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How To Seal A Leaking Metal Roof

Why A Metal Roof Leaking At Ridge Is Such A Big Deal

Anyone can Repair a Metal Roof Seam leak in 3 minutes DIY Turbo Poly Seal

As a whole, metal roofs are one of the most durable, user-friendly, and longest-lasting type of roof constructions that you can find in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Whether youre talking about an accent roof to an existing residential home or a complete metal roof for a new commercial structure, there are quite a few advantages to having a metal roof. But like most things in life, there are a few flaws associated with this type of roofing. And unfortunately, in the Huntsville area, with its frequent storms, the chance of your metal roof leaking at the ridge is certainly one of them. Here are a few reasons why a metal roof leaking at ridge is a big problem, and what to do about it.

Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

You must know whether your roof is leaking before finding the leakage location and addressing the issue.Below are some signs that water may be leaking through your metal roofing:

  • If the problem is quite severe, you may spot water dropping through the metal roofing whenever it rains or the snow begins to melt. But this is unlikely to happen if your home has a ceiling or attic.
  • While you may not see any sign of water drops, you may hear dripping sounds in your home.
  • Puddles of water may form on the floor underneath where the source of the leak is located.
  • Some of the items you store in an area with a leaky spot may end up damp or even moldy after the rains.
  • Water stains provide the most visible evidence of leakages on your metal roofs long after it rains or snows. These stains are usually ringed with brown and visible on the ceiling or roof sheathing within the attic.
  • Both the external and internal walls may have damp spots.
  • The paint on your walls may begin to bubble and peel every time it rains.
  • In the rooms where the leaks are, you may experience a musty odor.
  • There may be signs of mold or moss, especially on the outside of your property.
  • The wooden frames that support your roof may show signs of water damage, such as rot.
  • You may see missing metal shingles or debris from your roof on the ground or in the downspouts of your gutter system.

What Is Your Purpose Of Sealing What Benefits Do I Get From Sealants

Sealants tend to pose many different qualities that will overall improve the quality and lifeline of your roof. Some of them include

  • Structural protection for your roof

This is the most common reason why people purchase sealants. They not only help seal up any cracks already on your roof, but they also help prevent the occurrence of new ones. That said, a sealant will help maintain a stronger structure for your roof, save it from the adverse effects of the elements and ultimately, save you money from all those costly roof repairs that would otherwise come about.

  • Temperature regulation retain that smile through the seasons

The roof sealant acts by forming a protective barrier around your roof. With its UV regulation and sunlight reflection properties, this would mean cooler overall internal temperatures in the summer and warmer winters. With this, you can save those extra costs on your power consuming Air conditioning.

  • Reducing wear and tear on your roof

Your roof is arguably the first line of defense against attacks by the elements. It takes a lot of beating over time, which eventually results in wear and tear. With a rubber sealant providing that extra layer of protection, the wear and tear will be reduced to a bare minimum, resulting in far longer roof shelf life.

  • Reducing costs

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Metal Roofing Issue #: Incompatible Materials

Metal roof systems require specific materials that prevent corrosion and oxidation. Using certain metals together can cause a negative reaction like corrosion and oxidation and negatively affect the waterproof dependability of metal roofing.

Using the right materials to install the flashing for the vulnerable areas of your building is critical. Areas such as skylights, vents, etc., are usually where the source of the leak lies. The wrong metals and sealants will do more harm than good for the integrity of your metal roof.

When you use sealant, utilize an acrylic or urethane coating. Not only will these options seal the space where leaks happen, theyll also help prevent rust. An alternative to using sealant is butyl tape.

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber In A Can

Anyone can Repair a Metal Roof Seam leak in 3 minutes DIY ...

    This next product prides itself in being one of the longer-lasting sealants on our list. The Flex Seal Liquid Rubber in a Can will come in handy for when you need a flexible, yet waterproof rubberized coating for your roof. Due to its liquid nature, it is smooth to apply with a roll or brush. Its proprietary formulation then works by starting out as being a thick liquid, then drying quickly to a strong, watertight, yet flexible rubberized coating. This coating easily seals out all the air, water and moisture from your surfaces.

    The sealant is made from fully non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable material. It is also UV-resistant, so you are guaranteed the extra protection against the suns rays. All this yet it still holds up against any form of corrosion, rust, chemicals or mildew. Flex is also paint-friendly, meaning. Once dry, you can add on the paint of your choosing.

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What To Consider When You Own Or Buy A Property With A Metal Roof

If you own a property with a metal roofing system or are considering buying one, keep all these characteristics and other potential issues in mind when you are negotiating the deal and when you are working with your insurance company .

In regard to metal roofing, as in any other property or assets you own, be sure to document everything early and often. Youll thank yourself in the future.

What Can Be Done

In the case of a metal roof, preventative measures are a fantastic way to nip the problem in the bud as it were. Regular inspections of your roof by a professional that is familiar with the various building codes in the Huntsville, Alabama area is essential for maintaining the health of your roof. Even if you only have inspection once every year or so, its a great way to discover minor issues before they become major problems.

Once you do discover that your metal roof ridge is leaking, either by personal experience or through an inspection, the next step is to talk to a professional roofing company, such as 2nd2None Roofing. While it may be tempting to climb up on the roof yourself and fix the problem area, we sincerely suggest that you talk to us before doing so. Not only are there safety concerns to consider, but our experts have been trained to not only diagnose the problem correctly the first time, but also to offer the most cost-effective, and longest-lasting and budget-friendly remedy available.

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Metal Roofing Issue #: Water Movement

If your metal roof is leaking, it could have something to do with recent patch repairs. The design of the roofing system should allow for water to flow off easily, and if youve had any patchwork done to fix holes, they could be at fault.

If the materials used to patch up your roof dont allow for proper elongation, it will cause water to pool up and get stuck in that area. Always make sure that the materials being used to fix your roof are flexible. That way theyll move along with the rest of the metal paneling.

Jan Why Is My Metal Roof Leaking 3 Likely Causes Of Premature Roof Leaks

Repair Metal Roof Leaks | 3 methods shown Learn How to DIY | Turbo Poly Seal vs Super Silicone Seal

There are countless reasons to have a commercial or residential metal roof installed. Theyre durable, environmentally sustainable, and dont typically require much maintenance. A painted metal roof can last for several decades and will even sustain 95% of its initial reflectance and emittance over time.

But even if a company uses the best residential or commercial metal roofing supplier for their metal roofing products, the high quality of the metal roof sheets wont make a difference if the installation isnt up to par.

In ideal circumstances, you shouldnt have to repair or replace metal roofs for quite some time. But the reality is that if a homeowner or business owner hires a contractor who doesnt specialize in steel roofing or if they choose to go the DIY route theres a lot that can go awry. And, unfortunately, the owner might not realize theres anything amiss until a rainstorm or a blizzard comes along, which can often result in emergency repair or replacement.

Remember: a brand new metal roof should not have leaks. If it does, its likely due to one of these three causes:

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Fixing Leaks In The Vent Boots

The flashing for plumbing vent pipes is often a source of leaks the rubber boot around the pipe can develop cracks or tears. If the aluminum flashing is not leaking, it may be possible to replace just the boot. Remove the old boot and slide the replacement over the vent pipe.

  • To replace the flashing, youll need to determine the proper diameter of the boot. .
  • Once youve found a new unit, use a flat bar to carefully pry up the exposed front edge of the old flashing, remove any nails, and lift the base and boot off the pipe.
  • Apply a generous bead of roof sealant to the underside of the new flashing unit slide it over the pipe and under the shingle course just above the pipe.
  • Replace any nails, sealing all exposed headsor use nails with neoprene washers.
  • How To Repair Metal Roofing

    Need help NOW? Get a Local Metal Roofing Pro Fast!

    Metal roofs are very durable, but because of storm damage, rust, or expansion and contraction of the metal, they occasionally need repair.

    Before making repairs yourself, investigate whether you have any paperwork on the original purchase of your roofthe warranty may cover some or all of the repair costs.

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    Henry He587372 Roof Coating

      With every purchase of the HENRY HE587372 Roof Coating, you get a 5-gallon adhesive bucket of awesomeness. Despite being number ten on our list, this white roof coating comes ready to impress. With features such as its easy to use kit that will make your coating experience seamless. Every application results in a thick layer, with high insulation properties. In fact, some users have attested to the product lowering your roofs temperatures by as much as 40 degrees.

      The Hendry also has relatively good pricing. It can be used on near every roofing material you throw at it and if you follow its application instructions to the latter, it will leave your roof brand new and cool. Speaking of application, you might need to wear sunglasses when applying on a sunny day, because of its high reflective qualities, which only stands to prove of its immediate effectiveness.

      The coating is also made from an elastomeric material, which allows room for elongation and when the coating has cured fully, it allows room for moisture or vapor to breath out of any underlying substrate or vent.

    Replace Affects Metal Roofing Sections

    Metal Roofs that Leak: Repair Options

    If some sections of your roof are missing, replacement is the only option. You can also replace badly corroded roof flashings and panels.

    In addition, you can replace roofing fasteners and washers, which have backed up or deteriorated, with new ones. You can also remove old metal sealants and recaulk the joints that need sealing.

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    Repairing Your Metal Roof

    One of the positive aspects of metal roofing systems is how they can be repaired and maintained for several decades which helps how long a roof lasts.

    In fact, most metal roofing systems can last for several decades before they need to be replaced that said, it is suggested by most experts that you have your metal roof inspected every 2 years in order to make sure there arent any structural issues or small leaks that could turn into bigger problems and metal roof leak repair sealant should be applied.

    Small problems that could eventually turn into bigger issues include discovering and replacing areas that are suffering from oxidation, determining if fasteners are starting to loosen , and other small metal roof problems can go a long way towards preventing bigger maintenance or replacement projects in the future.

    Unique Considerations With Metal Roofs

    Repairs to a metal roof can be particularly difficult. Metal roofing repairs are prone to premature failure because the patched area may have a different rate of expansion and contraction than the surrounding metal. This difference in expansion and contraction between the two products places stress on the repair, which can lead to cracking, splitting, and ultimately, failure of the patch.

    The following is a recommended process for repairing a hole in a metal roof system. It should work for nearly any type of metal roof, assuming you select patching material that matches the type of metal used in your roof.

    Most of the tools and materials you’ll need can be found at any home center or hardware store, but you may need to seek some of these items from a roofing store that carries a range of roofing materials and repair products.

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    Successful Water Proof Application And Method Must Provide Solutions

    • Repairs to a metal roof surface that is quick & efficient – without creating a construction site that will impact existing business.
    • Waterproof membrane contour around roof fixtures i.e. heating and air conditioning
    • Method of waterproof application suitable to accessing rooftops & difficult areas.
    • Spray applied waterproofing is installed without affecting or disrupting the workplace beneath.
    • Liquid Membranes are sprayed within difficult to access rooftops

    Check For Holes Or Tears In The Flashing

    How to stop a leak on a METAL ROOF JOINT OR SEAM Turbo Poly Seal

    Cracks, tears, and holes in the flashing material are all likely suspects. Also, check for places where leaves and twigs may have built up and prevented water from draining away. Its also a good time to assess the general health of the roof. Leaks can often be symptomatic of an old roof that needs to be replaced.

    If the roof is flat or low-pitched, look for penetrations or blocked drains. Another trouble area may be indicated by puddleslow spots from which the water cant drain. While youre walking around, feel for soft spots under the roof surface that may indicate damage caused by water.

    If you have trouble finding the leak, you might want to try to reproduce it by soaking different spots with a garden hose or bucket of water. Have someone on the inside watch out for telltale signs and call when they appear.

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    How To Fix A Leaking Roof From The Inside

    Wednesday June 24, 2020

    The roof is one section of your property that requires a high level of maintenance. Once it starts to leak, the roof can be fixed from either the inside or outside. On account of the myth that fixing a leaking roof from the inside is impossible, some homeowners seek outright replacement of their roof.

    There are ways, including Do-It-Yourself methods, of fixing a leaking roof, but it takes the curious and skilled roofer to do this correctly and come out with a process that wont end up creating more leakages in the roof.

    So, rather than opting for or recommending a complete replacement, lets walk through the best ways to fix your leaking roof. Youll need to get some tools to carry out a successful fix on your leaky roof. They include the scraper, leak patch, bucket, caulking, and roofing tar.

    Seal The Leaking Metal Roof:

    Undoubtedly, metal roofs are durable and long-lasting only if you have installed them correctly. Excitingly! You dont need to maintain this material regularly because of its incredible infrastructure and properties. For sure, you can give your home a stylish and magical appearance with a metal roof. The best thing is that you can choose this roofing material in any shape, size and texture of your choice.

    Even if this material is highly durable, it will damage over time without a proper sealant. The main reason behind the damages for this type of roofing is environmental changes. Metal sheets will contract in the winter season and expand in the summer.

    This contraction or expansion may create cracks in the sheets. For this, you have to fix the cracks immediately with the help of an appropriate sealant. You can seal the leaking roof yourself or also with the help of professionals. It all depends on the leakage condition and also your budget. In this way, you can save the metal roof from vulnerable damages in the future.

    Lets begin fixing the leakage or rusting issues with proper sealing of metal roofs:

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    Patching Nail Hole Leaks

  • Locate the leak and place plywood on the metal around it to protect the metal.

  • Use a hammer or screwdriver to remove the nail or screw that is in the leaking hole.

  • Fill the hole with roofing tar placed in a caulking gun. Use three to four pumps of the caulking gun to ensure you have adequately filled the hole.

  • Put a new screw into the metal, several inches above or below the original hole you just filled. Remove the plywood that is protecting the metal.


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