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How To Clean My Roof

Cleaning Moss From Gutters

DIY Clean Your Roof | Easy Step by Step Roof Cleaning Guide

Gutter cleaning is an essential but often loathed part of homeownership. They can be incredibly difficult and even dangerous to clean yourself and you arent even guaranteed to eliminate all moss.

Moss buildup on the outside of your gutters simply looks bad, but it can also build up inside your gutters and contribute to clogging. Clogged gutters lead to a cascade, often literally, of bad effects for your home and even your landscaping. If you attempt to clean moss off of your roof, where is it all going to run? Right into your gutters. So, unless youre planning on spending the day, or longer, cleaning out your gutters, call the professionals.

Hose & Clean The Shingles

After the chemical cleaner is mixed into water run it through your hose. It will provide an even mixture spray across the surface. Once you coat the shingles, give the mixture 15 to 20 minutes to settle and do its work on the algae and moss. Then thoroughly rinse the shingles once again, but this time with just water.

You need to be patient with the treatment. Some homeowners get disgruntled when they dont immediately notice results. It does take a little time for the solution to eat away at the algae or moss so theres no need to reapply the solution. Once is enough.

Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Clean Roof

Besides roof cleaning, there are other ways for you to maintain and prolong the lifespan of your roofs.

1. Trim any protruding branches

Sometimes you cant help it when trees grow towards your property. Youll be surprised one day to come home and find a branch of your neighbors tree on your roof! Oh no! The branch might fall on your roof and damage it.

Luckily, you can prevent this by trimming the branches. Its easy, and it wont take long!

2. Clean your roof of any debris

As a general rule, you want your roof to be exposed to sunlight as much as possible. Why? Moss and algae are less likely to grow and accumulate in your area! Remember, algae growth also allows debris to build up in time.

If you dont want to encounter this problem repeatedly, we recommend roof cleaning regularly. You can use a leaf blower or garden sprayer to clear the area!

3. Install zinc or copper-coated sheet metal

Alternatively, you can also install a sheet of zinc or copper-coated sheet metal on your asphalt shingle roof.

Moss and algae are less likely to develop and grow because copper is toxic to them. So its a great and natural way of getting rid of them!

4. Spray Anti-Moss Biocide

If you dont want to install copper sheet metal on your roof, we recommend spraying anti-moss biocide instead.

Youve probably scrubbed your roof clean after all the hard work youve done, but did you kill the spores? Water and bleach might not be the solution to get them out of your roof.

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Metal Roof Cleaning Step

  • Preparation/Protection: Soak down and cover certain vegetation as required. It doesnt hurt to have somebody or something constantly watering the plants while the roof cleaning evolution is taking place.
  • Mix your metal roof cleaning concoction in your pump sprayer and get ready for action.
  • Wet the entire roof with water, especially where you will be cleaning first. This will saturate the pore of the metal and allow you to achieve a premium clean!
  • Utilize the least amount of metal roof cleaning chemical as possible when applying and then start brushing with your soft bristle brush!
  • Re-apply chemical where required and brush again!
  • Rinse down all plants before, during, and after the evolution.
  • Rinse the roof and rinse everything in the vicinity of the cleaning. RINSE RINSE RINSE!
  • Guaranteeing The Lifespan Of Shingles

    Why Roof Cleaning is Important For Homes and Why You ...

    New shingles are now coated with a treatment known as an algicide. The chemical is known to keep algae growth within reason about approximately ten years after the roof is installed.

    Like every other exterior feature of a home, it gets abused by the weather and elements over the duration of a decade. The algicide wears off and algae has a habit of taking over, particularly on the north and west portions of the roof.

    When algae eats away at the limestone on asphalt shingles, it dislodges the light-reflecting granules of the roof. The lifespan is slowly going to deteriorate if you let the algae set for too long. Professional roof cleaners will charge a pretty penny to show up and clean the structure. In some situations, its unavoidable if you have a particularly high, steep, or dangerous roof.

    However, if you believe you can carry out the task and are comfortable with heights, its a straightforward DIY project.

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    Cleaning And Inspecting Your Roof

    The most common task involved in roof cleaning is removing debris from rain gutters to allow rainwater to flow through the roof drainage system as designed, and help prevent water damage to the exterior and interior of your home. Gutter cleaning is a great time for a general health inspection of your roof.The best times to do an inspection are during spring and fall as the seasons change.

    If possible, use a ladder to work on clearing your rain gutters. As you work, carry out a good visual inspection of as much of the roof as you can see. Judge the condition of shingles, downspouts, gutters, and skylights. Take note of any dark stains or discolorations, such as water stains. These are possible signs of water infiltration or areas that may need furtherinspection and repair.

    Here are a few things to include in your spring and fall cleaning and inspection:

    • Clear and test gutters and downspouts. Use a broom, gloves or other light tool to clean out debris from these important systems that direct water away and off your roof. The roof valleys and the roofs intentional slope are designed to direct rainwater from the roof to the gutter system. When debris accumulates on your rooftop, the entire system is affected. Loose or broken gutters and downspouts need to be repaired so that they do not misdirect rainwater and cause damage to your home.

    Roof Cleaning: Why When And How It Should Be Done

      As a homeowner, theres so much to remember when it comes to home maintenance roof cleaning is one of them. Its so important to keep your roof clean and free of debris which can often lead to permanent damage. Here are some key reasons why, when, and how it should be done.

      Often times, homeowners would have been more focused on what is inside your house and make sure that every chore is done accordingly every day. With this, homeowners would have missed the idea that they should also do the same thing when it comes to the exterior of the house. One of these ideas is actually about maintaining their roof.

      As we all know, our roof is one of the most important things that every building has. This is because roofs give us shelter and protect us from any weather season. It gives us security and makes us feel at ease when we know that our roof is at its best in protecting our home.

      With all these being said, maintaining your roof, especially its cleanliness in a regular manner is one of the things that every homeowner should do. Because of that, we have here some tips as to why we should clean our roof, when should we clean it and how.

      Why Roof Cleaning Is Important?

      You can also consider getting a professional for you to do the job and at the same time, so they could check for any damages that your roof if there are any. And once that these professional cleaners have found out that there are some signs of damages, then you will be able to do something about it immediately.

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      Pick A Name For Your Roof Cleaning Business

      This is arguably one of the most difficult steps in the process of starting a roof cleaning business. Coming up with a memorable name for your new venture takes time, research, and a lot of creativity and feedback from others.

      When coming up with a name for your roof cleaning business there are a few ways you can go about this:

    • Create a made up name thatâs relevant to your roof cleaning business
    • Combine multiple descriptive words together to create a business name
    • Leverage closely related words to roof cleaning
    • Also, itâs important your research whether the domain name is available for purchase and that you should never infringe on other businessesâ trademarks if theyâve already registered a business name you like.

      How Do I Know When Its Time To Clean My Roof

      How to Clean Your Roof with Jomax Roof Cleaner

      How often youll want to clean your roof primarily depends on the material of your roof shingles. Algae are attracted to and breed in the different materials at varying speeds. You may even notice that areas of the roof with metal in them may be devoid of algae growth completely this is due to metal and in particular, copper being toxic to the algae. If you have a metal-shingled roof, cleaning may be completely unnecessary, which is one of the massive benefits of metal shingling.

      The most common shingles used in roofing are made of asphalt, and unsurprisingly, they are also the material which will require the most frequent cleaning. Other materials such as wood, fiberglass, and slate will also gradually build up algae as they are exposed to the elements. A cursory visual examination of your roofing will always be the best way to identify when it is in need of a cleaning.

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      Apply The Cleaning Solution On Your Roof

      Its time to get to your roof and spray everything down. Spray every asphalt shingle you want to clean, especially those that already have a lot of algae.

      Point the nozzle of your spray, depress the handle and go! Be thorough and get rid of those nasty black streaks.

      Theres no absolute rule on how much cleaning solution you need. It usually depends on how dirty your asphalt shingle is, how much algae has grown, and more.

      So the more asphalt shingle you need to clean, the more solution you need to prepare.

      Once youre done spraying your roof down, let the solution sit for about 15 to 20 minutes.

      What About Fiberglass Roofs

      Would you believe us if we said the process is still going to be basically the same? We sound like a broken record at this point, but it comes down to choosing the right RV roof cleaner for a fiberglass roof.

      Now, one of the reasons fiberglass RV roofs are so nice is on top of being durable and lightweight, they require less maintenance when compared to rubber roofs. In fact, you may only need to clean a fiberglass roof a few times a year. When cleaning, most RVers will rely on a granular-powered product. Bar Keepers Friend is a good example of that.

      Additionally, with fiberglass roofs, its a good idea to add wax or polish after its cleaned to help prevent oxidization. Plus, a nice wax or polish made for fiberglass can help restore that shiny finish and can also help repel debris a lot easier.

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      Tips To Prevent Roof Algae & Moss

      Roof algae and moss usually grow because of moisture and bacterial growth. You can stop that growth from ever starting in the first place, effectively making your roof last longer. Here are a few ways to prevent future growth once you have gotten rid of moss and algae:

      • Trim trees near the home: Overgrown trees often spread bacteria onto the roof and cause algae growth. Make sure to plant trees far enough away from the house and trim them back regularly so they arent hanging over the roof.
      • Get rid of standing water: Standing water is another factor that can contribute to mold and algae growth. Minimize standing water on the roof by fixing shingles, cleaning gutters, and performing small roof repairs as necessary.

      Roof Moss Removal: Cleaning Mold Algae & Moss From Your Roof

      Pressureless Roof Cleaning

      We don’t recommend trying to handle roof algae and moss removal on your own. We recommend hiring a professional.

      If you are a DIY person capable of climbing a ladder and not afraid of heights, you may be able to tackle algae or moss removal yourself.

      The safest method for your roof and the environment is to use a product called Spray and Forget or Wet and Forget. These products can be purchased at most local hardware stores, can be put into a hose-end sprayer, and applied in many cases from the ground or a ladder or the edge of the gutter. These methods can take 3-6 months to work but are the safest. Take some time to research these products before use.

      Another more aggressive method for quicker results is the use of water and bleach. Below are the general steps for this method:

      • Mix 1 part oxygen bleach cleaner with 1 part water.
      • Pour the bucket of solution onto the affected area of the roof and let it soak for 30 minutes.
      • For larger sections affected by algae or moss you could put this solution into a spray pump and apply. Be extremely careful not to step on wet algae or moss as it is very slippery and could cause a slip and fall!
      • After 30 minutes, rinse the mixture off with your hose on a low-pressure setting. NEVER PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF. The moss won’t come off your roof immediately, but within a few days, it will dry up and blow off with the wind. If your roof is pretty well-covered in moss, you might need to use a leaf blower to get rid of the remains.

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      Prestige Roofing Takes Care Of All Kinds Of Roofs

      As a longtime quality roofer in Las Vegas, Prestige Roofing also provides roof cleaning, inspection, repair and maintenance services for all types of roofs. If you would like more information on caring for your roof or to schedule a free estimate on any of our services, give us a call or contact us.

      Is Roof Cleaning Necessary Everything You Didn’t Know About Scrubbing Your Shingles

      Author: Amy Freeman

      You’re looking up at your roof and notice that there’s some black stuff growing on some of the shingles. What is it? Mold, mildew or soil that somehow made its way up there? Is roof cleaning necessary?

      Most likely, that unidentifiable sludge is algae. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association , algae grows on roofs in areas where water or moisture collect. The spores reach the roof by a combination of birds and wind.

      If you notice green fuzzy areas on your roof, on the other hand, you most likely have moss growing. Shade and moisture create an ideal habitat for moss growth.

      If you see moss or algae on your roof, what should you do? Is roof cleaning necessary, or should you leave it alone?

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      Heres Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Certain Dirty Roof Types

      Roof pressure wash services can certainly clean up the area, but not all roof materials are best suited for pressure washing. While certain soft washing processes are possible, its often best to employ a professional roof cleaning company to do the work to prevent damage such as:

      • Compromising bonding, adhesives or the underlayment of the roofing materials.
      • Roof leaks around skylights, flashing or other roofing areas with joisted or worn seals.
      • Breaks or cracks in clay, shake, slate, cement and metal roofs.
      • Stripping away the granules on asphalt shingles.
      • Accidentally dispersing fungus, moss and other organisms from one part of the roof to the rest of the area.

      Because cleaning methods, tools and nozzles to handle the task vary from job to job, hiring a professional for roof pressure washing or roofing company is the safest route.

      Whats Wrong With Diy Roof Cleaning

      My ROOF HAD MOLD so here’s how I CLEANED IT!

      As roof washing is vital for keeping a home in good repair, you might be tempted to buy pressure washing equipment and try to tackle this job yourself. While owning power washing equipment allows you to clean a homes roof at your convenience, this job is often more difficult and even dangerous than homeowners realize!

      One mistake homeowners often make with DIY roof washing is assuming that added pressure is the best choice for removing moss and thick layers of dirt and grime. Too much pressure can easily loosen or split shingles and tiles while also creating messy splatter. Added pressure might also be ineffective at removing all that dirt and moss!

      Instead, moss and other growth including mold and algae are best addressed by specialty chemicals designed to kill growing roots and spores. Surfactants or detergents meant for roofs also dissolve thick dirt and grime, loosening storm debris and caked-on mud. This allows you to use low-pressure rinsing for a complete yet safe clean!

      Homeowners also might mistakenly use chlorine bleach on their homes roof, which dries out and damages tiles and shingles. Oxygenated bleach helps kill mold and algae without the same risk of damage of chlorine bleach.

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      What Is The Best Roof Cleaning Method

      Not all roof washing methods are alike! Most pressure washing contractors specializing in roof cleaning will use a soft wash system, starting with detergents and chemicals meant to dissolve thick dirt and grime and that kills mold and algae. This surfactant also seeps into roof nooks and crevices, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

      A soft wash system then employs a low-pressure rinse, typically just slightly stronger than a garden hose with a sprayer nozzle. That low pressure is all thats needed to remove dissolved dirt and grime and other residues. Soft wash systems also create very little splashing and splatter, ensuring you dont end up with a bigger mess than before roof washing began!

      Soft wash systems are also an excellent choice for gutter cleaning, which many homeowners schedule along with roof washing. When a roof is covered in dirt, moss, and other debris, the homes gutters are also typically clogged with muck as well!

      Clogged gutters allow rainwater to wash over their sides, leading to the risk of water damage and unsightly stains. Cleaning gutters by hand is often difficult, messy, and ineffective, but using too much pressure with power washing equipment can pull gutters from connectors and create lots of unsightly splatter and mess. A soft wash gutter cleaning ensures a thorough clean without damage.


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