture in our environment, especially during the summer months.

    Can my roof get damaged during the process?

    With traditional pressure washing techniques and equipment, yes, your roof can get damaged. Pressure cleaning machines shoot water out at up to 4,000 PSI which can break off shingles, crack tiles and otherwise wear down your roof material.

    Cant I hire one to just bleach my roof?

    People also try raw bleaching their roofs to clean them> Bad idea. Bleach will clean the roof however using raw bleach will damage the roof and landscaping. The bleach will sit and dry onto the roof and crystallize under paper and rust the nails quickly.

    What type of chemicals does Zero Pressure Cleaning use?

    What are the various types of ways roofs can be cleaned?


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