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How To Clean My Roof Shingles

Prepare Your Cleaning Materials

What your roofer doesn’t want you to know… How to clean shingles!

There are specific ways and requirements for you to clean asphalt shingles, and no, its not just soap and water.

Instead, youll need to use specific types of chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, to get rid of algae stains and other dirt your roof may have.

Whatever the case, never use a harsh chemical! Thats strictly forbidden because it could potentially depreciate the lifespan of your roof.

As a general rule, make sure to use products recommended and safe for asphalt shingles.

If you dont want any of the commercial cleaners in the market, you can make your own as an alternative! Its easy because all youll need is equal parts of water and laundry-strength chlorine bleach. Youre good to go!

Make Your Shingles Last Longer

Roof stains are a common roof problem. Black streaks on the north- and west-facing and shaded areas of your asphalt-shingled roof can really wreck the appearance of your home. The roof streaks look like mold, but theyre actually algae colonies that form in your shingles and feed on moisture and the limestone filler agents in the shingles.

Using shingles that have been treated with algicide keeps the growth at bay for about 10 years . But once the algicide wears off, your roof hosts an all-you-can-eat buffet for the neighborhood algae spores. So it pays to clean your shingles as soon as you spot algae growth.

Clean Your Composition Roof

Pressure washing can damage your composition roof and it takes a lot of precious time. See the improvement after applying 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner to this composition roof. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner is easy, faster and gentler than pressure washing.

  • Start with 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner Concentrate. Mix it 1 to 1 with water in a pump up sprayer, or back pack sprayer.
  • Apply the cleaner when your roof is DRY, preferably in the morning, or when its cooler, so the cleaner doesn’t just evaporate away.
  • Saturate the area, paying special attention to the overlapping shingles. The stuff on your roof can really have a strong foothold in the overlapping seams. Once you saturate well, you will start to see the cleaner go white and bubbly and the stuff you are cleaning off, will start to look brown. This is your clue that you have applied enough cleaner and you can continue onto the next section.
  • This advice will work on virtually any type of roofing composite, cedar or tile. Effective saturation and timing is always key.

    • 30 SECONDS Cleaners are proudly made in the USATroutdale, Oregon and Manchester, Tennessee

    • 30 SECONDS Cleaners are proudly made in the USATroutdale, Oregon and Manchester, Tennessee

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    Should You Clean A Shingle Roof

    If your asphalt shingles dont look damaged, and the roof looks about the same as when it was installed, then it doesnt need to be cleaned. A little fading should be expected but does not necessarily indicate a need for cleaning.

    If you do notice damage, such as black streaks or white lichen splotches, then it is time to consider a clean. If you dont clean the shingles, the problem will not solve itself. Leaving dirt, lichen and other roof damage left to sit will result in several issues if not dealt with, such as:

    • Water damage
    • Increased likelihood of blowing away
    • Aesthetically ugly and decreases home value
    • Algae stains

    Why Shouldnt I Add A New Roof Over Moss

    Exterior House Cleaning Services

    When you need a new roof, it may be tempting to add a second layer of shingles over your existing shingles. Doubling up your shingles can save time and expense on your roof replacement as your roofer doesnt need to remove and dispose of the old shingles. This strategy is convenient for homeowners because the replacement wont take as long or make as much of a mess. However, there are some circumstances where merely adding a new layer of shingles isnt a good idea.

    For example, when you have significant moss growth on your roof, simply covering it up with new shingles isnt wise. Several potential problems may occur if your roofer simply adds a new roof over your existing, moss-covered roof. These potential problems include:

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    Put Your Solution On The Garden Sprayer

    If youre looking for the best results, start by mixing your chemical solution with a gallon of water, and a quart of chlorine bleach.

    Mix them well and place them in your container. You can even use a pump-style garden hose sprayer to get the job done fast.

    Youre given a lot of leeway in terms of where you want to pour your cleaning agent.

    As long as its a low-pressure sprayer, its all good. But, never pour your solution and use a pressure washer! Youll damage your asphalt shingle in the end!

    Dos And Donts: The Best And Worst Ways To Clean A Roof

    If youre reading this, chances are youre looking for roof-cleaning tips because your shingles are no longer looking new and attractive. If your roof appears dark and discolored in some areas, you may think that mold has developed on the surfaces of the shingles. However, the black streaks youre seeing are really colonies of blue-green algae. If youre noticing thick, green patches on your roof instead, then youve got a moss problem, The north, west, and shady areas of your roof are most susceptible to these moisture-loving nuisances.

    Moss and algae spores are carried by the wind or animals from rooftop to rooftop, which is why entire neighborhoods are often affected. Moss can seriously impact asphalt shingle performance by causing them to curl up and blow off, eventually resulting in leaks. While algae doesnt actually harm your roof, it can impact its aesthetic appeal. Further, climbing on your roof frequently to clean off growth CAN damage your roof and shorten its lifespan by loosening the granules on your shingles. So, its best to know how to clean your roof properly so that you ensure you dont have to do it too often.

    Knowing this, what are the best ways to clean a roof of algae and moss growth? Read on for our best roof-cleaning tips!

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    How To Clean Algae Or Mold Off Your Roof Shingles

    Living in a humid area of the country like Florida, youve probably seen your asphalt shingle roofs with unsightly dark streaks on them. A blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma could be the reason you have the algae which is spread by airborne spores. Sometimes it can also be caused by an accumulation of mildew, mold, dirt, or defective shingles.

    This discoloring can hurt the beauty of your homes curb appeal and the resale value of your home if you have it up for sale.

    Algae stains dont show up below the metal flashing around chimneys or roof vents because the copper and the zinc coating on galvanized sheet metal are toxic to algae. Whenever it rains, trace amounts of metals are washed down the roof, inhibiting algae growth.

    Algae Resistant Shingles

    In recent years, roofing manufacturers have begun mixing copper granules into roofing products to produce algae resistant shingles. If you live in an area susceptible to algae growth, be sure to specify this type of shingle when replacing your roof, reports Todays Homeowner.

    Clean Your Roof Regularly

    Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. How to wash your roof Shingles safely [Best Roof Wash Method]

    If mold and algae are issue for your area or your home, then make cleaning your roof part of your yearly maintenance. That way you wont give the mold and algae time to grow. You now know how to clean roof shingles. Pretty simple, right?

    If you want to learn more about roofing, please explore our site.

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    Should You Hire A Professional

    The answer depends on you. Maybe you cant get up on your roof anymore to clean it. Or you dont have any time.

    Well, if youre facing any problem, a professional roof cleaning service is your next best choice.

    Luckily, theres a ton of roof cleaning services today. You wont have a difficult time looking for them. But, the only thing youll need to watch out for is their price. They dont come cheap!

    Sure theyre using the standard bleach and water, but youre also paying them for their services! Well, thats the trade-off. You wont tire yourself, but youll need to spend some bucks to clean your roof.

    Nevertheless, always pick someone reliable. Reputable cleaning roof services are everywhere. Ask your friends and family they might have someone to recommend.

    What’s Involved In Roof Cleaning

    During roof cleaning, the focus is on killing and removing the algae or moss growth. Chlorine bleach, the same kind you use to whiten laundry or scrub your toilet, is enough to kill off moss and algae spores. The ARMA recommends a 1:1 ratio of bleach to water to clean a roof. They also advise against using a pressure washer on asphalt shingles, as the force of the water can damage them.

    After being allowed to sit on the roof surface for up to 20 minutes, the bleach solution should be rinsed away with clean water. A few rain showers should be enough to wash any remaining algae off the roof. The person cleaning your roof might also use a leaf blower to remove any leftover pieces of moss.

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    How To Clean Roof Shingles From The Ground

    If you are concerned about voiding the warranty on your roof shingles due to walking on them, then you can clean your shingles from the ground. In this instance, using a garden sprayer attachment with your hose is ideal. Put liquid bleach in the sprayer and apply from the ground. Apply bleach from top to bottom, as you dont want to spray up and under the shingles.

    It is important to note that leaving the bleach on the roof to sit too long will damage the roof. Ensure that you rinse the roof after 15 or 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary until all the damage is gone.

    Best Time to Clean an Asphalt Shingles Roof

    The best time to clean a shingle roof is when there is no rain in the forecast for several days and when temperatures will not drop below freezing. Freezing will freeze water to your roofs surface, negating the effects of the cleaner.

    Chlorine Bleach Cleaning Mixtures Are One Option


    If youve had experience with mold and mildew in the home, you know the best mildew remover ischlorine bleach. But outdoor, heavy duty cleaningusually calls for more heavy-duty mixtures such as TSP and chlorine bleach , or specialty additives such as Jomax from Rustoleum, which combines a cleaner with a bleach activator.

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    How To Clean Roof Shingles

    This article was co-authored by Allen Lee. Allen Lee is a Home Improvement Specialist and the Owner of Honest Lee Handyman Services, a licensed and insured handyman business servicing Sacramento, California, and surrounding areas. Working with homeowners and businesses to get their small repairs done in a timely and efficient manner, Honest Lee Handyman Services provides gutter and dryer vent cleaning along with fixture, fence, drywall, and toilet repairs.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 42,583 times.

    Proper cleaning is an important step in roof maintenance. One day you may notice that your roof is turning black or fungus is spreading across of it. Some of this growth, including the stains from algae spores, are cosmetic, but others, such as moss, cause costly damage to your roof. To keep your roof safe and sightly, choose a cool, overcast day, mix a cleaning solution, spray it onto your roof, then rinse after 20 minutes.

    Can You Pressure Wash Asphalt Shingles

    Taking care of the asphalt shingles on your roof is more than a choreits a duty. Your roof supplies you with the most fundamental of human needs: shelter. So, as a homeowner, it becomes a matter of pride and responsibility to care for the feature that cares for you.

    Streaking, discoloration, and growth are common ailments that plague a typical roof, and left neglected, these issues can chip away at your shingles integrity. You might be among the vast collective of homeowners with a power washer stowed away in your garage, so you wonder, can you care for your roof by pressure washing its shingles?

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    Is Roof Cleaning Necessary Everything You Didn’t Know About Scrubbing Your Shingles

    Author: Amy Freeman

    You’re looking up at your roof and notice that there’s some black stuff growing on some of the shingles. What is it? Mold, mildew or soil that somehow made its way up there? Is roof cleaning necessary?

    Most likely, that unidentifiable sludge is algae. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association , algae grows on roofs in areas where water or moisture collect. The spores reach the roof by a combination of birds and wind.

    If you notice green fuzzy areas on your roof, on the other hand, you most likely have moss growing. Shade and moisture create an ideal habitat for moss growth.

    If you see moss or algae on your roof, what should you do? Is roof cleaning necessary, or should you leave it alone?

    Scrub Out Any Stubborn Algae

    Shingle Roof Cleaning LLC Demonstration

    In some cases, you cant help but still find a thick growth of moss, algae, gloeocapsa magma, among others on your roof.

    If you still see black streaks or stubborn algae on your roof, scrub it down until it goes away. Youll need a medium-bristled brush or broom to loosen and get rid of them.

    Dont apply too much pressure, or youll scratch your roof.

    If you still cant remove them even after scrubbing the surface, wait for your roof to dry and repeat Steps 5 and 6. Hopefully, on the second round, youve already gotten rid of any gloeocapsa magma or algae growth.

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    Preventing Algae And Moss Growth

  • 1Use algae-resistant shingles. Some asphalt shingles contain copper. Since copper is toxic to algae, this sort of asphalt shingle will naturally stay free of algae. This sort of shingle is especially preferable if you live in an area prone to algae growth.XResearch source
  • Alternately, you could affix a strip of zinc or copper just below the ridge of your roof. The zinc or copper particles will trickle down the roof when it rains, inhibiting algae growth.
  • 2Trim tree growth that hangs over the asphalt shingles. If your asphalt shingles are beneath tree cover, algae is more likely to grow. Trim back tree branches to let the sunlight naturally discourage the growth of algae.XResearch source
  • 3Clear your roof of debris. Even when you arent preparing to clean your asphalt shingles, its a good idea to venture out onto your roof semi-regularly to keep it clear of branches, leaves, and other plant matter. Doing so will discourage algae and moss growth.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Where Does Mold Grow In My Shower

    • Mold can grow in the grout. That is one of its favorite places.
    • It can grow inside the window frame if your window is IN the shower like mine is.
    • It can grow around the drain and on the drain plug.
    • Mold can grow on the shower caulking.
    • It can grow in the door tracks if you have doors.
    • Mold can grow under shampoo bottles, bars of soap, shaving cream bottles, etc
    • While not technically a part of the shower, mold can grow on a shower curtain.

    Mold can also grow behind shower tiles and on the wall but this is due to a leak behind the shower and not from water in the shower typically. The exception is if your grout is old and cracking. Then water can seep behind the shower tiles allowing mold to grow.

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    Apply The Cleaning Solution On Your Roof

    Its time to get to your roof and spray everything down. Spray every asphalt shingle you want to clean, especially those that already have a lot of algae.

    Point the nozzle of your spray, depress the handle and go! Be thorough and get rid of those nasty black streaks.

    Theres no absolute rule on how much cleaning solution you need. It usually depends on how dirty your asphalt shingle is, how much algae has grown, and more.

    So the more asphalt shingle you need to clean, the more solution you need to prepare.

    Once youre done spraying your roof down, let the solution sit for about 15 to 20 minutes.

    Roof Cleaning With A Pressure Washer

    Roof Cleaning &  Mold Removal

    Some may believe that you can clean your roof simply with a pressure washer, and while that would probably work theoretically, using a pressure washer for roof cleaning is the kiss of death for the integrity of that roof. Especially if you are trying to clean an asphalt shingle roof. The granules will start to come off and will end up in the gutters, which can and does happen normally with age, but speeding up the aging process for the roof, is not the best idea and is something we avoid.

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    Most Common Types Of Organic Growth On Your Metal Roof

    Roof bacteria can reveal itself in many different forms and appearances. You may think you have mold growing on your metal roof, but it really could be moss, mildew, algae, lichen, or Gloeocapsa Magma. Metal roofs typically turn black with a greenish tint to it when they are saturated with organic growth. Organic growth can also grow on wood, asphalt shingles, concrete, slate tiles, Spanish tiles, and many other substrates especially if the sunlight is not so good in that area.


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