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What Are Roof Gutters For

Rain Gutters: Why Are They Important

3 ways to fix leaking roof and gutters – DIY

Rain gutters are the long, hollow device attached to the roof edges. Their primary purpose is to catch rainwater and direct it away from your foundation. For a house to be complete, it needs a gutter system to function properly.

Gutters serve different functions to protect your home and household. Some homeowners, however, tend to neglect their importance. As the leading company for gutters in Minneapolis, MN, Garlock-French Corporation only wants the best for your home. Thats why we recommend installing quality gutters to protect your structure from water damage and leakages.

Importance of a Gutter SystemYour gutters are responsible for water management. During a storm, they effectively channel water flow from your roof, through the downspouts, and direct it to appropriate areas outside the home. Without a gutter system, your roof can pick up a bunch of leaves and other debris, causing water to stagnate and overflow. This can make your home vulnerable to rotting, rusting, and other damage.

In addition, gutters prevent water from settling around your basement. When water overflows from your roof, it can seep into your foundation and slowly weaken everything that supports your structure.

Types of GuttersGarlock-French Corporation understands how important it is to have a quality gutter system in your home. To meet your specific needs, we provide different types of gutters in Minneapolis, including:


B Bracket Hung Gutter With Copper Roof

The detail shows the recommended method for use in areas with severe ice and snow as well as other conditions. In this example, use with a copper roof is illustrated.

A one-piece copper gutter and apron is supported by brackets at 30″ O.C. The upper edge of the gutter extends at least 6″ onto the roof and is folded over and held by cleats at 12″ O.C. A continuous locking strip is soldered to the apron at least 4″ below its upper edge. The lower edge of the copper roof is hooked over the locking strip.

20 oz. copper braces at 30″ O.C. are placed at the mid-points between brackets.

If the gutter width is more than 6″, or in areas with ice and snow, straps should also be used. These must extend at least 6″ onto the roof. If a copper roof is used, the area around screws and the strap must be soldered to ensure watertightness. Brackets, straps and braces are spaced alternately.

Choosing A Colorbond Roof

I find that many of the Colorbond roof colours look very similar in situ and it is not until you see the guttering that you can always pick which colour the roof is. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon, can be easier to see but when the sun is high many all look the same. Therefore you need to focus on the depth of colour that you want first and foremost. The appeal of using Colorbond for your roofs, gutters and facias is that you do not have to worry about colour matching.

These are some of my favourite Colorbond roof colours

If clients are looking for a dark roof I often steer them towards Colorbond Monument as this is a very neutral off black with no obvious underlying colour.

Colorbond Woodland Grey is a time honoured classic which has looked good for years. In fact it replaced Colorbond Slate which was a very similar grey and I have been using both for almost 20 years. It is one of the only Colorbond colours that has always been popular. Woodland Grey does have a green undertone. I find this very easy to work with though and a favourite for exterior schemes. It is certainly one of my favourite roof colours.

Colorbond Ironstone has a blue undertone. I like it but sometimes I wish it was more of a charcoal blue. I feel it just needs to be a touch greyer as in some lights the underlying blue can really show through.

Assessing the underlying colour in Colorbond

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What Is The Purpose Of Roof Gutters


. Then, why do we need roof gutters?

Besides protecting the roof and the overall structure of your home, rain gutters also prevent soil erosion and protects your garden beds. With the rain gutters, the rain will just flow off your roof, washing away soil each time it rains causing soil erosion.

Secondly, what are the benefits of rain gutters? The Benefits of Gutters

  • Soil around the house is stabilized.
  • Foundation problems can be avoided.
  • Flooding under houses and in basements can be prevented.
  • Erosion can be prevented and this preserves landscaping and turf.
  • Water damage to siding can be prevented.
  • Water staining on brick and stone masonry can be prevented.

Thereof, are roof gutters necessary?

Rain gutters are the most controversial type of gutter. They are generally not required by law on a sloping roof, and many modern homes omit them, even in instances where they are beneficial. In order to decide for yourself whether rain gutters are necessary for your home, it is best to first weigh the facts.

Should gutters match roof or house?

Decide on what to accentuate.Most design experts recommend matching the color of your gutters to the roof or the trim of your house. If the trim of your house is wide, its suggested that you match the color to the trim. If the trim is skinny, match your gutter color to the roof.

How Do Gutters Work And Why Are They Important

Roof Gutter Sizing

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Gutters are one of the most ignored parts of any homeowners maintenance list. Understandably, rain gutters are simple in their design and operation they carry water from the roof to the ground. However, this helps protect your house from serious water damage. Read on if youre asking yourself, How do gutters work and why are they important? You might learn that your rain gutters do a lot more to ensure your structural integrity than you might think.

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How Can You Keep A Fascia Board In Good Shape

Installing a drip edge can help protect fascia boards. A drip edge is an L-shaped metal piece thats secured to the roof decking. It lays below the first layer of shingles and directs water away from fascia boards.

Also, fascia boards should be included in your regular roof inspections. For your safety, hire a professional roofer to do the job.

Whether you need a residential roof replacement or a commercial flat roof repair, Advanced Roofing is here to help you. Give us a call at 553-2344 or complete our contact form to get a free quote. We work with homeowners in Naperville, IL, and areas around Illinois.

What Type Of Rain Gutters Are Right For Your Home

Roof rain gutters come in numerous shapes, materials and sizes. Two common designs are K style gutters and half round gutters. While both shapes come in a few different widths that allow for a certain capacity of drainage, the shape of the K Style roof gutter will handle a larger capacity of drainage than the same size half round shape rain gutters.

If youre the DIY type, youll need to buy components that comprise all the parts youll need, including gutters and downspouts as well as the gaskets that form watertight junctions between them. The gutters come in various sizes, including 4, 5 and 6 inch diameter. You can get matching downspouts in different widths, including 2×3 inches or 3×4 inches. The larger the size the better its worth the minimal difference in price to go with the larger size as wider gutters and downspouts will tend to clog less and thus perform better and be easier to maintain.

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Hire All Season Gutters For Installation Service

When you need to have a new gutter installed on your home, it is always best to hire professionals to perform the work. The team here at All Season Gutters has been performing gutter installations on homes in and around Lemoyne, Pa., for more than 13 years. Explore our catalog of options and contact us today for a free estimate.

Appearance And Form Of Gutters

How To Properly Clean Roof Rain Gutters & Downspouts -Jonny DIY

Gutters are long, shallow troughs made from thin sheets of material. They are commonly made with prefabricated sections, typically anywhere from 8 to 20 feet long, which are joined together during installation.

Seamless gutters, almost always aluminum, are formed on-site and can potentially run the entire length of one side of the roof without a joint as a practical matter, a maximum length of 50 feet is recommended due to performance issues related to thermal expansion and contraction.

In cross-section, gutters appear semi-circular , rectangular , or have a straight back and bottom while the front has curves and angle changes similar in appearance to crown molding .

Other parts of the gutter system include end caps, drop outlets where the gutter connects to the downspouts, and gutter hangers.

Gutters are often painted or coated to match the trim of the building.

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How Far Should A Metal Roof Overhang The Gutters

Metal roofing experts say that the panels should overhang the gutters from 1 to 1.5 inches. But it depends a little on your climate, how big your roof is, the pitch of your roof and the type of metal roofing.

The gutter system on a metal roof needs to be designed to fit your climate. If you have heavy rainstorms, water may overshoot gutters that are too narrow and installed too low.

Ideally, a metal roof gutter system will be designed to handle the volume of snow or rain and the velocity of the water. The velocity of the melt water or rain depends on the pitch of your roof and the type of metal roofing.

Given all these factors, the overhang and the gutter need to be perfectly paired for your climate and your roof.

What Colour Should My Roof Be

Life used to be so simple when we could have either a grey shingle or a traditional terracotta roof. Now the options are vast and there are many pros and cons for each style and colour. I have 5 steps below to help you to make the right decision:

  • Consider the style of your house. Is it a traditional home in the city or in the leafy suburbs? If this is the case then you may feel you want to opt for a classic grey shingle style roof or a traditional terracotta one. This look is solid, timeless and suits the classic style family brick home. However if you are building a coastal style home you will be more likely to opt for a laid back look and build with a metal Colorbond roof. Country style homes too suit a metal roof so typical of the classic Australian country home with its Zincalume roof. A contemporary home with a skillion style roof also needs a metal roof.
  • Consider whether you want to see a contrast? Do you want to see a contrast between your roof and your house? Would you prefer the roof to just blend into the surroundings or do you want it to become part of the colour scheme and stand out? A traditional terracotta roof makes a statement and there is many a gorgeous home in Sydney and the surrounds with this style of roof. It doesn’t mean that you have to continue with that colour throughout the scheme the roof just makes the statement in its own right. What you do see though is a very definite contrast.
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    Preassemble Before Installing Gutters

    • Weve shown joining a gutter section to a corner.
    • Use the same process to join two sections of gutter, except overlap the pieces at least four inches.
    • When youre splicing gutter sections, plan ahead to leave the best-looking factory-cut end on the outside if possible.
    • Also, lap the rain gutters so the inside section is facing downhill to prevent water from being forced out the seam.
    • Where a gutter ends, cut it to extend about an inch past the end of the fascia board to catch water from the overhanging shingles.
    • Then attach an end cap with rivets and seal the joint from the inside with gutter sealant.

    When And Where They Originated

    Arizona Rain Gutters

    Early Days

    The earliest rain gutters originated in the Indus Valley Civilization from 3,000 BC to 1,500 BC. Gutters from this era were made from drains covered in burnt clay bricks. When the Roman Empire came to power, they created roadway drainage systems by making them higher in the middle, allowing rain to flow down into gutters. This civilization then brought this system to England around 47 AD.

    10th to 13th Centuries

    During the Norman Empires rule between the 10th and 13th centuries, gutter systems were integrated into architecture. Many structures were rebuilt with stone roofs and parapets with gargoyles. Water flowed out of the mouths of these gargoyles.

    The Tower of London was one of the buildings with early gutters. King Henry III asked the Keeper of the Works at the Tower to extend its lead gutters to keep its stark white walls protected. This paved the way to the first efficiently working downspout.

    Henry VIII is of course most famous for dividing the Church of England from papal authority and beheading two of his wives. A little known fact about this notorious monarch is that he accidentally helped revolutionize gutter systems. When he ordered the Dissolution of the Monasteries, he cut back their income as well as resources from buildings.

    The 1700s

    The 1900s

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    Why Are Gutters So Important

    Amanda Curry

    May 7, 2018

    Gutters are usually the part of your home that remains out of sight, out of mind, however, your homes rain gutters are vital to the health of your home. If you dont have gutters, youre looking at a plethora of problems, which can be costly and serious. Fail to keep up with its regular maintenance? Even more problems.

    Unfortunately, gutters are usually overlooked by many homeowners, but they shouldnt be. See why gutters and proper gutter maintenance is so important.

    Prevent Home Damage With Regular Rain Gutter Maintenance

    Its not enough to just have rain gutters on your home. Gutters need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, in order to ensure they are working properly.

    A proper gutter system should be free of holes and gaps and should be pitched properly towards your downspouts. Youll also want to ensure your gutters arent pulling away from the house. If you do notice your gutters sagging or pulling away from your home, this could either be due to clogged gutters or faulty internal hangers. Lastly, a proper gutter system will include downspouts that are free of debris and set 3-5 feet away from the base of your home.

    The biggest reason gutters fail to protect your home is because of clogs. Leaves, shingle grit, pine needles and other debris can cause your gutters to clog, preventing water from diverting away from your home. Over time, water can overflow onto your soffit and fascia, back up onto your roof, and pool around the base of your home. Its almost like not having any gutters at all!

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    % Of Ladder Falls Are Avoidable

    How do ladder accidents happen? See for yourself where the greatest hazards are:

    Selecting the wrong type of ladder. Each ladder is designed for a specific weight and task. If youre a homeowner working with a ladder thats too short, designed for a different job, or just not up to holding your weight, then you could be setting yourself up for an accident. When you hire a roofing professional, you can rest assured that the ladders they choose will be appropriate for the task at hand.

    Using worn or damaged ladders. Did you know that all ladders have a shelf life? Damaged ladders are extremely dangerous. If your ladder is old, incorrectly maintained, or structurally compromised, you could be putting yourself at risk by using your ladder.

    Incorrect use of ladders. Many homeowners are unaware of the safest ways to use ladders. Its essential always to maintain 3 points of contact with your ladder: two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot . For more tips on how to use a ladder properly, see this video.

    Incorrect placement of ladders. When you place a ladder on the ground, the ground should be level and firm. Always have a helper.

    You can avoid all ladder injuries by not getting on one! Instead of repairing your own roof or gutters, you can choose a reputable roofer to get on your roof and do the work for you.

    Most Popular Home Maintenance Tips

    How to install Roof and Gutter Deicing Cables

    Cost of pro install : $12 to $25 per linear foot

    Seamless Aluminum

    Seamless gutters are made at the job site. A truck with a spool of flat aluminum pulls up to your home, and the fabricator uses a gutter-forming machine to custom make whatever gutter length is required. There’s no hauling of long gutters. About 70% of all gutter installations are the seamless type.

    Installing seamless gutters:

    • Eliminates many seams and reduces chances of leaks
    • Costs slightly more than regular aluminum gutters

    Cost of pro install : $5 to $11 per linear foot


    • Strong
    • Galvanized steel resists rust but longevity is an issue may start to rust after 5 to 10 years
    • Many color options can be painted
    • Heavy and not recommended for DIY
    • Can be pricey

    Cost of DIY materials, including downspouts: $4 to $6 per linear foot

    Cost of pro install : $8 to $10 per linear foot


    • May crack in severe cold
    • Won’t support ladders placed against them

    Cost of DIY materials, including downspouts: $1 to $2 per linear foot

    Cost of pro install : $3 to $5 per linear foot


    • No need to paint will develop a patina over time
    • Needs pro installation seams and joints must be welded
    • Used primarily on high-end residences and historic restorations
    • Expensive

    Cost of pro install : $10 to $24 per linear foot, 6-inch half-round

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