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Are Metal Roofs Loud In Rain

How Long Do They Last

Are Metal Roofs Noisy in the Rain?

Metal roofs are incredibly durable. In fact, you can expect them to last two to three times longer than traditional roofing materials. Plus, with the Honest Abe Roofing Guarantee, we can promise that your roof will last for as long as you own your home. Our Guarantees cover every facet of the entire roofing system for as long as you own your home.

Susceptible To Lightning Strikes

Firstly, it is very uncommon that lightning will ever strike a building. Lightning strikes whatever object it comes into contact with first, which is more likely to be the highest point in the area such as a tree, pole or anything other tall object.

In terms of material, metals do conduct electricity, but lightning is not especially attracted to metal so this should not cause reason for concern. However, if you are in doubt then you can fit a lightning conductor for peace of mind.

How Would Metal Roofing Look On Your House

Another major consideration before seriously considering a metal roof for your home is what it would look like.

Go through photo galleries that metal roof manufacturers offer on their web sites to see houses that resemble your homes style to get a feel for how metal roofing would look on your house. Also, check out the metal roof visualizer, where you can upload a photo of your house and see what various types of material roofing would look like on it.

For a comprehensive look at the many different choices in metal roofing, be sure to see the HomeTips Metal Roofing Ultimate Buying Guide.

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Insulated Metal Roofing Panels: What You Need To Know

If youve been looking into metal roofing and the benefits it can bring to any home or business, youve probably heard about insulated metal panels. All metal roofs involve the installation of panels or pieces of the roofing material. The way the sections are made, however, can play a big Read more

Assure The Roof Is Properly Fastened

Are Metal Roofs Loud When it Rains?

If the roofers installed your metal roof incorrectly, then it is possible that you have fastener problems. The roof fasteners are what holds your roof in place tightly.

Have a look or contact someone that has experience regarding metal roofs and have them check if the roof fasteners are installed correctly. If the fasteners were incorrectly attached and are now loose, then this can cause the metal roof to move just enough to make noise in certain weather condition.

The roof will be extra noisy if it has fastener issues when raining causing noise to resonate throughout the house. In addition to inclement weather, a temperature change can also affect a metal roof that is improperly attached. During seasonal changes, the expansion and contraction of the roof will undoubtedly intensify the situation.

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Are Metal Roofs Noisy

The most popular misconception about metal roofing is how they can be extremely loud when it rains. This is a complete myth and in fact, they silence any noise created from the elements such as rain, hail, sleet etc. If insulated correctly with the addition of special sound deadening underlays, they can actually be a lot quieter than other roofs such as an asphalt shingle roof.

Q: Do Metal Roofs Increase The Value Of Your House

A: While its hard to judge what actually adds value to a property, its safe to say that all the benefits of a metal roof will certainly make your house more attractive to prospective buyers. If your home is more energy efficient and wont require much if any roof maintenance then this already saves any new owner a nice bundle. This can be a valuable selling point when marketing your home.

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Speak To A Metal Roof Professional

Although the tips above have been proven to soundproof metal roofs effectively, we recommend that you speak to a metal roofing contractor. Keep in mind that every metal roof, house, and situation is different. So if the above solutions dont work for you, you might want to look for a custom alternative for your particular metal roof.

So, here you have them: our top 5 ways to soundproof a metal roof.

Are Metal Roofs Actually Noisier In The Rain

Loud Rain on Metal Tin Roof = 10 Hours Rain Sounds For Sleeping

An uninsulated metal roof will make around 52dB of noise in a heavy rainstorm .

This is not much louder than a quiet conversation being conducted at home and is actually no different from how other roofing types such as asphalt shingles or slate tiles perform.

The reason that it is commonly presumed that metal roofs are noisier is that they are frequently used in warehouse-type spaces with exposed uninsulated ceilings, if you were to fit a shingle roof in the same space without any insulation it would be just as noisy!

As we have already said, providing your metal roof is properly installed then it should be pretty quiet, well insulated against both sound and heat and it should last for decades.

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Q: Are Metal Roofs Noisy When It Rains

A: A common metal roofing myth is how loud theyll be during a rainstorm. In fact, metal roofs are about as noisy as your standard asphalt roof. The underlay material between the timber and the metal sheet itself dampens any noise, and if a roof is properly insulated and sound dampened with additional layers, a metal roof can be distinctly quieter than an asphalt roof.

Noise Problem #: Creaking

Creaking sounds are another common problem, both in flat and peaked roofs. The reasons for creaking are usually the same as those of heat or cold-related cracking. Where the roofs materials and joints need space to expand and contract, the builder has provided none. This is another case in which the addition of joint expansions can make a big difference, and be much more cost-effective than tearing the roof down and starting again. Cracks from water damage or ice are another reason for creaking, and these can be repaired on a case by case basis.

The first step to fixing a noisy flat roof is a professional inspection. Once the reasons for the creaking, cracking, popping and other sounds has been pinpointed, repairs can be made and you can enjoy your space a lot more!

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Are Metal Roofs Loud On Rainy Days

According the the Metal Roofing Alliance, the answer is a definitive no.

PORTLAND, Ore.Its a common debate as the peak rainy season approaches, especially among homeowners as they consider re-roofing projects this spring: Are metal roofs really any noisier, and if they are, is that a pro or a con?

Homeowners typically fall into one of two campsthey either want to hear the patter of rain on their roof, or they dont, said Renee Ramey, executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance. A lot of people think the sound of rain is soothing and will help them sleep without the need for a fancy white noise machine. For others, they are worried the sound may be too disruptive.

In either case, the issue of noise can be a deciding factor for homeowners who are considering replacing a roof. For those who want to turn up the volume of rooftop rainfall, the reality may come as a wet blanket: The fact is a well-constructed metal roof simply wont transmit any more sound than an asphalt roof.

Hearing is believing

If homeowners really want to hear the sound of rain, they are better off adding skylights. Which you also can do when installing a metal roof, by the way, Ramey added.

With any roof, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, said Ramey. A quality metal roof that has been properly installed will deliver a lifetime of reliable protection, and for the vast majority of homeowners, thats music to their ears.

Metal Roofing Alliance

Metal Roof Noise: 5 Ways To Soundproof Your Metal Roof

Metal Roof In The Rain Stock Photo

The sound of hail banging against a metal roof is never a good time. Some might even say its worse than nails on a chalkboardso much so that as a form of mental torture, tin roofs have been used in prison facilities since the smallest impact against them can cause an incredibly loud noise.

Just close your eyes for a bit and imagine that tick tick tick, on a continuous 4-hour loop. Sheesh.

We totally understand homeowners looking for metal roof noise reduction, and were here to help. In this article, were talking about how you can soundproof a metal roof and make it more family-friendly.

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Can Metal Roofing Go Over Existing Shingles

As long as the existing roof surface and the decking beneath it are sound, flat, and free of rot, metal roofing can usually be applied over the top of one old layer of asphalt shingles. Check local codes and the manufacturers specifications before doing this.

Of course, tearing off the old roof so you can start with flat, sound sheathing certainly gives you a much cleaner starting point. But leaving the old roof in place also has advantages. For example, it:

  • Leaves an extra insulation barrier for increased energy efficiency
  • Minimizes the debris and disruption to your home and yard during the project
  • Adds additional sound insulation for rain and hail

Denver Co Home Tips: Metal Roof Popping Noise And Dealing With It

You’ve got a sturdy and durable roof, and it can last for decades with proper maintenance and inspection. However, there’s one thing most Denver CO homeowners can’t deal with the material: metal roof popping noise.

Is thunder striking your roof? The wind blowing it off from your home and possibly causing major damage? Or is it because some animals have made their home on your rooftop? True enough, with its density and sound conductivity, metal roofs are huge noisemakers.

However, responsible and highly reputable Denver CO metal roofers know that insulating the material to prevent metal roof popping noise is part of every project. Noisy metal roofs is a common misconception, as JTC Roofing illustrates in the excerpt below.

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How Many Styles Of Metal Roofs Are There

At Honest Abe Roofing, we offer metal ForeveRoof solutions, like:

  • Standing Seam. These straight-panel, multi-colored, metal shingles offer a refreshing aesthetic for any home. This economical option offers sleek lines and does not have any exposed fasteners.
  • Rib Panel. These roofing panels are made of steel and are highly wear-resistant to last a lifetime.
  • Dimensional, Barrel Vault, Metal Shake, and Tile. Each of these metal shingle systems are incredibly durable and built to withstand weathers worst.

Selecting The Right Roof Materials

Is a Metal Roof Noisy When It Rains?

Metal roofing is more durable, fire resistant and long lasting than asphalt roofing. Clay and concrete are also strong and safe roofing materials that you might want to consider if you like the look and having a quiet roof is your top priority. Metal roofs last longer than even the highest-quality asphalt shingle roofs. These roofs are also more resistant to major damage than almost any other material. The only real risk with this material is large hail, and this concern is most considerable for softer aluminum or copper roofs rather than steel roofs.

With steel roofing, the primary concern is the condition of the coating on the steel. If this wears down, corrosion or rust may start to form and prematurely undermine the condition of the roof. Regardless of which material or design you choose, you should plan on regular maintenance to prolong the life of a roof.

Be sure to ask any contractors you consult with about the expected noise level of a roof made of metal. Be sure to discuss roofing materials as well as all of the layers under the roof such as decking, underlayment and insulation. If the roof on your home currently has shingles, you should also determine whether these materials should be removed prior to installing a new roof. Depending on the building codes in your area, if may be possible to install metal roofing over shingles. This method of insulation can help to further reduce noise, though additional ventilation may be necessary.

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Myth #: Metal Roofs Are Noisy

There is a common misconception that all types of metal roofs make a lot of noise during rain or hail storms. While it is true that some systems and profiles of metal roofing can experience noise in certain circumstances, most metal roofs are designed and installed to be no louder than any other roof type. Some can even be quieter.

That being said, there are home or build owners who want to hear the noises from rain or hail. Luckily, you can have metal roofing installed in a way that makes noise as loud or as quiet as you prefer.

Lets dive a little deeper into ways to ensure a roof doesnt experience unnecessary noise:

Myth #: Metal Roofs Are Noisy In The Rain

Standing seam roofing made from flat metal or aluminum sheets can be loud in the rain. Thats because theyre uncoated. The thicker the coating and texture of a roofing panel, the more effective it is at disrupting the reverberation of sound waves.

With a stone-coated steel roof from DECRA, you dont have to worry about noise from the rain. Additionally, DECRA roofs don’t require soundproofing underlayments that uncoated standing seam metal roofs need to block out noise.

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A Metal Roof Stands Up To Tornadoes & Hurricanes

Many metal roofing systems have been tested and proven to withstand winds in excess of 140 miles an hour, which is the equivalent to an F2 tornado and provide protection against impact damage from debris. says Todd Miller, Vice Chairman of the Metal Roofing Alliance.

According to the Palm Beach Post, metal roofs proved to be the most hurricane-resistant. If the roofers used the correct attachment method, either screws or clips, the wind will have a difficult time getting underneath metal roof panels.

How To Soundproof A Metal Roof The Best Way Possible

Isnât Hail or Heavy Rain Loud on a Metal Roof?

Are you planning shortly to install a metal roof on your house? You might already have a metal roof, but youre bothered by the noise it creates when something comes into contact with it, like rain. Try not to stress yourself out too much from your roofing noise because this article will explain exactly how you can have a metal roof without worrying about noise.

So how to soundproof a metal roof? There is entirely no reason why a metal roof should be noisier than any other types of roof. Make sure to have a good quality underlayment before applying the roof. You will also need to have the ceiling on the upper level well insulated, so the noise from the metal roof doesnt transfer down through the entire house.

Steel roofs are becoming more and more popular for new homes and even when replacing an existing roof. It is not difficult to comprehend why. A durable metal roof can last up to 50 years and also needs much less repair work as well as maintenance than many other types of roofs on homes today.

A metal roof is also a greener alternative to standard roofs since its considered to be a much more environmentally friendly option. Also, mounting a metal roof on your house can considerably reduce your energy bills.

So why doesnt every person have a metal roof on their home if they are that good? Since lots of people are bothered by all types of noise, is a metal roof actually noisier than your conventional asphalt roof?

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Quick Tips For A Metal Roof Installation:

When a metal roof is being installed there are certain variables that can increase or decrease the noise levels and quality of the roof:

  • Using an experienced roofing company
  • High-quality underlayments
  • Proper insulation
  • If you are interested in learning more about metal roofs contact NY Roofing: -838-0441 or visit our office: 553 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215

    You Should Avoid Walking On Metal Roofs

    Though you shouldnt have to walk on a roof that doesnt leak, there may be occasions when a plumber needs to snake out a vent pipe or a chimney sweep needs access to the chimney flue. You have to be very careful when walking on most metal roofsboth to avoid damaging or denting the roofing and to keep from slipping off.

    You can walk on some metal roofs but not all of them. Whether or not they will dent from foot traffic depends on how the particular product is made and the type of construction supporting it. As you might imagine, metal can be very slippery when wet.

    Some painted metal roof finishes can peel, chip, fade, scratch, or chalk, although nearly all premium products are guaranteed for at least 30 years. Walking on some types, particularly those with a granulated-stone surface, may cause surface wear. Installers must be careful not to scratch or dent the roofing during installation, and panels must be treated with care. Unlike conventional roofing, some metal shingle systems are installed from the top down, eliminating the need to walk on them.

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    Metal Roofing For Homes

    For metal roofing on homes, the reality and standards are much different. Similar to other roofing techniques with metal roofs there is still a decking, insulation and underlayment. There are plenty of options for what these layers will be made from but plywood can be used for the deck, and there are foam insulators or mats which can be used between layers. Actually what many families choose to do if they have a pitched roof is to lay the metal down over the existing roof, which would actually reduce noise even more. The same study done in Sweden found that metal roofs on homes are equal to other roofing materials in rain and wind storms.


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