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Can You Paint Rolled Roofing

What Kind Of Paint To Use

How To Paint Your Roof With A Broom

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof type in the United States. You can paint asphalt shingles, but dont make the mistake of thinking you can head up the ladder with the same paint thats in your spare bedroom. If you want to paint your roof shingles, you need 100% acrylic latex paint.

Clay and wood shingles can also be painted with 100% acrylic latex paint. The paint will bond tight to the shingles and keep them looking and performing great! Truthfully, the type of paint used matters far more than the type of shingles it is used on! The paint needs to be able to resist years of sunlight beating down on it, as well as repeated exposure to moisture.

If you dont use appropriate paint, you will damage the roof more than you help it. Waterproof paints, though they sound like a good idea, can actually prevent moisture thats already inside the roof from drying. In the long-term, this can lead to rot that destroys the entire roof! So, make sure youve got the right paint before breaking out your roller trays!

Terracotta Vs Other Roof Tiles

There is a difference between terracotta roof tiles and other types of roof tiles. Can you paint terracotta roof tiles? No, terracotta roofs cannot be painted. This is mainly because terracotta is porous and made out of clay.

  • Unglazed terracotta roof tiles are porous and vulnerable to weather conditions. These types of tiles require constant maintenance and cleaning to maintain longevity.
  • Glazed terracotta roof tiles maintain a clean look longer and will allow the homeowner to have less stress about cleaning and longevity.

What Is The Best Rolled Roofing

Ordinary Rubber Rolled Roofing Rubber roofing material is the most common and widely used among all rolled roofing materials. Rubber made roofing is also the most inexpensive roofing option. Recycled tires, sawdust, and slate dust is the most common material which is used to make rubber rolled roofing.

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Can You Paint Rolled Roofing

You can paint rolled roofing, although it may be a process a bit different from the type of painting you are accustomed to. The physical make-up of rolled roofing makes it incompatible with some materials.

Rolled roofing is often to referred to as mineral paper, and this term hints at how it is different from other roofing materials. Standard paint can make rolled roofing less efficient. Paint alone does not offer much additional protection for the roofing from rain and other weather conditions.

Instead of using regular paint on rolled roofing, your best options are elastomeric coatings or solar reflective paints.

Elastomeric coatings provide additional protection to the rolled roofing while changing the look of the roof. These coatings do not come in as many colors as regular paint, but you can often find different options at your local home improvement store.

Many elastomeric coatings come in white or other light colors that act as solar reflectors. You can also use solar reflective paint, but this will not have the added sealant benefits of elastomeric coatings.

Benefits Of Painting Shingles

Iron &  Colorbond Roof Repaint

Longer Roof Life

Your roof will likely last longer if you paint the shingles. The paint forms a protective coating over the shingles, shielding them from falling debris. A well-installed shingle roof can last upwards of 25 years, but even one bad storm can kill the roof instantly. By painting the roof, you might be able to get a few more years out of it!

Lowered Energy Consumption

Perhaps the biggest benefit of painting your roof is lower energy bills. Certain colors reflect sunlight, rather than absorb it. Black asphalt shingles, just like asphalt roadways, soak up sunlight like a sponge. If you live in a hot climate, a black asphalt roof will continuously warm your home, driving your cooling bill up.

In places that experience hot summers and cold winters, such as the American mid-south, clay tiles roofs arent very common. Painting your roof a cooler color is a great way to beat the heat in summer without breaking the bank. Short of installing a brand-new clay tile roof, painting is one of the few things you can do about the heat.

White, youll remember from grade school, is the color that is the reflection of all other colors. Black, on the other hand, absorbs all colors. This means white-painted shingle roofs will reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, and heat will do the same. Lighter hues of other colors, like light blues, grays, yellows, and greens also do a great job of reflecting sunlight.

It Simply Looks Better

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How To Paint Rolled Roofing

Painting rolled roofing is generally an easy process most things with rolled roofing are easy tasks. While the specific instructions for applying different coatings will depend on manufacturer details, the general process is easy.

Please Note: Always follow the application and safety recommendations for the specific products you use. The information here is meant only to provide a general idea of the process.

Signs Your Colorbond Roof Needs Repainting

There are now Colorbond roofs in Australia that are up to 50 years old. If you have an older roof, there are several signs to look out for to see if your roof is in need of repainting in order to prolong its life. These include:

  • The colour is starting to fade or the surface has a chalky appearance
  • Stubborn stains have appeared that no amount of scouring will remove
  • The coating is starting to flake or bubble

If the underlying steel is still in good condition though, there’s no need to replace your roof a fresh coat of paint may be all that’s needed to refresh your roof and boost your home’s curb appeal if you plan to sell.

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Apply Cool Roof Coating

If you are a contractor or an aggressive do-it-yourselfer, applying elastomeric cool roof coatings can be an easy job. Good results require care, attention to detail, but few special skills. This bulletin takes you through many of the basics of coating a typical roof.

Sprayed polyurethane foam, gravel, roofs over cathedral ceilings, as well as roofs with severe ponding problems are higher risk applications and should be discussed with us before proceeding. Product warranties may be limited or voided in these situations.

Please consider that a quality coating application will take time, often working in a very warm environment. Protect your eyes and skin from excessive exposure. In very warm weather, work early in the day. See our Cool Weather Application bulletin when applying coating from November through February .

Pails of material weigh over 60 pounds each and must be lifted to the roof. This requires strength and safe equipment. Consider pouring the coating into a smaller container to make lifting easier.

A strong ladder and someone to help with the project are desirable.

Getting Started

Carefully examine the roof membrane for cracks, tears, blisters, evidence of ponding, exposed foam, and open seams. If already coated, evaluate the condition of the coating. Pay particular attention to areas around roof penetrations , ponding areas, cracks in parapet walls, and the attachment of roof membranes to parapet walls. Roofs should be in good condition to warrant coating.

Why Paint Rolled Roofing

Repairing a Shingled Roof (Roll on Coatings)

One common reason for painting rolled roofing with a coating, or special paint is to make the rolled roofing more appealing. It usually only comes in plain colors like black, green, or maybe tan, and some people are looking for more. This is especially common for people who buy rolled roofing because of its affordability.

Another big reason for painting rolled roofing is a practical one. Black roofing absorbs light from the sun, which heats the roof and the structure it protects. This increased heat can make cooling the structure more difficult.

Most buildings with rolled roofing are not for residential purposes, but you likely are not going to want a hot building that you work in. Even a garage with rolled roofing that is dark-colored can be a nuisance.

White or other light colors are best for reflecting the suns light and heat. Adding a white elastomeric coating to your rolled roofing can make a huge difference in the structures overall warmth. Many people additionally love the clean look of a white roof.

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Can You Roof Over Epdm

EPDM is one of the most adaptable rubber roofing materials available. EPDM roofing is a low-cost option for your roofing requirements. Because of its ethylene and polypropylene properties, you may expect this material to survive the elements for almost 50 years. Its quick and simple to apply, and it offers a long-lasting surface that requires little maintenance over time.

EPDM membrane roofing systems can adhere to a variety of substrates. If you want to keep your old roof covering and replace it with a new waterproof membrane, youll need to think about the following:

  • Rot The present roof deck and supporting timbers will need to be removed and replaced if they are rotting. For gluing the new waterproof membrane, OSB3 or external grade plywood are both suitable options.
  • Upgrade Insulation While youre working on your roof, its a good idea to put in some freshly heated deck insulation. If the current roof deck is in good condition, the previous waterproof layer, such as felt, can usually be kept in place while the new insulation is bonded over the top with PU adhesive or mechanically attached with screws and washers. The insulation can then be attached to the new waterproof membrane.

Move Out The Roofing Materials

Before beginning installation, you should install drip-edge flashing, primers WSU only if needed. Prepare the roofing cement, drive nails near the required edges, and smoothen out any creases. You can also install flashing, but usually, you might only need to apply an 18-inch wide strip of roll roofing.

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Painting Or Sealing Asphalt Shingles

An ongoing discussion beginning back in 2001 …

Q. I’ve searched ’til I’m blue in the face for a site that even remotely approaches my question and this is as close as I’ve gotten. My question is, can you paint or use a tinted sealer of some type to change the color of asphalt shingles? I’ve never heard of this being done , but my roof is only 9 yrs. old and I really can’t afford a new roof just so my new paint job on the house has a matching roof. If you could give me some insight into this query, or know of someone who can, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanking you in advance,

Q. Dear Sirs,

I had been wondering about this myself, and stumbled across a manufacturer’s Web site that claims to have “coatings” that will adhere to and prolong the life of asphalt shingles. The impression it gave me is that the product is a rubberized paint that is supposed to be very weather-resistant and tough. The company is called . They had an 888 number and a street address posted. I intend to contact the Florida Better Business Bureau and inquire about them before contacting the company directly. Good luck with your projects.

Q. Looking for follow-up on reliability of roof paint products.

Q. Has anyone successfully painted their asphalt shingles and can you email photos? I live in a historical district and CANNOT change the ugly black asphalt shingles on the roof or gable front. However, the historical commission suggested painting them. Anyone with experience doing this?

Copper Metal Roof Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Metal Roof Painting

Copper metal roofing has been used for centuries already and it is preferred by many architects because of its stylish look and durability. Copper can match any architectural style: from classic English houses to modern buildings. However, some people are hesitant to use copper for their roofs because of its price. Truth be told, copper roofing is more expensive than other metal roofing materials. There are many homes that need roof repair in Allison Park, PA, But there is a light in this. Despite the high cost of a copper metal roof, one can actually save money in long-term. Why? Because copper is long lasting and it needs minimum maintenance unlike other roofing materials like asphalt shingles and wood. Companies like Gotcha Covered Contracting of Pittsburgh offer amazing metal roofing installation services.

Nevertheless, a copper roof still needs some preservation to conserve its strength and beauty. Most copper metal roof users concern is whether it is appropriate to paint this type of roof. Actually, copper does not require any painting or furnishing. Such beautifications are usually applicable to other metal roofing systems. However, it is still in the preference of the architect to add a little color to the roof or not.

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Can Rolled Roofing Be Painted Heres The Answer

Rolled roofing is a common choice for low-sloped roofs of functional structures. Although it is not commonly used for residences, rolled roofing is a common choice for buildings like sheds, garages, and lean-tos. As you look into rolled roofing, though, you may notice that it usually only comes in black or green.

Regular paint typically does not work for rolled roofing, but there are options such as elastomeric coatings or solar reflective paint if you wish to change the color of your rolled roofing.

Because rolled roofing is so cheap and easy to install, you may decide that it is worth buying some coating every few years to update the material. There are specific types of coatings that you should use for rolled roofing, so it is important that you do not just use a regular can of paint.

Can You Paint Roof Tiles

Driving home, you are taking a look at your nice neighborhood. As you pull into your driveway, you notice that your neighbor has a shiny roof, but yours is looking dull. Can you paint roof tiles? Fortunately, yes, you can paint roof tiles and make them shiny! There is a process that we will discuss below.

Lets take a look at how to paint your roof tiles.

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To Repair Large Fishmouths


If the fishmouths are more than 2 deep, cut the membrane down the middle of the fishmouth until well adhered material is found. Trim flaps so they lie flat.


Seal with Kool Seal Storm Patch Acrylic Patching Cementand reinforce with Kool Seal Storm Patch Polyester Fabric. Then top coat the entire roof surface with a Kool Seal Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating System or Aluminum Roof Coating Systemfor the best performance.

Working On Your Roof Safely

Can You Repaint a Metal Roof?

After you determine the paint you want and gather all of the necessary materials, youll need to prepare so that you can work safely. Continue reading this section for the best way to paint safely:

  • Grab a buddy If youve decided to do the job yourself, grab a friend to help you out. Make sure you thank them in some way, whether its buying them a beer and pizza or paying them for their efforts.
  • Work from a ladder as much as possible Its usually safer when you work from a ladder rather than up on the roof. Just remember to keep it away from any power lines or doors.
  • Wear a harness with a safety rope when youre on the roof If you need to go on the roof, wear a harness with a safety rope. Anchor the rope securely to either a tree or a part of your home.

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Procedure On Painting The Copper Metal Roof

In painting copper roofing panels, the temperature and weather play an important part. They should not be painted when the temperature is very high and if a threat of rain is imminent. Once the place and temperature are secured, the next thing to do is to clean the roof thoroughly. Mud must be washed using a wire brush and the remaining dirt should be removed with sandpaper. It is also important to wash the roof with a pressure washer set on low. And then, using the blue painters tape, areas that do not require painting may now be covered.

A primer should also be applied to the roof. This may be done using a paint roller. It is necessary that the priming starts in one far corner in a left-to-right movement. Using a paintbrush, gently smooth the primer evenly on the roof. These materials must be washed afterwards with warm water.

Now, the painting may begin. First, make sure that you choose quality metal roofing paint which is suitable for copper. Take a cleaned and dried roller. Just like the movement in applying primer, painting copper roofing sheets must be done from left to right. Again using a paintbrush, smooth out the product until the entire roof is covered with paint. Usually, painted copper metal roofing takes about two hours to dry. One can also put on another coat if necessary.


To Repair Small Fishmouths


If loose edges extend back only a couple of inches, the loose material may be snipped off and discarded.


Seal with Kool Seal Storm Patch Acrylic Patching Cementand reinforce with Kool Seal Storm Patch Polyester FabricThen top coat the entire roof surface with a Kool Seal Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating System or Aluminum Roof Coating Systemfor the best performance

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Adverse Effects Of Rolled Roofing

Rolled roofs are available in very few colors, and the standard one is black. This will be a significant disadvantage if you want a color that matches your structure because it is almost impossible to paint the roof.

The roof has a very short lifespan that you cannot compare to shingles. That is because it cannot freely expand and contract with weather changes, unlike the shingles. Therefore, when exposed to any changes, the roof can easily tear.

The less variety of the roofing material and a few choices of colors makes rolled roofing less attractive. For that reason, some homeowners associations have rules that discourage people from using rolled roofing as a roofing material.

This roof is less durable because it can stay for only five to eight years, compared to shingles that can last for over 20 years. One of the reasons that contribute to this is the inability to contract and expand with weather changes.

House structures with rolled roofs have a low resale value. The roofing material is less durable and can tear when struck or exposed to a lot of pressure, so homebuyers do not like it. The roof is considered a temporary one.


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