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How Much Does A Steel Roof Cost Compared To Shingles

How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost Compared To An Asphalt Roof

Why you may want to consider installing a metal roof

Trying to decide if an asphalt roof or a metal roof is right for your replacement can be a time-consuming experience. Theres so much you have to think about when comparing the two types that it gets overwhelming.

The comparison that concerns most people is the cost difference between the two. Thats why a lot of homeowners ask, How much does a metal roof cost compared to an asphalt roof?

Because one of our main goals is to give anyone in the market for a new roof the power to make the right decisions for their specific situation, were going to break it down.

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has repaired, replaced, and maintained all roof types in the Nashville area since 1990. We work with homeowners and their budget to give them a roof that makes the entire neighborhood jealous. Once you’re a customer of ours, its our job to make you a customer for life.

By the end of this article, youll learn the cost of a metal roof versus an asphalt roof and 3 more comparisons between the two roof types you need to think about. And at the very end, dont forget to take your free Roof Type quiz for an even easier way to determine which type of roof is right for you.

Metal Roof Vs Shingles In Cold Climates

If you experience cold temperatures in your local area, comfort and energy savings are essential, especially in the winter. Asphalt shingles tend to absorb heat from the sunlight and transfer it inside your home. As a result, your heating system may not have to work as hard to provide a comfortable indoor temperature, and you can save money on your utility bills.

However, in most cases, a metal roof can warm up your indoor living space more effectively than asphalt shingles. Since metal is a natural conductor, it can easily absorb sunlight and convert it into heat that makes your home comfortable in the winter. The sheathing that goes under this roofing material has insulating properties that keep the absorbed heat contained. Besides absorbing heat, metal roofs can also withstand snow and ice without suffering from moisture damage.

Metal Roof Prices By Type

On average, metal roofing prices range from $3 to $8 per square foot with the average homeowner spending about $5 per square foot. Apart from zinc and copper roofing, your metal roof cost can end up comparable to the cost of asphalt roofing if you spread the cost out over the lifecycle of the roof. The types of metal roofing systems vary greatly. Here are the average prices by type:

Metal Roof Prices By Type

Roofing Material
$15 $30

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What Are The Advantages Of A Shingle Roof

A shingle roof has the following characteristics that can benefit your home:

  • Cheaper to purchase and install: Asphalt can be about half the upfront cost of metal because it’s more popular with homeowners, so it’s widely available. They’re also significantly cheaper to install than metal roofs.
  • More visually appealing: Asphalt shingles offer plenty of color and texture options to help you find a cost-effective material that enhances your property’s aesthetic. If you live in a suburban area, it’s also more likely to blend in with the other houses in your neighborhood.
  • Cheaper to repair: Since it’s more affordable to purchase and install, shingle roof maintenance is more manageable and less expensive. You can remove each shingle one at a time instead of replacing the whole roofing structure.
  • More contractors available: Asphalt shingles are relatively easy to install, so more contractors are willing to offer them than metal roofing. Keep in mind that finding the right roofing specialist is essential to getting a protective, long-lasting roof.

Metal Roof Vs Shingles Resale Value

Roofer used two different batches of shingles ...

Asphalt shingles tend to have a higher resale value than metal roofs. In 2020, a roof replacement with asphalt shingles yielded a return on investment of 65.9% nationwide, but one with a metal roof only 61.2%. Keep in mind that the ROI for a metal roof replacement has increased since last year, but the rate for asphalt shingle roofing has decreased, so metal roofs may surpass asphalt ones in the coming years.

The resale value of your roof depends on the potential homebuyers’ preferences. They may appreciate a metal roof’s energy efficiency, long lifespan, resistance to weather damage and unique aesthetic. On the other hand, if the buyer doesn’t prefer your roof’s color and style, you might not get a higher offer on your property based on how it looks next to the other houses on your block.

Prospective buyers may enjoy the reliable, low-maintenance asphalt shingles on your house. Architectural shingles tend to have a higher ROI than traditional asphalt shingles because of their additional protection against weather damage. However, if the buyer wants a unique roof, they may skip over your house because it looks like every other property in the neighborhood.

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Average New Metal Roof Costs In Us:

Low End

See Costs in Your Area!Start Here – Enter Your Zip Code

At face value, a metal shingles roof is significantly more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles.

On a 2, 000 sq.ft. roof, you can install basic asphalt shingles for as low as $4,000 5,000, and a fancier asphalt shingles roof will cost you $9, 000 12, 000.

For the same size roof, the cost of metal shingles starts at $11,000 14,000.

However, compared to asphalt roofing, metal is the MOST cost effective option, because it has at least 2-4 times the longevity of asphalt.

This means that someone who has a classic 3-tab shingle roof will need to do another re-roof 2-4 times, while metal roofing will remain intact.

Over the years, the total cost of these additional replacements will actually be higher than the initial cost of a metal roof.

When comparing the two materials, you also need to consider weather resistance.

Metal roofing is designed to protect your home pretty much under any weather conditions: from hail and fire to rain and ice dams.

This is not the case with asphalt roof shingles: while they do well in mild climates, they are prone to leaks and all sorts of damage from severe weather.

Composite Plastic Roof Shingles

Composite plastic shingles are generally produced from recycled plastic materials. They are a way to get more life out of plastics and other materials that would simply be tossed out in most instances so they are a great environmentally friendly roof replacement option. You can expect to pay $4 to $6 per sq. foot for plastic shingles or $400 to $600 per square installed on a standard sized single story home.Composite plastic shingles can be designed to imitate stone slate tiles or even wood shakes. They are much lighter than slate or other roofing types which make them easy to install. Composite plastic shingles are relatively affordable, but they are not as long lasting as most other shingle types. Plastic roofing lasts from 7 to 20 years depending on the type of plastic you choose to install.

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The Full Scoop Lets Compare A 30 X 30 Garage Roof

Both metal and asphalt roofing get the job done when it comes to sheltering a building, but they really part ways in respect to durability, energy efficiency, and long-term savings.

Lets look at a 30 x 30 garage for an example. But before we go any further, lets just clarify that the example and prices are not meant to be an official quote. The numbers in our example are for informational purposes only but are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Every roof project is different. Rest assured we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that would be happy to get you a custom quote.

On the surface, an asphalt shingle roof is the slim winner at $1,194 versus $1,267 for an ABM Panel metal roof . But if you look at the bigger picture, metal is the obvious choice. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association states on their website, If a residential roof is more than 20 years old, it is a prime candidate for reroofing.

Compare that to our ABM Panel that comes with 40-year paint warranty. There is no question that a metal roof can stand the test of time better than asphalt shingles in most situations, and contractors will tell you that there is very little keeping a properly maintained metal roof from lasting over 100 years . Metal lasts longer, is more energy efficient, is more beautiful, and can cost about the same as asphalt shingles.

Lets take a closer look at the cost.

Your Warranty Options For A Metal Roof Versus An Asphalt Roof

Comparing Roofing Materials | Ask This Old House

A warranty is in place to protect you and your roof from any future problems. There are 2 types of warranties for your new roof: one on the contractors workmanship and one from the manufacturer of your roofing materials.

The workmanship warranty will depend on the local roofing contractor you hire. However, the warranty you get on the materials for a metal roof and an asphalt roof vary.

All 3 types of asphalt shingles come out of the package with a standard manufacturer warranty. For example, a dimensional asphalt shingle comes with a 30-year prorated warranty.

However, if you use all of one manufacturers roofing components instead of mixing and matching from other companies, you can qualify to get the 50-year non prorated enhanced warranty. Once you register your roof with the manufacturer, the enhanced warranty covers your entire roof for the next 50 years.

Unfortunately, metal roof panels dont give you an opportunity to get an enhanced warranty. But standing seam metal roof panels do come with a 30-year paint warranty that covers the protective coating on the metal panels.

Be aware, a contractors workmanship warranty is just as important as the material warranties. To learn more about why its important, check out this article on what a contractors workmanship warranty covers.

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Zinc And Copper Roofing

You can expect to pay about $700-900+ per square of copper or zinc roofing with accessories. Note that these are usually manufactured in the form of standing seam . Prices for these premium metals are a lot more volatile than for steel or aluminum. They can change up or down many times throughout the year.

Metal Roof Installation Prices

Professional metal roof installers charge about $350-400 per square for labor. Standing seam installation can start out as high as $500 per square, because its more difficult and time consuming to install this roofing system.

Typically, roofers charge 2/3 of the total roof installation cost for labor and overhead. Cost of roofing materials is 1/3 of the total price. When estimating the total materials cost, roofers will include a waste factor of about 5-20% depending on the architectural design of your roof and the metal roof style you choose. For example, on a complex roof, there will be more waste if you want to install standing seam panels, than if you install metal shingles or tiles.

Keep in mind that price quotes that you get online are for a basic install on a one storie ranch of cape style home. If your roof has a lot of penetrations , valleys, curves, your installation cost can significantly go up.

Roof pitch is another factor that can increase your labor costs. Installing a metal roof over a low pitch is much easier and quicker compared to a high pitch roof architecture. If your roof is curved, expect to pay at least 50% more for labor compared to a standard roof install.

Some roofing contractors can initially quote you a very low installation price, around $260-280 per square. However, they will then charge you extra money for every item of labor that they perform, such as:

ridge hip ventilation

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Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Shingles

Here are the answers to some of the most questions homeowners have when they are considering installing a metal shingle roof on their house.

Can you walk on metal shingles?

Its possible to walk on metal shingles, if your roof is not too steep. Also, keep in mind, that metal shingles will be slippery after it rains, so its best to avoid walking on the roof at that time.

Overall, its best to ask a roofing pro to come check out your metal roof if there is an issue with it, instead of walking on it yourself, unless you have experience with safely walking on a roof.

Will a metal roof make my house hotter?

You dont need to worry about excessive heat inside your home with a metal roof. In fact, the opposite will happen a metal roof will actually make your house cooler.

This is because most metal shingles come with special coatings that repel sun rays, making your home more energy efficient.

A classic dark color asphalt roof will heat up in the sun and retain heat a lot more than a metal roof.

For maximum energy efficiency, consider installing a lighter metal roofing color.

Does a metal roof interfere with cellular service/wifi signal?

You dont have to worry that installing metal shingles will cause trouble to your cell phone or internet signal. There is absolutely no evidence of a metal roof causing such issues.

How long will metal shingles last?

With quality installation, you can be sure that your metal shingles roof will last at least 40-50 years.

Does A Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance

How Much Does the Tesla Solar Roof Cost?

This is another tricky one as theMetal Roofing Alliance says a metal roof can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 35%. I’m not saying this isn’t possible, but keep in mind that this is a statement by a metal roofing trade group. After thoroughly researching this subject, several articles that claimed metal roofing lowers your insurance policy. However, I could not find a study that proved it.

A discount is quite possible and makes sense. During my research it appeared that the greatest opportunities receive a metal roof insurance discount was in regions that experience a lot of hail. Hail storms account for a significant amount the of insurance claims on a shingle roof.

For more information about metal roof insurance discounts, we recommend reading:

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Looking For A Trustworthy Roofer In Madison Al Or A Trustworthy Roofer In Huntsville Al

At Advanced Roofing & Construction, we educate our customers about different roofing products they can choose from, products with different levels of quality and performance as well as roof warranties and the different price points of the products and warranties we can offer. If you are considering a full roof replacement in Huntsville and want to get started or learn more about preparing for your roof replacement, reach out to our office at 256-603-9171, email us, send a message through our contact page or request a quote directly. We know how important it is to have a strong roof over your head and we are prepared to help make sure that is exactly what you get. We provide roofing services in Madison AL, Huntsville AL, and the surrounding areas within Madison County and the Tennessee Valley.

Yes You Can Finance Your New Metal Roof

Our flexible finance plans aren’t just for shingle roofs, your new metal roof whether it’s a full metal roof replacement or partial metal skirting will qualify for our special financing plans.

About our plans: over 20 years of being in the construction business we’ve built up long-term relationships with both traditional lenders and alternative lenders around Albany, Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park. Because of these relationships, you’re able to benefit directly with 100% guaranteed approval for any home improvement project.

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Garage Roof Replacement Cost

Garage roof replacement costs $1,000 to $2,500 on average, depending on the size, pitch, and materials. Installing a new roof on a 280 square foot 1-car garage costs $1,000 to $2,000, and a 400 square foot 2-car garage runs $1,500 to $3,200, depending if it’s asphalt or metal.

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

The garage sizes used for the table above are:

  • 1 car – 12 by 12
  • 2 car 20 by 20
  • 3 car 36 by 24

The prices you see locally will be more or less depending on where you live, time of year, and the pitch of the roof. These prices would be the same if you were looking for the cost of a new roof for a detached house or workshop of a similar size.

Metal Roofing Vs Shingle Roofing: Which Material Should You Choose

Consumer Reports: The best asphalt shingles for your roof

Metal roofing and shingle roofing are both viable options to choose for your next roofing project, but there are distinct benefits, drawbacks, and differences to know of before you buy.

If youre in the market for a new roof, you might be questioning the type of roof that will work best for you and your home or building. And while its great to have so many options, such as asphalt shingles, metal, wood, tile, or concrete, it can also be overwhelming to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of roofing material.

Luckily, theres not just one answer for every building, which gives you the freedom to discover the available options, ask any and all questions, and finally make a choice based on factual research.

Here at Sheffield Metals, we think its important to give an honest comparison of everything you need to know about metal roofing systems and asphalt shingle roofing so the decision is easier for you. In this article, expect to learn about:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing
  • The advantages and disadvantages of asphalt shingles
  • Important considerations to keep in mind before you choose

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