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How Much Does A New Roof Cost In Miami

New Roof May Need Felt Paper Replaced

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? | Pro Exteriors & Construction

Another thing to consider thats not necessary but some people want to do that is whether or not they want to make any upgrades to their roof so for instance if they want to put ice and water shield on the roof even if its not required upgrade from just a standard felt paper to a synthetic underlayment or moving to an upgraded shingle for instance if somebody has a standard laminate shingle but they want to put on impact-resistant shingles then, of course, thats going to raise the price as well and remember upgrades arent something that your insurance company is ever gonna pay for thats always going to be an out-of-pocket expense for you as the homeowner. Now heres a super important thing for you to take into consideration of course you should be talking to multiple roofing contractors but dont make your decision based on the price.

Flat Roof Replacement Cost

Flat roof replacement costs $50 to $400 per square depending on your choice of roofing materials. Instead of sheets of metal, shingles, or tiles, layers of plastic or rubber are laid down on a flat roof and sealed by melting with the flame from a blowtorch or a compound is sprayed over the entire surface of the roof to create a weatherproof finish. Flat roofing solutions also have an impact on reducing heat loss through the roof.

  • Modified Bitumen Roof Cost Modified bitumen is an asphalt product fortified with either a polyester or fiberglass matting to add strength and increase its useable lifespan. Using Bitumen on a flat or low slope roof and costs between $150 and $400 per square.
  • PVC Roof Cost PVC as a membrane roof solution is installed in widths of 6 to 18 wide and usually laid on top of an insulation board, and sometimes requires additional edge fastening which causes a minor spike in the labor costsmaking the range of roll roofing cost go from $70 to $110 per square installed.
  • Built-Up Roof In a built-up roof, after a few layers of sheet ply are laid down, they are fused together with melted asphalt, leaving the top layer the option to be a brighter color to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Costs range between $50 to $80 per square
  • Spray-On Roof With a spray-on roof, polyurethane solution is evenly applied for as little as $30 per square, acrylic for $60 per square, or the premium option of silicon spray averages $85 per square or more.

Pros And Cons Of Roof Replacement

While getting your entire roof replaced is expensive, there are many benefits to consider. The first is that any issues can be corrected at one time. Repairing one area may leave another to begin leaking later, so in the case of a severely compromised roof, a replacement may actually save you money in the long run.

Roof replacements allow you to upgrade your roof to UV-resistant shingles in hot areas or hail-resistant tiles in storm-prone areas. You can also improve the curb appeal of your home with a new roof if you intend to sell in a few years. Roofs are often a good investment in your home, particularly if the existing roof is older and your home may be going on the market soon.

However, having your entire roof replaced has its downsides. The first is cost. If most of your roof is in good condition, roof repair or a partial roof replacement may address most of the issues for less.

Roof replacements can be lengthy, noisy, and result in issues like nails and debris in your yard afterward. While a reputable pro will spread tarps and clean up carefully when the job is complete to prevent these issues, not every company takes these steps.

In some cases, your current roof may also be under warranty, and replacing it without having it inspected by the manufacturer first could mean that you are paying for a new roof for no reason.

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Cost Of A New 1500 Sqft Roof

The cost of a 1,500 sq.ft. roof is between $5,250 and $9,000. A roof this size would be on a home that is approximately 1,000 sq.ft. These costs include the complete tear out of the old roofing material and the new roofing installation. They do not include any reinforcements of the roof or replacement decking. These costs assume that the roof has a pitch that falls between 4/12 and 8/12. If the roof is higher or lower in pitch, the costs could be different.

Install Or Replace Skylight

How much will you have to pay for that new roof?

If you have been considering adding a skylight, you might want to go ahead and install one as part of your roof replacement project. Heres why: You will have a roofing company onsite, and youll likely be away from the house as they work on your roof.

You might take the opportunity to replace an existing skylight, too, if youve noticed cracks, leaks, or other issues. Installing or replacing a skylight usually costs between $805 and $3,089.

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Other Things To Consider With Roofing Tiles

Tile roofs can be very heavy. Clay is heavier than concrete roof types, but both still put considerable strain on the structure of your home. Before you invest in a tile roof, you should consult with a structural engineer to determine if additional reinforcement should be made to support the weight of the roof.

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The Average Repair Costs For A Roof

Get complimentary, no-commitment task price quotes from pros near you. While a new roof can sometimes be put on top of an existing layer, if the present roofing is badly damaged, structurally unsound, or already layered, you’ll need to pay for the old roofing system to be gotten rid of and dealt with. The expense for this varies based on the product of the existing roof.

Needs to the contractor find old or decomposed lumbers, the replacement expense for those can run in between $1,000 and $10,000. Elimination of some roof products, such as asphalt shingles, can be a do it yourself task. Still, it’s difficult to work while stabilizing on a sloped roof, and the cost savings may not deserve the danger, as elimination is often bundled into the cost of the replacement.

These components can impact the general expense of the task, so include them when budgeting. Think about the roof that’s currently in place. If it’s simply old and requires replacement, the project needs to be fairly uncomplicated. If, nevertheless, there are holes, leakages, or insect issues, there’s likely some damage to the underlying structure.

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Shed Roof Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the roof on a shed averages $800 to $1,350. Sheds come in many different shapes and sizes. Most have a gable roof, although they can have flat roofs as well. The roof size and materials used influence the final costs. If your shed is larger than average or uses an usual material like tin, you may have different costs for this project. If your shed is unusually tall, this can influence the costs as well.

Choosing A Trustworthy Roofer

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

Unless you personally know a contractor, the thought of finding a reputable company can be overwhelming, to say the least. Between horror stories of people getting blatantly ripped off, the fly-by-night crews and storm chasing contractors, it can be hard to know who you can trust.

Use these steps to find a reputable roofer:

1. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

If your friends and family dont know any good contractors they can recommend, then do some online research to identify top local contractors that seem transparent and have solid reviews across different sources.

2. Once you have a list of prospects, call them, and ask these questions:

  • Do they take on projects of your size? This one will almost always be a Yes, but it is a good starting point to get the contractors interest and attention
  • Can they supply a list of previous clients as references?
  • Are they willing to provide financial references from banks and suppliers?
  • How many other projects will they be working on while doing your roof?
  • Will they be using subcontractors? If so, how long have they worked with them?

This information will tell you how reliable they are, how much attention theyll give to your project and how smoothly the work will go.

3. From your phone conversations, choose three to four contractors to come to your home for estimates. Dont go on personality alone! Be sure to check their reputation with their past clients and/or BBB, rip off report, Angies List if you have it, etc.

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How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost

  • National average cost: $8,446
  • Typical price range: $5,706 $11,185
  • Extreme low end: $2,500
  • Extreme high end: $40,000

While you can expect a typical roof replacement to cost about $5,706 to $11,185, there are many cost factors that can result in a much higher or lower price.

Most roofing materials that are heavier and more durable than traditional asphalt shingles will be more expensive and harder to install, which can lead to a total cost of up to $40,000.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could pay as little as $2,500 total if you have a smaller, flatter roof and choose to roof over the old shingles instead of tearing off the worn and damaged ones first.

In the rest of this pricing guide, well go into detail about replacement roof specifics and how you should expect each one affecting your budget.

Roofers will almost always charge for a roof replacement by the square, a unit of measuring materials that covers 100 square feet. To figure out how many squares your project will take, simply divide the square footage of your roof by 100.

Dont know your roofs square footage? Dont worry its easy to calculate an estimate. Though different types of roofs will take more or less materials to cover, you can assume as a general rule that your roof will be about 1.5 times the size of your homes square footage.

You can get a close guess of your roofs square footage with this formula:

  • Home square footage x 1.5 = Roof square footage

How To Choose A Color For Your Metal Roof

Much of the metal roofing color decision depends on your propertys style, the neighborhoods overall look, your climate, and your personal preferences.

For instance, if you prefer a more subtle look then you might want to pick a color that echoes your roofs siding, or is almost the same color for a chic monochrome appearance.

However, going for contrast can make for some great drama and lend your home some serious curbside appeal due to the visual impact of your new metal roof.

The color of your metal roof also plays a role as to how long it looks like new saturated colors or brighter shades tend to fade more quickly, while more neutral colors tend to weather in a way that looks more natural and that you might find more visually pleasing.

Our guide on roof shingle colors complete with visuals also applies to metal roofing with some caveats.

And naturally, when you are choosing the roofing colors for your home, always check in with your homeowners association or any similar governing bodies if applicable.

If you have a historic home and therefore are subject to specific colors or material types, or requirements for color palettes that may be otherwise limited, it is certainly better to know in advance if theyll have a problem with your new roof.

For instance, some color options for metal roofing include the often-dramatic look of bare metal.

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Which Type Of Roofing Tile Is Best

Roofing tiles come in all types of styles, materials, and overall design. Tile roofs are built to last a lifetime, they are non-combustible, and safer against fires. Tile roofs give you a change from the basic asphalt roof and can pair with many modern home styles. Combining tile with more modern materials like glass, metal roofing, or cedar wood shake shingles make for a unique, beautiful architectural juxtaposition that will make your home design really stand out.

Here is a roundup of the 5 different roof tiles homeowners have to choose from:

  • Clay Roof Tiles
  • Solar Roofing Tiles
  • Traditional Roof Tiles

Tile roofs are built to last a lifetime. They are non-combustible so they are safe against fires. They are also resistant to rotting and insects. Tile roofing can work with virtually any home design. You will want to speak to a reliable local roof installer before deciding if tile roof replacement costs are within your budget.

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Bay Window Roof Replacement Cost

Miami Roof Replacement

To replace a bay window roof with architectural asphalt, you can expect to spend $398 for a 12 square foot perch.A typical bay window is 7 feet wide, and your bay window roof will extend 24 from your wall. Add another 6 inches for the roof to extend over the front of the window. The chart below shows the price for architectural asphalt shingles, clay tile, and copper roofing.

Bay Window Roof Replacement Cost

  • Pay for permits

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Average Cost Of A New Roof By Type

While many roofs are treated virtually the same despite visual differences, some types have different needs and associated costs. Roofs that are flat, have a very high pitch, or have many hips, valleys, or curves have different costs than other roofs. The higher the pitch, the more material you typically need to cover it. In addition, the labor can also be higher. Below are the average roof replacement costs per square foot, depending on the roof type.

$6 – $11

Cost To Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

Replacing an asphalt roof with new shingles will cost between $5,400 and $9,000, or an average of $7,211 for a 2,000 square foot home not including old roof removal. The actual cost will vary depending on whether it is a composite asphalt shingle roof or a fiber cement composite shingle installation.

Asphalt is the least expensive solution, with a cost to remove the previous asphalt roof and install a new one coming to $7,850 for a 1,500 square foot home, while the same project undertaken and installing concrete shingles instead of asphalt will cost $24,950.

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Typical Repairs Done During Roof Replacement

Most roof repairs are actually done to help prevent a roof replacement. Repairs help stop the damage from spreading so that the roof can be maintained rather than needing to be replaced.

If you have a replacement, the most common repair is done to the roof deck. If you let the damage sit for too long, water could have infiltrated it for an extended period. This can cause water damage to the roof deck, which means the needs to be replaced in those areas. This costs around $70 to $100 for each piece of replaced plywood. By taking care of roof repairs regularly, you can delay the need for a roof replacement in many instances. You can also avoid the damage to your deck that may prevent extra costs during a roof replacement when the need arises.

Cost Of A Roof By Location

Cost of a new roof (Architectural Shingles)

While the roof of your home is the most common area to need a roof replacement, it is not the only place that may need one. Any type of building or area that has a roof may need it replaced at some point. This includes things like porches, sheds, garages, and even RVs. Each area may have its own set of costs, dictated in part by its size, material, and how that particular area is roofed.

$7,000 – $12,000

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Price Quotes From Local Roofing Companies Near Miami Fl

TK Roofing Contractor Miami When ??u construct ? house, th? m?st s?gn?f???nt decision ??u h?v? t? m?k? ?s selecting th? type ?f roof f?r type ?f house. ?h?r? ?s ? huge diversity ?f materials ?v??l?bl? ?n markets. ?t ?s ?ft?n puzzling t? choose th? type th?t fits ??ur house. TK Roofing Contractor Miami h?v? years ?f experience ?n repair, maintenance ?nd installation.

T& S Roofing Systems Since 2004, T& S Roofing Systems has been providing quality roofing services to homeowners and building owners in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Our team is focused on estimating projects accurately, installing our roofs with the highest standard of quality and safety, and delivering with the most professional service. We believe you deserve peace of mind when repairing or re-roofing your home or building, and as the highest-rated roofer in South Florida, we are committed to delivering on all of our promises.

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Go With The Better Shingle:

The roof on your home protects everything and everyone underneath it its not the place to just squeak by on the lowest bid, says Feller. If youre installing an asphalt shingle roof, the experts agree that architectural is the way to go. They will generally last much longer than the old 3-tabs, and are well worth the extra investment.

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