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How To Detect Roof Water Leaks

Intro To This Roof Leak Repair Guide


If your roof is leaking, chances are you have noticed waterstains on your ceilings or running down your walls.

Before you panic or get too concerned, know that repairing a minor roof leak can be quite simple and you may even be able to do it yourself tracking down the leak is the hard part, but the repair itself can be pretty easy.

Before you get started looking for leaks, remember that its especially important to examine your roof for signs of leaks if youve recently experienced a major weather event or natural disaster like a tornado, thunderstorm, or even a hurricane. Even the smallest hail stones can cause roof hail damage and a leaking roof.

This is true even if you were lucky enough to escape with your property relatively unscathed, since minor roof leaks can be tricky to spot, even for the experts.

Also, it is important to know the type of roof you have and how long your roof typically lasts.

This will be important information to know whether fixing a leak is worth it or a new roof is needed all together.

Tips For Locating Hard To Find Roof Leaks

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Roof leaks can be cause by missing shingles, gaps in the metal flashing around chimneys and vent pipes, or small holes in the roofing. The source of a leak often isnt obvious on the roof itself, and it can be hard to pinpoint, since the water may run down the roof decking and rafters before dripping onto the ceiling below.

To locate a hard to find roof leak:

  • Go in the attic with a flashlight, during or shortly after a heavy rain, being careful not to step through the ceiling. In the absence of rain, use a garden hose to thoroughly wet down the roof to create a manmade leak.
  • Examine the roof decking and rafters in the attic above the spot where the ceiling is wet.
  • Follow any water stains or wet spots up the rafters or roof decking to their highest point.
  • Measure down from the roof peak to the highest point of the leak and over from a gable end to the leak.
  • When the roof is dry, go on the roof, and transfer the measurements to the roof, allowing for any overhang on the end of the roof.*
  • Examine the roofing closely for signs of the leak at the location you measured.
  • If you cant see the source of the leak, continue to look higher up on the roof, since water can run down behind the shingles before emerging in the attic decking or rafters.
  • *NOTE: Take all safety precautions when positioning ladders and climbing on a roof, and do not attempt to go up on a steep roof.

    Watch this video to find out more.

    Why Does My Roof Only Leaks Sometimes

    When facing the wind and rainy seasons, you may sigh, why does my roof only leaks sometimes?. Well, there are several answers to such a question. Thus, if you want to know them, perhaps the information below can be helpful to you. It is because of those that comprise some brief explanations of why your roof can have leakage.

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    How To Fix A Leaking Roof From The Inside

    If you dont have access or the equipment to fix the outside of the roof, there are ways to fix things from the inside.

    Once youve discovered the source of the leak in your roof, the easiest route to patching it is to craft a temporary patch using plywood, extra shingles, and some roofing tar.

    If youre inexperienced with home repairs, your local home improvement or hardware store can help you find the right materials for the job including roof leak repair sealant.

    If youve located the leak and you have some roofing tar, plywood, or spare shingles, you can make a temporary patch.

    Use a putty knife or similar tool to spread the roofing tar around the leak from the inside, and then place the plywood or shingle on the tar and spread more around the edges of the patch to keep it in place.

    Be sure to monitor the leaks that youve repaired and the patches youve installed to ensure that they are holding up, and call a contractor who has experience repairing roofs when you are able.

    If youre in a pinch, and you are trying ti mitigate your roof until a roofer comes, Flex Seal for roof leaks may be an alternative option.

    The roof over your head isnt something you want to take lightly, and your insurance may cover a more permanent fix.

    How To Find A Busted Water Pipe Underground

    Electronic Roof Leak Detection  Detect and Locate Flat Roof Leaks

    When the home gets old, then its plumbing pipes also get damaged with time. The lines may be cracked or bust underground. You can find a busted water pipe underground as follows.

  • Turn off all the valves of the water supply in your house.
  • Charge the pipes with nitrogen.
  • When the gas found a busted pipe on the way, it returns a loud hiss that can hear with headphones.
  • Move on the route of the hiss and reach the destination.
  • Dig the area, and then you will indeed found busted pipe at that place.
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    Chapter : How To Find The Leak In Your Roof Safely

    Ive mentioned safety a couple of times already in this guide, but this chapter is here to reinforce the idea that safety comes first. If there is ever a point you dont feel comfortable working on your roof, it is best to call a professional and have them work it out for you.

    If it is still your intention to do the work on your own, make sure you are doing it safely. Make sure the floorboards you step on in the attic are solid. If you are outside on the roof, ensure it is dry never go on the roof during a thunderstorm! Use your instincts, if the roof seems too steep, then call the pros!

    How To Fix A Leaking Car Roof:

    Whether you find water leaking from the passenger side of the car or from the roof to the drivers side, you should find effective solutions to fix it. Interestingly, you can fix this type of problem yourself in your garage with the help of some auto sealant. These commercial products are formulated to effectively block leak holes and provide a waterproofing solution that prevents water from leaking into the car when it rains.

    Still, it will help if you leave the severely damaged ceiling for professionals to fix, as such sealants will not help.With this in mind, you should take the following helpful steps to fix a car roof leak.

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    How To Detect Water Leaks In Underground Pipes

    Water leaks in underground pipes can cause damage to the inside and outside of your home. You can detect water leaks in underground water pipes in the following manner.

  • Locate the water meter outside your house.
  • Note the dials of the meter and check the leak indicator.
  • Turn off all water taps in your house.
  • If the leak indicator is not moving, then it means you have water leaks in underground pipes.
  • Confirm it by turning on all the faucets and checking the leak indicator. This time it is still moving.
  • Now you have known how to find a water leak underground and prevent damages caused by the leakage.

    Prevent Roof Water Damage

    Roofing – How to find a roof leak

    The best advice for preventing any possible water damage from roof leaks is to maintain the quality of your roof and the surrounding areas of your property regularly. A professional roofing contractor can inspect the roofs integrity and fix missing shingles, warping, corrosion, or any other issue, in order to prevent roof leakage. Specific examples to prevent roof water damage include:

    • Avoid limbs and debris falling on your roof by trimming your trees to a
    • Clean off any twigs, leaves, etc. already on the roof
    • Frequently Inspect and clean both gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage
    • Contact a roofing contractor inspect your roof regularly

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    How To Find A Roof Leak

    If you suspect theres a leak in your roof, you should begin your search by looking at the parts of the roof that are higher or uphill from the stains from both the interior and exterior of your home.

    Start by looking for any penetrations, holes, or other visible damage to the roof from the outside if you can, since these issues are the most common causes of leaks.

    Roof penetrations and other problems that can cause leaks usually occur around the plumbing, roof vents, chimneys, dormers, and any other construction that projects through the roof.

    Note that leaks can occur several feet away from the aforementioned constructions, so make sure you examine the entire roof, not just the area around the projections.

    Its highly unlikely for leaks to occur in roofs with uninterrupted surfaces or shingles, even older roofs, so looking for any holes, disruptions in the surface of the roof, or other damage is the first step in the process.

    A flat roof repair can be particularly complicated.

    A metal roof repair might also be particularly complicated as well, and you may need a commercial roofing contractor to help.

    Knowing the type of roof you have may be beneficial in find a roof leak if you unsure on what kind of roof you have, check out this types of roofs guide.

    The next step is accessing the attic if you can.

    If you switch off outside sources of light, you may be able to see the sources of leaks by pinpointing spots where the outside daylight is entering your roof.

    Test Sealed Roof For Leaks

    Using your garden water hose, splash water on the roof of the car to check if its still leaking. If the water doesnt leak, youve done a wonderful job. Again, you may decide to repaint the roof of the vehicle depending on the type of sealant. But, if this problem persists, professional service may be required.

    Things youll need:

    • Dryer
    • Garden water hose

    Note: Fixing a leaking car roof problem can seem quite costly, especially if the roof damage is very obvious. But if you have a warranty, taking the vehicle to an auto dealer would be recommended. For older cars or older cars with no warranty, please make sure you dont ignore roof leak problems as they can get worse.

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    Find Water Leaks With Cobalt Chloride Test Paper

    Cobalt chloride sheets change color from blue to pinkish-white at relative humidity above 55%. You can use it for both liquid water and humidity problems. At 99% it changes very quickly. With liquid water it is immediate.

    You can layout the sheets as they are or make your own water contact indicator tape to find single or multiple leaks in ceilings, under appliances, or in packaging. Or, cut it into strips& to find moisture in hard to reach places like cracks & crevices in circuit boards or concrete blocks. Its sensitive enough to roughly record splash patterns.

    The Tools Pros Use To Find The Source Of Roof Leaks

    Roof Moisture Profile

    To fix roof leaks, you have to find them first. Sometimes that can be more than half the battle.

    To complicate things even more, the actual source of the leak can be some distance from where you are seeing evidence of unwanted moisture. Modern techniques now supplement the tried and true in roof leak detection.

    To fix roof leaks, finding their location is the key

    Certainly, the traditional methods of using the naked eye for inspection and thinking like a drop of water in terms of conditions that will create capillary action, for example, are extremely useful and still stand as valid detection tools.

    But you may not always be free to do a water test or have your guess proven conclusively. The sage but simple observational techniques can always be augmented by useful tools.

    Tools of the trade

    The Pros Have Tools to Detect and Fix Roof Leaks

    The use of moisture meters, IT cameras and ELD help avoid the need to employ the other potentially costly methods of leak location which involve tearing into walls and ceilings.

    Even when a wall is opened up for this purpose, moisture detecting can help limit the scope of the invasiveness. Roofers who employ one or more of the above options will find they can complete leak detection more accurately and fix roof leaks faster.

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    How To Fix A Leaking Conservatory Roof

    A conservatory is often a fantastic addition to a home, increasing your square footage and letting in plenty of natural light. Like all structures however, conservatories can be susceptible to roof leaks. Due to the fact that conservatory roofs are constructed by joining several sections together, each of these seams presents a potential vulnerable spot for water to get in. If your conservatory is leaking, it needs to be sorted, and fast.

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    Thoroughly Examine Your Attic

    Be very careful where you step so you dont fall through the ceiling, but when checking for a leak, its important to investigate your attic. Check for all the signs of water damage and look for the presence of a leak. Consider bringing a flashlight to examine any hard-to-see areas. Look for mold, water stains, or musty smells around the rafters and roof sheathing.

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    How To Spot Early Signs Of A Roof Leak

    These early signs of a leak should help you find both the source and the severity of a roof leak or potential roof leak. Here are some of the tell-tale early signs of a leaking roof.

  • Water stains on your ceilings. As water leaks into your attic, it can saturate through your insulation and attic floor to the point of reaching your upper floor ceilings. These stains can occur very quickly, depending on the severity of the leak or slowly over time. Either way, if you spot any wet spots or stains in the corners or along the edges of your ceilings, chances are you have a roof leak. It can also be poor ventilation that causes moisture build-up in the attic, but it shouldnt be ignored either way. Note: Water stains around chimneys can mean the roofs flashing has lost its integrity and needs to be replaced.
  • Rotted beams and moldy insulation in the attic. These are obvious signs of a leaking roof and can be detrimental to your homes integrity and health. Rotted wood becomes a structural issue then and requires a much more expensive and extensive repair. So checking your attic before you see those interior signs of a leak can save you the pain of such damage.
  • Look For Warping And Discoloration

    How to find RAIN water leaks behind your walls….

    If you wait until water is actually dripping into your home, the leak in the attic will have progressed to a point that requires serious repairs. So, instead of waiting for that to happen, periodically check for any warping or paint discoloration on your ceiling. Dripping water will cause white paint to turn to a yellowish brown color, or may even cause the paint to bubble up.

    As soon as you notice any changes to the paint on your ceiling, get up in the attic and search for the leak. Youll still have some repairs to do, but theyll be much more less expensive than they could have been if youd waited for the water to seep through the ceiling.

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    Check The Attic Regularly

    Of course, its even better to catch the leak before the warping and discoloration begins to occur. The best way to do this is to get up into your attic on a regular basis and look for any leaks. While it may not be pleasant to climb up into your attic, it doesnt have to be done very frequently. Simply examining the space with a flashlight twice a year should help you to spot any water that may be coming inside.

    Its best to do this during or immediately after a rainstorm, since its much easier to spot an active leak than to find traces of dried-up water in your attic.

    Find Water Leaks In Aluminum Or Fiberglass Boats

    A boat leak is no different from any other leak but universal pH indicator water test paper sheets react to acid & alkaline pH by turning a different color. You can even add vinegar or ammonia cleaner to help trace a leak path.

    Standard sheets are 8×10 but are available by special order in 20×24 sizes minimum order quantities apply.

    Check out our Products Here:

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    Here Are Some Of The Common Points Of Origin For Roof Leaks:

    • Broken, worn, or missing shinglesLoose or missing nailsWorn or improperly sealed flashing

    You can look for the leak source from inside your attic, or from on top of your roof . Water always flows to the lowest point it can, so look uphill from the drip to find the culprit hole in your roof.

    If a visual inspection doesnt locate the source of the roof leak, you might be able to find it with the help of a friend and a garden hose. When the weather is dry, have one person get on top of the roof. Once there, the person up top should spray down the roof, in isolated areas, starting downhill and working upward, while the other person observes the leak from inside the house.


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