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How Much Does A Roof Cost Per Sq Ft

Average Cost To Reroof A House

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

The average cost to reroof a house is between $7,000 and $24,000. Homes come in many shapes and sizes and so do their roofs. Homes can use many materials, each of which has its own cost. If your home has a very high pitch or unusual attributes, you could have much higher costs. If you choose a heavier material, you may have additional costs to reinforce the frame or deck. Most homes with pitches ranging from 4/12 and 8/12 are fairly easy to reroof and do not have many extra costs.

Location Of The Property

The cost of living in large cosmopolitan cities is pretty expensive. This usually has a knock-on effect on other things, including food, and, in this case, labour costs. Therefore, if you live in a big city, a new flat roof cost could be higher than initially expected.

This is also true in rural areas as the availability of competent tradespeople might be hampered due to the location which could lead to an increase in the price.

Also, if your home is distant from the company or tradesperson coming over to embark on the project, this could increase. This is due to the common practice of contractors billing clients from the moment they leave their offices or workshops. Therefore, a long commute could end up costing you a lot of money.

Metal Roofing Prices Per Sheet

Metal roof panels are a very popular roofing choice, especially if you are looking for a budget friendly material. Economical corrugated metal sheet panels cost $3 6.5 per square foot installed, or $300-650 per square of roofing.

Metal sheet panels are available in a number of different styles, including: R-panel, 5V-crimp, corrugated and through-fastened panels.

They are made of either galvanized or galvalume steel and vary in thickness from 24-30 gauge steel. These panels can be painted or left as bare metal.

Cheap metal panels are good option for a barn, a storage space or a cabin style home.

Home Depot has a very large selection of various types of metal panels, sold in sheets. Steel metal sheets are available in various lengths from 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 ft. Sheet prices range from $18 to 52 per metal sheet. The most popular are 12 ft Classic Rib Steel panels that cost $39.84 each.

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When Should You Budget Roofing Cost Per Square Foot

When you begin to look for contractors, it is important that you plan how much money you can spend. Make sure to include the price of materials as well as labor in your total estimate!

This will allow the contractor and yourself a better idea of if they are within your range or not. If their costs are too high, then maybe they will be willing to negotiate their price with you.

Metal Roof Installation Cost Can Vary Depending On Location

Tile Roof Installation Cost 2020

Another important factor that affects installation costs is your geographic location. Roofers that operate in high-income suburban areas, expensive cities, such as: San Francisco, Seattle, New York or Boston, usually charge as much as 15-18% more than the national average labor prices for the exact same job.

On the other hand, pros that are located in less affluent regions may charge 10-15% less than the average, depending on local economic conditions.

This is exactly why roofing prices you see online are not exactly 100% accurate, because your location will ultimately dictate how much a roofer will want to charge for his work.

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Cost Of Shingles At Home Depot Vs Roofing Supplier

If you are planning to install the shingles yourself, you may be wondering whether you can save money by buying them at Home Depot rather than a roofing supply store.

In short: Home Depot roofing shingles will be only slightly cheaper a difference of about 2.5%

Here is an example of pricing I got from Beacon Sales in West Bridgewater, MA , for CertainTeed Landmark, GAF Timberline and IKO Cambridge laminated shingles.

This chart compares the cost of asphalt shingles from Beacon vs. Home Depot

N/A $25.00 / bundle or $75 / square

Note, that prices for 3 tabs are calculated based on a quantity larger than 16 squares. The cost for architectural varieties is calculated based on a quantity larger than 12 squares.

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

Garage roof replacement costs $1,000 to $2,500 on average, depending on the size, pitch, and materials. Installing a new roof on a 280 square foot 1-car garage costs $1,000 to $2,000, and a 400 square foot 2-car garage runs $1,500 to $3,200, depending if it’s asphalt or metal.

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

The garage sizes used for the table above are:

  • 1 car – 12 by 12
  • 2 car 20 by 20
  • 3 car 36 by 24

The prices you see locally will be more or less depending on where you live, time of year, and the pitch of the roof. These prices would be the same if you were looking for the cost of a new roof for a detached house or workshop of a similar size.

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Planning Permission For A Flat Roof

Theres generally no need for any permission to carry out work on an existing roof. However, there are some exceptions, including if the new roof will work differently from the previously installed one.

Also, if there are to be any structural alterations, then permission might be necessary. Again, just like with building regulations, your contractor should bring this information to your notice. If youd like more information, .

Cost Of Roof Replacement Materials

How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?

Next to size, the type of materials you choose for your roof replacement will be one of the biggest determinants in cost. Here are some of the average atlanta roof replacement material costs :

  • 3-tab Asphalt Shingles: $2.50-$2.70 per square foot
  • Architectural Asphalt Shingles: $2.70-$3.00 per square foot
  • Designer Asphalt Shingles: $3.25-$5.00 per square foot
  • Standing Seam Metal: $7-$9 per square foot
  • Slate Or Cedar Shingles: $10+ per square foot

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Roofing Costs By Type

Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for most homeowners today. Theyre affordable and durable, lasting up to 50 years in some cases. But if youre looking at replacing your roof, youve got lots of different options, as long as your budget is relatively large. Heres a roof replacement cost comparison of different roofing materials:

Roofing Material
$25,000 or more

How Much Does A Roof Repair Cost

A roof replacement can be surprisingly affordable, with some contractors offering quality roofs for under $100 per square foot!

This is cheaper than many asphalt shingles and can save your home from potential water damage or leaks that might start to cause problems in the future.

Installation fees for roofs will vary depending on how steep your roof is!

While a flat replacement or no-pitch roof can be around $50 per square foot to install, other roofs may cost about twice as much due to their design and accessories that are needed when it comes to installation.

Average repairs between $100-$150 depending on size.

Repairing the roof will cost anywhere from $100 and about $200 per square foot of material! This can vary by as much as 50% for some materials such as metal or clay tiles that are heavier than asphalt shingles.

The price is also dependent upon the damage that needs to be fixed as well! While some roofs may simply need to have shingles replaced, others could involve fixing leaks or water damage that has occurred over time.

These are just a few of the expenses involved when it comes to roof repairs and replacements make sure you know what you might encounter before actually planning out your project so that you can keep your costs as low as possible!

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Building Regulations And Planning Permission

You do not normally need planning permission to replace the roof of your house, especially if it is a simple “like-for-like” replacement. However, you may need to apply for planning permission if:

  • You are planning any structural changes to your roof.
  • In the event of a fire, your new roof materials will perform entirely different than your existing roof.
  • You are planning any roof alterations that project 150 millimetres from the existing roof plane.
  • You plan to change the material of your roof.
  • If you are removing integral insulation which will need to be replaced.
  • You are installing a roof light as this will require structural changes.

If any of the above applies, you must apply for planning permission which will cost around £234 for any minor or major changes to your roof. For any further information, you should consult a professional or visit the planning portal before considering any building work.

What Is The Best Type Of Roofing Material For Hot Climates

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a 1000 Sq Ft Roof

The wrong kind of roofing material can trap heat and make your home feel even hotter if you live in a very hot climate. Thats why you typically see a lot of terracotta roofs in places like Florida and Arizona. This type of roofing is formed by placing curved tiles together, which absorbs some of that excess heat and allows for air flow between the tiles.

If you live in a hot climate and youre hoping to replace asphalt shingles with terracotta or cement tiles, its critical that you first consult with a roofing contractor who can advise you on whether you need to build in additional supports for your new roof these tiles weigh much more than asphalt and can damage your home if not properly supported.

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Whats Included In Roof Replacement

If you are planning to replace the roof on your townhouse, then expect to spend between $2,000 and $5,000 on this project.

Although that may seem like a lot of cash, it isnt that much when you consider how much work your roofing contractor will be putting in. To begin, your roof replacement process should include everything from:

  • Removing shingles
  • Applying newer flashing
  • Installing the metal drip edging

FYIif your shingles are worn, cracked, or curled, this is a major sign that you need to replace your roof. If thats the case, then your contractor might have to remove your old layered shingles. Otherwise, they may be able to put another layer of new layer shingles over the older layer.

Once you find the quality contractor that you are looking for, they will look at your roofs decking to see if it needs to be fixed. In case you didnt know, the decking is the foundation for your roof, making sure that your shingle stays in place at all times.

And then, theres underlayment. This will also need to be replaced. For the uninitiated, the underlayment makes sure that your roof is much more waterproof or water-resistant.

Now, its time for your roofer to apply newer flashing to your roof. This is typically done as a result of water damage on your:

  • Roof valleys
  • Chimney
  • Skylight perimeters

Shingle Choices: Good Better Best

At your convenience, you can peruse and choose the grade of guaranteed shingles for your roof. We always provide an excellent selection of Good, Better, and Best grade of shingles in a variety of colors. All you need to do is enter some simple measurements of the home to estimate the size, and provide some basic details about the shape of the home as well.


An affordable option, the Timberline HDZ shingle is rated Good in our roofing cost comparison.


A better option, the Timberline American Harvest shingle is rated Better in our roofing cost calculator.


A top quality choice, the Timberline Ultra HD shingle is rated Best in our roofing cost calculator.

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Resale Value Of A Metal Roof

One of the greatest long term advantages of a metal roof is that it boasts a very high return on investment. Across the US, you can get at least 90% ROI when you resell a house with a metal roof. However, in areas with snow and ice dams, as well as fires and high winds, the ROI of a metal roof can be as high as 95-97%

Compared to asphalt shingles, a metal roof can boost your home value by as much as 5-6%. Most homeowners dont like to deal with roofing problems, and are more willing to buy home where their roof will last for decades to come without any leaks.

Hiring Someone To Replace A Flat Roof Checklist

How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost? 2022 Price Per Square Foot For Standing Seam & Corrugated Metal

Before you hire a professional to work on your flat roof, consider the following:

  • What qualifications are needed: A good example is a Level 3 Diploma in Roofing Occupations.
  • What experience do they have? Two years plus experience might be a good start, depending on your budget.
  • Whats their previous work like? A good portfolio will give you an idea of what to expect.
  • Have their previous customers rated them highly: Check for online reviews/feedback of their work.
  • re they part of any accreditation? The more proof they offer of their skillset, the more confidence you will have in their ability.

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Installing A Metal Roof Over Shingles

If you currently have an asphalt roof and need to replace it, you may have an option of installing a metal roof over shingles. This will enable you to save money on tear-off, which can be as much as $1,200-3,000. Its best to speak with your roofer about this, because it may not be recommended depending on your roof structure, ventilation, and other factors.

Size And Pitch Of The Roof

The size and pitch of the roof determine how much materials will cost. A steeply pitched roof, for example, will require more material to cover it.

The shingles also need to be thicker as they are spread over a larger area. In addition, some areas have strict codes that must be followed regarding the number of inches between each successive layer of shingles.

If you live in an area with high rainfall, for example, the roof will need to be installed at a greater pitch than dryer areas to allow water drainage.

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Should I Repair My Roof On My Own Or Hire A Professional

If youre comfortable with the thought of getting onto your roof using a ladder or via an upstairs window, theres a good chance youd be able to handle a minor roof repair, like replacing a few damaged shingles. The tools youll need, aside from the shingles, are roofing cement, a putty knife, a few roofing nails and a hammer.

For more extensive repairs, you may want to hire a roofing contractor or repair person to ensure the job is done correctly, especially if youre dealing with water damage. And if its a full roof replacement, a contractor is a must unless you yourself are a builder or contractor. Its a job that requires extensive knowledge to ensure your roof is done correctly, and that the substrate can handle the particular roofing material being installed.

Roof Replacement Or Repair

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a 1500 Sq Ft Roof

When leaks occur the first question to ask is whether the roof can be repaired or if it should be replaced. If the roof is relatively new and the leaks are simple to repair then a repair may be in order.

If its over 20 years old and the leaks are widespread then a full replacement may be necessary. Most will be somewhere in between however and the decision may require an expert. Consult a roofer to get an inspection and identify your options.

Get Free Project Estimates

Find Qualified Roofing Professionals in Your Area

If you are replacing your roof consider getting quotes from multiple contractors and ask for references from recent customers. Ensure the contractors are licensed and insured, and check for online reviews of there work. Find local roofing installers and get free estimates for your project. Learn the warning signs that your roof needs to be replaced if youre unsure.

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Greenhouse Polycarbonate Roof Price

The cost of replacing a greenhouse polycarbonate roof is between $1,400 and $3,500. is a common material for greenhouses. It is a plastic that lasts longer and is more durable than glass. It can be used on many greenhouse types. Greenhouses come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. This influences the total cost because greenhouses with unusual pitches or large areas can raise the total cost.

Roofing Labor Cost Per Square

With a few different variables at play, roofing labor is generally between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. If your roofing professional is using Per Square in the bid , their prices for labor will reflect this multiplied out by 100 to show between $150 and $300 per square. According to the United States Census, the average roof is 17 squares or about 1,700 square feet.

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How Much Will A New Roof Cost For My Raleigh Home

When do I need a new roof? is one of the most frequent questions we hear.

A roof is always there for you until it isnt. Whether youve owned your home for one year or many, you may rarely think about the roof and when it needs to be fixed or replaced. Unless there is a hurricane or strong storm, most North Carolina residents dont need to worry often about their roof. But it will need to be replaced at some point.

How long do roofs last?

When you need a new roof depends on the type of roof on your home. How much does a roof cost? is a little like asking, How much does a car cost? Just as the cost of a car depends on the make, the model, and the options, the price of a roof depends on the make, the model, and the options plus one other significant factor size.

When you know its time for a new roof, its natural for a homeowner to wonder what they should expect to pay for roof repair or replacement. While we cant guess in a blog post what your homes roof will cost, we can break down how we get a price to help guide you as you seek roof replacement quotes.

Here are the essential factors determining the cost of the roof, which are generally listed in order of importance:

Roof Type and MaterialThere is a wide range of roof coverings: asphalt shingles, membranes and asphalt products for low sloped roofs, metal, slate, wood shake, terracotta tile, and composite/synthetic products. Companies are developing new materials every year.

Roof Size

Roof Style


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