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Can You Paint A Metal Roof

How To Paint A Rusty Metal Roof

Can You Repaint a Metal Roof?

If you live in an area with a lot of tree coverage, then no other roof can match a metal roof for its ability to shed leaves, twigs, water, and more. But like all metal items left out in the elements, metal roofs are susceptible to oxidation and rust. Once rusted, a once beautiful metal roof now looks haggard and old.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then youre probably wondering what can be done to refinish your roof and make it look new again, short of actually redoing the roof. A new roof could be quite expensive, so whats the alternative?

Luckily, you can breathe new life into your old, rusted metal roof. Its going to take a bit of work and a few helpful products, but it can be done. Lets take a look at what well need to tackle this job and the steps well have to take once our supplies are gathered.

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Prepping A Metal Roof

Paint adheres best to surfaces that are completely clean, smooth and dry. As a first step, you can clean your metal roof with vinegar diluted in water to remove any residue or oils.

Just prior to painting, power wash the roof. This will get rid of any new dirt, mildew and paint chips. You can forego power washing by using a scraper and sandpaper to clean and smooth out the roofs surface.

Can Metal Roofs Be Painted

Yes! If you have the painting skills, safety materials and confidence required for the job, painting your metal roof can be a great way to save time and budget while committing to an eco-friendly roof.

To do the job right, you need to first prepare the surface of your metal roof, select the correct primers, paints and sealants, and apply all the products correctly. This process may vary depending on which type of metal roof you have.

Following these steps properly will ensure you extend the lifespan of your roof and increase your homes energy efficiency without wasting time and paint on a poor roofing refresh.

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This Plywood Will Absorb The Moisture And Prevent Condensation

Paint to stop condensation on metal roof. The roll of felt is spread out over the entire roof on top of the plywood and nailed down with roofing nails. This paint also provides protection against condensation and is ideal for smaller projects in bathrooms kitchens or laundry rooms. Essentially condensation occurs at night when the temperature inside a building is warmer than outside.

The result is the roof sweating and dripping water all over your precious stuff. When looking for the best way to solve condensation drip inside a building with metal roofinglook no further. The answer is a product called DrpStop which is a felt-like material with a rubber backer that can be applied to the back side of metal panels that will trap the moisture as the condensation forms.

HQC anti-condensation paint provides long-lasting protection by acting as an insulator preventing the walls from getting too cold. Our Anti Condensation Paint should be applied in temperatures above 10c. That excess moisture ends up as drops of condensation on the roof.

What are the benefits of this alternative condensation control method. Preparing a wall for painting. Well it certainly worked in this case.

When then environment outside becomes cooler ie. As it cools it cant hold as much moisture. A great anti-condensation paint is Coo-Var Anti-Condensation Paint which only comes in white but is stocked in 1l and 25l tins.

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Make Sure Your Roof Has Enough Time To Weather

Can You Paint A Metal Roof in 2021

While its possible to paint a metal roof yourself, the timing of this project is key to its ultimate success. Before you can apply a new coat of paint, you need to be sure your metal roof has had enough time to weather properly.

If your roof has been recently installed, it needs to weather for at least six months before a new coat of paint is applied. If youve recently purchased your home, check to make sure your metal roof is at least six months old before attempting to repaint it, even if you hate the current color.

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What Are The Benefits

The number one benefit to painting a metal roof is the longevity of the metal. There are a few benefits to a metal roof and painting the metal roof can help preserve those benefits.

  • Longer lifespan-painting a metal roof makes it protected longer than the original coating. Keep it fresh-looking.
  • Sustainability-a lightly colored paint can reflect heat energy away from the home and provide you with a more sustainable electric bill.
  • Aesthetics-painting a dull metal roof allows the roof to look brand new. Your neighbors can become very jealous of the new curb appeal the newly painted roof brings.

Pro Tips To Paint A Metal Roof

Now you have known each step to keep your metal roof well-painted. But we still have some tips to perfect the painting layer.

  • Purchase the right paint: Do not regret your leftover paint, just buy a new paint that is suitable for your roof. The wrong and low-quality type of paint will erode quickly and leave your house prone to moisture damage
  • Use a sealant before applying the paint: It will keep your roof from being rusted and eroded.
  • Follow correct application steps: Be careful with the amount of paint you apply or how you apply it. Or else all of the efforts will become fruitless.

Here is a video by Brian Yauger instructing us how to paint a rusted metal roof:

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Should I Spend So Much Money On Paint For Metal Roof

An paint for metal roof should live with you for many years to come. Paying more will reward you with a better view, increased speed, and better quality accuracy every time you open the lid. It costs between $$ and $$$ on average to purchase a new paint for metal roof. The price is higher but there are some luxury features that you opt for.

What About The Galvanized Layers

Painting Metal Roofing 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Its confusing to ever need metal roof coatings when galvanized or galvalumed layers SHOULD protect the steel or aluminum core from corrosion. Thats the initial sacrificial layer manufacturers use to preserve metal roof capability and lifespan. However, this coating wears off as the years pass. Most metal roofs will lose their galvanic or galvalumed properties within the last 5-10 years of their lifespan.

According to experts, consistent elemental exposure deteriorates the additional layer. Because zinc and aluminum are not corrosion proof, they will still introduce rust to the core steel or aluminum roof material. However, a layer of rusty metal roof coating helps prolong the rusty metal roofs performance if it isnt brittle and still has strength.

Metal Construction News has an excellent explanation of how experts view metal roof coatings and their long-term effects on roofs.

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Paint To Stop Condensation On Metal Roof

How contrary to what everyone says painting the underside of a tinmetal roof does stop condensation drips. Drip Stop can be applied to the back of metal coils either Galvalume Plus or painted and then the metal can be roll-formed onto panels.

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Tips For Painting Corrugated Metal Roofs

Have you ever seen a gorgeous home with a colourful steel roof on top of it? Steel roofing has become more and more popular over the years, particularly in our neck of the woods, and the trend has led many people to speculate as to how they can approach painting their own corrugated metal roofing. As youll soon find out, painting corrugated metal roofing isnt as simple as grabbing a brush and a bucket of paint. There is more to the process than you might think, so lets jump right into our top tips for painting corrugated metal roofing.

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Not Waiting For The Paint To Dry

As weve previously mentioned, its important to add a few coats of paint to your roof. People often dont wait for the first coat to dry before adding the second coat which is a big mistake.

Make certain that the first coating of paint is dry before you go ahead and paint on the second coating. It should take roughly about an hour or so for it to dry.

How Do You Paint An Old Metal Roof

Can You Paint Metal Roof

How Do I Repaint a Metal Roof on an Old House?

  • Scrape away any loose or flaking paint using your putty knife.
  • Remove all rust using your wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Sand the entire metal roof surface very lightly with your wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Add 1 cup of any mild dish or laundry detergent to 5 gallons of warm water.
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    Things To Consider Before Buying A Metal Roof Paint

    Buying a high quality and durable paint for a metal roof can be difficult since this is not the same type of paint you would normally apply to the interior of your house. It requires to have some important characteristics that give the metal surface of the roof long-lasting protection against water and heat from the sun.

    Well, we understand that not everyone is well-versed in metal roof paint shopping. So, to help you in this endeavor, we have prepared a list of the factors to consider before buying a metal roof paint:

    Can You Paint Over A Rusted Metal Roof

    The obvious first question is: can you paint over a rusted metal roof? It would be extremely convenient if all you had to do was slap a new coat of paint onto that aging, corroded old roof.

    Well, you can but its going to take a few more steps than just painting it and calling it a day. Before we can even think about painting, were going to have to do something about that rust.

    First, we need to remove as much of that rust as possible. Next, we need to prevent the corrosion from continuing to expand.

    To take care of the first step, removing the rust, were going to need to physically attack the rust and remove as much of it as possible by force.

    For halting the rust in its tracks and ensuring that it wont continue to eat through our new coating and degrade the existing metal any further, were going to use a special primer with a rust killer built-in. Once coated with the rust killer, the oxidation will no longer be able to grow and weaken your roof.

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    How To Paint Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

    Before you start the process, ensure that you have all the essential tools to remove the old paint and apply fresh paint. You will also have to clean the roof and apply several paint coats. By doing so, you will end up with a metal roof that looks brand new.

    Here are the steps to follow when painting your metal roofing sheets.

    Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant Indoor & Outdoor Coating

    Can a Metal Roof be Repainted? Metal Roofing 101 with Todd Miller

    If we are to name one of the best paint for old metal roof, this paint will surely be mentioned. This paint too like some of the previous picks is completely water based. Manufactured by Liquid Rubber, it is available in the color water in a container measuring 1 gallon. Due to its watery base, it is quite smooth and easy to apply. On top of this, it has great adhesion as well.

    Not just outdoor roofs, you can use this paint to color your indoors as well. It provides a smooth coating for metal roofs, sloped roofs, and every other kind of roof, and also works on wood and concrete. Furthermore, you can even paint the plant boxes with it. Besides, it can be used to paint the basement.

    This paint provides high flexibility due to its efficient elongation. Its final membrane will give you full coverage without running the risk of adhesion failure. On top of this, the paint completely blocks out UV rays, thus protecting the inhabitants of the house from any harm. It also helps to keep the house cool by blocking the heat rays.

    Each gallon of this paint is capable of covering an area of 30 square feet if you apply 3 to 4 coats. A layer of these many coats will give you a color membrane of 30 milliliters, which is good enough to protect the metal surface.

    Highlighted Features

    • Provides maximum adhesion

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    Th Step: Paint On The Colors

    Once your primer is set, grab your roof paints or sealants and apply them on the roof using a roller or brushes. If you want to ensure good coverage, apply the paint in thick coats.

    You will at least need 2 coats to apply on the roof if you want satisfactory results. Sometimes, you might even need more, depending on the product. Each layer will take about 2-3 hours to dry off or even more before you can apply the next layer.

    So, dont be hasty! Once all the layers look fine and dandy, you know youve done well to protect your roof and your home.

    Replace Any Wood Or Flashing

    When figuring out how to paint a metal copper roof, youll soon discover that its a give a mouse a cookie kind of project.

    Once we decided to paint the roof, we discovered some boards that needed to be replaced.

    You can also replace the flashing if needed.

    My husband is going to go back and add real copper flashing around the top of the roof to wick away water .

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    What Are The Benefits Of Having The Metal Roof Painted

    • Increase roof life: The metal roof is already affordable at first, and if you maintain it well, you can save a fortune for yourself. And painting metal roofs helps that by protecting the metal, reducing the probability of getting rusted,
    • Improve the house appearance: There are many paint colors for you to choose from and decorate your metal roof. Make it match your house, your neighborhoods, or your natural environment,

    Applying The Paint Incorrectly

    Can You Paint a Metal Roof?

    Watch a few videos in order to educate yourself on how exactly paint should be applied to metal roofs. Often, people apply paint unevenly which can cause the paint to peel sooner. As a result, they will have to do retouches sooner, which can end up being costly and time-consuming.

    In order to avoid having to retouch your roof sooner, try and apply the paint as evenly as possible. You will also need to apply a good few coats of paint in order for it to last for a longer time.

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    Not All Paints Are Created Equal

    Like any type of material, there are ones that are cheaper and ones that cost a little more. One of the most important qualities in a metal roof panel is the type of paint coating it has this is not an area you want to skimp on cost! Avoid installing metal panels on your roof that use polyester-based paints. This type of paint fades in only a few years and increases the chance of your roof being exposed to rust more quickly. Installing these types of panels may like a cheaper option at first, but you will only end up paying more to repaint and repair it. Or, worse, you may end up needing to replace your roof sooner than later!

    At IBEX Roof, its crucial for us to use high-quality roofing materials that can withstand the temperamental weather patterns of the Pacific Northwest. Thats why we use metal panels painted with Kynar500 paint. This type of coating on the panels is so durable that there is no need to think about ever re-painting your metal roof.

    On The Safety Of Work

    • General recommendations relate to weather conditions: you need to start working in dry windless weather both heat and frost complicate the process.
    • Work at heights must be done in shoes with anti-slip soles, and also with the use of a safety belt.
    • It is necessary to use protective clothing not exposing skin to the paint.
    • It is better to work with a partner who will help in case of a dangerous situation. It is worth remembering that fumes of paints and varnishes are toxic, and the paints and solvents themselves are fire hazard.
    • Work with the rust solvent must be carried out in goggles and rubber gloves.

    If you still unclear about painting your roof or you have a roofing project in mind we are happy to help you. Please, do not hesitate to reach us at or do browse through our website if you need any advise on metal roofing in Ontario.

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    How Do I Repaint A Metal Roof On An Old House

    Metal roofing offers an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt shingle products. Known for its strength and durability, metal roofing often lasts for decades with relatively little maintenance or repair. Over time, these roofs typically require repainting to restore their appearance and protect the roof from rust and corrosion. Most DIY homeowners will find this task can be completed over the course of a weekend, leaving the roof looking new.


    Scrape away any loose or flaking paint using your putty knife. A wire brush or sandpaper may help loosen tough areas of paint.


    Remove all rust using your wire brush or sandpaper.


    Sand the entire metal roof surface very lightly with your wire brush or sandpaper. Try to achieve a slightly abraded, texturized finish, as this helps your new paint bond with the roof finish.


    Add 1 cup of any mild dish or laundry detergent to 5 gallons of warm water. Use the water and some rags or towels to clean your roof and remove any sanding dust, debris or grease.


    Spray the roof with your hose to rinse away all soap and debris. Wait for the surface to dry completely before proceeding with the project.


    Coat the entire metal roof surface with a rust-inhibiting primer. Choose a product designed for use on outdoor metal applications. Apply the primer with a roller, using a paint brush to access small areas or tight corners.







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