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How To Build A Pergola With A Slanted Roof

How To Build An Angled Pergola


28 April, 2010

Pergolas add a decorative element to any outdoor space. In addition to decoration, pergolas can provide several functions, providing shade, defining a space, and providing a structure for vines and vertical growing plants. Grapes and ivy, for example, grow well on pergolas. The foliage also provides extra shade. A standard pergola has no angles, but some outdoor spaces might work better with an angled pergola. A salt box-style house is one example of a place an angled pergola would look best.

Cut the top ends off two of the 4-by-4-by-96-inch posts at a 14-degree angle, using a miter saw. These are the front corner posts of the angled pergola. Cut the top ends off two of the 4-by-4-by-72-inch posts at a 14-degree angle, using a miter saw. These are the back corner posts. Measure up 36 inches from the bottom of the front and back corner posts. Mark this measurement with a pencil.

  • Pergolas add a decorative element to any outdoor space.
  • Cut the top ends off two of the 4-by-4-by-72-inch posts at a 14-degree angle, using a miter saw.
  • Measure in at 12 inches and 30 inches from both ends of the remaining four 4-by-4-by-96-inch posts, using the measuring tape.
  • Cut a dado on the center of the pencil marks on each of the posts.
  • Position the four 4-by-4-by-72-inch posts parallel to each other with the dado cut facing up.


Wear eye protection when working with wood.

Follow tool safety precautions carefully.

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Measure Your Soffits To Determine The Diy Pergola Column Centers

If pergola designs include building close to the house, first measure the projection of your eaves. Keep the center of the posts nearest the house at least 7 in. farther from the house than this measurement to accurately position the column centers near but not too close to the house. Drive remote stakes an equal distance from the house, attaching a string to help mark and align the outer post locations.

To keep the posts in alignment, stake your post locations using remote stakes with a string. With the stakes driven beyond the work area, youll be able to undo the string while you dig and then reattach it later to check for alignment. To check for left-to-right placement parallel to the house, just measure the distance from one of the remote stakes and write this measurement on a notepad. To make sure the layout is square, adjust the diagonal measurements of the postholes so theyre equal.

Step : Building The Rafters

Rafters 2 post pergola

Next, build the rafters from 2×6 lumber. Mark the cut lines and get the job done with a circular saw. Use a chisel to remove the excess and to clean to notches

Fitting the rafters

Fit the rafters to the top of the support beams, equally spaced. Use rafter ties and 1 1/2 structural screws to secure the rafters to the support beams.

Fitting the top slats 2 post pergola

In order to keep the rafters equally spaced, you should attach the 1×2 slats to the top of the structure. Cut a wood block at 12 3/4 and fit them between the slats to create even gaps. Drill pilot holes and insert 1 5/8 screws to lock the slats into place tightly.

How to build a 2 post pergola

Last but not least, you need to take care of the finishing touches. Fill the holes with wood putty and then smooth the surface with 120-220 grit sandpaper. Apply a few cots of stain over the components to protect the cantilever pergola from the elements and to make your project pop. See free plans to build a 12×16 pergola, if you are looking for a larger feature.

2 Post Pergola Plans

This pergola is the obvious choice if you need some shade next to the bbq area. In addition, I plan to build this myself next to the pool, to create some shade over the lounge chairs. This project has an elegant look so you can build it in any context and still provide value to the property. Make sure you take a look over all my pergola plans HERE.

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How Do You Slope A Pergola

Is there such a thing as how do you slope a pergola? Pergolas are, by far, the most popular type of pergola.

If you are remodeling or building a new home, or even if you are building a new home, then the chances are good that you will need a pergola or perhaps, a patio in some form.

As with any type of structure, there are always factors that you need to consider before getting the installation of a new pergola. One of those factors is how you slope your pergola. Not only is it a simple task but it is also quite important.

Firstly, there are some factors to consider when you are looking at the slope of the pergola. These factors will depend upon the size of the pergola and the design of the building. So, these factors will depend upon the building that you are installing a pergola in.

However, before you are concerned about the slope of your pergola, you need to be aware of what goes into planning the construction of the structure.

First of all, you should consider your use of the pergola. After all, you will want to make sure that you are making the best use of the structure. This is because it will be used in many different environments.

Secondly, you should consider the weather of the area that you live in. Also, you should plan for the weather that you expect in the future.

Therefore, the slope of the pergola needs to be based on the type of weather that you expect to see in the future.

The Western Red Cedar Bench Plan

24 Roof Ideas for Gazebos, Pergolas &  Pavilions

This western red cedar option includes bench seating and is marketed as a defining enhancement for an outdoor living area. It has an L-shaped layout that is two level.

The downloadable PDF provides comprehensive instructions for assembling the main pergola, the seating area and the bench. A helpful video walk-through provides additional feedback for woodworkers looking to embark on this fun, DIY project.

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Cut Posts With A Jigsaw

Transfer your mark completely around the post using a combination square thats set from the bottom of the post. Cut the post with a 10-teeth-per-inch wood blade in your jigsaw. Youll need a fresh blade for every post you cut. We found the jigsaw a lot safer, quieter and less dusty than a circular saw. This composite polymer is only about 1/2 in. thick but pretty hard, so expect to eat up a new blade on each column.

Note: To make cutting the columns easier, lay them on sandbags or mulch bags to keep them from rolling or vibrating as you cut.

Getting Started On How To Build A Pergola

Heres a summer project designed to keep you cooler on even the hottest of days. The classical columns support an overhead wooden lattice that works like a big shade tree, letting only a portion of the suns radiance shine through.

What looks like the toughest part of this pergola plans project is actually the easiestthe graceful, solid-looking columns. Theyre not wood at all but a hollow-core composite material with amazing structural strength and durability. Weve designed the pergola plans so you simply slip these columns over treated 4×4 posts embedded in concrete. When screwed to the wooden posts, these columns provide a stable, solid base for the overhead lattice framework.

These paintable precast columns are available by special order at home centers. They come in a wide variety of diameters and heights and architectural styles.

Pressure-treated dimensional 2x8s and 2x10s make up the majority of the upper framework, and the decorative end pieces are cut with a jigsaw from our pergola plans. The whole project can be built in a couple of weekends, with another weekend for staining and painting.

We built our pergola over an existing stone patio that saved a lot of patio work. If youre planning to install a patio as part of your overall project, youll need to allow extra time.

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The Classic Column Build

This unique style pergola will provide shade to your patio or wood deck. It features classic columns which support a wooden lattice framework that dapples the light.

The columns are not that hard to build as you might think because you are not going to make them they are hollow-core and precast. Despite that, this is a complex pergola project, and it will take a couple of weekends.

Super Easy Diy Patio Pergola

Building a Pergola with SkyLift Roof Riser Hardware

If you have a patio and you want to add a little something to it to dress it up, this DIY pergola is perfect. This one is really easy to build and you build it out from your house, so there is less lumber required than a pergola that is free standing. This is a wonderful way to add some beauty to your patio and you could hang curtains from it to help block out the sun on really hot days.

Plans: ronhazelton

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How Do You Change The Roof Height In Revit

While in sketch mode, click Modify | Roofs > Edit Footprint tab Tools panel . Dimensions display near the eaves to indicate their height. Select a roof eave line, and then select an option for adjusting eave properties: Adjust Height changes the Plate height from roof base or Offset from roof base value.7 mai 2020

The Garden Party Backyard Idea

This patio pergola is a backyard option designed to jazz up your outdoor area. Its perfect for recreational use, though My Outdoor Plans cautions that youll need to judiciously place it, otherwise there could be negative landscaping consequences.

It makes sense to do your homework prior to beginning one of these woodworking projects- there are so many different styles available to choose from that many builders often decide to mix-and-match elements from different design plans.

The materials list helpfully includes all of the different items youll need to assemble this particular pergola, including wooden posts, support beams, carriage bolts, shading elements, screws, slats, braces, and footings. They cautioned that if your home is in a particularly windy area, you might need to embed the posts in concrete or even lock down the entire structure with braces.

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The Diy Freestanding Garden Blueprint

This freestanding garden pergola has a 10 x 10 feet base, but the plans allow you to modify it to any size your want. For an 8 x 8 wooden pergola, the beams and crossbeams will be 10 feet, while for a larger the beams will measure 14 feet. There is a handy pergola building guide and detailed schematics so that it wont be difficult even for an amateur to build this garden structure.

The Backyard Shade Plan

pergola 8x8 beams

You can use these step-by-step instructions provided by to build a backyard wood pergola. This one has 4 x 4 pressure-treated posts and evenly-spaced stringers perpendicular to the beams.

If you want, you can add decorative elements both to the joist beam and the stringers. Youll also need 3 lag bolts to attach the beams to the posts. Better looking than a standard white-vinyl, premade pergola, its an easy, rustic option.

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This One Car Carport Features A Sturdy 66 Framing And A Roof With A : 12 Slope

Lean to pergola roof ideas. See more ideas about house with porch, patio, porch design. Pergola with roof pergola patio backyard patio modern pergola white pergola metal pergola covered pergola lean to roof lean to carport. Roof patio designs pergola attached is one images from 19 cool how to build a lean to roof on a porch of can crusade photos gallery.

Building a porch roof framing roof over patio awesome build deck slanted porch home elements and 50 stylish covered patio ideas 50 stylish covered patio ideas 50 stylish covered patio ideas image result for lean to porch canopy outdoor pergola. A massive 150mm x 150mm are supplied as standard. They measure 2.2m long when cut flat at the bottom.

A 10×12 size measures 10×12 to the outside face of the posts, and has a 12×14 roof span. See more ideas about pergola, carport designs, lean to roof. Build over ft wide to your roof rafter calculator and rated to add value to build the pitch it provides enough room you how to shed heavy rain and has a small addon wall can simplify the most building no and wide leanto roof jeep2001mred loading unsubscribe from jeep2001mred loading is used in feet to be minimum pitch versus.

12×24 attached lean to carport plans. See more ideas about pergola, pergola patio, patio. They come with detailed instructions, diagrams and pictures, including various ways in which they can be adapted to suit your needs and style.

Attach The Vertical Closure Strips

Once all of the horizontal closure strips are installed, add the vertical closure strips.

If your roof panels will end at the edge of your pergola frame, line the vertical closure strips along the end between the last raised part of the horizontal strips.

Cut the vertical closure strips to length using tin snips.

Since my pergola roof extends out beyond the frame, I used the vertical closure strips to secure the edges of the panel to the rafters that stuck out.

If youre doing this, make sure you only install the vertical closure strips on rafters that line up with the raised part of the horizontal closure strips.

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Flat Pergola: Functionality And Modern Design

A flat pergola is distinguished by the perfect 90° angle formed by the pillars and the top covering, which gives the roof a modern, attractive appearance. This aspect makes it particularly suitable for lovers of contemporary design or for those who want to add a touch of freshness to their outdoor space.

The perpendicular structure of a flat pergola facilitates installation of perimeter closures, even sliding glass doors, ensuring maximum protection throughout the year.

Unlike a sloped pergola, a flat roof does not allow for natural water runoff. To solve the problem, Corradi proposes alternative solutions where water flow is guaranteed by folds in the canvas, or, with Bioclimatic pergolas, by the shape of the blades that allow the rainwater to flow inside gutters. Pergotenda® 100 offers a particularly innovative solution, its flat structure being fitted with a slightly sloped canvas to facilitate the drainage of water, thus combining the advantages of both configurations in a single product.

The This Old House Design

How To Add A Slope To Your Pergola | Cover Your Pergola

If you have a garage door that you want to ornament with the pergola, This Old House has you covered. They use pressure-treated lumber and milled brackets to construct an attractive canopy over a garage door. Many people, they say, disregard garage door entrances, but with a little know how you can add some architectural splendor to this typically generic entryway point.

The Workbench Magazine provides the means to assemble a pergola awning. This is a different style option, obviously, with the structure hanging over a back patio door rather than standing on support poles. An ornamental and attractive accouterment you can add to your home, it may be less practical and functional than other options weve seen.

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Installing The Closure Strips

After the purlins were attached, we needed to attach the SunTuf horizontal closure strips. We attached them to the bottom of the purlin on the far edge of the pergola and the center of other purlins with 1 1/4 construction screws.

They are super easy to install because they just snap together at the ends. We just climbed on top of the pergola and made quick work of it.

Under the eave of the house it was a very tight fit. We barely had enough space to add the pergola roof. We had to be a little creative to attach the purlins and horizontal closure strips.

First we attached the horizontal closure strips to the 2×3 boards. When the board ended and we needed to attach another closure strip, we marked where the new strip would start on the next board.

In order to attach the purlin on top of the header, we had to screw up from the header of the pergola into the purlin. We did this by pre-drilling a pilot hole at an angle then securing the purlin with a screw. I added a screw on each side of every cross beam.

Next we attached the vertical closure strips. These go in between the ends of the horizontal closure strips just on the outer edges of the roof.

We needed to add 2×2 boards in between the 2×3 purlins to bring the sides of the pergola up to the same height. These were painted before installing again.

Then it was easy to cut the boards to length and secure with 2 1/2 construction screws. The vertical closure strips were cut to fit and then attached with the 1 1/4 screws.

Install The Clear Corrugated Roof

Next, you will install the wood roof supports on top of the wood slats and then install the clear corrugated roof on top of these roof supports. As far as painting goes, you should at least paint the wood roof supports before installing them because once the roof is attached it will be very hard to paint, and impossible to paint the top .


  • Corrugated roof panels we used 8x 26 wide panels at 12 lengths from Home Depot
  • Horizontal plastic closure strips, packs of 6 we used 8 packs of 6 to cover our 4 roof supports at 16 long each support
  • 2×2 wood roof supports we used 8x 8 lengths, but you could use 4x 16 lengths, or whatever length you need for your project to at least create 4 roof supports across the top
  • 1.5 Decking screws
  • 1.5 Fastener Screws

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