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Can You Put Elastomeric Roof Coating Over Shingles

Does Kool Seal Stop Leaks

Benefits of White Roof Coating | The Home Depot

Kool SealKoolseal leaks

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How to Apply a Roof Sealant

  • Inspect the roof, looking for cracks and gaps that may be causing leaks.
  • Look over the roof and remove any loose debris and reattach any screws that are sticking up from the roof.
  • Wash the roof thoroughly with a garden hose.
  • Cover all seams and edges of flashing with patching cement using a stiff-bristle paintbrush.
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    Gather Appropriate Tools And Equipment

    Application of the elastomeric roof coating using the right tools and equipment makes the task easier and faster. The roofing contractor should wear personal safety equipment like work boots, gloves, and goggles. Gather mallets, scissors, all-purpose brushes, push brooms, solid plastic core roller covers, power drill with mixer, and sprayer equipment needed for the application process.

    We Install Roof Coatings Across St Louis

    When it comes to St. Louis businesses, weve got you covered! Our R& A Contracting team works with commercial building owners to find the best commercial roofing solution for each situation. We can work with you to inspect your roof, identify potential problem areas, and create a customized roof maintenance and repair program to keep your roof healthy and strong for years to come.

    Your next logical step is to schedule a time for our R& A Contracting team to do an on-site inspection. Its complimentary and we welcome you to ask any questions you may have about your roof. Follow this link to send us a message and start a conversation today!

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    Can You Paint Roof Shingles

    The classic neutral tones of wood, metal, and asphalt roof shingles have their own unique beauty, but they dont suit every home or every taste. If your shingles are a little too drab for your style, paint can liven them up. Some colors can even make your home a little more comfortable.

    That said, while it is possible to paint roof shingles, there are some challenges involved that might make you reconsider whether or not you really want to.

    Is It Plausible To Paint My Aging Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Roof coatings for RV, Park Model, Shingles, Metal roof ...

    It seems a silly question to ask, but for any Clinton Township homeowner thinking of painting over their asphalt shingle roof, you actually can. Using an acrylic elastomeric coating, you can transform the overall appearance and texture of your asphalt shingle roof without tearing it down.

    However, a few caveats might make you think twice about painting your aged asphalt shingle roof. First, asphalt is a granular material, similar to impacted sand. Painting over your old asphalt shingle roof, which has crumbled most of its granules away, brings zero guarantees that you’ll reap the seamless and watertight seal that acrylic elastomeric coating brings to metal roofs.

    Truthfully, it’s ideal for painting over a brand-new asphalt shingle roof. On the other hand, no sensible Clinton Township homeowner will think of doing that to their roofing materials because of its natural aesthetics and dependability. However, you will enjoy added insulation and the UV-reflective capabilities acrylic elastomeric paint can provide.

    American Construction has an in-depth post about the tested and proven benefits of painting asphalt shingle roofs for added durability and longevity. Read more about it below.

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    When To Consider Using An Elastomeric Roof Coating

    Roof coating should be applied at the first sign of roof aging to achieve the best value for roof coating. Making the needed repairs earlier and installing a fully protective boundary is essential. Waiting for too long will cost you more and may involve the replacement of the whole roofing system. Also, check for the possibilities of rust and leaks.

    Functions Of Shingles And The Effects Of Paint

    People might think that shingles have a more decorative function rather than having a more utilitarian function, but in reality, they do have multiple important functions that can decide whether your house will have a prolonged lifespan of more decades to even centuries or whether it will just have mere decades before deteriorating.

    Before we look at what paint can do to asphalt shingles, we have to take into account the functions of shingles and if the paint will affect the functions of these shingles.

    Increases the overall lifespan of your roof Of course, keeping your roof dry and away from moisture is also one of the primary ways of preserving the lifespan of your roof and the foundation of your house. If ever molds, mildews, and rusting form on the main frameworks of your house, this could severely diminish the lifespan of your roof and, in extreme cases, could lead to your roof collapsing.

    If you have yet to find a dependable roofer in Clinton Township, you can count on us at Miller’s Home Improvements to provide you the results you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can provide you.

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    Paint Can Put Your Roof At Risk For Moisture Problems

    If you decide to paint your roof shingles, using the right paint is critical. Look for an acrylic paint specially designed for use on roofs. This type of paint lets accumulated moisture escape from the shingles. Avoid elastomeric paint, which is known to trap moisture in shingles, encouraging the growth of mold and algae, which contribute to rot.

    Even a roof with metal or asphalt shingles is at risk for rot. The shingles themselves might hold up, but trapped moisture can still damage the wooden sheathing under them and create leaks.

    Elastomeric Bitumen: The Newer

    How to Install TPO/PVC Coatings | GAF Roof Mate

    Elastomeric membranes come in rolls, and are used to create roof coverings typically made up of two layers: a bottom membrane and a granule-covered top sheet. The granules make the covering resistant to impacts, tears and UV radiation. The top sheet is hot-applied i.e., the seams are heat-welded using a torch. Installation of an elastomeric membrane is a cleaner operation than laying an asphalt-and-gravel system. Working with a naked flame, however, means a fire risk, so if you choose this method, make sure the contractor has the right insurance coverage.Some types of dual-layer elastomeric membrane can also be cold-applied. In this case the strips of each layer are self-adhesive, and all the installer has to do is remove a film covering the adhesive as the strips are unrolled. This product is also a good substitute for shingles on a low-sloping roof that lacks a drain to collect rainwater. An elastomeric membrane results in a lighter coating with greater impact resistance than the classic method, due to its elasticityan advantage that is even more apparent in cold weather. This type of roof covering is also easier to inspect and repair, as there is no layer of gravel masking the surface.The cost of a hot-applied elastomeric membrane is 10 to 15% higher than for asphalt-and-gravel coating. It lasts much longer, however: an average of 30 to 35 years.

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    Can You Put Elastomeric Roof Coating Over Shingles

    elastomeric coatingovershinglesshingle roofdoes

    In fact, most shingles are not designed to handle any type of protective coating. Not surprisingly, the National Roofing Contractors Association does not recommend any type of protective coating be applied to shingle roofs.

    Similarly, can you seal shingles? Sealing an Asphalt RoofSlight buckling or cracking over the entire asphalt roof surface can be sealed effectively with an acrylic formula. The formula will actually seal and bond the shingles together and create a clear, ultraviolet radiation-proof film coating.

    Likewise, can elastomeric roof coating be sprayed on?

    Due to the thickness of elastomeric roof coatings you typically need a large airless sprayer in order to be able to spray them efficiently. If your elastomeric roof coating requires a tip of 40 thousands or higher, you may need a direct immersion style airless sprayer, like the Graco 733 or something similar.

    Does roof coating stop leaks?

    Silicone roof coatings will first and foremost seal up and stop up all of your existing roof leaks, without requiring you to locate and repair every single one individually. If you coat the entire surface of your roof, every single leak will be sealed.

    Armorroof Shingle Sealer Roof Coating

    ArmorPoxy, the countrys leading provider of roof coatings, has developed an innovative clear shingle sealer unlike any other on the market today. Our ArmorRoof-SH is designed to rejuvenate old shingles that have been exposed to harsh conditions over time and bring them back to life. AmorRoof-SH is a clear, 100% acrylic glaze that works by penetrating porous surfaces to create a strong film formation. Whether your shingles or roof are made of fiberglass, asphalt, plywood, wood, brick, stucco, or more, Amorpoxys ArmorRoof-SH is the product for you.

    Benefits of ArmorRoof:

    2. Protects Against Fungi and Mildew

    3. Prevents Dirt Pick Up

    Our shingle sealant additionally adds a slight gloss to the surface of your shingles, and with multiple coats, you can increase the glossiness of the finished product. This ensures a beautiful surface that is sure to get the attention of friends and family stopping by for a visit, or potential buyers inspecting their future home. ArmorPoxys ArmorRoof-SH can be easily applied using a brush, roller, or spray in a matter of hours. We will provide you with easy to follow instructions for an application that is smooth and creates a long-lasting coating to protect your shingles for years to come.

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    Tips For Applying Elastomeric Roof Coating

    Keeping the previous steps in mind, these are some helpful tips to make the application process go smoothly:

    • If possible, apply the elastomeric roof coating on a sunny day.
    • Pick a day that is nice but not too hot.
    • When using a roller, use a brush for finer details and around roof fixtures.
    • If the roof is severely damaged, hire a professional to patch it first.

    Lastly, be sure to stay off the roof until the elastomeric roof coating is cured. It should dry within a day or so. However, it may take up to a week to be fully cured in perfect weather. If it rains a few days after the coating is applied, the moisture will not ruin it. Continuously wet weather could slow the curing process for up to a few weeks. To be safe, plan on staying off the roof for a month.

    The SANI-TRED Solution

    SANI-TRED is a permanent waterproof roof coating that can be applied as an elastomeric product because it bonds to plywood, concrete, metal, and more. SANI-TRED provides excellent performance with 590% permanent elongation. Learn more about using SANI-TRED for your Roof coating or repair project.

    Faq: Cool Roof Coatings

    Can cool roof coatings be thinned, and if so, with what type of thinner?

    What effect does ponding water have on cool roof coatings?

    Which type of roofing can I use this on? Asphalt shingles? Tar paper? Plywood?

    Will a roof coating stop the leaks and waterproof the roof?

    Will Cool Roof coatings significantly increase my winter heating costs?

    Cool roofs deflect some desired heat gain during the winter. In general, though, cool roofs result in net energy savings, especially in areas where electricity prices are high. Using Cool Roofs to Reduce Heat Islands. . Retrieved from

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    Metal & Aluminum Coating

    Metal roofs are for flat, low slope and pitched roofs. You can apply almost any type of coating to a metal roof. For a pitched metal roof, expect to spend between $1.50 to $3 per square foot on labor. Depending on the pitch of the roof, the coats are applied in thinner layers. It may need more than two coats and increase application time.

    How Much Does It Cost To Seal A Roof

    How to Apply StreetBond Coating Systems for Your Pavement | GAF Roofing

    The cost to seal a roof will depend on the size of your roof and the type of roof sealant or coating that you use. On average homeowners will pay around $875 to seal a roof. If you were to seal a roof with the most popular silicone sealant you could expect to pay $1.00 to $1.65 per square foot for coating materials and 0.50 cents per roof square foot for labor and installation. See other costs for sealants below:

    Roof Sealant Costs by Type

    Roof Sealant Type
    $0.50 to $1.00

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    Painting Or Sealing Asphalt Shingles

    A discussion started in2001 but continuing through 2019

    Q. I’ve searched ’til I’m blue in the face for a site that even remotely approaches my question and this is as close as I’ve gotten. My question is, can you paint or use a tinted sealer of some type to change the color of asphalt shingles? I’ve never heard of this being done , but my roof is only 9 yrs. old and I really can’t afford a new roof just so my new paint job on the house has a matching roof. If you could give me some insight into this query, or know of someone who can, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Q. Dear Sirs,

    I had been wondering about this myself, and stumbled across a manufacturer’s Web site that claims to have “coatings” that will adhere to and prolong the life of asphalt shingles. The impression it gave me is that the product is a rubberized paint that is supposed to be very weather-resistant and tough. The company is called . They had an 888 number and a street address posted. I intend to contact the Florida Better Business Bureau and inquire about them before contacting the company directly. Good luck with your projects.

    Q. Looking for follow-up on reliability of roof paint products.

    Q. Has anyone successfully painted their asphalt shingles and can you email photos? I live in a historical district and CANNOT change the ugly black asphalt shingles on the roof or gable front. However, the historical commission suggested painting them. Anyone with experience doing this?

    Painted Shingles Mean Extra Maintenance

    Unpainted shingles can look good for 20 years or more with only minimal maintenance. Painted shingles, on the other hand, start showing wear much faster and usually need re-painting once every five to seven years. Each time, the roof will need to be cleaned and repaired, then primed and painted.

    Whats more, paint on the roof is hit harder by sunlight, rain, wind, and snow, so it will fade faster than the paint on your exterior walls. If you want to keep a certain amount of contrast between your walls and roof, you might need to repaint your roof more often than average.

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    Tools & Supplies Youll Need

    If you are a technician, painter, or technical person, the things needed may look pretty basic. The equipment required is nothing out of the norm. Your choice of elastomeric roof coating should be based on adhesive quality and efficiency. You may need some waterproof sealant, too well discuss that later on.

    The tools required include

  • broom , and
  • a paint roller.
  • Quite simple, right? You are allowed to improvise if there is a need. A long handle painter roller will be more convenient for applying a coat, especially if the roof is very big.

    How To Seal Asphalt Roof Shingles

    Installing A New Roof? 9 Qualities Your Roof Must Have ...
    • Written by Charles Owen-Jackson on Nov 27, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    An essential part of the job of installing an asphalt roof is sealing the shingles. Sealing the shingles will help to ensure that they will require less maintenance and be more durable to weather and general wear and tear. Sealants also help to waterproof the structure and preserve the structure and grit of the tiles. There are various different types of sealants that you can apply to an asphalt roof and the particular product that you go for should take into consideration the particular setting. The sealant also protects against extreme temperatures, an essential if you live in such a place where the weather is unpredictable and your buildings need to be protected appropriately.

    Sealing asphalt roof shingles is a challenging job and something that you would be far better off hiring a roofing expert to do for you unless you are completely comfortable and experienced enough to attempt the job yourself. The application of the sealant product itself is easy but accessing the roof is by far the hardest part. You should have somebody to help you until the job is complete.

    Step 1 Find the Best Way to Access the Roof

    Step 2 Inspect the Roof

    Step 3 Seal the Roof

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    Repair And Reinforce The Roof

    Damaged roof areas should the repaired before applying the elastomeric roof coating. When reinforcing the repaired areas, use polyglass polyBrite polyester fabric.

    How to address in corner details

    Apply a good amount of polyglass base coat to the inside corner, then add polyester fabric into the corner to reinforce. As soon as the fabric is smoothed in the corner and adhered to the base coat, apply a base coat to close the overlapping fabric area with a saturated coat.

    How to address outside corner details

    Apply a good amount of polyglass base coat to the outside corner, place reinforcing polyester fabric over the corner to attach to it, then apply a saturated coat. Add a 12-inch piece of polyester fabric, used the same way.

    How to address the pipe penetration details

    For pipes, drains, stands, and scuppers that penetrate the roof surface cut the polyester fabric for a finger flashing to overlap so that the material can cover and cover lap the pipe by at least 3 inches.

    For target flashing, cut an opening to allow the material to slide down over the drain pipe. Apply the base coat around the roof penetrating area, horizontally from the penetration point and vertically up the pipe. Apply the finger flashing around the pipe, then secure it by applying baser coting. Fit the targeted piece over the pipe and apply a saturated coat on it.

    When reinforcement is necessary

    How to address metal that seam flashing


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