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How Much Is The Average Roof Cost

Cost To Reroof A House

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

The total cost to reroof a house with new shingles is between $4,707 to $15,690 which includes old roof removal, new roofing materials, and professional installation. The cost of materials alone range from $3,240 to $10,800 depending on the size of your roof.

To remove the old shingles, expect to spend between $1,467 and $4,890 or from $125 and $500 per roofing square. Costs are adjusted based on the difficulty of removing and disposing of the existing type of roofing material. If your roofing professional discovers structural issues in the rafters after removing your old roof, you could have to pay an additional $1,000 to $10,000.

Average Cost To Replace A Roof Based On House Size:

  • 1,000 square feet: $4,000 to $5,500
  • 1,100 square feet: $4,200 to $6,000
  • 1,200 square feet: $4,500 to $6,500
  • 1,500 square feet: $5,500 to $8,000
  • 1,600 square feet: $6,000 to $8,500
  • 1,7oo square feet: $6,500 to $9,000
  • 1,800 square feet: $6,700 to $9,500
  • 1,900 square feet: $7,000 to $10,000
  • 2,000 square feet: $7,400 to $10,500
  • 2,500 square feet: $9,000 to $13,000
  • 3,000 square feet: $11,200 to $16,000

How Big Is My Roof

Alright, lets start with the basics. First, you have to determine the size of your roof. Roofs are measured in squares. A square in roofing terms is equal to 100 square feet. The average home is approximately 30 squares, meaning that their roof is 3,000 square feet. Here is a simple way to figure out the measurement of your roof.

First, you need to find the square footage of the base of your home. Use a tape measurer to find the length and width of your home. If its irregularly shaped, divide the home into geometrical shapes, find the area of each, then add them together. Once you know the square footage of the base of your home, find the pitch. Youll see directions to finding the pitch of your home in the section below.

Now, youll need the pitch and square footage to find the size of your roof. Look on the chart below for the correct multiplier that matches your slope. Youll see that a pitch of 6/12 has a multiplier of 1.12. To find your roof size, multiply the square footage by the proper multiplier. The total is the total square footage of your roof!

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Mansard Roof Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the shingles on a mansard roof averages $4 to $7 a square foot. Mansard roofs have a change in pitch about mid-way down each side. The higher pitch on the lower half means that this portion of the roof is more difficult to work on than the upper portion. Mansards often need additional square footage to cover them. So, their costs will be higher both in labor and in the number of shingles you need to complete the job. With a higher pitch, these roofs work best with lighter roofing materials.

Considerations When Hiring A Roofer/contractor

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof?

Get several bids from different companies and make sure the company has a good reputation. Always check that the company and their workers are licensed and insured. Also, ask to see proof of insurance. Look for reviews online and even ask the roofing contractor directly for examples of their past/current work.

Youll also want to make sure that your roofing company offers guarantees for the work they complete. Most reputable roofing companies stand behind their workmanship and offer a 5-10 year warranty. Be sure to also ask about manufacturer warranties on the roofing materials used.

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The Average Cost To Replace A Roof

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of your new roof. Because of this, its hard to give an exact price for your replacement.

But we can at least give you the average cost of a new roof for a standard middle-class home that many homeowners have. The price range below is based on a home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a walkable roof pitch, a little roof complexity, and dimensional asphalt shingles.

No two homes or roofs are going to be the same, but most homeowners can expect the average cost to replace a roof to be around $12,000 to $15,000. Be aware, your roof could be less, more, or fit right in the price range above.

But you wont know the exact cost until you get a local roofing contractor to give you an estimate for your roof replacement.

Why Choose B& m Roofing

Roofing replacement projects can be quite a financial undertaking. Thats why it is important to hire a roofing specialist with proven experience. The experts at B& M Roofing of Colorado are equipped to help you with any project you throw at them! To get a free estimate on your project, contact us by filling out this form, or by calling 303.443.5843.

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Estimating The Cost Of Replacing Your Roof

The average cost of replacing an asphalt shingle roof on a typical home ranges from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the choice of roofing material, roof size, the complexity of roof design, and the difficulty of the job.

If you live near Raleigh, North Carolina, the best way of estimating the cost of a roof replacement for your home is by calling Rain-Go Exteriors for a free quote.

Compare Shingle Prices Based On Brand

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost? (Tear-off, Installation, and Product)

When researching various asphalt shingle products for your roof, you have surely noticed that some manufacturers and brands are more expensive than others.

However, usually for the same class products, prices are pretty competitive across manufacturers. The biggest difference between them is mostly in the brand name recognition, roofers and homeowners perception of material quality, and installers preference.

Here is a quick reference chart comparing shingle costs across the top brands: GAF, Certainteed, Owens Corning, IKO, Tamko and Malarkey.

$1.58 1.70

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Average Price Of Replacing Your Roof Vs Repairing

The national average cost to repair a roof ranges from $200 to $3,000, with most people paying between $225 and $1,150 depending on the extent of the damage, and the type of roofing materials on the roof that needs repairing. If there is either extensive damage or your roof is about 20 years old, and it needs replacing, the average price to replace your roof is around $7,211.

Roof Repair Cost


How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Roof

Getting a new roof is a pretty simple process once you’ve dealt with all the administrative portion However, there are certain factors that directly affect the cost. Shingles, nails, ventilation, and flashing are some of these factors that increase the value of a roof replacement project. If you want to find out how much will it cost to get a new roof, keep on reading as we dissect the average cost of a roof replacement job, and help you understand why it can cost so much.

Getting a new roof is a pretty simple process once you’ve dealt with all the administrative portion However, there are certain factors that directly affect the cost. Shingles, nails, ventilation, and flashing are some of these factors that increase the value of a roof replacement project. If you want to find out how much will it cost to get a new roof, keep on reading as we dissect the average cost of a roof replacement job, and help you understand why it can cost so much.

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Benefits Of Metal Roofing

  • Tax Credits Check about receiving a tax credit for work that meets the Energy Star criteria.
  • Less Expensive Homeowners Insurance – Thanks to the structural integrity of a metal roof and how it protects your home, premiums can drop by up to 35% for homeowners.
  • Home Value – Metal roofs will boost the resale value by 1%6%.
  • Return on Your Investment – Could be as high as 86% of the metal roof cost.
  • Longest-Lasting Roofing Option – Metal roofs have an average of 40 years of useful life versus 23 years with asphalt and 20 years with single-ply.
  • Energy Savings – Because of the energy efficiency, metal roofs save between 10 and 30 percent on energy bills from reduced cooling costs.
  • Wind, lightning, and fire resistant Metal roofing will dilute the energy generated by a lightning strike. Also, compared to asphalt, metal roofs qualify for a Class A fire rating under the UL790 standards. Most metal roofs can withstand winds of over 150 miles per hour.
  • Perfectly suited for low-pitched roofs
  • Water runoff Metal roofs do not hinder water runoff or allow water to seep back under the seams on low-pitched roofs as shingles do. The standing seam metal roof is the best installation option for this.
  • Leaks A metal roof leaves no exposed seams or places for water to get in because of the way the layers are staggered.
  • Heavy snow The steel support structure can support people walking around and the weight of snow during the winter months.
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Concrete Roof Tiles Price

    How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

    Concrete roof tiles average$9 to $18 a square foot installed. Concrete roof tiles come in many styles. They can resemble curved clay tile roofs or be fashioned into flat tiles. Both come in several colors as well as subtly different styles. Concrete is more durable and lower in maintenance than other tile roofs. It may require roof reinforcement, depending on the age and structure of your current roof.

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    Cost Of A New 4500 Sqft Roof

    The cost of a new 4,500 sq.ft roof averages $15,750 to $27,000. A roof this size will be found on a home that is approximately 3,000 sq.ft. These costs are for a full roof replacement. This includes the tear off of the old material and the installation of new roofing material. Costs do not include any decking replacement or roof reinforcement. If your roof needs this additional work, your costs will be higher.

    Roof Replacement Project: Real

    Feller shares this breakdown of the average cost per square foot of each roof type. Keep in mind that these are 2021 prices in her Central Texas market costs will vary based on your market and contractor.

    32 squares 10:12 $11,400

    Larger homes with roof areas around 40 squares and up will often be closer to the high teens and low $20K range, Murray says.

    Feller also provided the below example of a quote she sent to a client for a 2,756-square-foot roof. In this example, she took 42.67 squares, which was the total square footage of the roof plus 15% waste, rounded up to the nearest third of a square.

    The price was $415 per square, and then she added $600 for the chimney cricket . Other charges were added for steepness, skylights, carpentry work, etc. The main roof includes all the standard roof components: underlayment, drip edge, ice and water shield, field shingle, ridge cap shingles, starter shingle, nails, pipe jacks, other flashings, ventilation, sealant, and spray paint .

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    Breaking Down The Average Roof Replacement Cost By Material

    The first question we get asked from any customer, for just about any job, is how much does the average roof replacement cost?

    And thats not a simple answer, and definitely not an answer we can give without determining the number of factors that play a critical part in the cost of roofing jobs. These details play a role in how much a roofing job is going to cost:

    We are going to be focusing mainly on the difference in roof replacement costs based on the roofing material used. By breaking it down in this way, customers can get a much better idea of what kind of price theyre looking at when they come to us or any contractor for their roof replacement. This might be the factor that most significantly affects the cost of the roof replacement. Everything else may shift slightly and can be more easily estimated without extra details.

    Keep in mind, a lot of these ranges are standard industry estimates and should only be used to give you an idea of what to expect. But you should always discuss the details of your roof replacement cost with your contractors before you begin. They may have special deals with the manufacturer or other distributors that can get you a lower cost on certain materials. Our ballpark estimates are based on an average 2,500 square foot home, so please contact your local contractor to get more specific costs.

    How Do You Calculate How Many Shingles To Buy

    How Much Does a New Roof Cost? | Pro Exteriors & Construction

    Measure the actual surface area of your roof rather than basing your calculations on the homes square footage. Roof pitch and elements such as gables and dormers will affect the amount as well. Use a simple roofing calculator to get a rough idea of square footage. For a more accurate picture, use a roofing calculator that can take all of these peripheral factors into account or consult with a roofing contractor.

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    Go With The Better Shingle:

    The roof on your home protects everything and everyone underneath it its not the place to just squeak by on the lowest bid, says Feller. If youre installing an asphalt shingle roof, the experts agree that architectural is the way to go. They will generally last much longer than the old 3-tabs, and are well worth the extra investment.

    Roof Replacement Cost: A General Overview

    While theres no substitute for a personalized quote from a licensed contractor, plenty of online sources provide cost ranges for roof replacements. Lets take a look at what a few of the most reputable home improvement cost aggregators on the web have to say:

    • Average roof replacement cost: $5,402-$11,082
    • Average cost per square : $250-$1,300
    • Average cost per square foot: $1.50-$3.00
    • Low and high end roof replacement cost range: $1,000-$45,000

    Methodology: HomeAdvisor gathered actual project costs from 43,847 of its members to calculate these roof replacement estimates.

    • Average roof replacement cost: $4,700-$9,200
    • Average cost per square : $65 to $350
    • Average cost for roof replacement for less than 1,000 square feet: $4,725
    • Average cost for roof replacement for 1,000-2,000 square feet: $9,192

    Methodology: Thumbtacks roofing cost estimates are based on data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Emergency Management Agency , International Association of Certified Home Inspectors , U.S. Department of Energy, and Consumer Reports.

    • Average cost per square : $400-$550
    • Low and high end roof replacement cost range: $3,240-$30,000

    Methodology: HomeGuide tracks millions of cost estimates that homeowners receive from local contractors, and then shares the average of those prices.

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    How Much Does Metal Roof Cost

    How much does it cost to install a new roof? Installing metal roofing in Ontario costs thousands of dollars. The final estimate depends on a variety of factors like using steel or aluminum, the style of roofing, and whether you choose professional installation or do-it-yourself. Below we have compared some common cost considerations when installing a metal roof.

    Metal Roof vs. Traditional Asphalt Shingles Today residential and commercial construction needs sustainability, energy efficiency, and innovation. Traditional asphalt shingles have a lower cost installation. However, expect to replace your asphalt roof every fifteen years or so, especially if you live in a harsh climate with strong winds and extreme weather. Additionally, asphalt roofing requires regular maintenance and replacement.

    On the other hand, most homeowners and business owners dont need to install a new metal roof after the initial installation. Why? Metal roofing in Ontario lasts for forty years or more!

    With professional installation, enjoy a durable energy efficient metal roof for decades with minimal maintenance and replacement worries. Additionally, a metal roof withstands harsh winds, wildfires, moisture, and termites.

    Average Asphalt Roof Installation Cost = $10,000Average Asphalt Roof Installation Cost over 50 years = $30,000 Average Metal Roof Installation Cost = $13,000Average Metal Roof Installation Cost over 50 years = $13,000

    How Much Is An Elastomeric Membrane Roof

    New Roof Cost in 2021

    Seeing as installing an elastomeric membrane can be done at practically any time of year, it is often the go-to roofing choice for Canadians. Besides its installation being highly practical, there are many benefits to choosing this material. For instance, seeing as it is installed in 2 layers, it is more durable for accessible rooftops. This elastomer coating can last from 25 to 30 years and requires fairly low maintenance, rendering it a pretty good investment.

    However, this process isnt without downsides. It requires highly specialized contractors and there is a fire risk. Additionally, the material isnt a friend to the environment and is not recycled in Ontario, nor Quebec. As for its cost, elastomeric roofing can cost up to $25 per square foot.

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    Metal Roof Prices By Type

    On average, metal roofing prices range from $3 to $8 per square foot with the average homeowner spending about $5 per square foot. Apart from zinc and copper roofing, your metal roof cost can end up comparable to the cost of asphalt roofing if you spread the cost out over the lifecycle of the roof. The types of metal roofing systems vary greatly. Here are the average prices by type:

    Metal Roof Prices By Type

    Roofing Material
    $15 $30


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