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Do Metal Roofs Need To Be Painted

What Are The Benefits

Busting common MYTHS about Metal Roofing!

The number one benefit to painting a metal roof is the longevity of the metal. There are a few benefits to a metal roof and painting the metal roof can help preserve those benefits.

  • Longer lifespan-painting a metal roof makes it protected longer than the original coating. Keep it fresh-looking.
  • Sustainability-a lightly colored paint can reflect heat energy away from the home and provide you with a more sustainable electric bill.
  • Aesthetics-painting a dull metal roof allows the roof to look brand new. Your neighbors can become very jealous of the new curb appeal the newly painted roof brings.

Not Priming Your Metal Roof Beforehand

In case youre unsure, a primer is applied to the roof before the paint goes on. Failing to apply a primer will result in the surface being less durable.

The primers job is to adhere to and protect the surface that is about to be painted. If you prime your roof beforehand the paint will not only last longer but it will also help prevent the paint from cracking. Try purchasing a primer that has a titanium dioxide base this will last longer in sunny environments.

Its also very important that you wait for the primer to completely dry before painting over it.

Can You Paint Roof Shingles

Yes, you can definitely paint roof shingles. It is actually recommended because it is more environmentally friendly than replacing the entirety of the roof.

For some reason, people think that you cant paint roof shingles. This is completely untrue. In fact, it is much easier to paint than other types of roofs because it takes very little preparation. Below we will discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of painting your roof shingles.


  • Affordability- This is probably the most important thing to be aware of if youre in the business of replacing your roof shingles. If your shingles do not have any extensive damage or deformations, then it is completely safe and recommended that you paint your roof shingles.
  • Aesthetic- If your shingles are worn out and disgusting looking, then it is no wonder that you want to paint your roof. Sometimes the reason that we do things is for the sake of how they look. I mean, we do it for ourselves so why cant we do it with our roof.
  • Last a little while longer- Paint tends to extend the longevity of anything that youre painting. This is because it defends against weather and harmful UV from the sun. So, if you want your roof to last you another year or two, painting your shingles is definitely an option.
  • Cons

  • Potential Damage- The process of painting the shingles might lead to further damage or wear on your roof. The pressure cleaning or maybe even the painting itself will lead to worsening health of your roof.
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    Can I Paint Over A Rusted Metal Roof

    Priming and Painting You need to apply a rust-retardant primer to protect the roof from developing rust. … The best paint for a rusty metal roof is water-based metal roof paint that contains rust inhibitors, so use this to paint the roof. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat.

    Metal Is Fire Resistant

    Kynar 500 Explained

    Metal is known to have a high melting point and is not volatile to catch fire. Thus, you can be assured that even during high-temperature climates, your metal roof will not catch fire. This can be reinforced with fire-resistant paint.

    A water-based intumescent paint system and an acrylic elastomeric roof coating are some of the best paint options that can provide an excellent shield against fires. Brisbane Roof & Paint offers various painting options that can ensure the reliability of your metal roof.

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    Proved Benefits Of Painting A Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are considered to be the safest bet when picking the material for roofs for obvious reasons. They are easy to maintain, cost less, and are sustainable. They are of great significance, yet they too need to be taken care of. Hence, painting them once in a while is important. But if you are still wary about getting the paint done, then here are three obvious advantages it offers.

    What Type Of Paint To Use On Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are normally made from galvanized steel, copper, or aluminum.

    They are generally quite strong and highly resistant to the elements simply because they are treated with a rust-inhibiting coating to prevent corrosion.

    However, this coating can weather and become scratched, which means that rust can form and start to penetrate the metal sooner or later.

    If left untreated, holes can also develop in the corrugated metal roof due to exposure to regular moisture.

    Fortunately, repairing and repainting such areas is easy if you have roof cement, a mesh patch, and the right type of paint to put on.

    The best paint for metal roof panels is usually acrylic latex paints or oil-based alkyd paints that are specifically designed to paint corrugated metal roofing.

    However, to ensure proper adhesion of the paint you must prime the surface first before painting.

    The good thing is that the process is so easy that many homeowners can do this themselves.

    What’s Here in the Article:

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    Contact A Top Metal Roofs Contractor

    Whether you need a new roof installed or an old one replaced, we top the list of Toronto and GTA roofing companies. We have numerous satisfied clients whose success stories testify to our expertise. Our services are unmatched, and we guarantee a roof that will last you a lifetime. Talk to us at , and we will professionally handle all your metal roofing matters.

    Rubber Seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing And Protective Coating

    How Does Metal Roof Paint Wear Out? Chalking And Fading

    This EPA energy star-rated option even resists aging. Its a highly durable, long-lasting choice.

    What makes it so perfect for a metal roof is the brilliant white color and the solar reflective abilities, which can keep your house cool on the hottest of summer days. Another awesome feature is that the paint is simple to apply with a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer.

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    Best Paints For Metal Roofs

    When deciding on the best paint for metal roofs, there are a few things to consider. Acrylic latex paint is a good choice for bare metal roofs and to remove old paint from the surface. Using an oil-based alkyd paint as a primer is also a good idea. Acrylic coatings, in addition to repairing leaks, cracks, and seams on metal roofs, also reduce the risk of leaks. However, house paints are not appropriate for use on metal roofs due to their brittleness. Galvanized metal primers and paints, which protect metal roofs from the elements and weather damage, are the most effective options.

    Best Paint For Metal Roof

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    Metal roofs are trendy, durable, and visually appealing when they have the right color. If you are looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home, you can paint the metal roofs. Painting has to be done right, and you need to first choose the right paint to achieve quality results. The painting process and the products you choose are dependent on the metal type and whether the rust is present or not. Read on to learn more.

    There are hundreds of colors to choose from and a handful of paint types for your metal roof. Choose metal paint based on the type of metal that forms the roofing. The roof may be made of zinc, aluminum, steel, tin, and rib metal among others.

    If you have a bare metal roof, you should go for acrylic latex paint. You can also use acrylic paint if you are painting over old paint. If you have a classic home with a terne metal roof, you will need oil-based paint. The galvanized roof paint is basically acrylic paint. You can also use a galvanized metal primer and then use an oil-based alkyd paint. If you are looking for a more general metal paint, you can use Sherwin Williams metal roof.

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    Best Metal Roof Cleaning Products

    Plain Water

    Dirt, dust, and other low-grade elements might wash off a roof with something as simple as water from a hose. Feel free to use as much water as necessary until the surface is clean.


    This is the cleaning solution that most people need to use when cleaning their metal roof because its non-invasive and easy to do. This category includes mild laundry detergents, car washing soap, mild dish soap, and cold or hot commercial/industrial detergents.

  • Mix: 1/4 cup detergent per gallon of water.
  • Apply solution to surface using a sponge or a washcloth.
  • Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse surface with plain water.
  • Solvents & Petroleum Solvents

    Solvents can be used to remove the tougher non-water elements that could come in contact with your PVDF-coated roof, such as oil, paint, grease, tar, and even some graffiti, according to Sherwin-Williams . Solvents should be used to clean only affected spots on the roof and should not be used to clean the entirety of the roof. Always check the recommended directions for cleaning on the products label and use accordingly.

    This class of cleaners includes:

    • Rubbing alcohol

    With this group, always keep in mind that you should wear protective clothing, use eye protection, and keep the area properly ventilated because most of these cleaners are toxic. Additionally, keep these solvents away from sparks or open flames, as they are flammable.

    How Long Does Metal Roof Paint Last


    Posted on June 16, 2022

    It’s time for a repaint when it has been a decade or so since your metal roof was last painted. You shouldn’t wait any longer, or this can take a toll on the integrity of the roof material. We researched how long metal roof paint lasts and why you shouldn’t wait to get a recoat. Interested? We’ll explain everything in this post.

    Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

    Most metal roof paints last 10 to 15 years on average. Roof paint lifespan depends on many things, including the quality and type of paint used. Exposure to different weather conditions and high temperatures also affects the lifespan of metal roof paints.

    Still not sure whether to repaint now or wait longer? Don’t worry we can help you make the most appropriate decision. Please keep reading to get all your questions answered.

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    Can You Paint Corrugated Metal Roof

    Cladded and corrugated metal surfaces are ideal for spray painting. If you have these types of surfaces, there are likely gaps, nooks, and crannies that would be difficult to reach with a standard paint brush. Using a paint sprayer will ensure that you achieve a nice, even finish across the board.

    The Effects Of Climate Change The Effects Of Climate Change Are Far-reaching And Devastating.

    What Color Metal Roof Is The Coolest

    Whats cooler than being cool? Ice cold metal roofs, of course.

    If youre looking for a color that will help your metal roof remain cool all year round, go with a light color, such as white, beige, light bronze, peach, light green, or light blue. The color you choose does affect the overall look and feel of your home.

    A light color on your roof can protect your home from heat and lower your monthly energy expenses by 20 to 30%, which even lightens a load of your AC system in the summer. If your home is in a cooler climate or you have remarkable insulation, dark colors wont impact your energy performance much.

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    Can A Metal Roof Be Painted

    A metal roof is considered one of the safest and best when it comes to roofing. The reason being that these roofs ate sustainable, they cost less and they are easy to maintain. Though they are of great significance, these roofs need also to be taken care of. Hence, one of the things that can be done to this roof is painting. The painting will play a significant role in improving your homes value, increasing your homes energy efficiency, and also extend its life.

    Therefore, the answer to the question most people do ask, can you paint a metal roof is yes, you can. However, the only thing that you need to do before painting your roof surface is choosing the right primers, sealants, paints. More so, applying these products correctly is ideal. With a good metal roof that is well painted then one can be able to reap benefits from it.

    When the metal roofs are newly installed, then the need of allowing them to weather at least six months is crucial before applying the paint. Various varieties of metal roof colors exist. Therefore, if one needs to paint their roofs, it is ideal for choosing the paint that will blend well with the outdoor designs.

    It does not matter if the roof was painted before or not, what you need to do is power washing it before the application of the paint. When this is done correctly, then this will remove the dirt, mildew, and any other loose bits of old paintings that could lead to adhesion problems.

    Choosing The Right Paint

    Can You Repaint a Metal Roof?

    Acrylic latex paint is a good option for metal roofs. Oil-based alkyd paints can also be used with a compatible galvanized metal primer. Just be sure to read the manufacturers instructions to make sure your primer and paint are compatible avoid using oil-based products with water-based products.

    Bear in mind that some paints have added benefits such as chemicals that promote water and fire resistance, reflect UV radiation, and repel insects and pests. Choose one that best fits your needs based on your region.

    Interior paint should never be used on a metal roof. Nor should you use the same exterior paint you might use on the siding of your home. Those kinds of paint arent strong enough for roofs and will fail against harsh weather elements.

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    Painting Metal Roofs: Some Dos And Donts

    Every summer, we talk to a number of folks in our stores who are curious about the right way to paint an old, rusting metal roof. They want to know what types of products to use, they want to know the steps involved, they want to know what cleaners they should purchase .

    Well, sadly, for many of these folks, we dont tell them to leave it as is. You just cant do that. Metal roofs, when they exhibit signs of rust, need to be painted in order to be protected. Failing to protect and coat them properly will lead to larger and more expensive failure down the road.

    So, lets cut to the chase: if youve got an old metal roof that needs to be painted, heres what you need to do and what you should use:

    Not Maintaining Your Roof

    Generally speaking, if you want something to last for a long time you will need to maintain it. Lacking in maintaining your roof will result in higher costs at a later stage.

    You can avoid this extra cost by applying a coat every six years to your roof. This will allow you to save a good few bucks and your roof will always look as good as new.

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    Lighter Vs Darker Colors

    Lighter colors such as tan, grays, or white have less fading than darker colors that are more vibrant. This is closely tied to whether the colors pigment is organic or inorganic.

    Organic vs. Inorganic Pigments

    Colors made from organic pigments tend to fade more quickly than inorganic pigments. Inorganic colors have pigments that are less likely to break down compared to organic pigments .

    What Do You Put Underneath A Metal Roof

    Does anyone know how to get paint off of a tin roof?

    The traditional and most common method of underlayment on a metal roof with steep slopes is felt that has not been glued down. Feel underlayment is available in a variety of colors, including organic reinforced and inorganic reinforced.

    Is High Temp. Ice And Water Shield Really Necessary For Your Metal Roof?

    The purpose of a regular ice and water shield is to keep ice and water out of the house during the winter months. It is intended for use with metal roofing that may experience high temperatures during the summer due to its high temperature. While both types of ice and water protection provide some protection, regular ice and water shields are not intended to withstand the higher temperatures encountered with metal roofing.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Metal Roof

    Your cost to paint a metal roof depends on the paint you choose and if the roof needs specific prep work, such as filling in rusted areas or fixing dents. Most roofers or painters charge between $1.20 and $2.70 per square foot, on average. That might translate to $1400 to $3200 for an average home.

    Before you decide that the cost to paint a metal roof is not worth that investment, consider the advantages of fresh paint and especially if your homes roof has rusted spots. Cleaning away that rust and applying new paint to keep it from spreading reduces the risk of holes and roof repair. Paint with added insulating factors help keep your interior comfortable and reduce your homes utility costs.

    While metal is already a durable material that might last some 50 years before it needs replacing, a fresh coat of paint offers added protection against weather damage and wear. In turn, you might face far fewer repair and replacement costs over the life of home ownership when you invest in those metal roof painting costs!


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