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How Much To Reshingle A Garage Roof

Diy Vs Professional Replacement

DIY: How To Reroof A Roof

While you might be able to patch the occasional leak on your own, DIY roof replacement isnt recommended. Roofing is a dangerous job, even on a single-story home, since youre working on a slanted surface, usually at least 10 feet off the ground. Professional roofers have substantial training, and also have safety equipment for working on steep roofs.

Roof installation also requires tools such as extension ladders, tear-off shovels, nail guns, air compressors, and more. Professional roofing companies will already have these tools and know how to meet local building codes. You wont have the benefit of a roof warranty if you do the project it yourself, and if youre using your homeowners insurance, the insurance company wont reimburse you.

Roof replacement is a highly skilled job and one of the largest home improvement projects youll encounter. We dont recommend attempting full or partial roof replacement on your own. Instead, hire a licensed roofing contractor with substantial experience in the industry.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Green Roof

A green roof is where either all useable space on a roof or a portion of the useable roof is covered in live vegetation. According to the Renewable Energy hub website, a green roof will typically cost between $25 and $41 per square foot. Green roof installation costs per square foot decrease as size increases.

Hiring A Roofing Company: Top Tips

Reroofing your garage is expensive, so you must ensure the professional roofer knows what to do. Here are a few essential questions to ask a prospective contractor.

  • Have they any references you can follow up on? Its the finished installation that matters. Therefore, you want to know that the roof looks good, is free from leaks and is correctly installed.
  • Some of the new roofing technologies need specialist equipment and knowledge. Therefore, ensure the contractor has relevant training and follows the industry codes of practice.
  • Is the contractor a member of a relevant trade association? The National Federation of Roofing Contractors and The Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association are good organisations to look out for. All trade associations insist their members follow their code of practice and work professionally.
  • Search the Competent Person Register for local authority approved contractors.
  • Ask for at least three quotes before you decide on the contractor. Insist they visit your property to inspect the existing roof. Therefore, avoid quotes over the phone without seeing the job.
  • Dont always go for the cheapest quote. Try to choose one somewhere in the middle.

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Roof Replacement Cost By Material

The material has a tremendous impact on the total cost of the materials and labor. Some materials are exclusive to the roof type you have. For example, a flat-topped home uses specific materials that are not used on conventional slopes. However, most homes use asphalt shingles, metal panels, tiles or shakes made of several materials, or specialty materials like cedar or slate.

Each material has costs. The more features a material has, the higher its costs. For example, architectural shingles that help protect against hail damage have a higher cost than standard architectural shingles. Clay tiles cost more than concrete, while copper costs considerably more than aluminum. Rare materials like slate and copper cost more due to their availability. Materials that are harder to install, such as wood and some clay tiles, also have higher costs. Materials with additional benefits, such as energy efficiency, algae protection, hail protection, or rainwater management, also have higher costs.

When choosing a material, consider its costs, maintenance, and longevity. While slate is very expensive, it can last 200 years or more in the right circumstances with little maintenance. This can make it more of an investment than a less expensive material.


Whats The Best Material For A Garage Roof

Garage reshingle

Rubber, felt, and fibreglass are all used for flat roof construction. As you can see from the table below each has its different advantages and disadvantages.

Rubber is a popular material because it is mid-range in pricing and long-lasting. The best material for your garage roof will depend on what you want out of your roof, your location and the budget youre working from.

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Cost To Install Plywood Sheathing Or Replace Roof Decking

The average cost to replace roof decking in a 2,400 square foot home is between $1,050 and $1,575. It will take approximately 75 sheets of plywood sheathing at an average cost of $14 to $21 per sheet. A smaller 1,100 square foot home will only need around 34 sheets for an average price of $600. For roof sheathing, plywood typically comes in sheets of 4 by 8 that measure either 11/32 or 3/8 thick.

Cost to Replace Roof Decking

Home Size
$1,122 $2,414

Roof Replacement Cost By House Size

The cost to replace or install a roof goes up as the home size increases. But note that your roof size won’t match the area of your house since you’ll need to take into account the overhang, which is how much the roof edge extends beyond the siding. While most homes have an overhang, the length will depend on the roof’s architectural style . You’ll also need to consider the pitch, which is a measure of how steep the roof is.

The estimates in the following chart are based on architectural shingles for a pitch of 4/12 on a single-story home.

House Size by Square Foot Average Price Range for Roof Shingles
$11,200 $16,000

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Instructions For The Shingle Calculator

Enter the approximate value for how many square feet the house has in the first number box.

Select how steep the roof is. A 4/12 pitch is relatively easy to walk, an 8/12 is very difficult to walk, and a 12/12 is impossible to walk.

Select the complexity of the roof. One roof line is simple, two to four roof lines is average, and anything over four roof lines is complex.

Choose whether or not your roof is new or will have multiple layers to remove.

Finally, choose what type of new roofing will be used.

This calculator is only an estimation. It is not as accurate as measuring each roof plane and adding the square feet together. It does take into account for an average number of offsets and an overhang. It also takes into account for the starters, the edges, and the ride caps. The squares returned include everything.

The formula for solving for the area of a roof involves climbing onto the roof. Measure each roof plane. For shapes such as trapezoids, triangles, and trapeziums, find the average length by finding the center of the width. Remember to add two feet for valleys. Add the square footage of all of the roof planes together. Divide this by one hundred for the number of squares. There are three bundles of shingles for each square.

To determine how many will be needed for starters and edges, measure the entire perimeter of the roof and divide it by three. Since there are twenty six shingles in a bundle of twenty year shingles , divide the result by twenty six.

Cost To Redo A Roof With A Different Material

First time to Re-Shingle a Roof (WnW #61)

Many homes have an existing roof of asphalt shingles. These are durable and lightweight, but some want to change the shingle type for a different look. In addition, many newer materials last much longer than asphalt while looking better. For this reason, many people reroof with another material, even if that was what was originally installed. The exact cost to reroof with another material depends on the material. Your costs could range from $6 to $25 a square foot for tear-off and installation plus the material costs, which can range from $1 to 15 a square foot for many common materials. Many materials are heavier than asphalt shingles. Concrete, tile, and slate require reinforcing your roof to ensure it can withstand the weight. This is done by adding additional rafters and joists to your roofs frame. So, you have an additional $1,000 to $2,000 in reinforcement costs.

When going from a heavier material like tile to a lighter material like architectural shingles, there is no need to change the frame, and your overall costs are lower.

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Average Total Cost Of Replacement On A 2000

3-Tab Asphalt Shingles: $9,500 to $12,50030-year Shingles: $10,000 to $18,70050-year Premium Shingles: $10,500 to $19,500EPDM Rubber Membrane: $9,500 to $15,500TPO or PVC Membrane: $11,500 to $20,500Wood Shingles: $15,500 to $25,500Steel Shingles: $15,500 to $25,500Aluminum Shingles: $16,500 to $27,500Standing Seam: $18,500 to $29,500Natural Slate: $25,000 to $50,500Concrete Tiles: $25,000 to $40,500Clay Tiles: $25,000 to $45,500

See what local pros charge

* These are approximate total job prices based on the national average. Costs may vary depending on your region and homes location, the roofs slope and number of stories, overall complexity of the roof, the number of layers of old shingles to be removed and disposed of the type of roofing underlayment , roof accessories used, and any workmanship warranties or guarantees the contractor offers.

Getting a roof replacement is expensive. Seeing the total price of getting it done properly can cause a justifiable sticker shock. However, when homeowners have a better understanding of where the money is going and how they will save money in the long run, its easier to see a quality roof as the investment it truly is.

Rv And Travel Trailer Roof Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the roof on an RV or travel trailer averages $7,000 to $12,000. RVs and travel trailers have flat roofs. Therefore, they typically use a flat roofing material. However, it is applied differently than on a home. The RV is typically taken to a shop for this project, and the costs are usually charged by the linear foot rather than by the square. This is an expensive process and usually involves a full replacement, including the roofing material and the under material.

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Reshingling A Small Garage

Whenever I’m faced with a project of this nature, there’s always the decision of whetherI should do it myself or whether I should pay somebody to do it. When I do it myself,I always think “that wasn’t worth the trouble, I should have just paid somebody”,but when I let somebody do it, I end up thinking “that cost so much, I should have just done it myself”. So seeing that I did it myself this time, this article will probably convince you to hire a roofer if faced with a similar problem.

Choosing A Trustworthy Roofer

Garage reshingle

Unless you personally know a contractor, the thought of finding a reputable company can be overwhelming, to say the least. Between horror stories of people getting blatantly ripped off, the fly-by-night crews and storm chasing contractors, it can be hard to know who you can trust.

Use these steps to find a reputable roofer:

1. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

If your friends and family dont know any good contractors they can recommend, then do some online research to identify top local contractors that seem transparent and have solid reviews across different sources.

2. Once you have a list of prospects, call them, and ask these questions:

  • Do they take on projects of your size? This one will almost always be a Yes, but it is a good starting point to get the contractors interest and attention
  • Can they supply a list of previous clients as references?
  • Are they willing to provide financial references from banks and suppliers?
  • How many other projects will they be working on while doing your roof?
  • Will they be using subcontractors? If so, how long have they worked with them?

This information will tell you how reliable they are, how much attention theyll give to your project and how smoothly the work will go.

3. From your phone conversations, choose three to four contractors to come to your home for estimates. Dont go on personality alone! Be sure to check their reputation with their past clients and/or BBB, rip off report, Angies List if you have it, etc.

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How To Estimate Cost Of Roof Replacement

Roof cost estimated values depend on various aspects. To get accurate and exact roof replacement cost estimates, you can go to a roof cost estimator website. To get an idea of ââhow to calculate the cost of the roof, there are several other things you need to consider. When installing a new roof, many factors should be taken into account when evaluating/estimating the price.

You are not only looking at the material of the roof, even though a large part of the cost is the type of material, you should also consider the area of ââthe roof, the complexity of the roof, the slope, the number of chimneys, dormers, dormers, ridge, roof flashing, roofing company, geographical location, taxes and permits as well as the dumping of old roofs.

When using the roof cost estimator websites, remember that this is an estimate only and should not be used as an actual quote. Because when you use the online calculator, it does not include the following:

  • Damaged structure to be replaced.
  • The quality of the roofing material of different brands and the price difference.
  • Taxes or permits are required to remove and install a new roof and many other factors.

Now, here comes another very important consideration, what will be the cost of roofing materials and their values?

To give you an idea about the cost of roofing material and the value or benefits you get, here is a little comparison between some very famous roofing materials in America.

How Do I Find And Hire A Garage Roof Installer

Keep an eye out for company vans parked outside houses in your area. If they are installing a garage roof you can ask them to contact you about a quotation.

Ask family, friends, and work colleagues. They might have had work done recently or have a roofer amongst their own family or friends.

Check out the NFRC website. This is the National Federation of Roofing Contractors.

Their members have a high standard of workmanship and good reputations. You can search for members by filling in your postcode and clicking on the type of contractor you need from the drop-down box.

If you dont find a personal recommendation, use HouseholdQuotes to find reliable roofers.

Tell us what you need by filling in the online form and well find you, local roofers to give you no-obligation quotes.

Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%:

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Labor Cost To Shingle A Roof

Labor costs vary depending on the roofing material, the pitch of the roof, and the complexity of the roof design. Roofs with many openings for skylights and chimneys or numerous valleys and dormers will have higher labor costs than simpler roofs.

Typical labor costs are around $1.00 to $1.50 a square foot on average for most roofs using asphalt or architectural shingles, making the labor costs for a 1,500-square-foot roof around $1,500 to $2,250 out of the $6,960 total.

Roof shingles are also installed by square size. The typical square size is 100 square feet. Roof shingles cost per square is $350 $550. You can also purchase some shingles in bundles. These are smaller than a square and cover about 33 square feet or of a square. Roofing shingles prices per bundle average $116 $183.

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Can A Homeowner Repair Their Own Flashing

How to Install Roof Shingles | Ask This Old House

Some simple jobs can be managed by someone reasonably handy with the aid of a few YouTube clips but a lot depends on access it could just be out or reach and working safely at height. It may not even be possible to assess the extent of the required repair yourself without a roofer going on to the roof. Working on a roof is a skilled job and beyond the reach of most homeowners, it is also really important to avoid damaging the structure whilst working on it so really, it is best to leave the job to a professional unless you have a single storey building like a garage with good, safe access.

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British Standards Codes Of Practice

A garages flat roofs construction must comply with BS 6229 and BS 8217. These standards contain specific Codes of Practice:

  • A flat roofs slope must be between 1:40 and 1:80. This gradient provides the best pitch for shedding rainwater and debris.
  • The standard specifies how to shed water vapour using breather or vapour control membranes.

How Much Does It Cost To Re

  • DesertRose on Jan 04, 2018It depends on your area, if you need to pay help, if you will do it all yourself, and the quality of the roofing material. . Put down the materials you need and what it would cost for a helper etc and if you need more tools to complete it yourself. That should give you an idea. Call your home improvement stores for pricing or look around in them. They are happy to help. You may need new tar paper under it, roofing nails, repair some of the boards of the roof or replace them if they are rotted or termite infested. Some things you can not budget too closely because you will not know until you take off the old roof. If you shingle over the existing roof, be sure it is not more than one layer deep already.

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