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How To Market A Roofing Company

Attend A Local Chamber Commerce Event

How To Market Your Roofing Company With Facebook Ads

Attending your local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with an opportunity to network with local business owners. Its also a great way to meet property managers, developers, and architects all which can refer you lots of business.

You can introduce yourself and see if there are businesses looking for your help.

How Roofers Are Getting To The Top Of Google & Growing Their Businesses

If online searching were a game of basketball, Google would be Michael Jordan. Its simply the best there is. It currently owns a whopping 87% share in the search engine market!

When people need roofing work, they go to Google. More than 85% of consumers use search engines to find local contractors, and the first three search results get 55% of the clicks. If you want your roofing company to be found online, Google is where you need to be.

Now, do a little experiment. Head to Google and search roofing companies near me. Did your business show up in the top three? If so, good job! Youre free to go . If it didnt, keep reading and find out how to get your roofing company on the first page of Google.

Dont Be Afraid To Go Old School

Despite there being too much emphasis on digital marketing roofing advertising ideas, that doesnt invalidate the traditional roofing marketing channels. Print media, for instance, remainsrelevant to date, with small businesses still using platforms such as direct mail, newspapers, and magazines to market their products and services.

When done correctly, traditional roofing marketing ideas can open an opportunity to reach a new audience and promote your business to your community.

Think of it this way. Many of your competitors have probably abandoned the traditional mailbox, which could easily be an opportunity for you to conquer a channel known to have the highest response rate.

At the same time, imagine of a project you are proud of. What if you placed a company sign outside the property? Of course, youll have to request permission from the homeowner. Youll be luckier if the property sits in a high traffic area.

Chances are there are a few people who will be interested in what you can do, particularly those in need of roofing services. Theres also the possibility that some people will record your contacts just in case they might require your services in the future.

Other channels you may want to consider include flyers, hangers, yard signs, vehicle magnets, postcards.

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Step : Plan Your Business

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. A few important topics to consider are:

Luckily we have done a lot of this research for you.

What are the costs involved in opening a roofing company?

Though a roofing business can be launched from one’s home, additional space will eventually be necessary as the business grows. Storage space must be available to house roofing materials. Additional expenses range from trucks for the transportation of materials to an leasing/purchasing an administrative office, paying for high-speed Internet, utilities and labor costs. Liability and workers’ compensation insurance premiums must also be paid.

What are the ongoing expenses for a roofing company?

Who is the target market?

Roofers tend to favor clients who own property with a flat roof. Roofs with steep angles are much more difficult to work on. Most roofers prefer to do business with individuals who own numerous properties. Establish a business relationship with such an individual and it will likely mean additional projects in the future.

How does a roofing company make money?

How much can you charge customers?

How much profit can a roofing company make?

How can you make your business more profitable?

What will you name your business?

If you operate a sole proprietorship, you might want to operate under a business name other than your own name. Visit our DBA guide to learn more.

Case Studies & Accreditations

13 Brilliant Roofing Direct Mail Postcard Advertising ...

The two big things that your website should include our case studies and accreditations.

Accreditations are the easiest part of this jigsaw.

You can get the logos from all the suppliers that you use locally.

You can get logos from any high-profile local clients that youve done work for. Anything that a customer will recognise and associate with authority in the industry.

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Referral Marketing Tools For Roofers

Referral marketing has always been a great way for any business to garner more clients. You get a leaky roof, so you ask your neighbor who had some roof problems a couple years back what company he used, and he tells you, so you use the same guy. Just like that, word of mouth generated more business for that company.

While referral marketing has always been a great way to get more customers, it alone isn’t sufficient to keep your business thriving in these fast-paced, impatient Digital Age days. You certainly can’t beat the benefits of happy customers who tout your services until other people decide to try them themselves, but people are simply too impatient to ask their friends individually what roofing company they recommend. When the roof is leaking, they just want the Internet to bring a top-quality roofing expert right to their attention.

All this isn’t to say that referral marketing isn’t good. On the contrary, it’s EXCELLENT for your roofing business. However, it alone isn’t enough to get your company to thrive nowadays. For that, you need to combine the reliability of referral marketing with the instantaneousness of the Internet.

What Happens During A Typical Day At A Roofing Company

The typical roofing business owner has an incredibly busy workday. They are constantly looking to establish relationships with property owners of all varieties, from business owners to homeowners, apartment complex owners, condominium owners and beyond. Aside from recruiting clients, roofing company owners also search for high-quality, low-cost roofing materials. They ensure an ample supply of these materials are on-hand to meet the demands of each roofing project. Furthermore, roofing business owners assign workers to specific projects to ensure each client’s roofing project is completed in a thorough and timely manner.

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Importance Of Digital Marketing For Roofing Companies

Dont fret, the good news is they need your services, and, in many instances, it is urgent. While using this strategy for some clients is acceptable, it will not help your company grow. Therefore, digital advertising can reach a wider customer base that requires your services.

Roofing companies need digital advertising to help reach the maximum number of potential consumers. Digital marketing is less expensive than traditional methods and provides extensive and measurable data, so you know how different campaigns are performing. From that information, you can then adjust, to improve a campaign, or scrap it altogether, very efficient.

Referral Marketing & Community Partnerships

How to Market Your Roofing Company on Facebook & Instagram

As a roofing expert, you can strengthen your business and support others in your area with strategic partnerships throughout your community. Take your local hardware store, for instance. Go meet with them, business cards and brochures in hand. Explain what you do and ask if theyd be willing to send customers your way. To encourage them a bit more, opt to purchase some of your supplies from the company if youre not already doing so. This works with corporate brands, too, since customers expect employees to know quality contractors. Partner with home builders to provide roofing services for them. Join the National Roofing Contractors Association and other roofing trade organizations such as the Metal Roofing Alliance, if you specialize in metal roofs.

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Update Your Google My Business Page

Did you know that 80% of consumers look for local businesses on the internet?

That is a well-known fact.

But, only 44% of businesses have claimed their GMB listing. If you have not, you should do it now.

Make sure to optimize your listing while you are at it.

Even if you have an optimized listing, you may not know about some of the updated features. These are things that can help you generate leads.

For example:

  • Appointment URLs make it easy for busy commercial roofing leads to schedule a meeting. Dont make people call. Instead, this feature lets them book right from GMB.
  • The direct messaging feature allows leads to contact you from your GMB page. You can program automatic responses if you wish. You can also turn DM off when you are unavailable.
  • The questions and answers section can save you time. If you get the same questions repeatedly, answer them here. Think of it as an off-site FAQ for potential leads.

There are other new features as well. Using them can help you connect with new customers on GMB.

How To Promote Your Roofing Company

  • Create a roofing website with a proper logo to get an online presence.
  • Participate in trade shows to create business partnerships, new leads and good exposure.
  • Join local business meetups, Chamber of Commerce, real estate firms, landscaping companies or handymen to get more orders.
  • Make sure to list business in Google web, web directories Google maps to help others find you at one click.
  • Distribute professional business cards at various trade events or business partners to make a future connection.
  • The usage of marketing strategies helps the company to create its own brand amongst the other competitors from the same domain. There are effective marketing ideas that have the potential to make you the number one roofer in your own community.

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    Bonus Marketing Techniques For Roofers

    Most blogs are going to cover the same types of marketing techniques for roofers. While they may put an innovative spin on some of their suggestions, they arent going to tell you anything you havent already considered. For the following two strategies, Roofers Guild will present ideas that you have probably never even thought about. Though these methods are only viable if you properly execute other parts of your marketing campaign, they can take you to the next level if properly executed.

    What Roofing Services Will Be Offered

    13 Brilliant Roofing Direct Mail Postcard Advertising ...

    Choosing to focus on a specialty or niche will make your roofing company stand out from all the other roofing business companies in your region. Focusing on a specialty will bring not only repeat customers, but also lots of referrals from them. Niches in the roofing business include

    • Residential or Commercial Roofing- You may choose to specialize in offering residential roofing or commercial roofing services. Most roofing companies prefer specializing in the commercial niche since they wont have to deal with homeowners.
    • Roof Replacement, Repair, or Both- Your roofing company can also offer loads of other replacement and repair services. These include replacing broken and missing shingles, roofing tiles, gutters, Patching up holes on the roof, etc.

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    Attract New Homeowners With Roofing Repair And New Roof Discounts

    As a roofing company, part of your target audience is people who have recently purchased a new home.

    New movers spend, on average, $9,700 on house-related items in their first six months in their new home.

    If you can get your roofing company ads into new movers hands shortly after they move in, you can reach this ready-to-spend audience before they get settled and tighten their belts.

    One way to do this is to find out who has recently moved and then send them roofing company flyers or postcards offering a discount on your services.


    This information can take quite a bit of time and effort to get on your own. At PostcardMania, we make it easy on you with our New in Town program.

    Heres how it works:

    • Our expert graphic designers create a personalized postcard design for your roofing company
    • You tell us what your service area is basically how far out youre willing to go to do a job
    • Every month, we pull a list of new movers who relocated to that area and mail them your postcard
    • Interested prospects visit your website or call to redeem your offer

    Its that easy! You dont lift a finger.

    You never pay any additional minimums or setup fees for this program, its completely turnkey, and you can cancel when you want but you wont want to!

    Not Asking Homeowners For Google Reviews

    Google Reviews make a difference. With the volume and importance of Google searching, homeowners are becoming more educated and take customer reviews into consideration now more than ever. Having a high star Google Ranking will affect your business. The better your reviews, the more leads you will get.

    Just finished a job and the homeowner is happy? Ask for a Google Review. Google Reviews can make a significant impact on your business, especially if homeowners are deciding between you and a competitor. Over time, having 50 plus Google Reviews can make a substantial impact on your business and future leads.

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    Resources To Help Women In Business

    There are many resources out there specifically for women entrepreneurs. Weve gathered necessary and useful information to help you succeed both professionally and personally:

    • Funding
    • Guides
    • Support

    If youre a woman looking for some guidance in entrepreneurship, check out this great new series Women in Business created by the women of our partner Startup Savant.

    Facebook & Instagram Advertising

    Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Roofing Contractors Make

    For many businesses, Facebook and Instagram ads are a cost-effective way to earn leads. For roofers, it can work well but you have to have the right strategy in place to make an impact in your business.

    Boostpoint is a new app from Equipter. Simply enter into Boostpoint the area or neighborhood where you want to do more business, like a development where you already have a roofing job scheduled.

    Boostpoints algorithms then display your ad to the people in that neighborhood most likely to be your next customers. Since those homeowners are probably already seeing your trucks, crews, and signs on the scheduled roofing job, the digital ads make additional impressions so that when its time for the consumer to replace their roof, yours is the brand name they remember.

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    Types Of Marketing Roofers

    Roofing marketing doesnt have to be expensive to be effective. This is particularly important to understand for roofing companies that may not operate year-round due to shifting weather patterns or the climate that they are situated in. Between both digital and non-digital marketing techniques, roofing companies can stand out among competition during peak seasons and benefit from the increased number of leads that they are receiving. Some of the types of marketing for roofers that you should consider for your marketing strategy include:

    Show Off Your Roof Work Portfolio

    Make sure that people can see high quality, real photos of your recent work to get an idea of the quality jobs you can do.

    This means:

    • advertise your roofing work on social media like Facebook and Instagram
    • upload photos of your recent roofing work to Yelp and Google
    • keep your website updated with your most recent photos

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    Simple Clever Marketing Ideas For Roofing Companies

    Are you a roofing contractor looking for a steady stream of business? Long Tail Pro has 3 simple and clever marketing ideas for roofing companies. Its tough to make sweeping statements about the state of the roofing business as a whole. Factors such as location and local economies can make the outlook of a roofing company in the Southeast very different from one in the Pacific Northwest.

    to read a summary of the state of the industry overall.

    Whether your roofing business is booming or busting, most people wouldnt mind having a steadier stream of leads and customers.

    Here are 6 very practical, super affordable marketing ideas for roofing companies that will work whether your company is large or small.

    Build A Strong Reputation

    Roofing Marketing Ideas and Strategies

    It used to be that marketing was primarily what you said about your own business. But today on the internet, its as much what consumers tell each other about you.

    Most contractors now realize how important online reviews are to their local lead generation. Many leads will check review sites like HomeAdvisor, Top Rated Local®, Facebook or Google, and largely base their decision on who to hire based on comments from previous customers.

    The best way to manage your business reputation is to realize that everything you do impacts it. It starts and ends with how you treat your customers. Every way you exceed expectations translates into high ratings with online reviews. Every time you fail to meet them, it can cost you later.

    Closely monitor what people say about your business on the main review sites. When things dont go exactly as planned and you get negative comments , respond to the review and seek to rectify the problem. You can turn these negatives into positive reviews.

    If you have a platform where you either have some bad reviews or no reviews, use email follow-ups to request that clients leave you a review. This template, for example, links to a review site if they like you, and opens a feedback form if they had a problem.

    When you get outstanding reviews, highlight them as testimonials on your website.

    Consider this in how you conduct yourself and manage every roofing job. Ask: What will this client tell their friends about me? It will impact your lead generation.

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