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Is A Metal Roof Cheaper

What Is Metal Roofing

Shingle Roof VS Metal Roof – What Roof is Better???

Metal roofing, as the name suggests are made up of metals like, aluminum, copper, steel, tin, and zinc. They come in the form of corrugated metals, slate roofs, or tile roofs.

Having a metal sheet up on the roof can prove advantageous if you are looking for a long term investment because of its longer life span, sturdiness, low maintenance, and great return on investment. It is a one time investment which can last up to 50-80 years depending upon the metal type.

Can You Put A Metal Roof On Top Of Shingles

Since most metal roofing is light, pliable and thin, it’s usually possible to put these panels on top of your existing shingles. Both the shingles and underlayment should be in good condition so you don’t have to replace your whole structure for at least a couple of decades.

You may want to consult a professional in the roofing industry to inspect the top of your house and determine the quality of your existing shingles. It’s also helpful to consider what local regulations require for your roof. In general, most states allow you to have a maximum of two or three layers on top of your house, so if you’ve already had this done, you’d need to remove the existing layers before installing your new roof.

What’s My Return On Investment For A Metal Roof

A metal roof is often referred to as a “Lifetime Roof”, meaning you should only need to purchase one in your life for your house. It’s a long-term investment. The upfront cost of a metal roof will be more than a quality asphalt roof. However, the overall costs over the lifetime of the roof will be less with a metal roof.

When you look at the ROI for a metal roof, you have to look at least 15 years in the future. If you don’t plan on living in your house for 15 years, then asphalt shingles will have a better ROI. You will not live there long enough to recoup the higher initial costs. An asphalt shingle roof has a better ROI until you have to replace the first shingle roof with a second roof. When you hit that point in time a metal roof would have been a much better investment.

If you do expect to live in your home for 15 years or longer than a metal roof will have a better long term ROI. You are buying a product that’s more energy efficient, has lower insurance premiums, and requires less maintenance. You have to factor in the longevity of a metal roof versus an asphalt shingle roof.

In this article we will answer these questions with real numbers.

  • What’s the cost of one metal roof and do I have additional monthly savings?
  • How much is the cost of two asphalt shingle roofs?
  • What has a better ROI, one metal roof or two asphalt shingle roofs?

Here are some statistics from the Metal Roofing Alliance that detail what a new metal roof will cost and how long it will last.

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Does A Metal Roof Make The House Hotter

Although metal is known to absorb heat when exposed to sunlight, this doesnt directly equate to making your house hotter. In fact, its the opposite. A metal roof is the coolest roof you can install on your home, and it will actually help you save on air conditioning bills, by reflecting suns rays back into the atmosphere.

In fact, asphalt roofing is considered to be the material that can potentially make the house much hotter.

The framing directly underneath the roof will also affect the heat absorbed. A properly ventilated roof frame, or an attic will prevent the accumulation of too much heat due to sunlight.

Metal Roofs Offer Better Resistance To Wild Animals Pests Rodents Raccoons Etc Than Traditional Roofs

Is It Cheaper To Get Metal Roof Or Shingles?

In heavily wooded regions such as Ontario, it is common for rodents and raccoons to invade your home from tree branches. Metal roofs offer better protection from these rodents as they cannot damage your metal roof to penetrate your roof space. However, several incidences have been reported where these raccoons and rodents have damaged wood or asphalt shingles, thus, causing further damages inside such homes. With a metal roof, you dont need to worry about these issues as youre safely guarded against them, making it impossible for pests to cause damage.

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Which Roof Is Less Expensive

Shingles are a popular option for most homes, but they may not be the most efficient when it comes to the cost that you spend. Most homeowners find that paying for a metal roof is a little more expensive when they first put it up. The installation requires specialty parts that are harder to gain access to compared to asphalt shingles. This can make it a little bit more expensive when you first hire a contractor.

However, since the metal roof will last a lot longer, it may cost less over the lifetime of the roof. A shingle roof will usually last about 20 years or so before it needs to be replaced. A metal roof could last for more than 50 years as long as the homeowner takes good care of it. This means that while you may have to pay a little bit more to install the roof because of the specialized materials, it can cost you less overall compared to a shingle roof.

The Lifespan Of A Metal Roof Versus A Shingle Roof

The lifespan of a roof is the number of years you get out of it. Both roofs have good lifespans, but a metal roof will last longer than a shingle roof.

For example, a dimensional shingle roof can last up to 30 years, while a standing-seam metal roof can last up to 50 years. Both a metal roof and a shingle roof should get as close as possible to their maximum lifespan as long as they have adequate attic ventilation and are installed properly.

Keep in mind, there are always factors like extreme weather, the climate of your area, and more that will ultimately determine how long both roof systems will last. However, as long as you invest in quality materials and hire a great roofing contractor, you should get peace of mind for years to come, no matter which roof you choose.

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Energy Efficiency And Eco

As homeowners become more aware of the wider environmental effects of heating and cooling their homes, many begin to prioritize efficiency as both a means of saving money and protecting the environment. Metal is a highly reusable material, with many metal roofs being made of about 30%60% recycled metal. Their high durability also means they dont need to be replaced as often, whereas torn and damaged asphalt shingles end up in the landfill.

Additionally, since most metal roofs are reflective, they direct the heat of the sun away from the building they cover, blocking heat and lowering cooling costs. Even non-reflective metal can be treated with special paint that blocks UV rays. Experts typically estimate that youll save about 20%30% off the cost of cooling your home in the summer with a metal roof.

Metal Roof Offer Several Advantages Over Other Types Of Roofs:

Why you may want to consider installing a metal roof
  • Durability: Metal roofs can last 50 years or more with little or no maintenance, while asphalt shingles typically need to be replaced every 20 years.
  • Energy efficiency: Metal roofs reflect radiant heat away from the building in summer and retain heat in winter, helping to keep the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Fire resistance: Metal roofs are non-combustible and will not contribute to a fire spreading.
  • Resistance to weathering: Metal roofs do not corrode or rust in wet environments, and are less likely to be damaged by high winds.
  • Metal roofs can also be installed over an existing roof without the need for tearing off the old roof, which saves time and money.
  • Maintenance: Metal roofs are relatively low-maintenance due to their resistance to damage from weathering or insect infestation. A covered metal roof will last longer with less need for repair compared with an uncovered one. Over time, some small repairs might be necessary, usually involving removal of the shingles and replacing them with new ones.
  • Metal roofs are also highly recyclable. They can be recycled into other roofing products, such as shingles and gutters. This helps reduce the cost and environmental impact of future installations.
  • Air quality: Metal roofs can help filter out air pollution, resulting in cleaner air inside the building.

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Influences On The Cost Of A Metal Roof:

  • Panel Type: A few factors here influence pricing but the big two are whether panels are overlapping or interlocking, and if theyre interlocking, whether they interlock on all four sides or not. With more folds and cuts, the designing and production of interlocking panels is more expensive, and they take up more room in shipping, hence their higher prices. But they look great and are frequently higher-quality metal, too, for a longer life on your roof.
  • Substrate: Closely related to the panel type . What type of metal is probably the biggest cost influence next to roof size and labor, because different metals have different life expectancies. Aluminum and galvanized steel are the big players in residential roofing because their cost versus value is high and they provide great return on the investment. Other products that perform exceptionally well are copper, zinc, and stainless steel, but theyre cost-prohibitive for the average home and tend to be used more rarely.
  • Underlayment Choice: Overlooking this is a big mistake because underlayment is integral to the well-being of the metal cladding and everything thats underneath the roof. This is the critical water and element barrier, and the better quality your investment here, the more security youll have but also less noise from rain and hail, and more energy conservation. You get what you pay for.
  • Is There A Metal Roof Insurance Discount

    If you live in a region that has frequent hail storms such as Texas then you’re more likely to receive an insurance discount when compared to someone that lives in California. However, it’s dependent upon the insurance company. Let’s call this a “maybe” and call your insurance company to see if you qualify for a policy discount.

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    Is A Metal Roof Worth It

    Installing a metal roof has a greater upfront cost than asphalt composite shingles, but it lasts much longer and provides substantial energy cost savings. Metal roof costs are comparable to roofs made of wooden shakes or slate tiles, but metal is sturdier and more durable. Compare your current budget against the budget needed to maintain other roofing materials before making your choice.

    Is It Cheaper To Install A Metal Roof Or Asphalt Shingles

    Is a metal roof cheaper than shingles?

    It might sound odd at first, but we truly live in a golden age of roofing materials. Customers have more options and possibilities than ever before, but this can be a double-edged sword. It can be more difficult than ever to know the ins and outs of all of these types before you make a choice, and thats why doing the proper research is essential.

    Youll always be well served to discuss your re-roofing or replacement options with a roof repair contractor in New Bern NC, but it cant hurt to start looking into them on your own. With that in mind, weve created a guide to help you navigate the price differences between two of the most popular options: traditional asphalt shingles and metal roofing.

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    Metal Roofs Yield Substantial Energy Savings

    Even though the lifespan savings of a metal roof are the most significant, there are several other types of savings.

    A metal roof can result in up to 30% home energy savings .

    A significant portion of home heat derives from absorption of solar radiation on the roof. Asphalt shingles have among the highest absorption rates of roofing material, so when the sun hits them, they heat up the homes living space. Metal roofs counteract this heating mechanism by reflecting solar radiation away from the house. During hot summer months, this reduces the heat in the homes living space, thereby reducing energy costs of cooling the home. If you frequently use A/C during the summer, youll find you have a significantly lower heating bill after installing a metal roof.

    Is Metal Roofing Cheaper Than Shingles Factoring In Replacement Cost And Inflation

    One thing that we don’t know for sure is: what will a new roof cost in the future?The cost of a new roof seems to double about every 15 years. Let’s look at these numbers based upon this happening and an escalated replacement cost of the existing roof..

    • Cost Before 15 Years = $15,000
    • Cost After 15 Years = $15,000 + $30,000 = $45,000
    • Cost After 30 Years = $15,000 + $30,000 + $60,000 = $105,000
    • Cost After 45 Years = $15,000 + $30,000 + $60,000 + $120,000 = $225,000

    Now, can I tell you for certain a new roof will double in cost every 15 years? I can’t guarantee it, but it’s likely based on past data.

    The example above is intended to provide a realistic example of a likely replacement cost scenario. What you can be certain of is a significant increase of greater than 50% every 15 years.

    Either way, today’s price of $27,500 is much cheaper than the price of 2-4 asphalt roofs that will increase in cost each time they are replaced.

    When you look at the numbers above, there are two paths that you can take to see an ROI for your new roof.

  • If you plan on living in your house for more than 15 years, a metal roof will be a less expensive long term investment.
  • If you’re not planning on living in your house for 15 years or more, asphalt shingles will probably be your best bet.
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    Cost Of Metal Roof Underlayment

    Roofing underlayment is the layer of material that is laid just underneath the actual metal roof. This material is important as it protects the roof frame and decking against weathering, and corrosion. Consider this as a second line of protection for your home. Most warranties also require that underlayment be installed in order to remain valid.

    Prices for underlayment depends on whether its synthetic, felt, or self- adhering membrane. Felt underlayment has been the traditional type used during metal roof installations and costs about $14.50 to $15 per 72-foot roll.

    The self-adhering membrane underlayment, as the name suggests, stick to the roof decking, and are recommended for colder climates. These types cost about $80 to $85 per 65-foot roll.

    Synthetic underlayment, which has become popular due to its light weight and better protective properties cost about $82 to $86 per 66-foot roll.

    These costs of course do not include installation, and should also be taken onto account.

    Pros Of Asphalt Shingles

    Shingle Vs Metal Roof Questions And Answers

    Asphalt shingles are typically considered the most visually appealing roofing option. They offer color and texture in a variety of options so you can easily find a style to compliment your home. Some options can even resemble wood surfaces. They are most likely to be consistent with the other houses in your neighborhood and could be the perfect fit for your home.

    Asphalt shingles are relatively easy to work with and install. They also absorb heat, which helps warm your home in winter, making your home more energy efficient in the colder months of the year.

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    The Benefits Of Shingle Roofs

    Many homeowners like to work with a shingle roof because they look nice and they are a common material that other homes around them already have. Some of the reasons why you may choose to go with a shingle roof instead of a metal roof include:

    • Easier to install: Shingle roofs will often be easier to install compared to some metal roofs.
    • Cheaper initial installation: The parts and the labor will cost a lot less than the initial installation of the metal roofs. This can save a lot of money.
    • Widely available: Shingles are a lot easier to gain access to compared to metal materials. This makes it a lot easier to get them installed on your home.

    If you want to save more money when you install the roof, then going with a shingle material is often the best choice. However, for homeowners who would like to save more money over the long-term and not have to worry about replacing the roof often, then a metal roof is the best option to choose.

    Could A Metal Roof Be Cheaper Than Shingles

    Its the question on the mind of many homeowners: are metal roofs actually worth it?

    The answer isnt as simple as a one-sentence reply. When pondering whether its cheaper to pursue a metal roof or asphalt shingles, it makes more sense to think of the endgame than it does to focus on short-term gains.

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    Discount Metal Roofing Pricing

    The cheapest metal roofing is corrugated metal roofing. Corrugated metal roofing costs $1.80 to $2.50 per square foot, not including installation. This type of metal roofing is created using galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is a prevalent and familiar roofing material, which contributes to its low prices.

    Can I Install A Metal Roof Myself

    Metal vs Shingle Roof

    Depending on the type of metal roof you use, it can be DIY friendly. Corrugated metal, 5 V Crimp Panel, and R Panels which use exposed fasteners can be installed with a bit of training. It should be noted that improperly connected fasteners will increase the risk of corrosion of both the roof and the roofing frames.

    Standing Seam roofing, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. Its a complicated roofing type to install, and requires specialized equipment and training. If youre looking for DIY metal roofing options, exposed fasteners rather than Standing Seam would be the better choice.

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