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What Color Metal Roof Reflects Most Heat

What Is The Best Paint System For My Metal Roof

Are metal roofs energy efficient?

There are two paint systemsthat homeowners can choose from. PVDF paint and Silicone-modified polyester which is referred to as SMP. The simplest way to describe these two paint finishes is with a good, better, best model. PVDF would be considered best, SMP would be better, and Polyester would be good. Polyester is inferior to both PVDF and SMP and the cost savings is not significant enough to justify the lesser quality paint.

Understanding How A Metal Roof Color Can Save You Money

In order to understand how metal roof colors can save you money, we first need to understand how the sun transmits energy to an object like metal roofing. The energy from the sun can be broken down into three different components. 1) The Visible Spectrum 2) Ultraviolet light spectrum 3) The invisible spectrum. The visible spectrum represents about 46% of the sun’s energy and this is what gives an object its color. The ultraviolet light spectrum only represents about 5% of the sun’s energy and this part is what damages metal roofing paint. The invisible spectrum, represents about 49% of the sun’s energy and this is what contributes to heat gain or build-up. Several studies show that by reducing the attic temperature of a house results in a lower demand for energy in the form of air conditioning your home.

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Metal Roof Color Visualizers

Roofing visualizers allow you to select a specific style of home or upload a photograph of your project. This can be helpful because you can compare different colors to the structure and even change the surrounding features. You will have the ability to pick the stucco or brick color and then select a metal roofing color. This is very helpful to see if the colors complement each other and are in balance.

Western States Metal Roofing offers a free color visualizer to help you choose the right color and profile for your roof, walls, and trim. Watch the video below for a guide on how to use the visualizer:

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Concrete Tiles And Slab Roofs

Concrete makes a great option for those who like the thermal properties of terra-cotta but not the price. The thickness of this material means it takes longer to heat in the sun and hence longer to absorb that heat back into your home. Slab concrete is a cheap although heavy solution for hot-weather roofs.

However, roofing vendors also manufacture more aesthetically pleasing concrete tiles that are dyed to give them a little hint of color. Of these options, S-tiles stand as one of the more energy-efficient models of the bunch. Like many terra-cotta tiles, theyre fashioned into a wave pattern, which improves airflow between the decking and the roof surface. And that has the ultimate effect of reducing heat transfer and cooling costs in return.

How To Match A New Siding Color To Your Homes Current Roof

Metal roofing color visualizer and best metal roof color ...

Creating a new color palette for your homes exterior is exciting, but can also feel overwhelming. With so many options for roof and siding color combinations, it helps to get advice from the experts.

James Hardie, one of the major siding manufacturers, offers an Exterior House Color Visualizer which allows you to experiment with house and roof color combinations that have been curated by color experts.

You can choose from a variety of color options from the James Hardie line of ColorPlus Technology siding and trim and then use their visualizer tool to interactively pair the siding with the most popular roof colors. You can play around with different combinations on various home styles until you find the one you like best for your home.

If you are planning to keep your homes existing roofing and just change the siding, there is a good rule of thumb for matching siding color to your homes roof: pair a warm color with another warm color, or a cool color with another cool color.

For example, if your home has a warm-colored roof in a shade such as brick red or rusty tan, pick siding in a similarly warm shade such as tan, beige or brown. For a roof with shingles in a cool color like black or slate gray, select a cool color of siding such as blue, gray or green.

James Hardies ColorPlus palette can help you find the right siding color to match a roof in either a warm or cool shade.

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Liquid Rubber Rv Roof Coating Solar Reflective Sealant

The first pick on our list is an amazing paint from Liquid Rubber. This one comes in Brilliant White color and is available in a container of 1 gallon. It is the perfect paint to put on a rooftop, especially one made of metal. That is because it is entirely solar reflective. Thus, the house will remain cool even on hot days.

Another great feature of this paint is its ability to resist UV rays, which are incredibly harmful to human beings. The paint adheres to the surface well, leading the painted layers to have a long life without being degraded. On top of this, applying it is also very simple. All you will need is a paintbrush, a roller, or merely a sprayer.

Furthermore, the paint is entirely waterproof. However, you should apply a double layer of coating to ensure maximum durability and protection against rain.

The paint is also thoroughly water-based and does not contain any strange odor that is harmful to humans or animals. Its exceptional breathability makes it environmentally friendly.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the paint can be used indoors as well. So, if you have some leftover, you can apply it inside your house. Lastly, the paint is non-flammable, keeping it safe from the risk of catching on fire.

Highlighted Features:

  • Does not contain any solvent or volatile compounds
  • Non-flammable

Best Paint Systems For A Metal Roof: Pvdf Vs Smp

SMP Paint System

SMP paint is an excellent paint choice and it costs less than PVDF, but there are limitations. This type of paint system is used more often on siding applications or in the agricultural industry. As a result there are not as many colors to choose from. The colors are typically light or neutral. You will rarely see metallic or bright and vibrant colors in SMP paint.

SMP is an excellent paint system, but it has it’s problems. Discover more: 3 Problems With SMP Painted Panels. Should You Consider PVDF?

PVDF Paint System

PVDF is more expensive than SMP paint and is considered the gold standard for metal roofing paint finishes. You will have a greater array of color choices including metallic, bright and vibrant colors, matte finishes, and even designer paint finishes.

The single biggest advantage PVDF has when compared to SMP is that it will hold the color integrity longer. PVDF paint will fade less when compared to an SMP paint system.

If you decide to install a standing seam metal roof then you will nearly certainly be choosing PVDF as these panels only come in premium colors. You will have an unlimited color selection and will be purchasing the best paint system. Bright and vibrant colors should only be purchased in PVDF.

Is that color available in SMP paint? If so, look at the cost difference between PVDF and SMP. Then make whatever decision is best for your project and budget.

Tip #3:

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Does Shingle Color Affect Temperature

roof colorroof color affectstemperaturecoloredcolored

. Also asked, what is the most energy efficient roof color?

Slate and Clay TilesThe lighter the color, the better the energy efficiency. As noted above, clay can shatter in hailstorms, so is better used in warm climates. Slate is a harder material and can be used in any climate. Slate and clay’s energy efficiency extends to their afterlife.

Also, are black shingles hotter? 3 Answers. Black does indeed absorb more heat and it will make your attic hotter. Also, roofing with lower mass such as metal roofing will not hold the heat as much and continue to radiate it into the attic even after the sun is down.

Similarly one may ask, what color of roof shingles is best?

For example, a dark gray or black roof will look good with a gray or blue house, while a brown, cream or tan colored house will match better with brown shingles or a mix of cream and brown.

Does color affect temperature?

The color of a liquid can affect its temperature. This is because different colors reflect or absorb different parts of the light spectrum. This means they retain more heat than red, orange, and yellow, which reflect the warmer light and absorbs the part of the light spectrum that is less hot.

Which Is Better: Light Roofs Or Dark Roofs

Seal Thermal Shield RF – Cool Roof Thermal Insulation Reflective Paint / Coatings

Based on what youve learned so far, you may think light roofs are the clear winner. If dark roofs dont warm your house or melt snow during the winter, should you just switch to a light-colored roof to lower summer cooling costs? Perhaps.

Energy.gov recommends lighter-colored roofs for houses in warm and hot climates. But they note that light roofs may increase energy costs in cooler climates.

To understand why, think about how a dark roof affects a home during spring and fall. The sun shines hours every day, and your roof isnt yet blanketed with snow. Outside temperatures are cooler than summer, too, so you probably want a little extra heat inside to stay warm at night. A dark roof brings some of that desired warmth indoors naturally, allowing you to run your furnace or boiler at a lower setting.

As you may have guessed, theres no straightforward answer to which is better, light roofs or dark roofs. Ultimately, the best roof color for your home is the color you like best. You dont have to say goodbye to your dark roof unless you want to reduce your summer cooling bills. Plus, advances in roofing materials and color selection mean you can likely find a color your like in a roofing material that suits your homes climate.

For more information on what roof would be best for your home give us call at 612-722-1448 or view our Roofing Page. You can also fill out our Free Estimate Form here.

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Best Roof And Siding Color Combinations

To eliminate a lot of the guesswork involved in picking just the right siding and roofing colors, here is a chart that represents some of the most popular and best looking roof and siding combinations.

Shades of dark grey and black
Stucco Dark and medium shades of grey, shades of brown, as well as the colors of clay tile
Weathered Wood or Log Houses Brown, Green, Black, Grey

Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofs For Your Home

Whether you’re buying a home with one or thinking of installing, here’s what to know.

Whether you’re putting a roof on a new home, or your existing roof requires a total makeover, there are many materials available. But no matter what roof style you have, metal roofs can be an attractive option because of their longevity, minimal maintenance and energy efficiency. Material choices include steel , aluminum, copper, zinc and tin. Product types are vertical seam, pre-formed panels and granular coated panels. Style choices allow you to have the look of shingles, slate, tile, shakes or vertical panels. Make sure your metal roofing product is tested, labeled and listed with a testing organization such as UL, FM Approvals or Intertek to meet rigorous wind, fire and impact resistance rating requirements. Please also remember that installation can vary from geographic location, manufacturer guidelines and as a result of local building code requirements.

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How To Choose A Metal Roof Color

There are more color choices available today than ever before. Sometimes the plethora of choices makes this decision more difficult. However, after speaking with thousands of customers weve learned what environmental factors are important.

If you have followed tip 1 & 2 then you have a good start on this decision. You have already determined the panel type and whether it will be a PVDF or SMP paint system. If you are installing standing seam metal roofing then you know that you will be looking at the PVDF colors.

Conversely, if installing the least expensive roof is the primary objective then you know that an exposed fastener panel in an SMP paint finish would be the best fit. Finally, if the budget is in the middle you could look at corrugated, Western Rib, or PBR panelin a PVDF finish which would allow for an abundance of color choices at a reasonable price point.

Misconception #: Metal Is All There Is


Apologies to the metalheads out there – when it comes to roofing system components, theres more than just metal.

Your roof cladding is metal, but the other components of your roof probably arent. The joist are most likely made of wood and your insulation will be made from another material entirely.

All of these materials will work together to keep your home cool. Your insulation will play one of the biggest roles in determining how warm your home gets – when a home is properly insulated, the heat from a metal roof will escape outside, not inside.

To help keep your home cool in the summertime, some metal roof installers will include above sheathing ventilation . This system allows air to flow between your roof sheathing and the insulation, then get released. That means less heat energy is absorbed by your home.

Your homes overall ventilation is also important. Having a properly ventilated attic means heat that would be absorbed by the rest of your home is instead released back outside.

Infrared roof inspections and energy audits can help you find weak points in your roofs insulation – those are points where heat transfer looks different than it does on the rest of your roof.

This all to say, if you find your home is hotter than youd like, dont be so quick to blame the metal – its likely that your roofs insulation or your attics ventilation is the problem!

Thank you to the Team at Transcona Roofing for providing this content.

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How Roof Color Affects Snow Melt

Because dark roofs absorb more heat, they have a reputation for helping snow melt. This notion is another reason dark roofs remain popular in northern areas like the Twin Cities. But do dark roofs really help snow melt away? Probably not as much as you think.

First, consider that northern cities have fewer sunny daylight hours during the cold winter months. And less sunlight exposure means fewer beams beating down on a roof and less time for the roof to absorb that heat.

Next, remember that even black roofs may not actually appear dark during the winter-because theyre covered in snow. The white powder actually reflects away much of the sunlight, so the dark roof underneath cannot absorb heat and melt the snow.

Dark roofs may have a small snow melt effect but not a sizeable one. Similarly, if your roof experiences winter problems like ice dams, your roof color probably isnt the primary culprit. More likely, insufficient attic insulation and poor roof ventilation create the problem. Ask a roofing specialist to evaluate your roof and recommend solutions.

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Metal Roofing Colors: 5 Tips To Pick The Best Metal Roofing Color In 2021

Youve decided to use metal as your roofing material on your house and now it is time to answer the toughest question that most buyers face: which color should I choose for my metal roof? You want to pick the right metal roofing color option to complement your house design. Picking the right color for your metal roof will make your house stand out in the neighborhood. Once your roof is installed changing the color is not an option, so choosing a color that looks appealing is imperative.

AtWestern States Metal Roofingwe have been selling metal roofing and metal siding for twenty three years. Our tagline is Finishes Youve Never Seen Before. Besides your typical colors we also carry custom colors and specialty paint prints that are truly unique. You will not see colors like these anywhere else. The two tone paint system and the depth of the colors we supply, will give you a roof that is absolutely stunning.

From our experience of working with thousands of customers over the years, weve been able to determine the factors that will affect your decision. We can help you make the correct color choice for your new metal roof. Our goal in this article is to help answer all of your questions and put them in one place to make your research simpler.

This article will explain the color options available for your steel roof so that you pick the right metal roof color and create a home you will love.

The following factors will assist you in choosing the perfect color:

Tip #1:


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