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How Much Is A New Roof In Michigan

How Much Does It Really Cost To Get Your Roof Replaced In Ypsilanti Michigan

A Homeowner’s Guide to Planning for a New Roof in Canton Michigan

A roof replacement is something that all homeowners will eventually have to face. Whether your roof makes it the full 30 years it is designed to last for, or nature intervenes, roofs have a finite life and will need to be replaced to protect your home. But a roof replacement in Ypsilanti Michigan is by no means a small expense. It is one of the most costly expenses homeowners will face, and is very rarely covered by insurance. To help you understand the finances behind it and help you to save money, it is important to break down just how much a roof replacement costs.

What Is Michigans Climate Zone

The climate is an essential thing that is taken into account, and thats when contractors look at the code to determine residential insulation requirements.

Michigan is in climate zone 5 through 7, but lets talk more about what that means.

Michigans building code is vastly different than Floridas, for example, due to the differences in temperature fluctuations, relative humidity, and the temperature outside versus inside.

Michigan also requires more shielding on the home for wind, whereas a state like Arizona doesnt.

A very generic rule of thumb is the colder your state can get, the more R-Value will be required to insulate your home. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota will have higher building code insulation requirements than lets say Tennessee.

Insulation is generically thought of as a material that keeps things warm, but insulation like foam can also help to keep a home cool. When it comes to insulation code, the contractor is trying to make a number based on what is prescribed.

Here is a look at how climate zones are broken up, according to the U.S. Department of Energy:

  • Hot-Humid
  • Subarctic

Parts Michigans lower peninsula falls into the cold range, while some spots of northern Michigan and the upper peninsula fall in the very cold climate range.

Cost Of A New 1000 Sqft Roof

The average cost of a 1,000 sq.ft. roof averages $3,500 to $6,000. A roof this size is found on a home that is approximately 667 sq.ft. in size. These costs assume that the home does not need roof reinforcement. It also assumes that the home has a normal pitch range that is between 4/12 and 8/12. This means that the roof rises between 4 and 8 inches for every 12 inches of roof. Roofs that have higher or lower pitches may have different costs.

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The Average Cost Of An Asphalt Roof Replacement In Ann Arbor

What You Need to Know about the Cost of a New Asphalt Roof

You realize your home needs a new roof. If youre like many homeowners, one of the first questions you will ask is How much is my new asphalt roof going to cost? Unfortunately, since every roofing job is different, there is no simple answer.

There are a number of factors that must be considered when it comes to asphalt roof replacement in Ann Arbor. So its wise to contact a reputable roofing contractor who can give you an accurate estimate. The contractor will need to inspect your current asphalt roof to assess a number of variables and take measurements. Then, based on your own roofs specifications, you can receive a fair, accurate quote for replacing your asphalt roof.

Factors in Asphalt Roof Replacement

Materials, labor and your roofs current condition. Those are all taken into account when calculating the price of a new asphalt roof. Here is a breakdown of some of the factors that are considered when estimating the cost of an asphalt roof replacement.

Roof size

Obviously, the larger the surface of your roof, the more materials and labor will be required to complete the job.

Roof pitch

Steep roofs present more of a challenge to roofers and require more equipment to keep workers safe.

Valleys, peaks and chimney

  • The roof structure

If the wood structure supporting your roof is rotted, it must be replaced.

Roofing material

  • Shingle installation

Shingle tear-off

Warranty Coverage for Your Asphalt Roof Replacement

Should You Invest In A Metal Roof


A metal roof can be a great choice due to its durability, appearance, and resale value. Using a metal roof cost calculator can help you determine what is the best choice regarding the cost of metal roofing versus shingles, the right style for your property, your budget, and your design preferences as well as a potential price on metal roofing that works for your bank account and style.

The metal roof vs shingles cost can be a complex decision, but your roofing company or roofing contractor can help you sort out the price of a metal roof as well as the different types of metal roofing and help you make the right choice for your property .

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Flat Roof Replacement Cost

Flat roof replacement costs $50 to $400 per square depending on your choice of roofing materials. Instead of sheets of metal, shingles, or tiles, layers of plastic or rubber are laid down on a flat roof and sealed by melting with the flame from a blowtorch or a compound is sprayed over the entire surface of the roof to create a weatherproof finish. Flat roofing solutions also have an impact on reducing heat loss through the roof.

  • Modified Bitumen Roof Cost Modified bitumen is an asphalt product fortified with either a polyester or fiberglass matting to add strength and increase its useable lifespan. Using Bitumen on a flat or low slope roof and costs between $150 and $400 per square.
  • PVC Roof Cost PVC as a membrane roof solution is installed in widths of 6 to 18 wide and usually laid on top of an insulation board, and sometimes requires additional edge fastening which causes a minor spike in the labor costsmaking the range of roll roofing cost go from $70 to $110 per square installed.
  • Built-Up Roof In a built-up roof, after a few layers of sheet ply are laid down, they are fused together with melted asphalt, leaving the top layer the option to be a brighter color to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Costs range between $50 to $80 per square
  • Spray-On Roof With a spray-on roof, polyurethane solution is evenly applied for as little as $30 per square, acrylic for $60 per square, or the premium option of silicon spray averages $85 per square or more.

How Much Does A New Roof Cost

A new asphalt shingles roof for a typical 2,000 to 2,200 square foot single-family house can range in price from $9,500 to $16,500 fully installed, including tear off and disposal of the old roof . The pricing can range greatly depending on the contractor choice, roof size and difficulty, and local real estate market conditions.

Asphalt Shingles Average Cost

See what local pros chargeEnter your zip code

Average Price Per Square Foot Across the US, a typical architectural asphalt shingle roof will cost between $4.00 and $6.00 per sq. ft. to install, depending on the brand and type of shingles, and project specifics variables. This pricing range normally includes all the necessary materials and supplies, tear off and disposal of the old roof , dumpster and disposal fees, site plans and building permits required by the local building departments, professional installation, and a comprehensive contractors workmanship warranty.

In the high cost of living areas like San Francisco Bay area, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Portland, Boston, NYC, the greater Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, homeowners can expect to pay between $5.00 and $8.00 per sq. ft. to replace a roof on a typical 2,000-2,200 square foot house with mid-range architectural shingles like GAF Timberline or OC Duration. This range exceeds the national average due to the disproportionately higher cost of living in expensive coastal cities compared to American heartland.

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What’s The Cost Of A New Flat Roof

The cost of a new flat roof is on average $300 to $325 per square for labor and materials, and the project takes about three days.

Flat roofs are typical in Florida, Arizona and California, but not regions such as the Northeast that are prone to heavy snow and rain. Flat roofs require rolled roofing material. So even if a property owner wants tile shingles, professional roofers cant put them on because of the manufacturer and civic building codes.

Can I Finance My New Roof

How to Manage Roof Runoff Water: Protect Your Michigan Home in any Weather [ 248-505-3065 ]

Along with accepting all major credit cards, Modern Xterior Improvement is one of few companies you can get financing options for your new roof and for any other home improvement service that we offer. We will help you with the application process and have a dedicated staff that can help you navigate any questions or concerns you have about financing. Call us at 1-877-MODERNPROS or to talk about financing your next home improvement project or talk with your representative. Read more about our financing here.

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Average Cost Of A New Roof By Type

While many roofs are treated virtually the same despite visual differences, some types have different needs and associated costs. Roofs that are flat, have a very high pitch, or have many hips, valleys, or curves have different costs than other roofs. The higher the pitch, the more material you typically need to cover it. In addition, the labor can also be higher. Below are the average roof replacement costs per square foot, depending on the roof type.

$6 – $11

Look For Specials And Discounts

Many roofing companies will offer specials or discounts to their services which you can take advantage of. Of course, its best if your roof isnt leaking and you have a bit of time before the new roof needs to be installed but it can give you a much better price. Not only that but you can also get discounts on your new roof if you can allow the roofer to work during weekends or later in the summer months. During slower times of the year the price of a roof can be reduced simply because the roofing company isnt as busy. Always ask the roofing contractor if there is anything you can do to save money on your new roof.

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Calculating Patio Roof Costs

The average cost to install a new patio roof ranges from $1,037 to $2,445 depending on the size and materials used. A small living room patio with asphalt roofing installed will cost $605 while a large outdoor dining patio with a metal roof costs $3,712. Of the four most common patio styles, the two that are generally considered large enough to warrant a roof include:

  • Living room patio – Average size is 16 by 18 288 sq. ft
  • Outdoor dining patio – Average size is 12 by 14 168 sq. ft

Patio Roof Costs

  • Class A 21 to 45 feet long
  • Class B 16 to 25 feet long
  • Class C 20 to 35 feet long

Financing Your Roof Replacement

Roof replacement and much more in Grand Ledge, MI, 48837

As you may already know, the cost to replace the roof on your home can easily cost you anywhere between $5,300 and $20,000. To make your project much more portable, there are a few ways to pay for it that you should know about.

Quick question: will insurance pay for a roof replacement?

We are glad that you asked. To tell you the truth, those of you with homeowners insurance may be able to use it to front the cost of replacing your roof.

As a matter of fact, some insurance policies claim to cover your roof replacement if it was damaged by the following natural disasters:

  • A storm
  • A fire
  • A theft

However, if your roof is in poor condition is due to its age or maintenance, you can forget about your insurance company covering this cost. On the bright side, it doesnt hurt to get in touch with your insurance agency to ask if your policy covers this sort of repair.

You might be wondering: do roofing companies finance?

Yes, fortunately, some of the roofing companies offer their customers financing and payment plans to make the overall cost more reasonable. If you decide to choose a payment plan, you spread it out over several months or years.

Nevertheless, its not uncommon for interests to add up in the long run. So, be sure that you are okay with monthly payments and interest rates. Theres no harm in asking a roofing company what their interest rates, requirements, and plans are either.


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Cost To Install Plywood Sheathing Or Replace Roof Decking

The average cost to replace roof decking in a 2,400 square foot home is between $1,050 and $1,575. It will take approximately 75 sheets of plywood sheathing at an average cost of $14 to $21 per sheet. A smaller 1,100 square foot home will only need around 34 sheets for an average price of $600. For roof sheathing, plywood typically comes in sheets of 4 by 8 that measure either 11/32 or 3/8 thick.

Cost to Replace Roof Decking

Home Size
$1,122 $2,414

Average Cost Of Materials For A Metal Roof

As described above, the average cost of materials for a metal roof is around $12.00 $13.00 per square foot, but that can definitely vary based on your area, the exact type of material you choose for your metal roof, and the idiosyncrasies of your property, and other environmental factors that impact the final metal roofing quote.

Installation and labor costs also make up a major component of the cost of your new metal roof, regardless of the type of materials that you choose, so take that into consideration when you are getting started on choosing a metal roof or any kind of roof for your home.

That said, knowing the average cost of materials for a new metal roof in the United States is an important starting point!

The national average for a new metal roof is $18,500 , but of course, that varies depending on the type of roofing materials, your location, and your property.

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Understanding Michigan Insulation Code

The main thing you should understand is why something needs to be done to meet code, so you should always question the new home insulation requirements.

You want to ensure you have a builder that can explain all of your options, as well as prescriptive code and performance.

Its also important that you read up on the code for the Michigan insulation requirements before you ever break ground. The code changes every few years, so make sure you are familiar with the latest versions.

You can find Michigans code on Laras website.

How To Replace Damaged Roof Shingles

Storm Flips RV Over & Rips Roof Off In Michigan

Oakridge in Desert Tan, about $97 per square Owens Corning Pick a Color: Red While vibrant, a red roof can be a great suitable for gray, white, and taupe home colors. One method to be sure: Select a variegated red shingle that folds in a few of the siding color, like this oxblood roof, which incorporates hints of the blue-gray clapboards.

This yellow-green roofing is a natural suitable for the brick porch’s warm colors and the mustard-yellow siding. Like browns, green shingle colors tend to work well with tans and yellows along with whites. Elite Glass-Seal in Empire Green Blend, about $70 per square TAMKO Structure Products Pick a Color: Gray-Blue On smaller sized homes where dormers add color to the roof, search for a dappled shingle.

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Cost Of A 1350 Sqft Roof

The cost for a new 1,350 sq.ft. roof ranges from $4,725 to $8,100. A roof of this size, twould be on a home of approximately 900 sq.ft. These costs include the complete tear out of the old material and the installation of the new material. They do not include any reinforcement of the roof or replacement of the roof deck. They also assume that the pitch of the roof falls in the normal range of 4/12 to 8/12, meaning the roof rises between 4 and 8 inches for every 12 inches of roofing.

Cost To Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

Replacing an asphalt roof with new shingles will cost between $5,400 and $9,000, or an average of $7,211 for a 2,000 square foot home not including old roof removal. The actual cost will vary depending on whether it is a composite asphalt shingle roof or a fiber cement composite shingle installation.

Asphalt is the least expensive solution, with a cost to remove the previous asphalt roof and install a new one coming to $7,850 for a 1,500 square foot home, while the same project undertaken and installing concrete shingles instead of asphalt will cost $24,950.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Green Roof

A green roof is where either all useable space on a roof or a portion of the useable roof is covered in live vegetation. According to the Renewable Energy hub website, a green roof will typically cost between $25 and $41 per square foot. Green roof installation costs per square foot decrease as size increases.

Hiring A Professional Vs Diy Roof Replacement

Roofing Scams: How to Protect Yourself When Getting a New ...

If you want to replace your roof by yourself, the cost for an asphalt roof will be $3000 less to about $6,000 less for architectural shingles. If your roof requires minimal repairs, DIY projects might be easier and significantly cheaper as long as you follow strict safety precautions. However, its highly recommended that you hire a professional. DIY projects carry various downsides such as:

  • While removing your existing roof, you can cause problems that can lead to leaks
  • After you remove your roof, you might miss structural issues or other factors that can lead to more leaks
  • You could decrease your homes resale value
  • You could fall off from your roof
  • You might cause problems that result in extra utility costs like cooling or heating
  • You may fail to install a perfect weather seal while installing your new roof

If you want to replace your roof by yourself, the cost for an asphalt roof will be $3000 less to about $6,000 less for architectural shingles. If your roof requires minimal repairs, DIY projects might be easier and significantly cheaper as long as you follow strict safety precautions. However, its highly recommended that you hire a professional. DIY projects carry various downsides such as:

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