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How Long Does It Take For A Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Made Easy

How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take?

Replacing your homes roof is a big project, but fortunately, there are pros to make things easier. The answer to the question of how long does it take to replace a roof varies, but a professional will be able to walk you through each step of the process.

Want to learn more about your options for roof repair and replacement? Feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Replace A Roof In Florida

The best time of year to replace a roof in Florida depends on several factors. Different people will recommend different times of the year for different reasons. Its important to not wait until the last minute when an emergency replacement might be necessary. If you plan ahead, you can get better prices and not have to wait as long to get your roof replaced.

Floridas weather is generally much nicer throughout the entire year compared to other locations. This gives you the option to replace your roof at any time of year. Just remember, summer and fall months come with storms and hurricanes. This can lead to major delays in the roofing process.

Can Homeowners Be Home During A Roof Replacement

In most circumstances, roof replacements dont take very long and homeowners can choose to stay home without any issues other than noise.

At RoofClaim, we take great care to make sure youre inconvenienced as little as possible.

With that said, if you work from home and feel that the noise from our work will impact calls, meetings, or your ability to focus, then its a good idea to plan to leave for the day and work from somewhere else.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Roofing Permit

There are many reasons why people choose to obtain permits when working on their homes. For one, it helps to ensure that your home is up to code or follows certain building codes.

This can help keep you safe while reducing any liability should an accident happen on the job site.

Having a permit will also give peace of mind when working with contractors because they are qualified and insured for the work being done.

Its important to find a contractor that is qualified for the job before starting any project. This will make sure your roofing projects are done correctly and efficiently with less confusion along the way.

Roof Replacement: What To Expect

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof on Average?

There comes a time for most homeowners where the worst-case scenario happens: you need to have your roof replaced. It is something we all hope to avoid dealing with but may have to deal with during our time as homeowners.

The need to replace your roof can come for a number of different reasons. One of the most common is in the wake of a particularly heavy storm. Rain and wind damage can lead to several parts of the roof that are broken which then means that you have to replace the roof as a whole.

It could also be due to the age of the roof. If your roof has not been replaced in a long time, weather and age can take a toll on your roof that can leave it less than effective towards protecting yourself and the rest of your home.

Whatever the reason, there can come a time where you need to replace that roof and upgrade to something more effective and current than what you might have had. This doesnt have to be a nightmare scenario if you choose the right roofing company.

But the one question you might have is can I live at home while my roof is being replaced? After all, if the roof is under construction, you might feel like you arent protected from the elements, so how can you live there while the roof is being worked on?

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There Are Signs Of Trapped Moisture

When moisture gets trapped within a roof, it can destroy it. If water manages to get through your outer layer of roofing even if it doesnt result in an indoor leak the trapped moisture can result in structural damage to your roof. Essentially, trapped moisture can result in rot damage to your roofs structure.

There are easy signs to look out for moisture damage to a roof. Thats because the trapped moisture results in the growth of moss, algae, mold, and fungus. If you notice these growths on top of your roof, its a clear sign of underlying issues and more than worthy of a roof inspection.

When To Replace Your Roof: How To Tell If Its Time

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Last time you climbed up a ladder and cleaned out your gutters, you got a magnified view of your roof. A few turned up shingles, moss, some rust action are these blemishes normal, or are they signs that you need a new roof?

When you start noticing your roofs age, bring in the experts to determine if its time for a replacement. Roof damage can lead to leaks and cause significant structural damage. Plus, beyond protecting your home, your roof plays a key role in curb appeal when its time to sell.

We want our houses to look as good as possible from the curb and from the photographs. And now that we use a lot of aerial shots and drone shots, the roof is much more visible. So its just that much more important that the roof looks good, shares top real estate agent Andrew Oldham, who, along with his partner Jennifer Oldham, sells 70% more single-family homes in San Jose than the average agent.

Dont let a roof in disrepair bring down your homes value. Follow these six steps to determine if you need to replace your roof.

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The Accessibility Of Your Roof

Roof accessibility is simply the ability for your contractor to access your roof. The reason access is important to your roof replacement is for tearing off the old roof, getting the torn off materials into the dump truck, and then getting the new materials back up to the roof for installation.

What makes your roof hard to access?

  • Landscaping or rows of bushes around your house
  • A fence
  • No paved surface near the roof access point

A home with rows of bushes, a fence, and no paved surface near the access point will take longer for a roof replacement than a home with a roof that has easy access.

The less time your installer spends on your roof installing shingles the longer your roof replacement takes. This time adds up and could push back the timeline by a few hours or even a day.

How Long Will It Take Until I Get A New Roof


The actual roof installation takes 1-3 days. Oftentimes, the longest part is carefully removing the old roof, especially if its a very large roof or has multiple layers of old roofing beneath it. Dont worry, we supply the dumpster and take special care to remove all previous roofing components.

Once we remove the existing roof, we inspect the roof decking below. If we uncover rot or mold that wasnt visible during the initial inspection, well make sure to take care of those supporting materials first so that your new roof investment is installed on a solid foundation.

Next well complete the new roof and install other new roofing components, such as skylights or new gutter systems. You dont need separate contractors Golden Group Roofing can do them all! Then well finish up with your new roof, with a thorough clean up of the ground below.

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Type And Quality Of Crew

Roofing contractors vary in who they use to perform the work and the size of the crew they use for the projects. At CRS, we know you are putting your trust in us, which is why we never subcontract roofing work.

Some contractors may sub out a small roof replacement, potentially resulting in lower quality work and a longer timeline. These subcontractors may not show up on time or unnecessarily prolong the project, resulting in a longer timeline and more frustration for you.

In addition to the quality of the crew, the number of people working on the project influences timing as well. A roofing crew of adequate size and experience is essential if you want your roof replacement finished without delay. A larger team completing a one-day installation eliminates transportation costs that smaller crews incur during multi-day installations.

The Shingles On Your Roof Are Curling

Many reasons can cause your roof shingles to curl. Shingles can curl from the middle, sides, or bottom, and upwards or downwards. One of the reasons shingles can curl, besides a defective shingle, is high moisture conditions inside the house and poor roof venting. Your roof is the center of your homes performance, and this could be a clear cut sign that it isnt performing as efficiently as it should. Replacing your roof could be the cure for that. The professionals can inspect your roof and attic to find out for sure.

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The Steepness Of The Roof

Steeper roofs require a different kind of approach when being replaced. Some roofs are as steep as 45 degrees or have a rise to run ratio of 12:12. Unlike common roof pitches of 4:12 or 6:12, these steeper roofs require more safety precautions and a slower work pace.

If you have a house with a steep roof, you should expect your roofing contractors to take additional time.

Installing Deck Protection And Leak Barrier

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

Before you can apply shingles, you need to put on at least one layer of material. The most commonly used deck protection by roofers is roofing felt. Roofing felt uses asphalt as its protective material, instead of tar.

High-risk areas of the roof are protected by leak-barriers. It is essential that your roofer uses these barriers wisely. Once both are down, you can begin the installation of the shingles.

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Commercial Roof Replacement Vs Commercial Roof Repair

If youre experiencing roof problems, the first action you will need to take is to assess the amount of damage in your roof do you need a simple roof repair or a complete roof replacement? Commercial roof repair is a quick solution for minor roof damage. Common issues such as broken shingles, damaged metal flashings, or small holes in the roof membrane can be repaired quickly without the need for a roof replacement.

However, if there is extensive damage to your roof, for example from a roof leak, water damage, mold growth, or even the natural wear and tear that comes with age, then it is time to replace the entire roof, which will require tearing out the old roof and stripping it all the way down to the deck, then installing the new roof.

Your Roof Is Showing Its Age

As mentioned above, roofs do not last forever. Eventually, every roof will begin showing signs of its age like the signs discussed on this list. However, as stated above, how long your roof can last largely depends on the materials used to construct it.

If youre not sure what roof materials you have, youll be able to find out by contacting a roof specialist for an inspection. The specialist can give you more specific details about the condition of your roof and whether it currently needs to be replaced.

If you already know the age of the roof material, this information will allow you to find the estimated lifespan of your roof. Using this information, along with the age of your roof, youll be able to assess when the roof likely needs to be replaced.

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How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take

A roof replacement can be very distributive, and many homeowners want to know how long a roof replacement will take. The average replacement can take one to two days, but depending on a variety of factors, it can vary anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks.

Replacing a roof is not a complicated process, but it is one that can be taxing on the homeowner. Even though roofers work only during daytime hours, a roof replacement is noisy, and most homeowners like to be out of the house while its going on. This especially goes for families with small kids or pets.

The Complexity Of Your Roof

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

The complexity of a roof is how its cut up with the number of facets, angles, hips, valleys, and its pitch. These not only affect how long itll take but also the cost of your roof replacement.

A roof that is cut up with a high number of facets at multiple angles, hips, valleys, and a steep pitch is more difficult and takes a lot longer to replace than a simple roof with only two or four roof facets.

Safety precautions the contractor has to take also go into the complexity of a roof. The higher off the ground the installers are, the more precautions they have to take. For their own safety, they have to move slower and more carefully which leads to your roof replacement taking longer.

The more complex the roof, the more time a contractor needs to install a quality roof. A simple roof may take a day while a more complex roof may take 3 days to replace.

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How Long Do The Most Common Roofing Materials Take To Install

Different roofing materials can have vastly different installation procedures and techniques, which can drastically affect how long it takes to install them. Many need perfect weather conditions and complex tools or techniques to ensure a perfect installation. Also, asphalt shingles can easily be hoisted up in large rolls, making it easy to transport the materials up on the roof. On the other hand, metal or slate tiles are much heavier, and that will change the entire process of both getting the materials up on the roof and installing them safely. It will likely require much larger tools and machinery to do so. Heres an average timeline for different roofing materials, from shortest to longest.

Asphalt Shingles: 1 to 3 days.

Metal: 2 to 3 days.

Membrane Flat Roof: 3 to 6 days.

Wood Shingles: 6 to 8 days.

Slate Tiles: 6 to 7 days.

Concrete Tiles: 8 to 9 days.

The sturdier roofing materials like metal and slate are also much more expensive in general, not including the cost of labor. But, that investment will last you for decades longer than any asphalt shingle roof, which is very easy to install but will be replaced more frequently.

Roofing Materials And Design

The design and material that your new roof is to be made of will have a significant impact on the time it takes to complete your project. For example, if your new roof is made of asphalt shingles, you should expect it to take a day or two, whereas if its made of concrete tiles, it may take a week, at least, before its finished. Another thing to factor in is the design in which you would like the shingles to be laid. More complex designs will take longer than a traditional horizontal layout.

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Watch Out For Red Flags During Estimates

If a contractor ever asks you to get the permit necessary for roofing installation, that is a huge red flag. What this most likely means is that they have not been properly licensed themselves, so they dont have the knowledge and ability to put your roof together in a manner that will last. Also, watch out for long turn around times or those who ask you to sign paperwork before they ever come to your property. A reputable company will generally not offer to work with you until after theyve inspected your roof and given you a fair estimate. Dont fall for any contractors before then.

Stages Of A Residential Roof Replacement

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof in New Jersey?

To understand how time is being allotted for your project, you need to know the stages of the re-roofing process:

Ideally, the roofing process, from calling your first potential roofer to final inspection, will only take 2-3 weeks, with the last 2-5 days being work days. However, be aware that things happen and that the project could take longer due to elements outside of the contractors control.

It is best to strategically plan your roofing project during a time when there is no inclement weather to assure that no breaks will need to happen in the midst of the project. Ask your roofer to be transparent with you about the timing so that youll know what to expect and be understanding when unforeseeable events happen.

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Why You Should Replace Your Roof

From a distance, you might not be able to see anything noticeable with your roof worth taking note of. This is why you want to get up close and personal to do a thorough inspection to help you get an understanding of what is happening with your roof.

With a detailed inspection, you will be able to notice some of the following signs that you need a roof replacement.

When Should You Consider A Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is quite an expensive process, although that should not worry you since most roofs have a lifespan of at least 20 years. For instance, metal roofs have a lifespan of 40-60 years, while asphalt roofs last 12-20 years.

That said, to enjoy a longer roof lifespan, you must ensure you get regular roof inspections at least once a year to identify any threats.

So, if you need a roof replacement, get your roofer to advise you on whether to do a roof replacement or undertake repairs. Below are some of the red flags that might trigger roof replacement:

  • If your roof is sagging
  • In case of missing, damaged, buckling, or curling shingles
  • If there is damaged flashing
  • When there are major roof leaks

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