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How To Match Roof Shingles To House Color

How Does Your Roof Color Affect The Temperature Of Your Home

Choosing Roof Shingle Style & Color

If you have a light roof, your home absorbs less heat through the roof during summertime. As a result, your air conditioner operates more efficiently, uses less energy, and leads to lower utility bills.

In contrast, a dark roof likely raises the temperature inside your homes highest rooms. Your cooling system works harder to compensate for the extra heat, and your bills slowly rise.

During the winter, the opposite conditions hold true. A dark roof brings in more desired heat from the sun than a light roof. This feature makes dark roofs advantageous in colder climates with long winters and short summers.

Roof Shingle Aging Affects Their Color

Theres also the issue of time and weathering on your roofs color scheme. If you want to maintain a certain look for your house, be sure to paint it before it starts fading away from years of exposure to sunlight and rain. This is especially important for metal shingles since they can get corroded over time due to oxidation. Painting them before they start to corrode can make them look better and last longer, which means youll need less maintenance in the future.

White House With Chrome

Are you looking for a roof and house combination that is perfect for a hot climate? If so, this option that we will discuss is an excellent choice you must consider. It is a white house with a chrome-color metal roof.

White color and metal roofing are the best for reflecting the radiant heat of the sun. This fact is beneficial for a house located in a hot climate area. With it, the home interior wont be too hot. In other words, the cooling cost can be cut significantly.

Any color of metal roofing can give the benefit that we just mentioned. If that is so, why we said about chrome color here?

Well, the reason is that a white house looks perfect to match with chrome-colored roofing. Together, they create a bright and clean appearance that is suitable for any exterior style. The one you see in the pic is a farmhouse.

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Try A Free Color Selector

If youre anything like my husband, you have a hard time visualizing a color palette, even with swatches in hand. In our case, I take an image of our house into Photoshop to mock up my ideas for him so he can weigh in. If youre not a design pro, however, there are free online tools you can use. The free online color selector shown above lets you pick a basic house style, from small to large, and play with colors of trim, siding, soffit, roofing and more. Even if its not your exact house, it can give you an idea of whether your color preferences will play well together on a real house. Another free tool is James Hardie Sidings Exterior House Color Visualizer in this case, Quality Built Exteriors can get you the exact siding you see in the tool, since they are an authorized installer of HardiePlank Siding.

How To Match Roof Shingles To House Color

Need help matching a roof shingle color to your home? We ...

Around 25% of the heat produced in a home will escape through the roof. This part of the building is vital to protect, insulate, and it covers a vast exterior surface. But just how much consideration do you give it when it comes to the look of your house?

Part of that is down to choosing the right tone to match the property. Read on as we discuss how to match roof shingles to house color.

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How To Match A New Siding Color To Your Homes Current Roof

Creating a new color palette for your homes exterior is exciting, but can also feel overwhelming. With so many options for roof and siding color combinations, it helps to get advice from the experts.

James Hardie, one of the major siding manufacturers, offers an Exterior House Color Visualizer which allows you to experiment with house and roof color combinations that have been curated by color experts.

You can choose from a variety of color options from the James Hardie line of ColorPlus Technology siding and trim and then use their visualizer tool to interactively pair the siding with the most popular roof colors. You can play around with different combinations on various home styles until you find the one you like best for your home.

If you are planning to keep your homes existing roofing and just change the siding, there is a good rule of thumb for matching siding color to your homes roof: pair a warm color with another warm color, or a cool color with another cool color.

For example, if your home has a warm-colored roof in a shade such as brick red or rusty tan, pick siding in a similarly warm shade such as tan, beige or brown. For a roof with shingles in a cool color like black or slate gray, select a cool color of siding such as blue, gray or green.

James Hardies ColorPlus palette can help you find the right siding color to match a roof in either a warm or cool shade.

Complementing Your Bricks Dominate Color

Most modern houses dont just have a monochrome color scheme for the bricks. Homeowners use other colors with the brick. The cast color is the dominant color. If you have a red brick house, you can pair it with white, beige, or gray bricks. However, the roof color has to complement the dominant roof color.

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White House With Charcoal Grey Roof For An Alternative Classic Look

This next combination is between a white house and a charcoal grey roof. The primary reason we recommend this combo is not only because of the popularity but also because it can be an excellent alternative to the black roof and white house option that we talked about earlier.

At a glance, charcoal grey has a high similarity with black. Many people even think both of them as the same color.

In the picture of a farmhouse residential building that you see above, the type of roofing used is charcoal grey shingles from GAF. The pair for this is a wall siding painted in Cream Delight 7002-14 by Valspar. It is a white paint that has some creamy undertone in it. It is an excellent option for farmhouse style.

The combination of a white house and a charcoal grey roof has all the benefits that you can find in the white house and black roof combo because of the high similarity. However, you might worry about other colors of elements you want to include in the exterior design.

You should not worry about that actually because charcoal grey is also a neutral option. It means that any tones can be included effortlessly in the home exterior if you want to.

Take a look at the picture. Here, the most significant elements are the catchy black windows and the wooden front door. As you can see, they still look compatible with the charcoal grey roof shingles, right?

Light Grey House With Light Grey Roof For A Beautiful Traditional Feel

Choosing Roof Shingle Color for Better Curb Appeal

For you who want to get a beautiful traditional feel in your home exterior design, this color combination is the one you must pick. It is between a light grey house and a light grey roof. FYI, it is a part of the grey-on-grey trend that seems to become a popular talk in recent years.

The visual resulted from the use of this color combo is just gorgeous. It even leads to a timeless look that many homeowners often consider as a form of investment.

You can take a look at the picture above as one example. This house has a grey wall siding and a light grey roof. The two greys here are in different shades, but you can see how they excellently match each other.

The thing that is quite interesting in the design shown in the pic is the use of white trim, particularly on the part where the roof meets the body of the house. This white exterior element becomes a kind of bridge to avoid a clash between the two grey shades.

We can also say that white trim is one of the most excellent choices to match with light grey house and light grey room combo. Choosing the wrong trim tone for such a building can result in a terrible look so you wont get the beautiful traditional feel we talk about here.

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Roofing And Housing Trends Where You Live

Most areas with clustered housing have a general look when you look at their roof color choices. Ask yourself whether you want to blend into the community around you or you want your roof to be a standout.

While roof color is a personal choice, you should also consider the chance of your home going on the resale market. Most potential buyers might not be as bold as you if you pick out a roof color thats considered excessive.

Natural Light Affects Color Perception

Another thing youve got to consider is how light affects color perception, especially in different seasons. Colors look different when viewed in sunlight versus looking at them in cloudy weather. Its best to look at roofing samples in the different conditions theyll actually be exposed to before purchasing. If possible, bring your paint swatches with you if youre not sure about the color of the shingles youre choosing. This way, you can compare them against each other under different lighting conditions.

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What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing A New Roof

The literal roof over your head is an incredibly important aspect of your home or any other property.

Heres what to do if you are considering replacing your roof and where to get started with everything from picking the color and material to determining what you actually want your roof and therefore your home to look like based on your own preferences and style.

First, consider the style of your home you will of course want to choose a different style and color roofing material if you have a Georgian style home versus a ranch versus something super contemporary.

Your climate also matters for instance, in warmer or hot areas a metal roof might be more desirable because it will reflect heat, while an asphalt roof can absorb heat, so that could be a good option if you live in a cold climate that has real winters.

Another key consideration is the actual shape of your house.

Things like gables, dormers, and other masonry or structural details will affect how your roof looks.

You also want to consider your backyard, porch, or any other outdoor living areas.

After all, if you have a deck, a pool or hot tub, a spot to dine outside, a BBQ area, or even a complete outdoor kitchen, youll want to consider the color and material of your roof, especially if much of it is visible from your outdoor hangout spots.

After all, your roof is a key design element of your new home.

Go See The Shingle Colors And Style In Real Life

Pin on shingles

Experts recommend checking out homes in your neighborhood with the same roofing shingle color installed. If you can find a home with a similar roofline and pitch, youll get an accurate sense of how the shingle color will look in natural lighting.

Ask your roofing contractor for a list of recommended homes so you can drive by and see the shingles in action at different times of the day and in different weather conditions.


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Its easy to think a roof replacement is out of the budget. This article shares tips, ideas, and options on how to pay for a new roof and save money.

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Roof And Siding Color Combinations

When the time comes to replace or paint your siding or to replace your roof, its important to coordinate the colors of your entire facade. While many hues look good together, there are some combinations that can hurt your homes curb appeal, while other combinations may increase it dramatically. Knowing the basics of coordinating your roof and siding colors can help you make sure that your homes curb appeal, and thereby value, will be a great investment.

But How Do I Narrow It Down To Find The Exact Shade Of Roof Shingle Colors

Look for accent colors in your home to give you hints for your specific roof shingle color. The exact house and roof color combination is not always obvious perhaps your bricks or stone have green or gray flecks in them pick up on this color with the same color shingles. Or use the same color from an accent a color that is in the shutters, door, or the trim.

Remember when you are looking at a sample that the sun will make everything different. When choosing a shingle color to match your home, take your roofing sample outside, and place it next to your siding to see how it looks in the daylight. Make sure to look at actual samples in different light conditions and during different times of day.

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How To Pick The Right Roof Shingle Color For Your Home

Getting ready to reroof your home? When its time to replace your roof, you may also want to consider changing up your roof color.

Are there better color options than what you have on your roof right now that would enhance the overall exterior look of your home and potentially boost curb appeal? Its easy to just pick the same roof color that you already have or that your roofing contractor suggests. However, a new roof is a big investment, and you might as well pick the roof color you really want so that your home feels like your home.

Alreadylove your roof color? Great! Ask your contractor if the same, or a similar,shingle color is available with enhanced performance features if youre lookingto upgrade your roofs durability.

Choosing theright color for your home begins with having the confidence to say you wantsomething different.

How To Match Roof Shingles To House Color: 12 Considerations

How to Choose a Shingle Color?

Matching new roof shingles to the color of your house is an important decision. The color of a roof can completely change the look of a residence, and replacing the roof can greatly increase its value as well. But roof shingles must be complementary to the house siding if theyre going to look good. No matter how high quality your shingles are, if they dont match, the house will be an eyesore.

There are many considerations you must make when figuring out how youre going to match your roof shingles to your house. This article discusses some of the different things you should be looking into to correctly match the color of your roof shingles to your house.

Shingle Color Choice Affects How Big a House Looks

One design concept that applies across all mediums is this objects that are darker in color appear smaller and recede in space, and objects that are lighter in color appear larger and seem closer. While this is purely a visual illusion the roof obviously will stay the same size no matter which color shingles you choose it can make a big difference in how people see your house.

If you already have a small house, its advisable to avoid dark-colored roof shingles since these dark shingles will make the house appear even more compact and cramped than it already does. Likewise, if you want to make a small house seem bigger, opt for lighter-colored shingles instead.

Climate Makes a Difference in Shingle Color

Shingle Color Should Be Darker Than the Body of the House

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What About Neutral Colors

Neutrals colors, like gray, beige, taupe, ivory, black, and shades of white appear without color however are created by mixing two complementary colors, creating hue undertones that identify the neutrals as warm or cool. For instance, cool grays contain blue undertones, while warm grays have hints of yellow and brown.

How Climate Affects Your Roofing Choices

Theres a reason why certain materials and styles are popular in different areas.

After all, darker colors absorb heat and lighter colors reflect it, so the climate in your area matters when you are choosing what color shingles and type of roofing material that you plan to use.

Of course, lighter colors reflect the light keeping things cooler while darker colors absorb the light and keep warmth in.

And this is key in areas with colder winters like the Midwest.

You might love the look of a white roof, but a darker shade might be more energy efficient if you live in an area that gets seriously cold winters.

Its also useful to understand the natural sunlight in different areas and how that might affect the appearance of your roof.

The natural light in somewhere like Illinois or Wisconsin is very different than it is somewhere like Arizona or southern California, so keep your location in mind not only in regard to climate, but as to how the natural light will be cast and reflect on your roof and the overall colors of your home.

The local vegetation and what type of landscaping you have around your home also matter.

If you have a lot of deep green trees and bushes or other lush foliage, some colors will have a very different effect than if you are in the desert or in a tropical environment with palm trees and similar shrubbery.

This will affect your shingle color choice of course, as well as the type of roofing material that you choose.

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