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What Color Metal Roof Fades The Least

Consider The Buildings Color

Metal Roof Color: How To Pick The Best Color For Your Roof

Next, lets look at the color of the exterior. The goal here is to complement the exterior without drawing too much attention away from the facade and the carefully designed landscaping.

White is the most common color used for building exteriors. It gets dirty easily, but its also incredibly versatile and it matches most roof colors. The best matches include black and red, as well as bare metal. Yellow buildings are beautiful and sunny, but the roof needs to contrast with the bright color. Muted shades are going to be the best bet here, so stick with things like black, brown, and gray. Blue is also a good option, but dont choose bright shades.

Blue exteriors rely on cooler shades, and the roof should complement that color. Blacks and grays are the best choices. Gray exteriors work well with slate-colored roofs as well as black or blue, but again, opt for those muted and subtle shades rather than the brighter alternatives. Beige buildings dont have to be boring. The warm shade contrasts beautifully with dark roofs, so opt for browns and blacks, as well as multi-colored blends.

What Kind Of Paint Should You Use On A Metal Roof

There are plenty of different colors and types when it comes to selecting the paint for your roof, so you might find choosing the right one difficult. Whether you have a zinc roof, tin roof, steel roof, aluminum roof, rib metal roof, or another type of material altogether, its best to weigh your options and ask for the help of a professional, whether that be a roofer or an employee at the hardware store. At Legacy Service, we can help you find the best paint for your metal roof.

Can You Stop A Copper Roof From Turning Green

The only way to prevent a copper roof from turning green is to prevent this reaction from occurring. It would be inconvenient to regularly clean a roof to prevent it from oxidizing, a common method of preventing household items made of copper from oxidizing, so a more long-term form of protection is needed.

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Custom Colors And Profiles

The beauty of metal roofing is that it comes in a virtually limitless variety of colors and profiles. If you want to achieve a highly sophisticated and original look for your home, it is possible to order custom colors in just about any profile that will match a specific palette.

You can even order custom levels of gloss or shininess for your metal roof. In addition to custom, solid colors, new technology makes it possible to produce several two-tone and variegated colors that can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your roof.

Custom colors cost more and there are minimum quantities of material that a manufacturer or supplier will require. However, the larger the job, the more reasonable the price for customization will be, and in this case the extra cost may be well worth the premium, custom look you will get.

Which Is The Best Roof Color For A Tall House

Aluminum Roofs Colors Ideas

A dark shingle can help balance the look of a taller multi-level home, while dark shingles on a single-story home can make the house seem all roof. A light shingle can be a good choice when your roof is large and you want to help it blend in. Energy Star rated metal roof color options from Berridge.

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Do Metal Roofs Get Finge

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How Long Does It Take For A Metal Roof To Fade

There, unfortunately, is no precise answer to this question, given the variety of variables at play. As previously mentioned, everything from which direction your roof faces, northern-facing roofs statistically experience less direct sun exposure on average than southern-facing roofs, to the color to local weather will vary the process.

However, a good roof warranty can last for up to 40 to 70 years and include paint chalking and fading on your roof. Instead of waiting for a specific time frame in which your roof should fade out, it’s best just to be prepared. The fading will eventually occur, but your warranty should be there to handle it.

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What Is The Best Color Of Metal Roof For Energy Savings

Energy Efficiency

Such a roof can be reasonably expected to be some 50 to 60 degrees cooler than a darker color asphalt shingles roof. It is best to choose a light color metal such as white, light bronze, beige, peach, light green or blue, if you live in a region that has a lot of sun and a hotter climate.

Do Metal Roofs Affect Wifi

Metal Roof Colors And Styles: Tips And Trends. How To Choose Colored Metal Roofing For Your House.

Metal roofs are an attractive and long-lasting option for homes, but many homeowners worry these roofs can interfere with Wi-Fi and even cell phone signals, affecting how they use technology in the home. While a metal roof can interfere with a wireless connection, it is unlikely to be the only culprit.

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Will A Metal Roofs Color Fade Over Time

This is a common question among those purchasing a metal roof for their home or business. It would be impossible to say a painted metal roof will look factory new for as long as it sits atop the structure, but metal roofs hold their color quite well compared to many other roofing materials.

There many factors come into play where fading is concerned. One of these factors is the weather to which the roof will be subject. Intense summer heat and glaring sun definitely will affect how well metal roof paint holds up. The most important factor, however, is the paint itself.

As with the paint you use on the interior and exterior of your home, the quality of paint used on a metal roof will in large part determine how long it retains its original color.

What Is The Best Paint For A Metal Roof

Typically metal roofs are manufactured using two types of roof color coatings : Kynar/Hylar roof coating or SMP coatings.

Its recommended to go for Kynar color coatings, as these provide more fade and chalking and chipping resistance over time, compared to the cheaper SMP coatings.

If you want to paint your metal roof, you should use Acrylic latex paint. This type of paint can be used to paint both bare metal roofs as well as metal roofs that already have a paint coating on them.

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Why Use Metal Roofing

There are many reasons why somebody might choose to go with a metal roof.

They are extremely durable and long-lasting, especially when compared to other traditional roof materials such as asphalt.

You also have the ability to customize the color of your metal roofs paint, as they can be painted black, red, green, pink, or anything youd want. In comparison, most asphalt roofs are very limited in their color options.

In addition, metal roofs are also very energy efficient: A basic, unpainted metal roof is estimated to save a traditional home up to 40% in energy costs. Metal roofs reflect sunlight, and therefore, can help keep buildings cool in the summer without the excessive use of air conditioning. They also provide excellent insulation in the winter.

Sustainability is another reason why people may choose to use metal roofing. Since metal is an easily recyclable material, many metal roofs these days are sourced from recycled metal. Additionally, since metal is an extremely durable material, you will need to replace it less often than you would with other roof materials, thereby reducing the total waste your home or business produces.

Lastly, you may want to use metal roofing simply because it looks cool! Metal can give a home or office a sleek, unique look that will set it apart from other buildings in the area.

How To Choose The Right Metal Roof Color

Union Metal Roofing

Ideally, the color of your roof will complement and elevate the look of your home. Here are simple, but time-tested design tips to consider.

You can also check out our comprehensive guide on the best House and Roof Color Combinations.

1. With permanent house siding, be extra careful about your roof color

There are many beautiful roof and house color combinations. On a stone or brick home, it is critical to pick a color that will match well, as you dont have the option to repaint your siding.

In case of a metal roof, you also will not be replacing it any time soon.

Consequently, try to avoid very dark or bright shades , as you dont want it to be the first and the only thing that stands out about your house.

You should also steer clear of overly earthly colors such as brown, as these make the entire house look heavy and boring.

Instead, your best bet would be something custom. Take a careful look at your brick or stone, and consider some complementary shades.

2. On a traditional style home, stay away from bright, bold hues

Most traditional style homes work well with both neutral and darker colors. For example, a brown metal roof is usually a very beautiful and safe choice. Unusual or very bright tones may look off -putting on a traditional style home.

Here are home styles that call for special colors:

French Country: these homes look amazing with the green bluish shades that imitate slate

3. A light color roof makes the house appear taller

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How Often Do You Need To Paint A Metal Roof

If you got a high-quality Kynar/Hylar paint coating from the metal roofing manufacturer, you will not need to repaint your metal roof for at least 20-30 years.

Even after that time, you will not need to do an entire roof paint job, only small touch ups, here and there.

On the other hand, if you got a lower quality metal roof paint coating, you may need to repaint your roof as quickly as 12-18 years, depending on the severity of the local weather conditions.

If you initially installed a bare metal roof decided to paint it yourself, this paint job will need to be repeated every 10-12 years, depending on a number of factors.

Trends In Your Neighborhood

While you want the overall look of your home to reflect your personal aesthetic taste, it is also important to consider the general trends of roof colors in your neighborhood.

Walk around and get a sense for the unwritten aesthetic rules of your neighborhood. Certainly, you should pick the color that you like the most, but also make sure that your home does not become an eyesore on the block.

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Cons Of Color Metal Roof

  • Color metal roofing is expensive compared to asphalt shingle, slate tiles, or clay tiles.
  • Colors fade over time, and metal roofs do not age gracefully like other materials such as slate or clay roof tiles, which can add to your costs if you need repairs done in the future.
  • Roof maintenance is required with metal roofing to prevent corrosion of rooftop units, vents, and heat stacks. Metal roofs are known to buckle or warp when exposed to extreme heat. They can also develop leaks in the absence of proper repair and maintenance.

What Is The Best Gauge For A Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Paint Systems … Good, Better, Best

The most common gauges for metal roofing are 29, 26, 24, and 22 gauge. The vast majority of what we sell is either 26 gauge metal roofing or 24 gauge metal roofing. Low end agricultural jobs are normally 26 gauge or 29 gauge. While a beautiful new home with a standing seam roof would likely be 24 gauge.

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Uv Rays Or Sun Exposure

This is one of the biggest external factors that determine how well a black metal roof maintains its color.

The strength of the UV rays continually pouring over a metal panel can hugely impact how well the metal maintains its color.

For example, sun rays in Florida are going to be far stronger than the rays in, say, Michigan, so a black metal roof may fade faster down south.

How To Repaint A Metal Roof

After preparing the metal roof through a powerwash treatment, you need to ensure that the right processes are used to paint the roof. First and foremost, the right type of paint should be selected.

Acrylic latex paint works well for bare metal roofs or painting over old paint coats. The combination of oil-based alkyd paint and a galvanized metal primer can work well too, ensuring that the paint is locked in and adhered in the right manner. With so many brands on the market, its important to look for a paint that offers the attributes you require. Water resistance, fire resistance, insect repellent capabilities, and UV reflection are all properties you may seek.

Application is a relatively simple task. You can use a sprayer to reach high or steeped metal roofs. Alternatively, rollers and paint brushes that are designed specifically for corrugated metal are equally capable of providing the quick coverage you crave. Only a few coats are needed, although you can usually judge this for yourself.

If all else fails, or youre worried about safety , you can always hire a professional to repaint metal roof solutions on your behalf.

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Are Green Roofs A Good Idea

Reduce the Flux of heat entering the roof by using green roofs, so you have less need to cool and heat the structure. Cost savings are greater when it comes to building a green roof. Its a lot more efficient to retrofit the green roof with insulation in winter. In the case of energy conservation, carbon dioxide will be less released into the atmosphere.

You Should Avoid Walking On Metal Roofs

Milwaukee Indy

Though you shouldnt have to walk on a roof that doesnt leak, there may be occasions when a plumber needs to snake out a vent pipe or a chimney sweep needs access to the chimney flue. You have to be very careful when walking on most metal roofsboth to avoid damaging or denting the roofing and to keep from slipping off.

You can walk on some metal roofs but not all of them. Whether or not they will dent from foot traffic depends on how the particular product is made and the type of construction supporting it. As you might imagine, metal can be very slippery when wet.

Some painted metal roof finishes can peel, chip, fade, scratch, or chalk, although nearly all premium products are guaranteed for at least 30 years. Walking on some types, particularly those with a granulated-stone surface, may cause surface wear. Installers must be careful not to scratch or dent the roofing during installation, and panels must be treated with care. Unlike conventional roofing, some metal shingle systems are installed from the top down, eliminating the need to walk on them.

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What Colors Are Best For Metal Roofs

The most important thing when selecting what color to paint your metal roof is to ensure that a high-quality metal paint is used.

If youre overly concerned about chalking and fading, lighter, inorganic paint colors will chalk and fade slower, plus it will be less apparent when they do.

For example, it will be really difficult to see a light grey fade when compared to vibrant red color. Additionally, different paint colors can have different benefits- for example, a lighter roof will reflect more heat than a roof painted black, and therefore keep your home cooler in the summer.

Ultimately, chalking and fading are just one factor you should consider when making a decision about what color to paint your metal roof.

If you really strongly want a darker, or more uniquely colored roof, choose that color, and just make sure that youre using high-quality paint.

Can Metal Roofing Go Over Existing Shingles

As long as the existing roof surface and the decking beneath it are sound, flat, and free of rot, metal roofing can usually be applied over the top of one old layer of asphalt shingles. Check local codes and the manufacturers specifications before doing this.

Of course, tearing off the old roof so you can start with flat, sound sheathing certainly gives you a much cleaner starting point. But leaving the old roof in place also has advantages. For example, it:

  • Leaves an extra insulation barrier for increased energy efficiency
  • Minimizes the debris and disruption to your home and yard during the project
  • Adds additional sound insulation for rain and hail

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Metal Roofing Doesnt Catch Fire

Because metal roof materials are noncombustible, they typically have a Class A fire rating . Flying sparks and embers will not set them on fire.

Just be aware that part of a roofs overall classification depends on materials beneath the surface that could ignite in intense heat, too. Most metal roofs applied over a combustible material such as wood shingles have a lower, Class C rating for this reason.

Use Paint Finishes For The Color Metal Roof

Effect of Metal Roof Colors

They help maintain the roofs appearance and extend its longevity. The paint finishes include Polyvinylidene fluoride , Fluoroethylene vinyl ether , Plastisol, and Silicone-modified polyester .

  • Polyvinylidene fluoride or Kynar 500 paint finish is the most common and cost-effective option. It provides good protection against corrosion, stains, and scratches. Silicone-modified polyester paint finish is a more expensive option that offers better protection against corrosion, stains, and scratching than PVDF finishes. In most cases, experts apply SMP paints to less expensive metal roofing with warranties that cover color defects for more than 20 years.
  • Fluoroethylene vinyl ether FEVE resins comprise different vinyl ether and fluoro-olefin units, which protect against oxygen, oxygen, and chloride. FEVE resins are prominent because of their strong bonding properties to different types of metal roof materials. Still, they can devalue faster in environments with high UV exposure.
  • Plastisol Manufacturers make plastisol resin with plasticized vinyl applied to a metal coil used in a very corrosive or extreme environment. Plastisol shields against degradation from the weather, but be aware that this resin can change the pigment of bright and vibrant colors.

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