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How To Clean Slate Roof Shingles

Best Time Of Year To Clean Slate Roof

How to soft wash natural slate roofs

It is important to clean your slate roof on a regular basis in order to keep it looking its best. But when is the best time of year to clean your slate roof?

The best time of year to clean your slate roof is in the spring or fall. This is because the weather is not too hot or cold, which can damage your roof.

In the spring, you can start by cleaning off any debris that has accumulated on your roof over the winter months. This will help to prevent moss and algae from growing on your roof.

In the fall, you should clean your slate roof before the winter weather sets in. This will help to prevent any damage that may occur to your roof during the winter months.

How To Clean Shingles

Roofing shingles should not be cleaned with a pressure cleaner. They require a gentler touch ideally a mixture of hot water, bleach and detergent. It’s best to clean shingles on a cool and overcast day so the mixture won’t dry too fast on the roof.

Pour the mixture into a garden sprayer and clean a one metre by three-metre area at a time. Start at the bottom and let the mixture dry before moving on to the next section. You may need to use a broom to gently scrub the shingles while they’re wet, but don’t use too much pressure or you could damage the shingles.

If the shingles start to dry out, wet them again before brushing with the broom. Finally, rinse the shingles with fresh water, making sure you’ve removed all the residue from the mixture.

How Should You Wash A Slate Roof

The best way to clean a slate roof depends on the debris build-up. In most cases, its best to remove the bulk of the moss and debris by hand using a scraping tool and then apply a nonaggressive treatment to the tiles to kill the biofilm.

The treatment will continue to work over a few weeks, with the weather helping out. While the results arent immediate, the tiles will start to self-cleanse once the treatment has started working. Not only is this method less harsh than pressure washing, but it also protects the tiles from regrowth for many years to come.

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Cleaning Slate Tiles Top Tips And Tricks

Slate tile floors are a popular choice in many homes. Theyre durable and make a stunning natural stone look. With natural variants, no tile looks the same for a striking interior or exterior. But theyre not just beautiful, slate floors are also very functional. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for decades. So how do you go about cleaning slate tiles?

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Does A Slate Roof Add Value To A Home

Slate and Copper Roof in 2020

The longevity of slate is key to its value in the eyes of homeowners. After all, roofing can be expensive. Slate is one of the few roofing options that doesn’t need to be replaced within the span of a lifetime. In most environments, slate shingles will last at least 125 years and sometimes as long as 200 years. As such, slate will outlast multiple generations of occupants at a given address.

Slate is also widely considered one of the most beautiful roofing materials. As a stone, slate has a natural, timeless appeal that never goes out of style. Slate shingles complement classic homes from the 19th century as well as modernist homes built in recent decades. Moreover, slate is one of the most diverse roofing options when it comes to color. Slate tiles are available in tones of green, red, purple, grey and black.

The biggest of all benefits regarding slate is its strength. Slate can withstand all types of weather patterns, year after year. In areas where snow and hail are common during winter months, slate can bear the weather unscathed. Slate will not rust or attract mold. Furthermore, slate is fire-resistant. Basically, a home is a whole lot safer with slate roofing.

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Cleaning Roof Shingles With Bleach

One of the most common ways to clean roof shingles is with a chlorine-based cleaner, also known as pool shock. This method is effective at killing algae and will give you visible results quickly.

To use this method, mix 1 lb of pool shock per gallon of water and apply it to your roof with a pump sprayer. Let the mixture sit on your roof for 20-30 minutes before rinsing it off with a garden hose.

You should always take caution when using any chemical cleaning product on your roof. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and always wear gloves, eye protection, and a face mask when handling pool shock. It’s also a good idea to test the cleaning solution on a small area before you treat the entire roof surface to help you avoid any unwanted damage or discoloration.

To clean your gutters of algae at the same time, mix 1 cup of pool shock per gallon of water and pour it into your gutters. Let the mixture sit for 15-20 minutes before flushing it out with a hose or garden sprayer.

As the pool shock rinses off your roof, you’ll want to be sure you lay down plastic to divert the chemical from your lawn or any other plants you have near your home.

Other bleach-based cleaners you can use include:

  • Chlorine bleach
  • Peroxide-based bleach

If you plan to use any of these types of liquid bleach, be sure to dilute the mixture and apply it in tiny portions directly to algae to prevent staining or discoloration.

How To Approach Cleaning

Cleaning should be limited to removing organic debris like moss and leaves. To remove moss as well as mould or rust, gently scrub with a medium-stuff brush and a mix of suitable roof slate cleaning products, such as household cleaner and water. If you see grey or grey-green streaks, these are usually from copper or zinc nails or flashing. They are harmless to slate and can help keep away moss, mould and other organic material.

You should also remove slate flakes from gutters, valleys and other areas around your roof and the chimney. It is best to use heavy rubber gloves to safely pick up the material. You should only remove debris from places you can reach from the ladder. A leaf rake can be used for areas that are difficult to reach.

To remove residual soap and remaining debris, gently spray your roof with a garden hose. Focus on one section at a time and adjust your ladder along the roof accordingly as you clean it. High pressure water including from pressure washers can break apart slate, particularly older or damaged tiles.

Yates Slate are a natural roofing specialist and distributor including Welsh slate and Cumbrian slate. Based in Lancashire, we offer decades of experience in supplying durable and attractive roof slates.

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Cleaning Roofs With Uncommon Shingles

Distinct roofing materials require different cleaning methods. Here are some tips for cleaning roofs with uncommon shingles:

  • Clay Tiles: Clay tiles can be cleaned with a mixture of water and dish soap. Because they are resistant to most types of stains, they shouldn’t require aggressive cleaning. Just be sure to rinse the tiles thoroughly afterward, and your tiles will look as good as new.
  • Slate Tiles: Slate tiles can also be cleaned with a mixture of water and dish soap. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any stubborn dirt or debris, but keep in mind these tiles tend to be fragile despite their weight. Do not vigorously scrub or use harsh chemicals on slate tiles.
  • Wood Shingles: Wood shingles can be cleaned with a mixture of water and bleach in a 3 to 1 ratio. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any stubborn dirt or debris. Keep in mind that wood shingles naturally discolor over time, and while power washing might restore the standard color, it can also damage the wood.
  • Cedar Shakes: Cedar shakes can be cleaned with a mixture of water and wood cleaner. You generally don’t want to use bleach due to the porous nature of the wood. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any stubborn dirt or debris. If you do notice algae stains, you must act quickly. Algae can cause a buildup of moisture in the wood, which can prematurely age shingles and lead to leaks.

Using A Trowel Or Stiff Brush

Safe non pressure Slate Roof cleaning

A simple yet relatively manual method of cleaning roof tiles is to scrape off the moss, algae and dirt by hand. Using a tool such as a trowel, scrape the moss and dirt away from the tiles. The drier the day the better, because the moss and other materials will not be stuck to the tiles with moisture. Alternatively, use a stiff brush to scrape the dirt off both methods are a quick and easy way to clean your roof tiles.

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Roof Cleaning With A Pressure Washer

While cleaning your asphalt roof with a pressure washer might seem like a quick way to see results, it’s probably going to speed up more than just the cleaning process. Pressure washing asphalt shingles can prematurely age them by causing the granules to come off or lifting shingles and allowing in moisture.

Not only will this make your roof look old, but it will also leave it unprotected from the sun’s UV rays, which can cause the asphalt to deteriorate and shorten the lifespan of your roof.

No matter how careful you are, we recommend avoiding pressure washing your roof shingles altogether.

Fix Your Slate Roof Today And Save Your Balwyn Home Before Disaster Strike

If you are living with a slate roof that has been neglected over the years, then it may be time for some maintenance and repairs. Slate is an extremely hardwearing material, but it will certainly benefit from regular inspections and repairs.

Would you like to learn more about slate roofing? Balwyn locals can the Slate Roof Specialists near me on .

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How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Slate Shingles

If you move into a home with slate roofing, you probably won’t have to replace the roof during the years you own the property. After all, slate shingles can last up to 200 years. Unless the house pre-dates the construction of the Statue of Liberty, chances are you won’t be the lucky homeowner to preside over the property when the shingles finally do expire. That said, you might need to get the roof maintained if damage occurs in select areas.

Two main types of problems can arise when maintaining slate roofs broken tiles and faulty flashing. Select tile replacements can sometimes rectify the first problem. If the roofing consists of hard slate, it is probably salvageable as long as you get the broken tiles replaced as soon as possible.

The most significant mistake some homeowners make in this situation is to ignore the problem until more tiles break, by which point rainwater can make its way under the slate and penetrate the roofing foundation. Once the problem has advanced to that level, the only option is a total roof replacement. Likewise, a problem with faulty flashing will generally require a a new slate roof installation or full roof restoration.

When roofing comprised of soft slate begins to crack, it is better to get new roofing. Soft slate is more liable to crack, and the cause of one crack could easily spread to other parts of the roof. If new roofing is required, consider upgrading to shingles made of hard slate.

The Proper Way To Clean Slate Roofing

How to Combat Installation Issues with Slate Roofs

The average homeowner doesnt have much experience with slate roofing materials leading many to attempt a DIY job. They often try to clean their roof with chemicals such as bleach or ammonia to remove grime. However, harsh chemicals can damage the slate roofs copper components. Attempting to pressure wash the installation can result in water driving under slats or breakage. Professional soft washing crews have the right tools and understand proper methods for slate roof cleaning projects.

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Plan Ahead For Safety

Before you start, find someone who can help you with things like moving the ladder and cleaning equipment or bringing things to you. Having a helper reduces the risk of accidents. Have all your equipment and cleaning products ready before you start work.

To prevent falls, wear sturdy, non-slip shoes and, when possible, use a safety harness and rope tied to a tree or other sturdy object. Wear safety goggles to keep spray out of your eyes.

How Often Should You Clean Them

It is important to clean your slate roof on a regular basis. How often you need to clean it will depend on a number of factors, including the climate in your area and the type of roof you have.

If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, you will need to clean your roof more often. This is because the rain will wash away any dirt and debris that has accumulated on your roof.

If you have a moss or algae problem, you will also need to clean your roof more often. This is because these growths can cause your roof to deteriorate.

In general, you should plan on cleaning your slate roof at least once a year. However, if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall or have a moss or algae problem, you may need to clean it more often.

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What Is The Warranty On The Roof

The terms of a roof warranty will often depend on the manufacturer. Some warranties will cover the roofing materials against defectiveness for several decades, yet only hold the contractor liable for a few years from the completion date of an installation. Certain manufacturers will guarantee their roofing materials for anywhere from 75 to 100 years.

However, not all warranty policies transfer from one homeowner to another. Some policies do transfer, but only once. Therefore, if a previous property owner installed a slate roof a decade ago, and now the current owner wants to sell, the next owner of the property will not be able to inherit the warranty.

Policies on roof warranties can also depend on local law. In any case, when you set your sights on a home with slate roofing, research the terms of the roof warranty and whether it will be transferable to you. If the shingles were installed poorly or the tiles become damaged due to severe weather, it is best to know in advance whether any roofing expenses will be covered.

How Do You Clean A Slate Roof

Slate Roof Cleaning and Roof Algae Removal Lancaster PA

A well-installed slate roof can last without any problems for decades or even centuries. Slate is a durable, compact, dense, fine-grained rock, but above all a natural product, which makes it unique.

Each slab is unique and slightly different from the rest with its own character. As it is a natural rock, slate is alive too, integrating and adapting into its environment.

As with any material exposed outdoors, build ups of atmospheric dust, plant growth or even chromatic changes can occur. You can clean dirt build ups or plant growths relatively easily, because they respond very well to mechanical methods.

A pressure washer should suffice in most cases, although you need to bear two things in mind before you start cleaning it this way.

Firstly, take great care when moving around on the roof. Slate roofs are not designed for walking on. Only qualified professionals know how to do this without damaging the structure or putting themselves at risk.

Secondly, avoiding applying pressurised water from the bottom upwards is essential, as you would only manage to get it under the roof, along with the dirt you want to remove, if you do it that way. These two tips may seem simple, but they are often not taken into consideration.

When plant growths are removed, this microscopic pitting is exposed, presenting a much easier surface for new growths to colonise, as they have much more surface area. So, cleaning the roof is only a temporary solution in any case.

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How To Clean Roof Shingles

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Proper cleaning is an important step in roof maintenance. One day you may notice that your roof is turning black or fungus is spreading across of it. Some of this growth, including the stains from algae spores, are cosmetic, but others, such as moss, cause costly damage to your roof. To keep your roof safe and sightly, choose a cool, overcast day, mix a cleaning solution, spray it onto your roof, then rinse after 20 minutes.


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