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How To Change Roof Shingles

How Long Does An Asphalt Roof Last

How to Replace a Roof Shingle (DIY)

When considering asphalt shingles, many homeowners want to know how long their roof will last. There is lots of conflicting information out there, including promises of 30 year shingles, 50 year shingles, and Lifetime shingles from roof manufacturers themselves. What do these numbers really mean? If you buy 30 year shingles will your roof last for 30 years?

Unfortunately, these are all marketing scams, and not even the best asphalt shingles will last 30+ years, or a Lifetime

A properly installed, high quality asphalt roof can last 18-22 years plus at best, if you regularly do maintenance and live in a mild climate. However, most asphalt shingles last about 14-16 years, before needing total replacement.

The reality is there is no way to predict how long your roof will last because a few factors impact shingle longevity:

1. Severe temperature fluctuations will greatly shorten the life of your shingles. Going from hot to cold temps every season speeds up the aging process in the shingle material and it breaks down faster. This is why in the Northern States like MA, NY, asphalt roofs are often replaced every 10-12 years.

2. Exposure to high heat. Living in areas with very hot temperatures year round also ages the shingles much faster than the average expected service life. High heat can easily reduce the service life of your roof by at least 30%

Tear Off The Old Shingles

Its impossible to properly install new flashing and underlayment if you dont tear off the old roof beforehand. When tearing off the existing shingles, be sure to remove all the old nails or pound them flat. Protruding nails will tear holes in your new shingles. If you have movable items near your house and youre worried they might get damaged, relocate them. Invest in a few large tarps to protect your plants and landscaping and to catch the thousands of nails that will rain down off the roof. It can be downright impossible to remove old self-stick ice-and-water underlayment, but its OK if you have to leave it in place. And if at all possible, have the rented trash bin parked close to the house so you can toss in the old shingles right from the roof.

Painted Shingles Mean Extra Maintenance

Unpainted shingles can look good for 20 years or more with only minimal maintenance. Painted shingles, on the other hand, start showing wear much faster and usually need re-painting once every five to seven years. Each time, the roof will need to be cleaned and repaired, then primed and painted.

Whats more, paint on the roof is hit harder by sunlight, rain, wind, and snow, so it will fade faster than the paint on your exterior walls. If you want to keep a certain amount of contrast between your walls and roof, you might need to repaint your roof more often than average.

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How To Avoid Roofing Scams

All too often, a homeowner does not know if the quotes he is getting from local pros are fair. As a result, some roofers take advantage of this lack of information, and charge unreasonably high pricesand some homeowners end up paying:(

Here is a telling example from my business:

I was doing an estimate the other day, and the client showed me a quote he got from another contractor. Besides a ridiculously high price , what struck me the most was the difference in price between 3-tab and architectural lifetime shingles .

For 3-tabs , the price was $14790 , and for lifetime architectural shingles, it was $16500 . So what gives?

Why is there a $1710 difference between the two quotes?

Do architectural products cost $77 more per square?

The truth is, the roofer was taking the homeowner for a ride, trying to sell a premium package for an unjustified up-charge.

While Im not judging the other contractor its their business I want to inform homeowners of the real price difference between the two. So when you are getting roof replacement quotes, you will know how much premium upgrades really cost.

As you will see below, the $77 / square up-charge was completely unjustified. The cost difference between 3-tab and laminated shingles is only $10 per square, while ALL other components of the system, as well as the installation costs are the SAME.

Thus, the difference should be maybe $300-500 not $1700!

Cost To Install Flashing On Roof

How to Replace Asphalt Shingles

If leaks are occurring around your chimney or skylights because of age or physical damage, the cost to install flashing on your roof ranges between $200 to $500 for each chimney or skylight. In the case of a roof being replaced, depending on the age and the condition of the original flashing, the roofer will either replace the flashing completely or reuse the original metal.

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Top Five Signs Its Time To Replace Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

There are a number of easily observed warning signs that indicate your roof is wearing out and that you can expect future leaks and trouble down the road. When these indications start popping into view on your roof, it is a good idea to start thinking about replacement or repair if that is possible.

1. Missing Granules

Missing granules, when viewed from the ground, look like dark patches on light shingles or lighter patches if the shingles are black or dark. You will also see large amounts of granules in the gutters when you clean them.

The loss of granules do not affect the waterproofing of the roof, so if they are missing you wont necessarily get leaks. But the granules protect the asphalt in the shingle from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun. So once they go, the shingles will wear out faster.

2. Curling Shingles

Curling Is the result of the asphalt in the shingles drying and shrinking over time. They become brittle as a result. In high winds, they will begin to get blown off. There is no repair for this other than replacing the tiles affected or, if widespread on your roof, time to replace the roof..

3. Lots of Moss

Moss growth on shingles doesnt necessarily mean that shingles are old or worn out, particularly if it is only in one area. Often the affected shingles can be simply cleaned to remove the moss.

4. Shingles Blown Off the Roof

5. Age of Roof

Which Should I Use To Re

Asphalt, wood or slate are the preferred material for steep rooftops. However, when re-shingling a hip/steep one, consider the type of shingles that were used previously. Using a material of comparable weight and quality can help ensure that the structure is designed to support the new weight. If heavier ones must be used, then the home may need to be reinforced before the project can proceed.

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Your Old Roof Will Be Torn Off

After your contractor covers everything, theyll begin tearing off your old roof in sections. Theyll start on the furthest corner of your roof away from your driveway so that theyre always moving towards the dump trailer and new materials.

After a section is torn off, some of the installers will stay behind to begin installing your new roof while the others continue tearing off. This saves time and means less traffic on your roof.

Importance Of Quality Underlayment

How to Replace a Shingle Roof

I mention DeckArmor above, because in my opinion it is the best synthetic underlayment available on the market, based on quality and price.

Compared to FELT underlayment, price per square foot of deck armor is $0.202 vs $0.079 for felt or about 4 times more expensive. In reality its even less, because you have 60% more overlaps with felt, thus the actual coverage is much less.

However, since most roofs are about 1600 sq.ft., 2 rolls should be enough for a typical house. In the grand scheme of things, Deck Armor will cost only$249 more. However, it is hands down a much better WATERPROOFING product, so it is very much worth it!

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How To Install Roof Shingles

Step 1

Position and unroll the detail strip so its square to the line of the eaves. Fix it by nailing the top edge using 10mm galvanised clout nails. Form the drip edge towards any guttering, or nail to the fascia at 5cm intervals.

Step 2

When laying down your first strip, ensure the shingles are positioned square to the line of the eaves.

  • Align the tiles horizontally by interlocking side slots to the edges of the shingles
  • Align the tiles vertically by opening guide slots in the top of the shingle strip, so the next strip can fit in
Step 3

Overlay your first shingle strip, and fix it using 20mm galvanised clout nails. These nails should be placed in line with the tile joints and fixed in just above the bitumen adhesive strip.

Step 4

Replacement Shingles Cost Factors

Asphalt shingles cost for materials and installation ranges from cheap to moderate compared with other roofing materials based on these factors:

The scope of your project will determine the supplies required from the following list:

  • Tear off with repairs: All supplies in the list
  • New construction and tear off with no repairs: All supplies except sheets of roof sheathing
  • Adding a second layer of asphalt shingles: Shingles, ridge and hip shingles, nails, ridge vent

Here is roofing cost per square and per linear foot based on the materials application.

Roofing Supplies Prices:

  • $38-$42 per square | Roof sheathing 7/16 sheets
  • $24-$40 per square | Roofing underlayment
  • $2.65-$4.25 per square | Roofing nails
  • $1.35-$2.65 per linear foot | Moisture barrier for valleys, eaves and rakes
  • $3.50-$5.50 per linear foot | Ridge vent
  • $.35-$.70 per linear foot | Drip edge
  • $3.10-$6.25 per linearfoot | Ridge and hip shingles

Asphalt Shingle Prices:

  • $60-$80 per square | Basic 3-tab shingles
  • $80-$95 per square | Better 3-tab shingles
  • $85-$100 per square | Basic dimensional/architectural shingles
  • $100-$120 per square | Mid-range dimensional / architectural shingles
  • $110-$165 per square | Premium dimensional / architectural shingles

Popular Asphalt Shingle Prices:

Perhaps it will help you determine a roofing cost per square foot if we list shingle costs per square for popular brand lines:

  • 3-tab:

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When To Replace An Asphalt Shingle Roof

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Asphalt shingles roofs can last between 15 and 30 years before they need to be replaced.

To determine if your roof needs replacing, start by inspecting the roof. If you see cracked or curling shingles, the roof needs to be replaced before leaking occurs.

To test your roof to see if the shingles are still flexible:

  • Slide a flat pry bar or putty knife under a shingle to unstick the adhesive.
  • Gently bend the shingle up.
  • If the shingle cracks or breaks, its time for a new roof.
  • Its best to perform this test during moderate temperature conditions when youre roof isnt too hot or cold. Asphalt shingles become more brittle when the weather is cold and extremely soft when the temperature is hot. Testing during extreme temperatures can damage a perfectly good roof.

    Watch this video to find out more.

    Flat Roof Replacement Cost

    How to Install Roof Shingles

    Flat roof replacement costs $50 to $400 per square depending on your choice of roofing materials. Instead of sheets of metal, shingles, or tiles, layers of plastic or rubber are laid down on a flat roof and sealed by melting with the flame from a blowtorch or a compound is sprayed over the entire surface of the roof to create a weatherproof finish. Flat roofing solutions also have an impact on reducing heat loss through the roof.

    • Modified Bitumen Roof Cost Modified bitumen is an asphalt product fortified with either a polyester or fiberglass matting to add strength and increase its useable lifespan. Using Bitumen on a flat or low slope roof and costs between $150 and $400 per square.
    • PVC Roof Cost PVC as a membrane roof solution is installed in widths of 6 to 18 wide and usually laid on top of an insulation board, and sometimes requires additional edge fastening which causes a minor spike in the labor costsmaking the range of roll roofing cost go from $70 to $110 per square installed.
    • Built-Up Roof In a built-up roof, after a few layers of sheet ply are laid down, they are fused together with melted asphalt, leaving the top layer the option to be a brighter color to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Costs range between $50 to $80 per square
    • Spray-On Roof With a spray-on roof, polyurethane solution is evenly applied for as little as $30 per square, acrylic for $60 per square, or the premium option of silicon spray averages $85 per square or more.

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    When The Entire Roof Must Be Replaced

    The following are a few examples of when replacing individual shingles simply wont be enough and youll need to replace your whole roof:

    • Your roof is old If the shingles on your roof are between 20 and 25 years old, then they are nearing the end of their life cycle and you may want to consider replacing the whole roof instead of constantly replacing single shingles and making repairs.
    • The shingles are curling Curling shingles are often a sign that they are past their life expectancy. When shingles curl, they also leave your roof more exposed to leaks and wind damage.
    • The shingles are losing their granules The granules on the shingles help to keep UV rays from penetrating the asphalt coating. Once shingles begin to lose their granules, its a sign that the roof needs to be replaced.

    These are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to replacing individual shingles or the entire roof. Schedule a roof inspection to determine the best course of action by contacting us at Parks Height Roofing today.

    Will A Roofer Replace The Fascia And Soffit During My Roofing Project

    You may or may not need the roof framing repaired and strengthened, sheathing replaced, or soffits, facia, flashing, etc. replaced at the same time as your roof. In most cases, it is unlikely that you will need an entirely new roof with everything replaced, but certain parts of your roofing system might need repairs made to prevent leaks after the new roof has been installed.

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    Insider Tip From The Experts: Dont Neglect Missing Shingles

    The roof tends to be an out-of-sight-out-of-mind issue for many homeowners. However, the pros want you to keep the following risks in mind when you have missing roof shingles:

    • Rain water can begin seeping into the roof. This water is likely to lead to major problems like soaked insulation and a weakened structure. Even the foundation and structural beams of your home can be negatively impacted.
    • Even if it is a small patch of roof that is damaged, average rainfall amounts can soak layers between the exposed roof sections.
    • A weakened structure due to water damage can lead to roof cracks, caving, and wall breakage.
    • Even if you arent experiencing rainfall, dry, hot air and changing temperatures can stretch and wear down weatherproofing and layers of adhesive beneath the tiles of the roof, which causes them to lose their ability to protect your home.

    Shingles That Compliment House Trim

    REPAIR ROOF SHINGLES – Replace Missing Aspahlt Roofing Shingles Step by Step Guide

    From keeping your house weather tight to capping its curb appeal, theres a lot riding on your roof. It has to withstand decades of blazing sun, pounding rains, gusting winds, and in many cases, snow and ice, as it protects you from the elementsall while looking good from the street.

    When it comes to maintaining your home, a new roof is one of the biggest-ticket purchases you have to make. While that can be intimidating, experts agree that getting the job done right boils down to a two-part process. First, explore colors and styles by driving around your neighborhood to see how homes similar to yours look with different shingle colors and shapes. Most manufacturers have options in all the basic color families: browns and reds, blues and greens, grays and blacks, and golds and beiges. Then, as with any remodeling job, work with a top-notch contractor. The major shingle manufacturers websites list approved installers by ZIP code, often highlighting those whove passed best-practice training. The quality of the work is key. Asphalt shingles are pretty bulletproof these days, so failures can usually be traced back to poor installation.

    Up ahead: what you need to know about choosing and installing an asphalt roof that will protect and enhance your home for years to come.

    For a foolproof color scheme, pick a roof that incorporates a shade on the house, like the darker charcoal tones in the architectural shingles here, which tie into the houses trim.

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    How Do I Know If My Roof Shingles Are Bad

    In order to tell if an asphalt shingle roof repair or replacement will need to be made from shingles that are in poor condition if to get a roof inspection. By observing your roof you can also get a good idea as to what is going on. You may see missing, balding, or otherwise damaged shingles. Craking, curling, and wavy edges for example are all signs that repairs need to be made as these conditions are irreversible.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Green Roof

    A green roof is where either all useable space on a roof or a portion of the useable roof is covered in live vegetation. According to the Renewable Energy hub website, a green roof will typically cost between $25 and $41 per square foot. Green roof installation costs per square foot decrease as size increases.

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    Reroofing: How To Replace Roof Shingles

    From old age to poor installation, there are many things that can damage a roof. A damaged roof can allow water to get into your house, causing leaks and water damage. Also, worn shingles are unable to insulate your home from the outside temperature. This can lead to drafts, higher energy bills, and uneven temperatures inside your house.

    Your roof is one of the essential parts of your house. Like many projects, replacing a roof can be an expensive and difficult task, especially if you havent done it before. Youve probably heard about layering new shingles over the old ones, which can be a cheaper option. However, there can be significant issues with this.


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