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How To Clean A Metal Roof On A House

How To Choose A Reputable Roof Cleaner


These six tips will simplify your selection process. Insurance is mandatory. Make sure your contractor has work accident and liability insurance. Choose a local contractor. Make sure the company you choose is local. Price isn’t everything. Never pick a company for a price. Avoid storm chasers. Get detailed information about the job in writing. Communication is essential.

What Causes Black Streaks On Roof Shingles

Diagnosing what treatment to use when roof cleaning is as simple as taking a walk through the property with a professional. A professional will be able to take a look into what is actually growing on your roof, and will know the correct application in order to treat the algae and the amount of time it will take to remove it.

Lets talk about the two types of algae we come in contact with on a daily basis.

How Often Should I Clean My Metal Roof

Every roof has specific requirements for how to maintain it without voiding any warranties. So, while you should always check the manufacturers instructions, the rule of thumb for a basic clean with soap and water is once a year.

This frequency allows you to remove dirt, debris, and tree branches that have fallen throughout the year. Deeper cleaning is necessary once every three to five years, depending on how much exposure to the elements your roof encounters during that time.

A white, powdery film, known as chalking, sometimes forms over metal roofs due to increased weathering. This occurrence is another good indicator that it is time for a deep clean.

If you are unsure about the proper maintenance associated with your particular roof, the Metal Roofing Alliance provides additional resources for homeowners.

Now you have several new ideas to try when performing your metal roof cleaning. Most options require no more than some basic ingredients to get you started. The essential tools to use when taking care of your roof are some good old-fashioned elbow grease and little extra love and care.

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How Does Removing Water Help

What exactly are gutters preventing? Water can damage your home in several ways. Gutters help by:

  • Moving excess water away from your homes foundation, ensuring it doesnt become cracked
  • Preventing erosion along the sides of your house
  • Keeping water from seeping into basements and crawl spaces
  • Removing water that can lead to the growth of mold and mildew
  • Keeping water away from the home during the winter, reducing the possibility of freezing

Distinctive Metal Roofing understands how important your gutters are to the safety of your home. We sell the best metal roof gutters and downspouts so we can help protect your home from the elements. Call us with any questions regarding your gutters, and well be glad to assist you in any way we can.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

Your homes roof is its first line of defense, and you should treat it with the respect it deserves. Many DIYers will try to change or fix their roofing without any outside help. This is dangerous for your well-being, and its also rarely the most efficient way to go about it in terms of time and cost. In this article, well go through some of the benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor so that you can see if getting ones help is worth it to you.

Do Metal Roofs Need To Be Repainted

How to Clean Your Metal Roof in 4 Easy Steps without ...

The paint system on new metal roofs can protect and enhance your property for several decades. However, if you recently bought a house with old or damaged metal roofing, you may want to consult a roofing professional about getting your roof repainted.

Here are some of the ways a paint metal roof treatment can add value to your home:

  • Repair damage: A fresh coat of paint can fix the visible blemishes your roof suffered from a storm or old age. You can repair minor issues such as surface corrosion, chips and small holes with a new paint job. However, you might want to consider replacing your roof if it has significant damage.
  • Protect your roof from wear and tear: A high-quality metal roof most likely won’t need a new paint job for at least a decade, but you may want to touch it up if you notice paint chips on the surface. Applying acrylic or oil-based paint can help protect it from weather and moisture damage.
  • Save money and gain resale value: A fresh coat of paint on your metal roof can attract potential homebuyers. Even if you don’t want to sell your property soon, repainting the top of your house reduces the number of times you’ll need to replace your roof, saving you money over the years.
  • Enhance curb appeal: Since your roof makes up such a significant part of your exterior property, its quality affects your guests’ first impression of your house. You can improve your home’s curb appeal and highlight your investment by applying a new coat of paint.

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How To Clean A Colorbond Roof

How often do you clean your roof? Maintaining and repairing of the roof are ordinary activities you cant avoid. However, you need to have a general maintenance and a roof repair specialist to inspect your roof thoroughly and maintain it.

Roof maintenance is essential just like regular brushing of your teeth to avoid visiting the dentist. This guide shows how to clean a colorbond roof and keep it new. It will help you determine whether roof cleaning is something you can do alone or hire experts to do it.

Two ways of cleaning your roof

The type of roof in your house is the primary determinant of how you can clean it effectively. Algae is the key contributor of black patches in poorly maintained roofs. Therefore there are two ways of getting rid of algae from the roof.

1. Chemical washing

You can use chemicals to clean any roofing material. Sodium and chlorine solution are most common materials used in this case.

2. Pressure washing

This is a method used in washing tiled and metal roofs to get rid of algae.

How can you pressure wash your roof?

The following are tips on how to clean roof tiles.

Rent a pressure washer from your local equipment hire shop. You can also find other inexpensive models that were designed for home use at hardware stores all over Australia. This is a secure way of getting rid of algae even though there is no full proof.

Since algae are slippery, always stand in a dry place when you start cleaning. As you move on, stand on already cleaned areas.

What Algae Is Growing On My Metal Roof

The first question to ask is, What in the world is growing on my roof and turning my roof black, green, orange, or any color besides what it is meant to be? We highly recommend calling a roof cleaning professional and walking the property and identifying exactly what is growing on your metal roof and creating a plan of action to clean it. There are several types of algae that thrive on a metal roof surface.

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Safety Tips And Equipment

Before you begin, make sure you have all the equipment you need before climbing the ladder. In addition to your power washer and detergent, it is helpful to bring a washcloth, a sponge, and a soft-bristled brush.

A power washer is the main tool we will be using for the job, but having more fine-tuned tools always comes in handy. Our first safety tip is to have everything we need before beginning the job. Proper planning is the most important safety tip we can bestow, and therefore the first. Plan ahead. Now, lets begin!

Create An Outdoor Living Space

Cleaning Metal Roof on House

Building a deck or patio is a great way to add on an extra bit of square footage to your home. The best use of this additional living space is as an outdoor dining and seating area. Even if the outdoor space is only usable for a few months in the year, potential buyers will love the opportunity to dine outdoors. Decks and patios are also favorable by families, as they provide the perfect space for parents to sit and watch their kids play in the backyard. Dont forget to do some landscaping around the deck area as well. This will create a more natural flow from the homes interior to the great outdoors.

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Choose Something For The Long Term

Keep in mind that, with the right paint, your roof wont need to have its color touched up at all for a very long time. Choose a color that you can be happy with for years into the future. You may lean toward a bold, bright color, but try to ask yourself if you will still like that color five or ten years from now.

Can You Pressure Wash A Metal Roof

Yes, you can pressure wash a metal roof with light pressure and hot water. A roofing contractor probably has the equipment to pressure wash your roof if you don’t feel comfortable climbing on top of your house.

If you want to pressure wash your metal roof, keep the following in mind:

  • Figure out what type of roof you have: Knowing what kind of roof you have can help you wash it properly. You can walk on a flat metal roof, but be careful of slippery areas. On the other hand, you might want to clean your high-pitched metal roof on a ladder because it’s challenging to walk on it.
  • Be safe: Follow metal roof safety tips when you’re working on the top of your house. You may want to invest in a harness, fall arrest protection and ladder with stabilizers to prevent slipping off your property. It helps to have a friend or family member spotting you on the ground in case of an emergency.
  • Use the appropriate pressure washer: You probably want to use a hot pressure washer with a 40-degree tip, especially if you have a flat roof. The hot water and precise angle can remove debris buildup and grime.
  • Avoid using too much pressure: Even though a pressure washer is safe to use for a metal roof, too much pressure could damage it.

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How To Clean A Metal Roof Plus Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

Metal | Roofing | Maintenance

You may have noticed the last time you looked at the outside of your home that your metal roof is looking a little dirty. You want your metal roof to look its absolute best as it’s the statement piece of your home’s curb appeal.

Cleaning the metal surface is also important for reasons beyond aesthetics. Getting off the dirt and leaves can actually aid in the longevity of your roof. By cleaning the roof periodically, you’re preventing dirt that is stuck to the roof from damaging the paint. By removing leaves, you’re preventing buildup in your gutters that can result in your roof system not working properly.

While it’s not as quick and easy as washing your car, cleaning a metal roof is relatively simple and definitely worth it.

At Western States Metal Roofing, we go beyond just manufacturing metal roofing. We are continuously creating content to keep our customers informed on topics that include how to care for their roofing and metal panels.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to safely clean your metal roof. Plus, we’ll go over how to find a reputable roof cleaner in case you’d rather hire someone else to clean it for you, or if your roof is too steep for you to walk on.

Clean Roof: Removing Rust Stains From A Metal Roof

How To Clean A Metal Roof On A House
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A clean roof looks wonderful on a house, but if you have metal roofs, rust stains can become a problem. Metal roofs have come a long way from the old days of using corrugated steel. These days, theyre often very elaborate and available in different colors to match the rest of your house. There are a number of advantages to having a metal roof on your house. It wont need to be replaced anywhere near as often as a shingle roof and ultimately offsets the higher initial purchasing and installation costs. It will keep its looks much better than a shingle roof and hold up to all types of weather. However, as with all metals that come into frequent contact with moisture, its possible that your metal roof could develop rust, especially if its an older roof or hasnt been installed properly. Sometimes it could be rust leaching onto the roof from an antenna or from a metal vent pipe. To get rid of these rust stains, follow these easy do-it-yourself process:

Step 1 – Removing the Rust

Step 2 – Find the Cause of the Rust

Step 3 – Keeping Rust Off Galvanized Metal Roofs

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How To Clean Various Types Of Metal Roofs

The best way to clean a particular metal roof will depend on what type of metal roof it is. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Flat metal rooves with slight slopes. This type of roof allows you to walk on it, though you should use extreme caution because they can get very slippery.
  • Metal rooves with moderate to high pitch. If youre going to be cleaning this type of metal roof, we recommend spraying it with a chemical off of the ladder instead of walking on the roof itself. These rooves are frankly just too unsafe to walk on.

Test The Cleaning Method On A Non

To know if a cleaning method is safe for your roof, it’s essential to test how the solution affects a non-exposed section first. You can start by applying a small amount of cleaning material to a non-exposed part and seeing how it reacts before applying. If you’ve been using metal roofing on your home or business, be sure not to miss these steps for how to clean them!

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More Ways To Clean A Metal Roof

If the rust spots on the roof are minimal, there is an alternative method to treat them without bringing in a severe cleaning agent.

For spot treating challenging rust stains, use a little bit of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. The cream of tartar acts as a mild scrubbing agent to help the peroxide break down the rusty exterior.

Rusty Metal Roof Cleaning Recipe

  • 3 tbsp cream of tartar
  • 3 tbsp hydrogen peroxide

To use this simple homemade rust remover, start by blending the two ingredients into a paste. Layer it over the rust spot and let it sit for at least ten minutes. Once it has had plenty of time to do its job, scrub it with a soft brush and rinse away the remaining cleaner.

Use Tsp To Deep Clean Roofs

The Importance of proper cleaning of a metal roof.

Sometimes your roof needs a deeper clean than what soap and water provide. One of the best cleaners to scrub away stubborn layers of dirt and fungus is tri-sodium phosphate, also known as TSP.

This heavy-duty compound is applied by hand, using a soft bristle brush or scrubber, rather than a pressure washer.

  • 1 gallon of water

Dilute the TSP in water and use a bristle brush to work it into the areas that require cleaning. After thoroughly cleaning, let the formula soak for a few hours before rinsing with hot, clean water.

TSP can also be helpful as a spray paint remover from metal surfaces, whether it somehow got on your roof or another metal surface.

When using this heavy-duty compound, wear protective clothing, goggles, and a face mask to keep from ingesting it or irritating your skin.

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Dont Drop Your Heavy Tools On The Roof

How to clean a metal roof safely. There are many different methods to clean a metal roof A few other factors you may want to keep in mind while cleaning metal roofing includes the following: Vinegar, bleach, ammonia, and salt will all effectively change the ph level of your roof, allowing you to clean it.

Spray the roof with the diluted substance and let it sit for about an hour. Inspect the roof after drying and repeat this step as many times as needed. Then, spray the mixture on your roof and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Learning how to clean a metal roof is as easy as using a pressure washer and soap. Choose a dry, overcast day avoid cleaning your roof on hot, sunny days as the metal panels will get extremely hot and you could risk hurting yourself. Always have someone spot you in case of emergency.

Make sure to mix these items really well before applying them to your roof. Tips to clean a metal roof. Before you can clean your metal roof, youll need to do a thorough inspection of the roof itself.

The roof will be fine, as long as you follow these 3 simple rules: If you lack the equipment to handle the job safely, though, the best way to repair a metal roof is to call a roofing company. Never attempt roof maintenance alone

Use this guide to help you get the most out of metal roof cleaning. Make sure to clean your metal roof once or twice every year. How to clean a metal roof.

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