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How To Repair Rotted Roof Plywood

Why Is My Roof Leaking In Winter

How To Replace Roof Plywood

Winter leaks are counter-intuitive. Everything else is frozen, so how is there water in your roof? In many cases, winter leaks are caused by ice dams. Ice forms on your gutters or in your roof valley, damaging the shingles. The heat from the house makes the bottom of the ice melt, which then trickles into the house. Of course, thats just the most common reason. Youll need an expert to find out why your roof is leaking in the winter.

How Do You Repair A Water Harmed Roofing System

Repairing Water Damages from a Roofing System Leakage You can frequently take care of water damages from a roofing system leakage with simply a wet-dry vac as well as a couple of followers if you uncover it immediately. Eliminate as much dampness from the location as feasible, completely completely dry the damaged products as well as check them gradually for indicators of troubles.

What to do if roofing system is dripping throughout tornado? Momentary Tape as well as Caulk Due To The Fact That it would certainly be harmful to get on the roofing system throughout a tornado, nonetheless, a tarpaulin is not the very best selection when you initial notification a leakage. The good news is, you can utilize roof covering tape or caulk inside your attic room to aid shut any type of openings or stop water from moving better.

Cost Of Roof Inspection

Having a roof inspection done helps to identify potential issues, provides solutions on what needs fixing, determines the condition and lifespan of your roof, and can help you keep your roof in good condition. As previously mentioned, its recommended that you have an inspection done twice a year, or after a major storm, to help you get ahead of problems before they become large or expensive.

Not to mention, a roof inspection will help determine whether your roof sheathing is damaged, rotted, and needs to be replaced. The average cost for a roof inspection is between $100 and $600, with most homeowners paying around $350 for both an internal and external inspection on a 1,500 square foot sloped roof. The actual price that you pay for a roof inspection varies based on the size, material, pitch, and condition of your roof.

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Adds Strength And Support To Your Roof

Roof sheathing helps distribute weight evenly across your roof. Since sheathing boards are affixed to your roofs trusses and joints its strongest supporting beams they help ensure that heavy loads of snow and precipitation dont cause bowing or sagging. They also help your roof to hold up asphalt shingles. Shingles can be a little heavier than youd expect, and sheathing helps ensure that any weight they add is distributed evenly across the span of your roof.

Just How Much Does It Set You Back To Deal With A Dripping Roofing System

Repair of Rotten Deck Plywood in Corner

Many property owner invest in between $300 as well as $1,100 for a roofing system repair, or an ordinary of $650 per repair phone call. Generally, a work is to repair leakages Seal the leakage, change tiles, secure the tiles. If there is a little location as well as couple of tiles being fixed, it will likely get on the reduced end, or as low as $150.

How do roofing professionals discover leakages? If you have an attic room, the most convenient method to identify the leakage is to up there on a stormy day. Water will certainly mirror light, so bring a flashlight along. When you situate the resource of the water, note the location. On a great day, have a assistant faucet dead-on while you get on the roofing system.

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What Is Roof Decking

Roof decking is essentially the part of your roof that connects it to your house. It lays on top of the structural trusses and supports the weight of your roofs shingles. In a way, it is the backbone of your entire roof.

Most roof decking is made up of plywood but some other materials like Oriented Strand Boards are sometimes used as well. Although, plywood is the better of the two in that it has good protection against any moisture and is more durable.

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Surprise : Rotten Decking

The number one issue roofers uncover during a tear-off is rotten or soft roof decking. Decking is the plywood sheathing that sits below your roofs shingles and doesnt always get replaced in every roofing project. In fact, if the decking seems to be in good shape, an honest roofer will usually leave it alone. However, if the roofer finds rotting or soft plywood when they tear off your homes shingles, theyll need to put in new sheathing first, before adding the roof on top of that.

Here are some signs that your deck is rotting:

  • Spongy or discolored wood
  • Flaky consistency or broken off pieces
  • Large areas of gray mold or dark wood
  • Plumbing leaks and broken drainage systems could also be a sign of rotten decking

Do Curling Shingles Need To Be Replaced

Roof repairs replacing rotten plywood

Yes, curling shingles need to be replaced and can cause a leak. Some manufacturers may tell you that a curled shingle is an aesthetic issue and not a function issue. But, a curled shingle can allow for leaks. If the curled shingles are on the edge of your roof, they are a sign that your gutters arent functioning properly If the curled shingles are elsewhere on your roof they may still allow water to travel beneath them, potentially leading to a leak.

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Roof Sheathing And Asphalt Roofing In Holland Mi

Your roof sheathing is an important component of your roofing system. Sheathing holds up your shingles, keeps the elements out, and helps distribute weight evenly across your roof. If you suspect your Holland or West Michigan home has damaged or old sheathing, get in touch with the experts at Werner Roofing.

Weve been building Holland roofs for years and would be happy to come out and inspect your roof sheathing to let you know whats going on. Schedule your free roofing estimate online today, or give us a call at 616-844-5382 and well get you a no-obligation estimate based on a professional inspection.

How Do I Know If I Have Rotted Roof Decking

  • Roofing
  • How Do I Know If
  • Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, being a line of defense against the ravages of nature. Nature is tenacious and aggressive, with weather, temperatures and pests working tirelessly to find ways in and ruin the beauty and integrity of your home.

    Water damage is probably the most insidious problem, with your structure beginning to rot, noxious and sometimes toxic molds growing, your possessions being ruined. Your home is a major investment, so you definitely want to do all you can to protect it from this kind of problem.

    Bad enough water damage can wind up destroying your house irreparably and can get your home condemned, sanctioned, or your insurance provider dropping you or at best, hiking your premiums up tremendously.Thus, if your roof has problems, you will want to know how to spot them, so you can get a professional to work remedying and recovering from these problems right away. If these problems are left unattended for long enough they can get out of hand, and become tremendously expensive and onerous to recover from.

    One of the bigger problems to watch out for, because its quite the project to repair if it gets away from you, is rotted roof decking. This can become dangerous and can spread fast, resulting in collapsing ceilings and structure, so if you have rotted roof decking, something has to be done about it right away, or dire consequences will result, guaranteed.

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    Detecting And Repairing Rot In Your Roof Decking

    Age or damage to your roof that causes moisture build-up in the roof decking can lead to rot, decay, and eventually, damage to other parts of your home. If you have moisture issues in your attic, would like peace of mind when buying or selling a home, or have had potential damage to your roof, like a tree fall or ice dam, its best to consult a professional roofer who will have the tools and expertise to diagnose any issues, strip your roof, and repair the damage.

    What causes roof rot? Roof decking is the thin layer of wood that spans the roofs trusses and supports the shingles and other roofing materials. Most roof decking is made of plywood or oriented strand board . These materials absorb moisture easily, so when either a leak in the roofing material or a build-up of condensation are routinely exposing the sheathing to moisture, eventually, the sheathing may rot or decay. Since the decking is hidden by the shingles, these problems can be tough for homeowners to spot until the damage has become severe.

    Severe damage to roof sheathing can affect the entire home. Fungus or mold build-up may affect the air quality in your home. Attic insulation may absorb moisture from the roof, which reduces the energy efficiency in your home. Moisture may even spread to and damage other systems, including the homes electrical system, and unchecked wet or dry rot can spread to other wood, possibly affecting the structure itself.

    Your roofers will:

    Things Homeowners Need To Know About Roof Decking

    Roofing Services

    Chances are, the shingles on your roof were attached on top of a plywood base. Sometimes referred to as roof sheathing or a roof deck, this plywood acts as a foundation for the layers of underlay and the shingles on your roof and connects the roof to the frame of the house. Even though it isnt visible, it is very important to the structure of your home.

    Unfortunately, because the roof sheathing isnt normally visible, damage can go unnoticed by homeowners. By the time youre aware of the problem, catastrophic repairs can be expensive. However, by being proactive, you can save your home from the same fate. Continue reading to learn the importance of inspecting your roofs plywood base, and the warning signs that it may be time to replace it.

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    How To Fix Rotted Roof Decking

    Rotted roof decking cannot be repaired — it must be replaced. Roof decking sits beneath the shingles used to protect the house from the weather. Moisture that passes this covering and seeps into the underlayment for the roof can cause leaks into the home and create greater problems. Leaky roofs lead to wet insulation, mold and mildew and costly repairs. To get a handle on this problem and stop it from spreading, replace rotted roof decking as soon as possible.


    Locate the rotted roof decking. Gain access to the attic to inspect the plywood or roof decking. Look up at the roof area. Note bad areas for removal.


    Remove the shingles over the area of the rotted roof decking identified previously. Locate nails that hold shingles in place by lifting up on the end shingle above the one you plan to remove. Slide the pronged end of the pry bar under the nail to lift it up for easy removal. Push down on the pry bar until you can grip the nail with the pliers to remove it. Remove all the nails in the shingle. Slide a putty knife under the edge of the shingle to loosen its hold on the roof. Lift the shingle away from the roof.


    Detach the nails that hold the exposed roofing felt in place following the same procedure used on the shingles. Score along the edge of the roofing felt with the utility knife to detach and remove the felt.




    Measure and cut plywood panels in the same thickness and dimensions as the removed pieces.


    When To Replace Plywood On Your Roof

    You may have heard of roof decking but have no idea what it is or why it is as important as it is to your roof. However, if this roof decking starts getting wet, it can start to rot and impact the entirety of your roof.

    According to Professional Choice Roofing in Lake Mary, Florida , you should replace the plywood on your roof as soon as possible if you see any kind of rot taking place. It can create even worse problems for your roof if you wait to replace it and even create mold and mildew after a while.

    In this article, you will learn a little bit about what roof decking is and how to identify wood rot in your roofs plywood so you know exactly when it is time to replace your roof decking and keep your roof in tip-top shape.

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    How To Repair Rotted Eaves

    This article was co-authored by Barry Zakar. Barry Zakar is a professional handyman and the founder of Little Red Truck Home Services based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over ten years of experience, Barry specializes in a variety of carpentry projects. He is skilled at constructing decks, railings, fences, gates, and various pieces of furniture. Barry also holds his MBA from John F. Kennedy University. This article has been viewed 65,662 times.

    Water damage and nesting animals can really take a toll on your homes eaves, but the good news is that fixing rotted eaves is actually a pretty simple project that you can do yourself. The best part? You’ll never have to climb onto your roof. Well walk you through everything you need to do to repair your eaves so theyre rot-free. Check out the steps below to get started!

    Types Of Shed Roof Repairs

    Replacing Rotten Plywood on a flat roof – Small repair is a disaster

    When you get down to it, there are hundreds of different types of repair you could do to a shed roof. But they fall into 3 basic categories: outer layers such as shingles and underlayment, sheathing or plywood, and roof rafters.

    Hopefully, you dont have rafter issues because that means the structural integrity of your shed is compromised dont go in it, particularly if there is a load of snow on top! Lets have a quick look at each repair type.

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    Types Of Roof Decking

    For residential structures, most roof decking is made fromplywood or a plywood composite called Oriented Strand Board, or OSB. OSB consists of intertwining wood strands that are bonded together with a waterproof resin. It is a popular choice as roof decking due to its low price point. Plywood, on the other hand, may be slightly more expensive than OSB but it is denser and offers greater protection against moisture.

    However, these arent the only types of roof sheathing used in the industry. There are many types of materials that can be used for roof decking, some of which are suitable for particular types of residential roofing systems:

    Fixing A Wood Shake Or Shingle Shed Roof

    Wood is beautiful. However, that beauty comes at a cost. If youve lost some wood shakes or shingles from your shed, then you are going to have some work ahead of you. Unlike standard asphalt shingles, wood shingles and shakes dont bend.

    Heres how to fix a shingle on the wood roof of your shed:

  • Remove the broken shingle. Use a hammer and chisel or flat head screwdriver to break up the shingle. Carefully pull out the broken pieces of the shingle. Careful not to damage the shingles around the damaged one.
  • Youve got to get the old nails out that held the damaged shingle in place. A shingle ripper is a marvelous tool for this purpose if you have a wood shingle roof, then investing in this tool is a good idea. Slide the ripper up under where nails are, then use a hammer and swing down on the ripper handle edge. This will cut the nails off at their base.
  • Once youve removed the nails, you can install your new shingle. Remember, a wood shingle needs about a quarter inch on each side to account for expansion and contraction, so measure carefully.
  • Install the new shingle, slide it up under the shingles above. Slide it until it is just about ½ below the other shingles in the row. Then, place your nail at a 45-degree angle so that it buts up against the edge of the shingle above the one you are installing. Nail it at that angle. Do this for both nails.
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    How To Repair Metal Shed Roof

    If you have a metal shed roof, then consider yourself lucky metal lasts forever and is far more unlikely to fly off in a storm unless you live in Kansas! With that being said, your shed metal roof can fail. Often its a leaky screw hole or improperly seated sections of roofing.

    Heres a quick overview of how to fix a metal roof on a shed.


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