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How Do I Keep Moss From Growing On My Roof

What If The Moss Appears Dead

How To Remove Roof Moss – And Keep It Away

If the weather has been consistently dry, moss may appear to be dead. However, some species of moss can stay alive when dried out for months. All it will take is one rain for it to recover and continue growing. If your moss has dried out, take the opportunity to have a roofer remove the moss from the roof.

How To Remove Moss From Your Roof

Clearing the moss from your roof is easy and only takes a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Wet the moss by spraying with your hose. Use a low-pressure setting on your spray nozzle to avoid damaging your shingles.
  • Step 2: Create a 50/50 mixture of chlorine bleach and water and spray it generously on the moss. Wear rubber gloves to avoid exposing your skin to the bleach.
  • Step 3: Be patient. Allow the mixture to sit for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, the chemicals are killing the moss and loosening its grip on your roof. The mixture will run off your roof and into your garden below so, before you spray, cover any plants you wish to keep alive.
  • Step 4: After 30 minutes, rinse the mixture off with your hose on a low-pressure setting. The moss wont come off your roof immediately but, within a few days, it will dry up and blow off with the wind. If your roof is pretty well-covered in moss, you might need to use a leaf blower to get rid blow off the remains.
  • Instead of making your own solution, there are specially formulated moss killers like the Wet and Forget Moss Remover or the Bayer 1-in-1 Moss and Algae Ready-to-Spray bottle . Both products get high reviews, but in my experience, a simple DIY bleach and water mixture works just fine.

    Another way to remove moss from your roof is to use a long, soft-bristled brush like this one.

    Gently pull the brush down your roof towards the gutter. Never push the brush upwards because you could lift shingles and cause further damage.

    Roof Maxx Kills Moss On Your Roof

    Our Roof Maxx treatment will kill existing moss on asphalt shingle roofs. After about 3-5 days post-treatment, the moss on your roof will turn brown and die. At this point, the moss on your roof will start drying out and eventually detach from your roof. Once this occurs, the moss will naturally come off your roof either from normal rains or wind. In heavier cases of moss, it will be necessary to still physically remove the dead moss using a soft bristle broom or rinsing with a garden hose. Roof Maxx doesnt guarantee prevention of future moss growth.

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    Prevent Roof Moss With Metal Roofing

    The first and most expensive option to keeping your roof clear of moss is by choosing a roof type that doesnt naturally grow moss: metal roofing. The most common type of metal roofing seen in the lower Mainland are steel roofs, which can be a good option, albeit an expensive one. These roofs do not necessarily repel organic growth, but they dont provide a porous base for moss to establish itself on.

    On the other hand, its common in Europe to use Zinc as the primary material in roofing. If youve been downtown Vancouver recently may notice that Christ Church Catherdral just put on a new Zinc roof. If you had seen the old roof you would have known that it had been torn apart by moss and algae.

    Choosing the right roofing type may be an effective but expensive option for homeowners looking to prevent moss from growing on their roof, but what about homeowners with existing roofs?

    So Is Moss Bad For Your Roof

    How can I remove moss from my roof?

    Yes. 100% all moss, even if it’s a small patch or the width of a lawn, it can create irreparable damage to your roof if left untreated. This type of destruction can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in roof replacement. But don’t fret, you may not need to get an entire new roof just yet.

    Get a free assessment to see if your roof simply needs a good cleaning. If you’re lucky, you might’ve detected your moss growth early and have time to tackle the issue before it worsens.

    Before you hit the point of no return, consider Clean Break Home Services, we offer moss removal and roof cleaning in Vancouver, along with other professional cleaning services for your home’s exterior.

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    Should You Hire A Roofing Contractor

    Hiring a roofing contractor to remove moss can prove more beneficial than a DIY removal process. Climbing onto any roof with a slope or moisture can be unsafe, and a professional knows what measure to use to ensure safety and precision. Not to mention that any damage the moss may have caused to your roof will be much more noticeable to a professional, and that professional can easily repair your roof before further damage occurs.

    While many believe hiring a contractor can be costly, the safety risks and damage that goes unnoticed can be far costlier in the long run. A good roofing contractor can remove moss and complete a roof repair consultation to keep it in top shape. Let a professional catch damage that is hard to find and fix it before larger problems occur.

    How To Prevent Moss Growth

    Now that you have a better understanding of how moss grows on your roof, the next question is how can you prevent moss from growing in the first place. Homeowners can take two approaches to prevent moss growth.

    First, keep your roof clean. Removing buildup and debris on your roof goes a long way in ensuring that moss, algae and lichen have less of a chance of spreading. At least twice a year, be sure to clean out your gutters and downspouts. Remove fallen leaves, twigs, and branches from your roof. Look for punctures, broken shingles or tiles, and other kinds of damage that might allow in moisture. Patch all damage properly.

    Second, hire a professional roof cleaning service to remove moss and algae buildup. A professional roof cleaner has specialized equipment that will remove all the grime, dirt, stains, moss and algae from your roof, and industrial cleaners that are environmentally friendly but will kill moss and algae down to the root. This kind of cleaning both removes restores the original luster of your roof and increases its longevity.

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    When Should I Treat My Roof For Moss

    If youre looking to prevent moss, then your roof should be cleaned by professionals about once a year. If a problem is developing, this can help catch it early on. Also, use the steps in our previously section called How to Prevent Moss from Growing on Your Roof.

    If youre looking to remove moss, its best to remove it as early as possible so that it doesnt grow and cause more significant damage to your roof. Treating it before fall rains is an excellent time of the year because thats when its growth will start to kick into high gear.

    Trim Trees And Limit Shade

    How to Remove Moss from Your Roof – Step by Step Guide

    Moss thrives in environments that dont get much direct sunlight. This includes areas that have plenty of trees, overhanging branches, and ultimately, shade. The good news is that you can do something about it! Regularly trim your trees so that theres less shade on your roof throughout the day, and remove any trees that are too close to your house or may present any problems in the future. This is also good because it helps prevent debris from landing on your roof, which provides it with the right nutrients to start growing. Your local tree service company will be able to help you with tree trimming or removal.

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    Extend The Life Of Your Roof

    Now that youve learned how to safely remove moss from your roof, you may be looking for more tips for maintaining your roof.

    Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation instantly adds 5 years to the life of your asphalt shingles with just one treatment. Contact us or fill out our free quote form below to learn more about our all-natural treatment today.

    Do Not Use A Pressure Washer To Remove Moss From Your Roof

    When I noticed moss on my roof, my first instinct was to rent a pressure washer and blast it away.

    After a few minutes of research, I quickly learned that you should never use a pressure washer to remove moss or anything else from your roof.

    High water pressure can damage your roof by lifting and loosening shingles and washing away the granules, which are the tiny pebbles on each shingle.

    Maintaining granules is important because they make shingles sturdier and fire-resistant and protect the asphalt coating from UV rays.

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    How To Maintain Moss

    Moss Off Roof ® Reviews

    Moss is a nasty little weed that loves to grow in shady and damp conditions and if it starts growing on your roof, can end up causing problems to tiles, gutters and even stop water draining correctly from the roof. Moss is most likely to build upon north-facing roof areas where there is less sunlight and plenty of moisture. If you have moss on roof tiles, then hopefully this article will show you how to achieve moss-free tiles.

    It is best to deal with a moss on roof problem before it gets started but once you have a problem, the sooner you deal with the issue the better. Many people think power washers are the best option for dealing with moss on tiles but this has some really serious potential issues. Firstly, the tiles on the roof could be damaged, as could other roofing materials. Secondly, the force of the power washer could actually break through the protective membrane under the roofing material and flood your loft.

    The good news is there are a number of moss killers for roofs treatments to get a moss-free roof and keep it that way and here are some of them.

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    The Negative Side Effects Of Moss

    While moss may appear to be a seemingly unthreatening plant, moss truly can cause severe damage to a home. Like most plants, moss grows roots, and as the moss on your roof grows so does its root system, which can burrow under your homes shingles, lifting them and damaging your roof.

    As an extremely moisture-absorbent plant, moss growing on a roof or burrowing itself below shingles can cause excess moisture to sit atop your roof and therefore damage the roof and the existing structure below with mold and rot.

    Will Vinegar Kill Roof Moss

    Yes, vinegar will kill the moss on your roof and is a natural substitute for the bleach and water mixture. The process of removing moss with vinegar is very similar to the process with bleach and water. According to, simply clear your roof of debris, pour distilled white vinegar into a bucket with a few drops of dish soap so it will stick to the moss, spray the mixture on the moss, wait a couple of days for the moss to die, then clear it with a brush or garden hose.

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    Moss Growing On The Roof

    One of the most common signs suggesting that you need to repair or replace your roof is when you notice moss growing around your roof. Moss is not an appealing accent to find on your roof, but rather something that can weaken its structure. Moss may also cause breathing difficulties in some people, plus it can bring out further particles that can make the infestation worse.

    But how does the moss develop on your roof? Lets look at what causes moss to grow. As you may notice, it does not take much for moss to grow, although the problem can become dramatic, depending on whatever might happen where you are.

    Repeating Moss Killer For Roofs Treatment

    how to prevent roof moss and algae

    How often you need to repeat the roof moss killer treatment you have used depends on what method you have opted upon. Some of the professional moss killing chemicals can keep a roof completely clear of moss for around 3 years without another treatment. Manually removing the moss on roof and using household products won’t last as long but don’t cost as much to do, so if you don’t mind going up on the roof, this might be the option for you. The zinc and copper deterrent options will need to be monitored and will depend largely on how much rain you have had.

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    Can Moss Damage Your Roof

    So whats the big deal? A little moss cant cause any damage, right? Wrong.

    A small amount of moss is harmless, but if its left untreated, it can cause significant damage and degrade the structural integrity of your roof.

    As I mentioned before, moss typically grows in the cracks between each shingle. As it grows thicker, it lifts and loosens shingles and allows water to leak through.

    Also, moss absorbs water when it rains and retains it for long periods, which can lead to mold, bacteria, and the decay of the roofs framing over time.

    How Do I Keep Moss From Growing On My Roof

    5 Steps to Take to Keep Moss From Growing on Your Roof

  • Always Trim Nearby Trees. When tree branches grow over your roof, they provide shade for your home, which can help keep the temperature cool. …
  • Clean Your Gutters on a Regular Basis. …
  • Keep Debris off Your Roof. …
  • Install Metal Strips. …
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    Does Moss Hurt Your Roof

    Yes. 100% all moss, even if its a small patch or the width of a lawn, it can create irreparable damage to your roof if left untreated. This type of destruction can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in roof replacement. But dont fret, you may not need to get an entire new roof just yet.

    Understand Roof Moss And Damage

    How To Get Rid Of Moss On Garden Paths

    Cracks and crevices between roof shingles provide ideal spots for moss to grow and spread. These simple plants flourish wherever moisture collects, particularly on north-facing or tree-shaded roofs. Moss doesn’t need much light or nutrition, but moisture is crucial. In humid areas prone to foggy mornings and moderate winters, a slight dusting of moss can escalate to a serious roof problem.

    Left unchecked, roof moss grows into a thick, resilient layer. Established moss acts like a sponge, soaking in moisture from below and above, and keeping your roof constantly moist. Moss creeps under shingle edges as it spreads, prying shingles loose and letting damaging moisture reach the layers below. Damage progresses from shingles to rotten underlayments and damaged framework. Health-threatening mold can develop and travel down walls to affect living areas as well.

    Untreated moss gains a foothold in crevices and cracks as it spreads.

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    How Do I Get Rid Of Moss On My Roof Without Chemicals

    To follow up on the previous section, there are some other strong substances that you can use, which are not considered artificial. For example, you can get rid of moss using a mixture of water and either Dawn Ultra dish soap or chlorine bleach. Again, though, you can easily substitute these products with white distilled vinegar.

    How To Prevent Moss Growth On Your Roof

    When homeowners first realize they have a moss problem, they often ask the question How do I prevent moss growth on my roof?. Moss and algae can be frustrating to deal with, so its natural to look for permanent solutions. However, the most cost-efficient and overall effective solution to prevent moss from growing on your roof is often a combination of pruning and periodic maintenance cleaning.

    Well explore four different strategies to help you understand your options, and how you can best prevent moss from growing on your roof.

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    Why Shouldnt I Add A New Roof Over Moss

    When you need a new roof, it may be tempting to add a second layer of shingles over your existing shingles. Doubling up your shingles can save time and expense on your roof replacement as your roofer doesnt need to remove and dispose of the old shingles. This strategy is convenient for homeowners because the replacement wont take as long or make as much of a mess. However, there are some circumstances where merely adding a new layer of shingles isnt a good idea.

    For example, when you have significant moss growth on your roof, simply covering it up with new shingles isnt wise. Several potential problems may occur if your roofer simply adds a new roof over your existing, moss-covered roof. These potential problems include:


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