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What Is The Best Way To Clean Roof Shingles

How To Remove Moss From A Roof

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. How to wash your roof Shingles safely [Best Roof Wash Method]

If your roof has sprouted a moss infection, you can remove it before it becomes serious enough to impact the performance of your roof. Moss is tough and typically you will not be able to remove it by hand. However, you can use a chemical solution to loosen the moss without damaging the shingles. We dont recommend that you step on the roof for moss removal.

Materials Youll Need

  • A moss-specific cleaner that does not use bleach and is rated by the EPA.
  • Or your own cleaner mix of mild bleach or mild detergent mixed with water in a spray bottle. You may mix 2 cups of chlorine bleach with 2 gallons of water. Or you can use 8 ounces of dish soap with 2 gallons of water.

How To Remove Moss From a Roof

Will Bleach Damage Roof Shingles

No, a DIY 50-50 bleach solution is recommended in many cases and should not damage your roof shingles. However, always check with your manufacturer to make sure that its safe for your specific type of shingle.

However, undiluted bleach can damage the metal roof flashings, gutter, and drain spouts connected with your roof. It may also lighten the color of your roof.

Zincarmor 12 Wide Roofing Zinc Strip Review:

Thats why we are here to help you out with that by providing professional reviews of the best products that will change your life for the better. In this chapter, we will be talking about the Zincarmor because this is a solution that is considered to be very uncommon.

The reason why not many people use this solution is not that it is not useful, but because it requires some skills and time to set it up. Unlike other products that are used to battle algae and mold growth, this one is not a liquid that you can just simply spray on to remove the stains.

This product requires a much more sophisticated and advanced method that will leave results that last you for a much longer time than any other solution.

  • Cost Effective solution

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Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Clean Roof

Besides roof cleaning, there are other ways for you to maintain and prolong the lifespan of your roofs.

1. Trim any protruding branches

Sometimes you cant help it when trees grow towards your property. Youll be surprised one day to come home and find a branch of your neighbors tree on your roof! Oh no! The branch might fall on your roof and damage it.

Luckily, you can prevent this by trimming the branches. Its easy, and it wont take long!

2. Clean your roof of any debris

As a general rule, you want your roof to be exposed to sunlight as much as possible. Why? Moss and algae are less likely to grow and accumulate in your area! Remember, algae growth also allows debris to build up in time.

If you dont want to encounter this problem repeatedly, we recommend roof cleaning regularly. You can use a leaf blower or garden sprayer to clear the area!

3. Install zinc or copper-coated sheet metal

Alternatively, you can also install a sheet of zinc or copper-coated sheet metal on your asphalt shingle roof.

Moss and algae are less likely to develop and grow because copper is toxic to them. So its a great and natural way of getting rid of them!

4. Spray Anti-Moss Biocide

If you dont want to install copper sheet metal on your roof, we recommend spraying anti-moss biocide instead.

Youve probably scrubbed your roof clean after all the hard work youve done, but did you kill the spores? Water and bleach might not be the solution to get them out of your roof.

Make Your Shingles Last Longer

Fountain Of Youth For Your Old Roof

Roof stains are a common roof problem. Black streaks on the north- and west-facing and shaded areas of your asphalt-shingled roof can really wreck the appearance of your home. The roof streaks look like mold, but theyre actually algae colonies that form in your shingles and feed on moisture and the limestone filler agents in the shingles.

Using shingles that have been treated with algicide keeps the growth at bay for about 10 years . But once the algicide wears off, your roof hosts an all-you-can-eat buffet for the neighborhood algae spores. So it pays to clean your shingles as soon as you spot algae growth.

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Get A Sprayer And Mix Solution

A garden sprayer with a pump-action handle works well to apply the vinegar solution. A tall ladder will allow you to spray the entirety of the roof from the ladder without walking on the roof. If you need to get on the roof, you should use the appropriate fall arrest safety procedures and walk carefully.

To mix the bleach solution, simply dump your vinegar into the garden sprayer with about an ounce of dish soap.

Hiring A Professional Roof Cleaning Company Is An Investment In Your Home

Regular, professional roof power washing will restore the overall appearance of your homeâs roof, removing built-up soot, grime, dust, and other debris, as well as various stains and areas of discoloration. Roofing shingles and tiles will then look fresh and vibrant so that your entire home seems cleaner and newer.

A soft wash system will also remove algae, mold, moss, and mildew that is typically unreachable with a standard hose or pressure washer. The detergents and surfactants used during a soft pressure washing are meant to penetrate all nooks and crannies of a roof, dissolving dirt and debris trapped under shingles and around roof eaves. Low-pressure rinsing wonât strip away loose tiles or granules on the shingles themselves, while still protecting those tiles from damaging storm residues.

A thorough power washing also reveals areas of damage along the surface of a roof. A homeâs roof might have soft spots, indicating the need for structural repair, hidden under water stains or layers of soot and grime. A professional cleaning reveals damaged areas so that repairs can be made promptly, preserving the framework of the home and avoiding roof leaks and eventual water damage.

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Roof Shingle Cleaning Using A Pressure Washer

Cleaning roof shingles with a pressure washer is one of the most effective ways to get the job done. You can either contact a professional pressure washing company or buy or rent a pressure washer to get the job done.

It is important to note that pressure washers have different pressure settings, some of which may be hard on your roof. Therefore, it is best to test the water pressure against a wall at an angle before directing the jet of water to your roof.

Directing a heavy pressure stream of water at your roof may damage it. Some common damages include dislodged shingles, missing shingles, cracks that may cause leaks, and more. High-pressure water may also speed up the roofs aging process, cause the granules to come off, or damage the roof gutters.

If youre unfamiliar with using a pressure washer to clean anything, including roof shingles, youre better off calling a professional.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Roof

How to Clean and Prevent a Mossy Roof | Ask This Old House

The best way to clean a roof depends on the type of roof shingles you have and the severity of the algae buildup. For example, if your roof is made of slate or tile, you’ll want to avoid using any harsh chemicals as they could damage the components that hold the roof together.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you have a few more options available to you. For example, you can use a chemical cleaner, a mild detergent, or just water. We’ll go over each of these methods in more detail below.

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Why Shouldnt I Add A New Roof Over Moss

When you need a new roof, it may be tempting to add a second layer of shingles over your existing shingles. Doubling up your shingles can save time and expense on your roof replacement as your roofer doesnt need to remove and dispose of the old shingles. This strategy is convenient for homeowners because the replacement wont take as long or make as much of a mess. However, there are some circumstances where merely adding a new layer of shingles isnt a good idea.

For example, when you have significant moss growth on your roof, simply covering it up with new shingles isnt wise. Several potential problems may occur if your roofer simply adds a new roof over your existing, moss-covered roof. These potential problems include:

Questions To Ask Your Roof Cleaning Service

The best way to ensure your roof cleaning service will clean your roof properly is to ask the right questions. Knowing what questions to ask will help you choose a company that will clean your roof in a way thats safe and effective. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • What insurance does your company have? In most states, contractors such as roof cleaners are required to have at least some insurance. Ideally, you want to work with a company that has both workers compensation cover and general or professional liability insurance. At the very least, a company should have workers compensation cover, as its a legal requirement in most states.
  • What roof cleaning methods do you use? Simply ask the question without mentioning any concerns you have with pressure washing. A good company will mention that they use soft cleaning methods that arent damaging to your roof when answering this question.
  • What cleaning detergents do you use? Most companies will use bleach, as it kills of algae and moss. However, some detergents can be harmful to your garden, so ask what precautions theyll take to protect your garden.
  • What safety precautions will you take? Even if a company has the necessary insurance, you dont want someone to get injured while cleaning your roof. Safety precautions are an important part of professionalism in any industry.

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Why Does My Roof Look Dirty

If you live in a humid area of the country, youve probably seen unsightly dark streaks on asphalt shingle roofs. Though often attributed to an accumulation of dirt, defective shingles, mold, or mildew, the most common culprit is actually a blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma that is spread by airborne spores.

Which Chemical Is Used To Clean Roofs

Softwash Roof Cleaning

Contractors might use detergents containing various chemicals to clean roofs. One reason for using different chemicals is that they each address a different issue with your roof. Two, some chemicals are stronger than others and might offer a more thorough clean!

Many chemical roof cleaners contain ammonia, copper sulfate, and trisodium phosphate. Ammonia not only removes mold and algae but also helps inhibit it from returning. However, ammonia is too harsh for metal and especially copper roofs. It also offers a strong smell that many people find unpleasant.

Copper sulfate also helps prevent mold and especially algae growth. Its also safe for metal roofs and various other materials. Trisodium phosphate is an excellent degreaser, removing oily stains and residues from roofs. Also, a roof cleaning contractor might use a combination of these chemicals, for a thorough clean.

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What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Roof

In addition to unnecessary wear and tear on your roof tiles from the weather, the number one concern that you should have if you don’t regularly clean your asphalt shingle roof is moss growth. As moss thickens and continues to grow on your roof over time, it can actually raise up the singles in an unnatural way.

Not only will this allow debris to gather in an area where it doesn’t belong, but it also promotes water buildup. This in turn not only limits the lifespan of your roof and could cause individual tiles to rot, but it also makes a leak much more likely – leading to damage inside your home, as well.

Black algae and similar types of issues are also very common on asphalt shingle roofs that are not properly maintained, all of which mean that cleaning your roof on a regular basis should always be a top priority in the life of any homeowner.

Cleaning an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Most asphalt shingle roof cleaning methods require the use of some type of chemical – this is especially true if you’re dealing with algae stains and other visual issues. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t use harsh chemicals or you could artificially shorten the life of your tiles. Use a product specifically designed to not only remove moss and algae stains, but one that is marked safe to use on asphalt shingle roofs.

Once you’ve taken the chance to wet down your entire roof with the aforementioned solution, give it a chance to sit – usually about 15 minutes or so will do just fine.

Should You Clean Or Replace Your Roof

If you’re looking at your roof and thinking it looks a little worse for wear, it might just need a good cleaning. Sometimes, the buildup of algae and moss on a roof can make the shingles look like they are in worse condition than they really are. A professional roofing contractor can inspect your roof and talk to you about its condition. If they think that cleaning it is the best option, they can either do the work themselves or direct you to a reputable roof cleaning company.

If it does turn out that your roof needs replacement, your contractor might recommend shingles that contain copper or another material that helps to repel algae growth. A roofing pro can also give you tips on keeping your roof clean and how frequently to schedule cleanings.

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Spring Cleaning Your Roof: 5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Old Roof Look Younger

As the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outdoors, its time to evaluate how our hone has weathered the cold months. Its probably in need of some spring cleaning to get it looking spiffy from all angle. Your roof is a big part of first impressions, highly visible to homebuyers and friends alike. If you have an old roof that you worry is dragging down the appearance of your home, this is the perfect time to do something about it. Here are five tips to help make your roof look younger and better this spring!

1. Clean Away Debris

Gutters full of needles and shingles covered with leaves dont impress anyone. Underneath that winter layer of debris, you have a roof that deserves to be seen! Clean out your gutters, and carefully sweep leaves and other debris off of your roof. If theres a lot of dust and dirt, consider a professional roof cleaning. Remember that climbing all over your roof can do damage to vulnerable shingles unless you know what youre doing.

2. Get Rid of Algae and Mildew

In wetter climates, rooftops can get gradually overgrown with dark algae, mildew, and moss especially older roofs surrounded by trees. These unsightly growths hurt your shingles and make your roof look ugly but removing them is a great spring cleaning project. A gentle wash with a water/bleach mixture can temporally remove algae, but we suggest copper or zinc installations to help prevent long-term problems.

3. Install New Gutters

4. Repairing Edges and Eaves

What Causes Black Streaks On Your Roof

How to clean a roof. Start to finish

Those black streaks or splotches you see on your shingles are most likely black algae.

Black algae is a simple growth that can develop on just about any outdoor surface where there is sufficient moisture. And, unlike green algae, which prefers to grow in partial shade, black algae can grow even in the sunniest spots, such as your rooftop or on concrete surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways.

Thats because black algae are encased in a pigmented protective capsule that gives it its black or charcoal gray color, and which also protects it from the suns harsh rays. Black algaes protective capsule also makes it difficult to clean.

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How To Remove And Prevent Black Algae Stains On Asphalt Shingle Roofs

If you live in a humid area of the country, youve probably seen unsightly dark streaks on asphalt shingle roofs. Though often attributed to an accumulation of dirt, defective shingles, mold, or mildew the most common culprit is actually a blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma that is spread by airborne spores.

While algae growth does little harm to roofing, the stains dont help the overall appearance or resale value of your home.

You may also have noticed that algae stains are absent directly below the metal flashing around chimneys or roof vents. This is due to fact that copper and the zinc coating on galvanized sheet metal are toxic to algae. Every time it rains, trace amounts of metals are washed down the roof, inhibiting algae growth.

Best Way To Clean Roof Shingles

  • Excellent roof cleaning services
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