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Do It Yourself Foam Roofing

Chapter : Spray Polyurethane Foam Vs Silicone Restoration Membrane

DIY Spray Foam Insulation – Poor Man’s Spray Foam

Which roofing option is better for your building?

The best answer will always come after a roof assessment. But other factors matter too, such as:

  • Which roofing option provides a better opportunity for energy savings?
  • Which roofing option provides waterproofing?
  • Which roofing option is more cost-effective?
  • Which roofing option is easier to maintain?
  • Overall, which roofing option is better?

How Much Will My New Roof Cost

Each situation has its own unique challenges that cause the prices to fluctuate. We compete with all the viable and high-performing commercial roofing systems. Many factors contribute to the price of your new commercial roof. Some of these factors include:

  • The size of your roof
  • Condition of the existing roof
  • Roof access

Seamless And Convenient Waterproofing

One of the main objectives behind good-quality roofing is seamless waterproofing. Usually, minor cracks remain untouched while roofing and rainwater easily enter through them. But, as the foam is in a liquid form, it goes into the existing cracks of your roof and ensures seamless waterproofing. Also, its magnificent moisture control makes it very easy to clean gathered water and dry the roofing.

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Easy Installation And Maintenance

Image source: Kyko Roofing

As spray foam begins as a liquid, it seamlessly conforms to irregularities in a roof. This widens the value of spray foam beyond flat roofs and onto pitched and domed roofs, as well as over existing roof materials like shingles.

Spray foam also makes working around penetrations such as chimneys and skylights particularly straightforward. Within 30 seconds of contact with the surface, spray foam grows and effectively seals all cracks. Roofers call SPF roofing systems self-flashing because they eliminate the need to install flashing.

Should your foam roof ever show signs of damage, repairs can be as manageable and affordable as applying foam and recoating solely to the area that needs attention as opposed to replacing the entire roof.

Saving You More Than Money

Do It Yourself Urethane Foam Insulation : Https Encrypted ...

KSFI will make sure all areas of your home are insulated properly including your walls, attic, windows, doors, and ducts. In addition to keeping your heating and cooling expenses under control, our spray foam insulation installation services are also highly effective at reducing unwanted noise and soundproofing the areas that are sprayed. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the growth of mold and mildew in your property. Your homes racking strength and resale value will increase with the installation of SPF insulation.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a time to speak with our SPF Advisor about your project. References will gladly be supplied upon request.

Please read The 5Ws of Spray Foam Insulation by Kansas Spray Foam Insulation.

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What Is Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing is a watertight roofing system that has three parts:

  • Spray polyurethane foam
  • Granules

The foam is produced by combining and heating two chemicals. These chemicals are pumped from a truck, get transferred through a heated hose, and then sprayed right onto an existing roof.

The foam increases in size by 30x, reaching a height of around 1.5 inches. The height of spray foam is customized to every roofing system to create a slope for water to run towards drains.

Spray foam by itself gets damaged by UV rays from the sun. Therefore, a thin layer of silicone coating will be installed over the foam. The thickness of the silicone coating is usually around 20 30 mils.

The silicone coating is installed in two separate coats, where the topcoat will be embedded with granules.

The granules are there for added strength and traction for walking.

Here is a video of a spray foam roof application from start to finish:

Now that you know what a spray foam roofing system is , lets talk about how much it costs.

What Should I Do In The Case Of An Emergency Commercial Roof Leak

If you find that your commercial roof is leaking, Your priority is to protect what is in your facility first. This could mean moving furniture or covering equipment to protect from water damage. When your property inside the facility is protected, mark the leak area to show a professional later. If your roofing contractor has an emergency contact number, this is the time to utilize their services. If they dont have emergencies, contact them the next day during business hours.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Diy Spray Foam And Why It’s Generally Not A Good Idea

Typically, when it comes to DYI Spray foam, were talking about the disposable container style or Froth-Kits. But these kits are not always as simple and safe as they seem. Heres what you need to know about DIY spray foam and why its generally not a good idea.

Spray foam comes in two parts, one side Polyol and one side isocyanate . These two chemicals need to be precisely mixed in perfect conditions. Anyone attempting to spray two component polyurethane foam will need to have proper respiratory, eye, and skin protection.

Compounding the difficulty of these SPF kits is the fact that the viscosity of the two chemicals are different. One is thicker than the other, which makes maintaining a perfect mix throughout the process extremely difficult.

Unbeatable Warranty: Never Re

Do It Yourself Spray Foam Kit Menards/Home Depot Dow 200

Our Roof Systems have an indefinitely renewable warranty that is backed directly by Firestone. This is an extremely cost effective and long-term solution. Simply recoat the Silicone topcoat at the end of the warranty period and the bullet-proof, no-leak warranty will continue and you can renew the warranty in this manner indefinitely at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing.

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How Does Spray Foam Last Indefinitely

So, when we install a spray foam roof, they can come in a 10, 15- or 20-year warranty.

For example, when you get a 10-year warranty, youll get 10 years worth of silicone coating over top of the spray foam, usually 20 mils thick.

During years 1-10, we came out 2x/year to perform simple maintenance on the roof. This maintenance is recommended but not required to maintain the warranty terms. Tasks performed are:

  • Visual roof inspection
  • Cleaning of drain, strainers, and gutters
  • Cut out any defective areas, make sure they are clean and dry
  • Apply caulk/sealant to defective areas and smooth out
  • Provide a roof inspection report

But on year 11, when the warranty has run out, the original 20 mils of silicone coating, you might be down to 9 or 10 mils, maybe even less. It depends on where the roof is located, the harshness of the weather that has occurred, and the amount of foot traffic.

In year 11, theres no need for a roof tear-off. All that needs to be done is to pressure wash the roof, provide simple repairs and install a new coating.

You also have the option of choosing a new 10, 15- or 20-year warranty, whichever works best for you.

Myth #: Foam Roofing Absorbs Water

If foam on a roof system is found to soak up water, either the wrong material was used or the material components were not applied using the proper equipment and expertise. The Spray Polyurethane Foam used in roofing applications is closed cell. In other words, it is a plastic with millions of tiny closed cells which are impenetrable by water. A block of SPF submerged under water will remain buoyant and dry indefinitely. For this reason, spray polyurethane foam is used in flotation docks and the hulls of sea vessels. In roofing applications, closed-cell SPF is manufactured at the job site using specialized equipment. Foam that soaks-up water is not classified as closed cell SPF.

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Is Spray Foam Roofing Green

So was this spray polyurethane foam a green choice? Yes and no, but mostly yes. Since the early days of sprayed foam insulation , the insulation industry has cleaned up its act a lot. Although the two chemical components of SPF are largely petroleum-based, once the polyurethane mixture foams and cures, it is chemically inert and doesnt off-gas.

Not sending old roofing to the dump is a plus, as is the excellent R-value of SPF foam. An SPF roof can also be quite durable when the polyurethane is sprayed with a special acrylic top coating that protects the foam against UV degradation. Lastly, the foams light color will reflect sunlight so, all in all, it should be a relative cool roof.

This posting was excerpted from Renovation 4th Edition, newly published by Taunton Press. The book contains the collective wisdom of hundreds of master builders and tradespeople whom I began interviewing when I helped launch Fine Homebuilding. The books 614 pages contain more than 250 technical illustrations, roughly 1,000 photos and thousands of field-tested tips and techniques.

Greg: Can You Give Me A Background On What Master Bolts Roof Was Like And What Work Got Done


Kenny: Our building was built in the 1930s or 1940s and they kept adding on and adding on.

Every section has a different roof or different configuration on it. West Roofing Systems was able to blend it all in.

I got here about a year and a half ago and the roof was leaking everywhere.

We had tarps in the rafters, 55-gallon drums laying around, the office was leaking, it was just terrible and West Roofing Systems was able to come in and take care of all these issues for us.

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Are Diy Spray Foam Insulation Kits A Viable Option

DIY spray foam insulation kits are gaining popularity as homeowners see them as a relatively quick and simple way of insulating their homes without having to spend a lot on specialist installers.

However, you should only go down this route once youve familiarised yourself with all the potential advantages and disadvantages of the many DIY spray foam insulation kits available.

Difference Between Sealant And Insulation Spfkits

There are twokinds of SPF: closed and open-cell foams. Closed-cell foams work as effectivesealants that help you restore property insulation integrity from cracks andfissures. On the other hand, open-cell foams work as efficient insulationmaterial that creates the famous barrier that slows down the passing of soundand temperatures across different areas.

In this light,make sure to ask personnel about the SPF kit you plan to purchase. Allow themto advise you on which kits can help you achieve your DIY objectives.

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What Roof Surfaces Can You Coat With Silicone

All Roof Types EXCEPT Shingle or Built-Up Gravel Roofs. We can apply the Cool Roof Silicone Roof Restoration Coating System to: Metal, Single-Ply , Modifieds/BUR, SPUF. A BURG roof must have 1 SPF installed prior to coating. We cannot coat a shingle roof because the shingle curls in the later life cycle breaking the waterproof seal.

Recoating Your Foam Roof Is Extremely Important To Extend The Life Of Your Roof Avoiding This Important Maintenance Will No Doubt Ruin Your Roofing System Costing You Thousands Of Dollars In The Long Run This Step By Step Article Will Help Guide You Through The Process Of Recoating Your Roof Yourself

Spray Foam Roofing Tip from Commercial Roofing Expert

You may be asking yourself after review of the best brown rattan coffee tables, Why are we giving you this free guide? Isnt this causing us to lose business? The answer is, yes, it is probably costing us. However, it is extremely important to us to keep to our core values and mission. Canyon State Roofings core value include EDUCATING our customers and the general public as much as we possibly can in our trade. Education is empowerment, and we strongly believe that if we help to empower our potential customers, they will appreciate and remember us if they ever need a roofing contractor in the future. So to you weekend warriors out there, enjoy this guide!

1.You will want to recoat your foam roof if you live in the Phoenix area in late March, April, May, early June, October, and early November. You dont want it to be too cold or your foam roof coating will not set up properly and can also freeze. You dont want it to be too hot because it is very easy to get heat stroke and burns during the hottest months in Arizona. If the temp is too warm, the coating will set a lot faster and attaining an even application is more difficult. You will need at least a two man crew to coat your roof. All of this is done in order to keep the house cool during summers. One other thing you can do is check out all the suppliers of business energy in your area, procure power from them and install air conditioning in your house.

9. Allow your first coat to dry usually 24 to 48 hours.

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Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed cell spray foam sets into a rigid solid, which can help support the structure of your property if its not in the best condition. That said, spray foam should never be applied as a quick fix where structural repairs are required.

Closed cell spray foam tends to be a better insulator than open cell spray foam. This is because when it sets, it contains lots of separate pockets of gas which slow down the movement of heat through it.

But its a barrier to moisture, so youll need to make sure your room or loft is well-ventilated. Otherwise condensation could build up.

Myth #: Polyurethane Foam Is Toxic

Heres just one more myth to add to our list. Polyurethane foam is really just a form of altered plastic with millions of tiny trapped air bubbles. Although the formulation is designed for roofing applications and optimized for the best combination of thermal resistance and durability, the base material is the same thing used in most refrigerators or foam mattresses. Polyurethane foam materials are completely inert, and are just as safe as the foam pillows you probably have on your couch by your TV or in the seat cushions inside your car.

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Ways To Prepare For Diy Foam Roof Installation In Mesa Az

Spray foam roofs in Mesa, AZ are great investments if you want to reduce energy bills, make your space more comfortable, and increase the longevity of your flat roof. However, when it comes to installation, you might be wondering if you can do the work yourself. While its best to hire a professional if you arent comfortable with heights or using specialty tools, it is something you can do if you have experience with DIY projects. Preparing can ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, with the tips below being the most beneficial.

1. Research

Learn how to apply the spray foam roof before you ever step foot on your ladder. There are many resources out there, and you can ask professionals in Mesa for tips on how to get the best results.

2. Buy the Right Tools

A spray roof gun is crucial for doing this job. However, not all spray roof guns are created equally. Youll need one that will ultimately provide the best results and reduce the amount of time you spend working. Its best to learn how to use this type of gun before you start. Learning the basics will ensure you are able to get through the day as smoothly as possible.

3. Run Through the Process

4. Have Someone There to Help

With a project like this, help from friends or family members is important. Its also the safest option because you will have someone watching your back.

5. Have a Professional Come When You Need Help

What If My Roof Has Holes Can I Still Get A Spray Foam Roof

Can You Do It Yourself Spray Foam Insulation


If there are plenty of small holes , a roofing contractor can spray foam right over the top of them. If you have larger holes, a piece of metal will be laid and connected over that area. Of course, any holes that present a structural or safety issue need to be corrected before any re-roofing.

Weve encountered holes the size of school buses on some roofs!

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What Is A Spray Foam Roof

Sprayed foam roofing is manufactured on site, and is sprayed to perfectly conform to your roof as a single monolithic barrier to the elements. A foam board roof is full of seams which allow moisture and vapour transmission, greatly reducing the insulation capacity. A sprayed foam roof seals a roof better.

How Can I Choose The Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

Choosing the right commercial roofing contractor to trust can be daunting. There are databases with accredited companies such as the Better Business Bureau or the National Roofing Contractors Association. In addition, ask your contractor what kind of training they do with their crews and what certifications they hold with suppliers and industry organizations.

At West Roofing Systems, our teams hold many certifications: PCP Certified Company, OSHA 500, 510, 7500 Certified Trainer, NRCA Certified in Fall Protection among others, in addition to belonging to industry organizations such as The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance and The National Roofing Contractors Association.

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Myth #: Foam Roofing Is New

Although the groundwork for polyurethane foam was done by Otto Bayer and his team in 1937, polyurethane foam would not become available until much later. In 1952 polyisocyanates became commercially and commercial production of polyurethane foam began in 1954 based on toluene diisocyanate and polyester polyols. Commercial production of flexible polyurethane foam began in 1954, based on toluene diisocyanate and polyester polyols. The invention of these foams was thanks to water accidentally introduced in the reaction mix. These materials were also used to produce rigid foams, gum rubber, and elastomers.

Dr. Otto Bayer began working with polyurethanes in 1937. However, it was not until further innovations, and Walter Baughmans discovery of the Blendometer in 1953 that mass production of polyurethane foam began. As a product, polyurethane foam is over half a century old.

Initially polyurethane spray foam was used in the 1960s for refrigeration and industrial insulation projects, although by the late 60s and early 70s polyurethane foam had evolved into exterior roofing applications. The earliest foam roofs are now around 50 years old. So, as a product, polyurethane foam has existed for the better part of a century, and it has been in use on roofing in applications for about half a century. For most of the living world, foam roofing is indeed not new.


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