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How Long Does It Take To Change A Roof

Tearing Off The Old Roof

How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take?

It is vital to tear off the old roof before installing a new one since it makes your replacing work easier. Removing the shingles or tiles helps you identify any other issue that may require your attention. For example, if you have decomposing woods or broken boards, tearing off the old roof makes it easier to spot.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof In Livingston Mi

Getting a new roof installation on your home can be a stressful time. It seems like youll be out of your home for ages but actually here at Livingston Roof Pros we can install a new roof quickly. Well have your home back to normal as soon as possible while still doing a good job on your roofing project. In this article Ill discuss some of the time frames that youll face when getting a new roof installed and things that may lengthen the process as well. Theres no one answer to how does it take to replace a roof but actually a few. Ill go over the details in this article.

Theres No Predicting The Weather

Finally, when it comes to giving you an estimate on how long it will take to install your roof, you have to remember theres no predicting the weather. Roofing is best done in warm, dry, conditions, but we all know that West Michigan weather doesnt always cooperate. While roofing crews will do their best to work through inclement weather to finish your roof as quickly as possible, they can only do it so long as theyre safe. If it becomes too dangerous for the crew to remain on top of your roof, theyll have to stop until the weather clears up.

Though poor weather can mean your roofing job will take longer, dont worry about the security of your new roof. Roofing crews will always make sure your roof is covered in plenty of tarps, and well-secured against wind and water while they wait for warmer weather.

In the end, the time it will take to install your new roof depends on a variety of factors: the size of your home, the pitch of your roof, what shape your old roof was in, and what the weather will be like. Any quality, experienced roofing company will work to make sure you get the absolute best roof, in the shortest time frame, but there are some factors you just cant account for.

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How Long Does It Take To Replace A Shingle Roof

One of the most popular questions roofing customers asks is How long does it take to replace a shingle roof? Generally speaking, most homes with a shingle roof take between 1-3 days but its not the case with every roof. In extreme cases, it can take as long as two weeks when if there are a lot of factors the roofers are up against.

The length of time it takes to replace a shingle roof can be estimated more accurately by taking the following factors into consideration.

Replacement Rotten Wood Rafters Reinforcement Installation

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?

How long does it take to change a roof tile. Not every roof installation is the same, of course, but this is the general outline for replacing your roof, as well as for working with an insurance company to cover the cost. Time constraints of replacing a roof. But hurricanes, hail, and lack of maintenance can knock years off of the total lifespan of a tile roof.

You must ensure it is the same type of tile or it may not work and can result in damage even though you’ve tried to repair it. How long your roofing material lasts largely depends on the climate you live in. A tile roof built using todays standards and guidelines should last a minimum of 15 years with most lasting up to 30 years.

There are a lot of determining factors such as environmental and what underlayment is used. Ask for the name of the manufacturer, notify the company of the change in ownership, and find out if the warranty transfers to you. How long does a tile roof last?

Depending on your state, this can take anywhere between 2 days and 4 weeks. Severe weather pushes the replacement process a little bit longer. And when the time comes to get a new roof, you want it done well and done fast.

The second day is to install the roof. Roof replacement during these conditions results in a poor installation. The truth is, it really shouldve been at more like 27 years.

The short answer is, it depends. But how long does a 30 year roof really last? Usually take longer to install than other tile types.

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Roof Replacement: What To Expect

There comes a time for most homeowners where the worst-case scenario happens: you need to have your roof replaced. It is something we all hope to avoid dealing with but may have to deal with during our time as homeowners.

The need to replace your roof can come for a number of different reasons. One of the most common is in the wake of a particularly heavy storm. Rain and wind damage can lead to several parts of the roof that are broken which then means that you have to replace the roof as a whole.

It could also be due to the age of the roof. If your roof has not been replaced in a long time, weather and age can take a toll on your roof that can leave it less than effective towards protecting yourself and the rest of your home.

Whatever the reason, there can come a time where you need to replace that roof and upgrade to something more effective and current than what you might have had. This doesnt have to be a nightmare scenario if you choose the right roofing company.

But the one question you might have is can I live at home while my roof is being replaced? After all, if the roof is under construction, you might feel like you arent protected from the elements, so how can you live there while the roof is being worked on?

Do You Need To Replace Gutters When Replacing Your Roof

No, you dont have to replace your gutters when reproofing your house. If you do need new gutters its important to wait until your roof has been replace before you remove and replace your gutters. You can also keep you current gutters. Most local roofing contractors will take proper precautions to cover your gutters while working on your roof.

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Coordinate With The Roofing Contractors

Ultimately, the roofing replacement process is more of a team effort than you might think. You need to work with the roofing company to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that everything is accommodated. When this isnt the case, it can make for a rough and uncomfortable experience.

A proper, professional roofing company will take any and all special care to coordinate with you and let you know what is happening each step of the way. Safety is paramount in these situations and if there is any major inconvenience that you may have to deal with, the roofing company will be sure to communicate that with you.

Since your roof is your homes first line of defense, keeping it in the best condition possible is paramount. Keeping it in great condition is important for the investment that is your home and increasing the equity of your home.

The right roofing replacement professionals will take the most care possible each step of the way and will communicate any issues along the way. It might not be the most ideal of scenarios but having your roof replaced does not have to be a massive inconvenience.

It might be a few days of things being out of the norm, but you will be able to move forward with a brand new roof that will protect you and yours for a long time to come.

We Can Help With Your New Roof Installation

How Long does it take to install a rubber roof?

So, how long does it take to replace a roof? Not every roof installation is the same, of course, but this is the general outline for replacing your roof, as well as for working with an insurance company to cover the cost. For help with new roof installation, reach out to National Home Improvement today. We are happy to provide a free quote!

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Your Neighbor Is Replacing Their Roof

In many cases, contractors build homes at relatively the same time as the neighboring houses. If your roof is showing signs of its age or even weather damage, the chances are that some surrounding homes will be experiencing those same issues.

If youve noticed a neighbor getting their roof replaced, theres a good chance that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. If this is the case, it might be time to start considering a roof replacement. Keep reading as we look at the replacement process and how long it will take!

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement

Yes, you can stay home during a roof replacement. I have personally been at home for two roof replacements and take it from me, it was a very loud experience. If you need peace and quiet you may want to vacate the premises while the work is going on. You also want to avoid standing under the soffits or gutter line while the roofers are working.

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Aspects That Factor Into Roof Replacement

How long does it take roofers to replace a roof may sound like a straightforward and simple question. But the answer is anything but. Many things go into consideration when carrying out such a project. Here are some of the most significant factors thatll have an impact on how long itll take to install a new roof on your house.

Looking To Replace Your Roof Let Us Answer Your Questions

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof on Average?

Here at All Surface Roofing, we take great pride in our quality services. Turn to us to answer all your questions, ranging from how long it will take to replace your roof to what your roof replacement options are. To learn more about our experienced team of roofers or to get your free, on-site estimate in the Portland area, contact us today.

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What Factors Determine How Long It Takes To Replace A Roof

Now that we have a better idea of the general timeline, we can look at each of the potential factors. Each of these factors could add a substantial amount of time to your overall replacement timeline. It also depends on the professional that you go with. More experience, particularly with a specific issue, can lead to a quicker turnaround time as well.

Getting Rid Of Old Roof

  • The process begins with the contractor tearing of the old roof of your home. Removing the worn out shingles with care is very important because it will make replacing a roof easier. When the shingles are removed from the roof, you can also see any other issues that need to be addressed. For example, you may find cracked boards or rotting wood on the top.

These are not as easy to spot when the shingles are installed. If significant damage is found under the shingles, then it may extend the time due to repairs.

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Dont Put Off Roof Replacement

No matter what the season is, the best time to get your roof replaced is as soon as it needs it.

You should never wait too long to get your roof replaced.

Many homeowners wait until it’s an emergency situation, forcing them to make a quick decision and finally get their long-overdue roof replacement scheduled.

When you wait until an emergency to replace your roof, these issues will likely damage other aspects of your home.

That could lead you to spend much more money on other repairs to your home in addition to a new roof.

Planning ahead and replacing your roof on time allows you to make well-educated decisions.

Getting your roof replaced shouldnt be taken lightly because it’s a large investment that will impact your home’s look and comfort, and efficiency.

Take the time to do your research, hire an experienced roofing contractor, and carefully select your roofing materials to fit your home and your budget.

And don’t wait too long to get it done.

Leaks Are A Common Problem


If your roof is prone to leaks, its likely time for that replacement roof! Roof leaks are one of the significant signs that a roof is beginning to fail. While you can repair many roof leaks, statistics show that these repairs become more costly the older a roof gets.

If your roof is sprouting regular leaks, it may be time to consider replacing your roof. The cost of consistent minor repairs will eventually add up. Furthermore, multiple leaks are forming indicates that the roof is ready to be replaced.

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Choose The Right Contractor

Before you can begin the roof replacement process, you need to choose the right contractor. Its the first step in this step-by-step guide to roof replacement, and this is not a job to take lightly. The skill and experience of your contractor can affect the quality of your roof. With the right contractor, you may be able to get a long-lasting roof that can handle the harsh climate of Indianapolis.

To choose the right company for your roof, you need to do a little research. Look for a contractor who:

How Do You Know The Roof Needs Replacing

A properly installed roof can last for decades, even in high-humidity conditions like those common to Florida. Its recommended that you perform regular roof checks at least once every year. An unchecked roof could cause even more significant damage to your home and potentially put you at risk. When inspecting your roof, some of the warning signs you should look for are:

  • Damaged or loose tiles or shingles
  • Moss growth

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Your Shingles Have Deteriorated

If you have a shingled roof, inspecting the condition of your shingles is a great way to assess whether or not your roof needs to be replaced.

When inspecting your shingles, there are two main aspects you need to look for:

  • You want to inspect whether any of the shingles are buckled or curled. This is a clear sign that your roof needs replacement.
  • Youll want to inspect your gutters. If you find pieces of your shingles in your gutter, its a sign that pieces of your shingles are breaking down when it rains another sign your roof needs a replacement!
  • Discolored Walls Or Ceilings

    How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof

    Notice water stains and discoloration in your walls or ceilings? Thats almost a guarantee that there is a major problem with your roof, and you should contact a contractor ASAP. If you plan to clean it yourself Defy Roof Cleaner is an ideal solution for roofs that have new stains that havent completely set in.

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    The Size Of The Building

    The bigger the building, the longer it will take to complete the roof replacement process. For example, you can use as short a time as one day to replace a building under 1200 square feet and at least two days for a bigger house.

    In the absence of any barring problem, most homes below 4000 square feet take three days to replace the roof.

    What If It Rains While Roofing

    Roofing in the rain is an unsafe practice. Roofers should postpone work until the roof is dry enough to work on without slipping or sliding off of the roof. Its critical to watch the forecast. Laying tarp on bare roof decking is a common when the roofers have time to prepare. If your bare decking does get wet it may be best to allow it to dry before completing the job.

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    Picking Your Materials/ Preparation

    Shingles or tile? Maybe you should use shakes? If you go with shingles, should they be 3-tab shingles, premium shingles, dimensional shingles, or impact-resistant shingles? What color should you choose?

    Plans are made during this initial stage. Its the important first step that makes the installation of your new roof system much simpler.

    During the preparation phase, if youre going to leave the house while someone else installs your roof, you should be getting ready to go. You dont have to leave, but if you stay you will be hearing constant noise for a few hours at least.

    The Busiest Times Of The Year

    How Long Does A 30 Year Roof Really Last?

    Late in the summer and early in the fall are usually the year’s busiest times for roofing contractors.

    Since the demand for roofs is higher, the prices will usually be higher as well.

    And roof repair companies will be busier with fewer available openings.

    If you want the possibility of lower prices and want to be sure your roofing contractor is available, schedule your roof to be replaced before or after this time.

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    What Does A Roof Replacement Look Like

    So, now that you are aware of the timeline for the typical roof replacement, you should know what the actual process looks like. You dont need to know all of the ins and outs, but it gives you a better idea of what happens so that you can feel a little at ease during the process.

  • Materials show up. The materials will show up before the workers do. Make sure that they are stored in a dry area with close access to the roof. You also dont want them delivered days in advance as they could kill your grass.
  • Moving vehicles. When the contractor comes, you will need to make sure that all vehicles are out of the garage or driveway. That means being able to come and go as you please and also protects your vehicles from any loose debris that could fall during the replacement.
  • Protective measures. The contractor will prepare the project by putting safety precautions in place. This ensures that the workers are safe and that your landscaping is protected as well.
  • The replacement starts in earnest. The old roof gets torn away and the old materials go into a dump trailer. Depending on the contractor, part of the team may start working on the torn-up area as the rest of the old roof is removed.
  • Installation. The gutters will be cleaned and then the installation begins in earnest. Shingles come first, then ridge capping, with vents coming last.

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