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Where To Buy Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Hidden Vs Exposed Fasteners

Corrugated Metal Panels vs. Standing Seam Metal Roofing | Roofing Mythbusters Series – Episode #4

Most standing seam metal roofing options come with hidden or concealed fasteners, referring to the clips, screws or nails being hidden from view on the installed standing seam roof. A key benefit of hidden fasteners versus exposed fasteners is the hidden fastener is not puncturing the standing seam metal panel itself, nor is it exposed to weather. This usually means your standing seam metal roof has a higher level of protection from the elements, it will require less maintenance and it will provide a more attractive and appealing look for your standing seam roof.

Traditional Standing Seam From A Specialty Roofing Manufacturer

When most homeowners begin thinking about a metal roof, all they can envision are the roofs they have seen on barns and commercial buildings. Those types of metal roofs typically have panels that run vertically up the roof. These types of metal panel roofs are called Standing Seam because their prominent visual feature is the raised interlocking seam which joins one panel to the next. Often called commercial roofing, or agricultural panel roofing, or even barn roofing, these products do provide the great protection and durability for which metal is known. Classics ClickLock Standing Seam provides the look of the products that you see everywhere on restaurants and farm outbuildings.

Aluminum Shingle And Shake:

An aluminum roof designed for residential use will have concealed fasteners, interlocking panels and PVDF coatings. Accessories and trims will be factory-formed for quality and consistency. When reflective pigments are used in the paint formula, it is the most energy efficient option and classified as a cool roof. A cool roof quickly releases heat in summer and deflects the suns rays. The energy savings on a cool aluminum roof will help offset the premium you will be paying up front for the better product. With the highest strength to weight ratio of a roofing product, aluminum can be installed over the existing roof. Roofing over asphalt eliminates costs associated with tear down and disposal as well as decreasing landfill burden. Ideal for coastal or marine environments. If you live on the East or West Coast, look for products that are covered by warranty at any proximity to the ocean.

Maintenance required: NoneRe-Roofing Cycles Over 50 Year Period: None Expect to Pay: $14.00 $22.00 CAD per square foot installed.

Example of a standing seam metal roof with concealed fasteners.

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Metal Roofing For Diy & Contractors: Direct From The Factory

If you are searching for a great do-it-yourself or contractor roofing product, it is easy to fall prey to suppliers who will not be able to answer all of your questions, wont ensure that you have what you need for your roofing project, and wont be there with guidance and support throughout the installation process.

Since 1980, Isaiah Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of metal roofing. While our products are most commonly used on single-family homes, we have experience with churches, commercial buildings, and multi-family properties. We have done our homework and attained great industry knowledge that you can rely on. Our Customer Support team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a successful project.

If youre looking for a standing seam supplier, and you want the best product available that will provide years of worry-free beauty and service, were here and ready to work for you. We strive to build strong relationships with all of our customers, and we are committed to creating a great roofing experience.

Isaiah Industries, Inc.8510 Industry Park Dr.Piqua, Ohio, 45356 773-9840

With An Interlock Metal Roofing System You Will Never Re

Standing Seam Problems: " Hello, I am have a home built and ...

Maritime Permanent Roofing is the official installer of the Interlock Metal Roofing System in Atlantic Canada. We are one of the largest installers of residential metal roofing systems in Canada.

Your home is one of your most valuable investments. Interlock® Metal Roofing Systems will help you protect it for a lifetime. When you choose Interlock, you get the best of everything the best installation, products, warranty, and on the spot financing.

Overall Rating / 50 Total Testimonials

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Why Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing So Expensive

Have you ever researched a product and decided on a top-of-the-line product only to learn the price is much higher than you expected? And worse yet, perhaps more than you budgeted for the purchase? Unfortunately, the sticker shock saga for high-end products can happen to anyone.

In the metal roofing industry, buyers are often surprised at the cost difference between standing seam metal roofs and exposed fastener roof panels. In fact, its one of the more common questions we receive. The reasons for the price differences fall into three primary areas: material, manufacturing, and installation.

Steel Shingle And Shake:

In Canada there is a wide range of steel roofing products designed for residential use. G90 is the accepted standard for roofing. G110 and G115 will perform better against acid rain or in marine environments. A high-end steel system will not need battens and strapping for installation, and panels will be interlocking . A galvanized steel roof with interlocking design and PVDF finish will have a better life expectancy than cheaper steel options. Coatings on a high-end steel system sometimes include reflective pigments to enhance energy efficiency. Keeping in mind that there is no steel roofing product that unconditionally guarantees against rust, cosmetic life is shorter than functional life.

Maintenance Required: Optional, re-paint to cover rust.Re-Roofing Cycles Over 50 Year Period: 1 if corroded through back of panel.Expect to Pay: $10.00 $13.00 CAD per square foot installed.

Example of a Shake Style Aluminum Roofing System. Other aluminum variations include shingle, slate and tile styles.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Mechanically Seamed Metal Roofing

  • Most expensive standing seam panel
  • Most difficult standing seam installation

Mechanically Seamed Standing Seam Metal Roofing Cost The Most

When you factor in the additional accessories, expertise, labor, tools, and effort required to install mechanically seamed, it results in higher materials prices and labor costs for installation. When factoring installation into the total cost for the roof, it makes mechanically seamed the most expensive standing seam roofing system.

  • Materials Cost – $3 to $5 Per Square Foot
  • Materials and Installation – $10 to $16 Per Square Foot

Mechanically Seamed Roofing Panels Are The Most Difficult To Install

This is the most difficult and time-consuming standing seam panel to install. The panels have to be seamed by hand and if you choose a double lock system, they will have to be seamed twice.

Mechanically seamed installations are the longest and most labor-intensive of all the standing seam systems. This results in a more expensive installation as it is a more complex process. This is the least DIY friendly standing seam metal.

Learn The Pros And Cons Before You Buy

How to Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing
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For a long time, your main option for roofing materials was asphalt shingles. Few other choices were available, and if you wanted a different roofing material, you had better be prepared to pay top dollar for it.

Standing seam metal roofs were only a figment of the imagination in the minds of average homeowners. Most metal roofs were confined to commercial buildings or only to very cool, very expensive architect-driven residential structures. Now, they seem to be popping up on every block. Will standing seam metal roofs supplant composition shingles as the roofing material of choice?

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What Is Oil Canning On A Metal Roof

Have you ever seen a metal roofing material that looked like it was wrinkled? This is known as oil canning and it’s common on standing seam metal roofs.

Oil canning on a standing seam metal roof is an aesthetic issue only. Striations, stiffening ribs, and clip relief can disguise the appearance of oil canning on your metal roofing panels.

What Gauge Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The vast majority of standing seam metal roofing jobs are 24 gauge steel. Its a premium roofing system thats expected to last 40 plus years. The components must be designed to work as a whole. Standing seam roofing panels are the most expensive panels and use the best paint system. It wouldnt make sense to use a light gauge steel for minimal savings and lesser performance.

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Standing Seam Roof Options

At Bridger Steel, we offer three primary standing seam roofing panel types, each with slight variations depending on the application needed.

The Mechanically Locking Series of standing seam roofs is among one of our most structural and toughest panels. While the 2″ Mechanical Lock Roofing Panel is a wonderful choice for bold standing seam metal roofing designs, the 1″ Mechanical Lock Panel provides an equally appealing option for residential metal standing seam roofs.

The Tru Snap Series offers an alternative to the mechanically seamed panel, and is often chosen for both residential and commercial standing seam roofing applications alike.

For an easy installation process that still provides the protection and long appealing lines of a standing seam roof, we have our Nail Strip line. A standing seam roofing panel that allows for a hidden row of fasteners to be installed between each panel as it is installed. This process makes this panel style among our best choices for DIY standing seam metal roof installation.

Architectural System For Residential Housing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The Hardy Snap Standing Seam metal roof panel is available in an array of colors and gauges, created to make any home the envy of the community. We are the manufacturer. Your individual panels are made to order in house and cut to the inch.

Our Hardy Snap Standing Seam Panel is attached with fasteners that are concealed under the panel and attached at the built-in nail fin. We make this panel standard with 26 gauge steel with striations. Additionally, we can make this panel in 24 gauge steel so you can have a stronger panel on your roof and to help reduce oil canning. This panel can be installed on slopes greater than a 3/12 pitch. There are two types of trim/accessory packages to choose from for this panel. Either a concealed fastener trim package or you have the choice to use the exposed fastener trim package. The exposed fastener trim package makes installation a breeze for beginners.

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Contact SupplierAd

US$8,000.00-US$15,000.00/ Set


US$19,800.00-US$38,900.00/ Set

US$5,300.00-US$9,800.00/ Set

US$5,000.00-US$25,000.00/ Set

Product Show Manufacture We Have 5 Production Line, Supply 30,000m 2 Capacity Daily . The Third Party Inspection Is Also Acceptable Packing & amp Loading Waterproof Paper As Cover Loading Based On Lever Rule Steel Strip Fix The Bundle Protect The Bindle & amp Easy To Take More Choice: WELCOME TO INQUIRY !

US$24,500.00/ Set

,Ltd is specialized in ma king arch sheet roll forming machine, sandwich panel forming machine and flat sheet forming machine. Any requirements just no hesitate to contact with us, and also can send the drawing to us, we must try our best to satisfy your needs. 2. 2 years free debugging 3. We provide you all the relevant accessories for free, with which you can begin to do projects immediately.

US$9,000.00-US$9,500.00/ Set

US$8,000.00-US$22,000.00/ Set

We bear this in mind in the whole process from design, product research and development to after sales service. What we value is reputation and service, what we sell is quality and technology. We spend time a nd money on developing how to make machines much more automatic, accurate and high quality.

US$23,000.00-US$35,000.00/ Set

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing:

G90 Steel Standing Seam Expect to Pay: $19 $25.00 CAD per square foot installedAluminum Standing Seam Expect to Pay: $24 $30.00 CAD per square foot installedAluminum Standing Seam with Concealed Fasteners: $30.00+ per square foot installed and up depending on difficulty

Exotic Metal Roofing: example of a shingle style copper roof on a church.

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Standing Seam Profile Types

One of the most significant selling points of standing seam metal roofing is the variety of choices and options for customers. These choices stretch far beyond just the color of the panel to include the length, width, profile, shape, thickness, and more. Lets go through some of the most popular types and uses.

Elements Of Standing Seam Roofs

Mechanically Seamed Standing Seam Metal Roofing Installation – How To Use A Roof Seamer Machine
  • Seam fasteners: These seam fasteners might be anywhere from 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches high. Because these fasteners are concealed, you only see a smooth continuous ridge extending from top to bottom.
  • Pre-formed vs. site-formed: Roof panels can come either pre-formed or site-formed. Pre-formed panels are created in an off-site factory. Site-formed panels are created from rolls of metal that are run through mobile forming machines that crimp the metal into rigid panels.
  • Composition and width of panels: Panels tend to run 12 to 19 inches wide. Panels are usually made either of Galvalume-coated steel or aluminum.

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Problems

Standing seam metal roofing is the best metal roofing system, but it has some drawbacks. Here are the problems that each of these systems has in common.

  • Cost – The price of standing seam is nearly double the cost of corrugated metal roofing.
  • Difficult To Install
  • Oil Canning – The standing seam panels may have wavy and wrinkled appearance.

What Are The Advantages Of Snap Lock Standing Seam

  • Designed For Thermal Movement

Snap Lock Panels Are Designed For Thermal Movement

With temperature changes from hot to cold, metal will expand and contract. This type of roofing system is designed to allow for panel movement. The more the panel can move, the more resistant it is to oil canning.

Snap Lock Does Not Require Seaming

The side lap, or overlapping, of the panels does not have to be seamed together. This allows for the panels to be installed much faster than a mechanically seamed system.

Snap Lock Has No Panel Seams

The panels can be made to any sheet length, meaning that each side of the roof can be installed in one panel length. Eliminating a seam at the panel lap removes the possibility of a roof leak.

Snap Lock Standing Seam Cost

This type of standing seam is more expensive than a nail strip panel and cost less than mechanically seamed roofing panels.

  • Standing Seam Materials Cost – $3.00 to $5.50 Per Square Foot
  • Materials and Installation – $10 to $16 Per Square Foot

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Benefits Standing Seam Roofing

A metal standing seam roof, or seamed metal roof, has a definable seam that extends vertically from the panel’s flat surface. This seam helps provide additional rigidity and support, making a standing seam metal roof a favorite of both residential and commercial applications.

One of the biggest benefits of standing seam roofing is the hidden fastener system it uses. Since a hidden fastener system is used the majority of the time, a standing seam roof rarely sees issues related to fasteners. Another big benefit of a standing seam roof is its ability to be engineered with solar and snow retention options. Due to standing seam roof panels high-performing characteristics, theyre often chosen for those wanting to install solar or snow retention accessories on their metal roofs.

Nail Strip Standing Seam Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Nail strip, also known as nail flange or fastener flange, is the snap lock standing seam roof system with the simplest installation process. The male flange has one-inch slots that are spaced 6 inches apart and fastened directly to the roof deck, eliminating the need for clips. Once the panel is fastened, the female leg of the panel snaps over, hiding the fasteners.

Nail Strip panels can be made in the following measurements:

Seam Heights: 1, 1.5

Panel Widths: 12, 14, 16, 18, Custom

Nail strip panels are used most often for residential applications because theyre the least expensive standing seam system. However, this panel has the worst performance of the three types of standing seam panels. We do not recommend it for commercial projects.

Even though its the cheapest standing seam roof panel, its still substantially more expensive than corrugated metal roofing. The cost savings are minimal and the difference in performance is substantial. If possible, we would recommend upgrading to a clip system panel.

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Can Be Harder To Repair Or Replace

If damage or another issue occurs with one panel or a smaller section of the roof, it can be tough to replace efficiently because each individual panel must be separated from the ones that are staying on the structure. This process can be especially tedious for mechanically seamed systems, as each panel will need un-seamed and the sealant will also need to be removed/broken through.

The Cost Of A Standing Seam Metal Roof Plus Pros & Cons 2021

Standing seam is the premier choice in residential metal roofing. It is also the most expensive around two or three times the cost of corrugated metal panels and asphalt shingles, and about 10% to 20% more than metal shingles like interlocking steel and aluminum tiles and shakes.

Standing seam offers unbeatable value that is hard for any other roofing material to match. Lets explore this in further detail:

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Allows For Thermal Movement

When you restrict the expansion and contraction needed for proper thermal movement of a metal panel, you can run into problems, such as oil canning, fastener withdrawal, increased noise, and other issues. In standing seam metal roofing systems, the panels generally arent pinned, meaning they can expand and contract better. This is especially true if slider/expansion clips are installed, or, if its a snap-lock system, it can move freely with a clip.


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