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Can You Put Shingles On A 2 12 Pitch Roof

What Is The Minimum Pitch For Composition Shingles

Building a Pitched Roof

4 in 12 pitch

Can you put 3 layers of shingles on a roof?

Advantages of Reroofing Most building codes allow two layers of organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles on roofs with a 4/12 pitch or less, and three layers on steeper roofs. If the structure can support the added weight, a typical 20-square reroof will cost at least $1,000 less than a tear-off job.

Asphalt Shingles Vs Asphalt Roll Roofing Appearance

If you are roofing a workshop, storage shed or the flat roof over a garage, you may not be overly concerned with the appearance of the roofing materials. However, if you are roofing your house, you properly want the results to be aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to appearance, asphalt shingles win over roll roofing. Shingles provide a sophisticated 3D look that cannot be duplicated by even the priciest roll roofing.

Minimum Slope For Low

With any roofing material, a slope of at least 1/4 inch per foot is recommended to promote drainage and minimize ponding. Where deflection from snow or other live loads is a concern, a greater slope will be needed to prevent any ponding.

Most manufacturers of low-slope roofing products specify a minimum slope of between 1/4 and 1/2 inch per foot in their warranties.

While membranes, such as vinyl or EPDM, are unaffected by standing water, it will shorten the life of asphalt based materials, such as BUR and modified bitumen.

With any roofing material, ponding of water increases the likelihood of leakage, increases deflection in the roof framing, and contributes to rooftop growth of mosses, algae, and other plant life. Also, the freezing and thawing of ponded water can harm most roof surfaces.

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Asphalt Shingles Vs Asphalt Roll Roofing

Asphalt roll roofing is a roof covering that is typically sold in rolls that are 36 inches wide and 33 feet long. Asphalt shingles are precut roof coverings that are normally rectangular in shape. Both products use asphalt in the manufacturing process, and when used as intended and properly installed, both products will keep out the rain. Finding additional similarities is virtually impossible, but there are several critical differences between the two products.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

HOT ROOF! [MI, USA] Rigid foam directly to the bottom of ...

A standing seam metal roof system is a series of metal panels that are locked together at the seams or seamed mechanically. This allows for panels to expand and contract freely when the metal panels go through thermal expansion.

A standing seam metal roof is a great roofing material for a flat roof. It has better aesthetics with more color options and is longer-lasting than the membrane roof systems.

As long as its properly installed and your attic is adequately ventilated, theres no reason you shouldnt get at least 30 years out of your standing seam metal flat roof. Under the ideal conditions, a standing seam metal flat roof could last for 50 years.

But this extra life and aesthetics comes at a higher price and is more expensive than all 3 types of roof membranes.

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What Is The Minimum Pitch/slope Of An Asphalt Shingle Roof

Shingles of all types need to have a slope to function properly. The minimum requirement is 2/12. The 2/12 number is rise over run or two units of vertical for every 12 units horizontal. That works out to about nine degrees if that works better for you. A shingle roof, like this North Dallas garage in the photo above, may have a failure, no matter how good a job the installer did. This minimum slope requirement can be found in the installation instructions for almost every manufacturer and in many building codes.

How To Calculate Roof Pitch

To calculate roof pitch, one must employ a simple equation from high school algebra used to calculate the slope. Calculating roof pitch involves dividing the rise by the run and multiplying that number by 12: Rise/Run x 12. Placing the answer to this equation over 12 is the roofs pitch.

A roof that rises two feet over a run of 4 feet would have the following equation: 2/4 x 12 = 6. Therefore, the pitch is 6/12.

While the concept of calculating slope may be simple, taking the measurements from an existing roof can be challenging. Attempting to take measurements from the rooftop wont help you as you need to measure the run and the rise as opposed to the length of the roofline itself.

A better and safer way to do this is to take measurements from the attic. A roofs pitch is created by the rafters and ceiling joists that create the roofs shape. Take measurements by holding a level horizontal from one rafter.

Check to make sure the level is level, then make a mark with a pencil 1 foot in from the rafter. Keeping the level level, measure the distance between the mark and the rafter, keeping the tape measure perpendicular to the level.

The measurement you take is the rise of your roof, with the total pitch being that number over 12. So, if your vertical measurement is 5 inches, the pitch is 5/12. If its 10 inches, the pitch is 10/12.

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Can You Put Shingles On A 2/12 Pitch Roof

As discussed above, it is possible to put shingles on a roof pitch as low as 2/12. Its also important to note that the International Building Code supports this. That said, its a good idea to check local building codes to make sure your municipality allows this.

Remember, putting shingles on a roof with a pitch of 2/12 up to 4/12 requires a double layer of underlayment in the section of the roof along the eaves as an extra water barrier if the shallower roof pitch doesnt carry off rainfall fast enough, causing some water to backflow underneath the shingles. Some roofers even suggest adding additional stopgaps such as asphalt cement and ice and water shield to the seams to stop water that may make it past the shingles.

Keep in mind that although building codes allow for shingles to be installed on a 2/12 roof, it may not be the best idea. Shingles on a 2/12 roof are more susceptible to failure than on roofs that are 4/12 and greater. The general rule of thumb is that shingles on steeper roofs last longer than those on shallower roofs.

This is because the steeper roof angle not only channels water away more quickly than shallower roof pitches but it also better sheds debris and snow that can create dams that allow water to pool on a roof.

Shingles also age over time, which can cause them to curl. While a slight curl may not cause problems on a higher-pitched roof, a slight curl might be enough to push water back up into the shingles on a flatter 2/12 roof.

What Is Roof Pitch

How To Install a DeckSeal Low Slope Self-Adhered Roofing System

Youll often hear the words pitch and slope used interchangeably to describe the angle of a roof. Roof pitch is the angle of a roof given in a fraction while a roofs slope is given in a ratio however, both discuss the same thing.

The pitch of the roof is determined by its rise over its run. For roofs, the rise is always the variable, with the run always being constant at 12 feet. For example, a roof with a 5/12 slope will rise 5 inches of height for every 12 inches of length and a roof with an 8/12 slope will rise 8 inches for every 12 inches of length.

The greater the rise, the steeper the pitch of the roof. Whereas a roof with a 3/12 pitch has very little pitch to it, a 12/12 roof will have a very steep pitch.

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What Is The Lowest Pitched Roof You Can Shingle

Minimum Pitch/Slope of An Asphalt Shingle Roof

Considering this, can you put shingles on a 2 12 pitch roof?

Asphalt shingles are an effective roof covering material for sloped roofs. They can be successfully used on slopes as low as 2:12 as well as steeper pitches. Asphalt shingles should never be applied to roof slopes below 2:12 .

Also Know, can I shingle a 3/12 pitch roof? As a result of this experience, I would limit the application of asphalt roof shingles to roofs that are 4/12 and steeper. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that asphalt shingles be installed only on roofs with slopes that are 3/12 and greater.

Furthermore, what is the best roofing material for a low pitch roof?

Most manufacturers of low-slope roofing products specify a minimum slope of between 1/4 and 1/2 inch per foot in their warranties. While membranes, such as vinyl or EPDM, are unaffected by standing water, it will shorten the life of asphalt based materials, such as BUR and modified bitumen.

What is the minimum roof angle?

Traditionally, a minimum roof pitch of 20° was recommended in BS 5534, but modern tiles and slates have now been designed for applications as low as 15°. It is uncommon to find a roof below 15° but for those very low pitch applications, there are interlocking clay pantiles available, suitable for use down to 12.5°.

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Pros And Cons Of Various Roof Slopes

Low pitch roofs are easier to install and safer to walk around to complete repairs and maintenance. This is fortunate since flat roofs are somewhat more prone to leaks and require frequent inspections.

Low-pitch roofs are seldom used in regions of severe weather due to the stress of snow accumulation on roofs of structures.

Flat roofs can be significantly cheaper to install than a pitched roof, but they will often require more maintenance. Flat roofs are popular in regions of sparse rainfall and are favored by modern architects in contemporary designs.

Medium-pitched roofs come in a variety of styles and provide help with dispersing snow and rainfall while still being able to be inspected and repaired by the average homeowner by walking around the surface.

High-pitch, non-walkable roofs are dynamic and present an exciting appearance, but they are more expensive to install, and repairs will be left to roofing contractors with all the necessary safety equipment.

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How Do You Low Pitch A Roof

Low-pitch roofs are usually waterproofed through the use of a roof membrane, which can be made from synthetic rubber, a thermoplastic such as PVC, or modified bitumen. Any of these materials can effectively carry water off the roof without allowing it to pool anywhere or penetrate vulnerable areas and cause damage.

What Is The Minimum Roof Slope For Cedar Shingles

Asbestos in asphalt shingles? Why you need a metal roof ...

If youre planning on putting a cedar roof on your home or shed, youll need a minimum roof pitch of 5/12. This is because wood shingles tend to leak more than asphalt shingles. They dont fit as tightly together and dont lay as flat as asphalt shingles. When installed, cedar shingles sit slightly upward instead of lying flat, countering some of the pitch of the roof framing.

A steeper roof pitch is necessary to make up for the structural differences between asphalt and cedar to ensure that water can run quickly off wood shingles and not pool and make its way into gaps between the shingles.

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Estimating Roof Pitch & Determining Suitable Roof Types Diy Guide

So, its time for a new roof, or perhaps you are planning a new home construction project and are considering what your new roof should look like. Surely, you have heard about all the exciting new roofing materials available today and are eager to get started.

However, before you can make the call on what to put on the roof, you need to know the pitch or slope of the roof!

Asphalt Shingles Vs Asphalt Roll Roofing Longevity

Roll roofing has a typical life span of 5 to 8 years. Shingles have an expected life of at least 20 years, and the better grades can carry warranties of 30 to 50 years. Shingles are less likely to crack when exposed to sunlight and rain, and most shingles will fare better when subjected to hail than roll roofing will.

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Why Is : 12 The Minimum

The challenge with very low sloped roofs is simple gravity. At a very low slope, any water on the roof, whether rain water or snow melt, drains very slowly and there is a risk of lateral water movement around and through the shingle overlaps. It is important always to confirm the specific slope requirements with the shingle manufacturers product installation instructions and in accordance with local building code requirements, as some shingles may have a minimum slope recommendation higher than 2:12. As well, a slope of 4:12 is most commonly considered the lowest slope for standard shingle installations. Most manufacturer and industry recommendations require, or at the very least recommend, special underlayment or other considerations on roofs between 2:12 and 4:12. . At slopes below 2:12, a granule-surfaced asphalt membrane can be installed, and many are available in colors to complement the shingle colors.

If your existing roof has shingles on it and its time to re-roof, you can very likely use shingles again, but on questionable lower slopes its best to confirm the slope is above the 2:12 minimum just to be sure.

Asphalt Shingles Installed On A Slope Below The Recommended Roof Pitch

How to Install Roof Shingles | Ask This Old House

Asphalt composition shingles are designed to be installed on roof slopes greater than a 4 in 12 pitch. Therefore the asphalt manufactures base their warranties around the minimum recommended pitch of 4 in 12. For those who dont understand the roof pitch number here is a way to envision it. For every 12 inches you travel on your ceiling the roof will rise 4 inches in height. Your standard 4 in 12 roof pitch works out to an incline of 18.43 degrees for those of you into geometry.

The asphalt shingle manufactures recommend that you install asphalt shingles on a recommended minimum of 4 in 12 or greater however most manufactures will warrant their shingles down to a 2 in 12 pitch if the recommended installation method is used. Installation on roof slopes below a 2 in 12 pitch is not recommended at all. What is the recommended installation requirements for the installation of a shingle below a 4 in 12 pitch? Well every manufacture will vary just a bit but all require the same underlayment procedure and thats what we are going to discuss.

What is the correct underlayment for the application method for roofs below the 4 in 12 pitch? You have really two choices. The first recommended choice is installing 2 layers of 15 pound asphalt saturated roofing felt with the lap seams offset from one another and all lap seams embedded in an asphalt cement. The other recommended choice is installing an ice & water membrane throughout the entire roof.

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My Experience In Using Asphalt Shingles On A Low

I recently did a tear-off and re-shingled a 2 1/2 : 12 pitch hipped roof on a small addition on the back of my old house. Now I happen to have a unique insight on this because I also did a tear-off and re-shingle of that same roof 22 years prior to this . Fortunately for me, there was no internet back then or I might have been very confused.

The internet is great, and I’ve gotton a lot of very useful information from it. But there are a far too many people that post in internet forums that pretend to be experts and tell you all the things that you cannot or should not do. I refer to many of these people as “Repeaters” because they basically just repeat stuff they’ve heard or read somewhere.

I mention this because when I started doing some research online to get some tips on my upcoming re-roof, I encountered numerous posts by people that claim to be professional roofers saying stuff like “I would refuse to put shingles on anything less than a 4:12 pitch roof” or “you’ll void your shingle warranty if you do less than a 4:12 pitch”.

Now I’ll admit that my 2 1/2 : 12 pitch roof has a very shallow pitch to it and is far from ideal, but a 3:12 or 3 1/2 : 12 is not that bad. And as the the “void your shingle warranty” comment, I mean come on, shingle warranties are total bullshit anyway. They’re selling asphalt shingles with lifetime warranties when they know they will likely last somewhere between 15 and 35 years depending on variables such as climate, pitch, etc.

Can You Shingle A 3/12 Pitch Roof

A 3/12 pitch roof is a little steeper than a 2/12 pitch roof, so its eligible for shingles. Since its a bit steeper, it will do a better job of shedding rainwater than a 2/12 pitch roof. Remember, since it falls below the 4/12 pitch, you must use the additional layers of roofing underlayment described above for the roof to meet the building code.

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How Much Should A Roof Slope

Minimum Pitch/Slope of An Asphalt Shingle Roof Shingles of all types need to have a slope to function properly. The minimum requirement is 2/12. The 2/12 number is rise over run or two units of vertical for every 12 units horizontal. That works out to about nine degrees if that works better for you.

The Guide You Need For Your Roof Replacement

How do you get roof tile directions aligned to the slope ...

Now you know the 4 best roofing materials for a low slope or flat roof. If you have a roof thats 2:12 or steeper, youre good to go with your asphalt shingle installation.

But before you do, theres a lot you need to know/learn for your upcoming roofing project. Wouldnt it be great if things like cost, roofing material options, the components that make up a roof, and more were all in one place?

If your answer is yes, then we have just the guide you need. The Complete Guide to Purchasing a Roof has all the information you need for your roof replacement and ensures you make all the right buying decisions.

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