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How To Install Deck Roof

Average Costs Of Popular Roof Deck Coverings

Installing a Lean-to Roof on an existing Deck

The ranges given below are based on product quality and local costs. The most obvious information is the differences in the costs of the various coverings.

Type of Roof Covering
50 yrs./steel 100 yrs./aluminum

Shingles, shakes, and tiles can be a problem in high wind locations. Metal roofing, while initially more expensive, is resistant to severe weather. It is also energy efficient and has virtually no maintenance.

Metal roofing now also comes in various attractive shingle styles as well as standing seam and corrugated sheets. There are still other options for roof coverings, such as clear polycarbonate plastic sheeting, skylights, and a durable canvas-type material.

Mark Rafter Plate Location And Remove Siding

Now that you know the rise and run, you know where to place the rafter plate on your wall. Make sure it is at least 3 inches below any windows allowing for the thickness of your roofing materials .Snap a horizontal chalk line at this point a minimum of the length of the flooring below. This will be your “upper” line measurement for the rafter plate.

Measure down from this line the width of your rafter plate. Usually, it is a 2×6 board, so in this case, measure down approximately 6 inches.Snap a horizontal line at the mark – it is your “lower” rafter plate line. These two lines represent the location of your rafter plate.Carefully remove the siding contained within those lines to expose the wall studs or other supporting material. Disregard if placing rafter plate on brick, etc.

Note: In our building project depicted by the photos on this page, the rafter plate and ledger board were already exposed after we removed the old porch.

Why You Should Install An Under

Some homeowners just want to cover up the exposed under-deck beams and boards when they choose to add an underdeck ceiling. But if youve properly installed a deck drainage system, there are so many other advantages. With an under-deck ceiling you can create:

Whatever your fun or functional plans for your new outdoor living space, youll enjoy these benefits with an under-deck ceiling:

  • Make your backyard and home more attractive
  • Increase your home value, with more dry, useable space
  • Eliminate the rafter space where wasps and spiders love to breed
  • Fight mold growth and make it easier to clean

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How To Build A Shed Roof Over My Existing Deck

Unless youre experienced in residential roofing construction, you probably dont want to build the roof yourself. However, you might want to know the process of how its done. Take a look at our step-by-step guide for building a shed roof over your existing deck:

  • Step 1: Before you begin, make sure youre matching the house roof pitch angle and overhang for your roof.
  • Step 2: Install post base connectors. These are used to attach the support posts to the frame of the deck. For a solid connection, youll have to make sure the frame has the appropriate blocking.
  • Step 3: Install the support posts to the post base connectors.
  • Step 4: Keep the support posts in place by installing temporary bracing. The tops of the support posts should be notched to hold the header beam.
  • Step 5: Install the header beams to the support posts. We recommend using thru bolts for a strong connection.
  • Step 6: Install the ledger board, which will support the rafters. You can install it by flashing and bolting in place to the house wall.
  • Step 7: Mark and cut your rafter angle to the roof pitch and then lay out your rafters. Nail the rafters in place to the ledger board.
  • Step 8: Attach the rafters to the header using framing nails.
  • Step 9: Create the subroof by installing the roof sheathing over the rafters.
  • How To Install An Under

    Replacing a Rooftop Deck, Images 1

    Before setting up an under-deck ceiling, you must ensure the space above it the space between the deck boards and the ceiling is watertight. Some DIY websites recommend adding a deck roof to an existing two-story deck. This roof under the deck allows water to drip through the deck boards, over the wooden joists and beams, and get the wood wet repeatedly. Wet wood will eventually rot, especially in more humid climates.

    And it doesnt take long. In just 8-10 years, your wooden substructure can be significantly damaged by moisture. See for yourself in this video.

    Additionally, if theres any moisture trapped between your deck boards and the roof or ceiling you installed, then adding electrical wiring for ceiling fans, light fixtures, or utilities becomes quite dangerous. Not being able to add electricity will significantly impact how you use your outdoor living space.

    With Trex RainEscape, you create a gutter and downspout system that will waterproof your substructure the joists and beams that support your decking and the area under your deck, creating dry useable space. The reason Trex RainEscape is so effective is that it is an over joist system, meaning it creates a barrier for water that prevents rain from even touching your wooden substructure. If youre building the deck yourself, choose an over-the-joist system like Trex RainEscape that offers easy installation.

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    How Vinyl Waterproof Decking Benefits Roof Decks

    There are a few things that make PVC decking different in regards to roof decks. First, its designed to be waterproof and walkable whereas most other flat roof materials are not. It also incorporates CoolStep technology so you dont burn your feet .

    When installed professionally, a vinyl roof deck surface incorporates into the structure of your home, condo, or commercial development. This method means that you get waterproofing from end to end not just on the surface. By incorporating the vinyl surface into the structure youre leaving much less room for water to find a way in.

    Roof Decking Explained What Is It

    When a roofer talks about decking or sheathing, theyre talking about the plywood or other wood under the shingles. The framing of your roof holds the decking up, but in a sense, the decking is your roof. Its a crucial part of your home that can get ignored by price-cutting roofers, but making sure that the roof decking is in good condition is one of the most important parts of any roof work.

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    Prevent The Splash Of The Rain Let The Air Flow

    The ultimate goal of installing a patio roof is to protect you from the rain and the glare of the sunlight. Unfortunately, it requires you to block the air flow sometimes.

    To prevent the splash of the rain, but let the air flow, you need to place the patio sheeting over the top of the roof about 300 millimeters so that it can perform shield from the rain without blocking the airflow.

    It is your best bet especially if you have a fully-covered patio which do not have much airflow.

    Select Your Rooftop Deck Framing

    DIY: How to Install Under-Deck Roofing

    The basic options are sleepers, wood framing or adjustable pedestal systems.

    • Sleepers. Sleepers are less costly up-front, but they have pros and cons. Check out this article on installing sleepers for a better understanding.
    • Wood Framing. Traditional wood deck framing is an option, too. The benefits are also a low-cost option, up front. The downside is they may potentially be too heavy for your roof to support the extra weight. Because a low-clearance rooftop deck is a harsh environment, wood joists may warp, twist or rot.
    • Aluminum Joists. A high-performance adjustable pedestal system with aluminum joists is more expensive up front. However, they will not rot, warp or twist and they are non-combustible.

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    Beginning Construction On The Patio Cover

    Early the next morning the materials arrived at my house. Once the materials were unloaded, I began carrying the ten-foot-long boards and corrugated metal sheets to the backyard, laying them out in a pattern to roughly match how they would be assembled.

    I also separated the corrugated metal sheets, wiped each one down with a light coat of vegetable oil, and then re-stacked them. This was something I had seen a neighbor do a long time ago when I was a child. I dont know if it served any purpose other than making me feel better. Its a step I probably could have skipped, but who was I to doubt the wisdom of the ancients?

    Ledger Board Installation

    Tempered Glass Patio Roof

    If you are looking for patio roof that allows you to get natural light as well as protecting you from the rain and snow, tempered glass will be your greatest bet.

    The transparency of the tempered glass allows you to stay in the patio while enjoying the view of the surrounding including what is over the roof. It is a bit pricey, though.

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    Now you know how to attach a patio roof to an existing house and some patio roof ideas. Attaching a patio roof is not that hard, isnât it?

    But, you had better not install it by yourself. Having some assistance will be a terrific idea.

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    Learn More About Our Deck Repair And Installation Services

    When its time to add a roof over your deck, Mr. Handyman can retrofit one for you thats safe, meets local building codes and gives you a professional-looking result. One call to Mr. Handyman really does take care of everything on your to-do list, including that roof-over-deck project!

    Make sure to stay on top of all your household repairs, improvements and maintenance needs and request service in your area or give us a call at

    S Of Roofs Over Decks

    How To Enclose Under A Deck

    Another great thing about installing a roof over your deck is that you can personalize it to match your style and tastes. The pictures were showing below are just a few of the ways you can build your decks roof. Some homeowners like to have an idea in mind before scheduling an appointment with a construction company while others like to listen to the recommendations of the experts before they begin any decision-making. Take a look at the pictures below to see which ones you like. Then, give us a call to schedule a consultation.

    These homeowners are in the process of building a flat roof over their free-standing deck. We cant wait to see how it turns out!

    This homeowner chose a short roof with lights underneath. The lights will not only add functionality for nighttime, but theyre also aesthetically pleasing.

    This homeowner chose the best of both worlds by adding a roof to their deck that still allows light in.

    Were loving the look of this gable roof over the patio in their backyard. Its perfect for hanging out night and day, rain or shine.

    This flat roof acts as both a covering for a section of the first-floor deck as well as a balcony for the second floor of the home. Now, thats what we call efficient.

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    Completing The Gazebo Roof Deck

  • Cut the ends of the boards for the next section to match the first, on a 22 ½ ° miter, long enough that the remaining end will overlap the opposite edge of the triangular section between main rafters.
  • Fit the boards in place as before, starting from the bottom edge. Fasten each board in place as previously described.
  • Continue decking in sections until you reach the last section. Measure and cut each piece to fit the last remaining section with miters on both ends.
  • Refinishing Sealing Staining & Waterproofing Your Deck

    What kind of treatment should you apply to your wood? The two most common types are stain and sealer. Both protect wood by repelling moisture while allowing the wood to breathe.

    $550 to $1,000.

    • Semi-transparent stain: This is the most commonly used, with some pigment for coloring so its grain stands out. Allows the grain of the wood to show
    • Solid color stain: Solid has the most amount of pigment and the most protection. It’s used for wood that is exposed to inclement weather often. It lasts for up to five years or more. However, it tends to show wear more quickly and will need touch-ups

    This makes an excellent weekend project for many DIYers. Find out how to stain a deck to save some labor costs.

    $550 to $1,200.

    • Clear sealant: has no stain, protects against UV radiation, mold and mildew, and can last for up two years. Allows the full color and grain of the wood to show
    • Tinted sealant: has some color, protects better against UV radiation, and helps bring back the original look of the wood. Allows the grain to show through. Great for darkening wood

    Stains and sealants are sometimes interwoven because you can get stains that have sealant properties. You can sometimes use a non-sealing stain and cover it over later with a sealant. Both are used to protect the wood and composites against UV rays and inclement weather conditions, along with mold and mildew. Which you choose is just a matter of which fits your conditions better.

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    Should I Cover My Deck In The Winter

    Its important to cover your deck in the winter to protect it from harsh winter weather. You can choose between a permanent roof and a temporary tarp, but you may want to build a roof to invest in the long-term. If youre wondering how to put a roof over an existing deck, get in touch with your local roofing experts. They can either give you advice or complete the job for you.

    How About Hardwood Decking

    Installing Flat Roof Deck

    High density hardwood decking species such as Ipe, Garapa and Machiche hardwoods are an excellent consideration in this environment. There are many high-performance hardwood decking species to choose from. They will work as well as the deck layout allows. For example, the more clearance you have below the deck , the better. The spacing between the deck boards is also critical. This is very likely the only place your deck will ventilate.

    Looking for the right decking material for your rooftop deck project?

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    Guide To The Ceiling Installation

    Step-by-step instructions for the ceiling will depend on what kind of ceiling you are installing, the materials used, and whether you choose to use a ceiling system or start from scratch with your build.

    There are many different material options to choose from when designing an under-deck ceiling, commonly referred to as a soffit. Soffits are available in a variety of materials. Homeowners often choose an aluminum or vinyl soffit because they are less costly and easy to install.

    The benefits of aluminium include:

    • Superior durability that will not rot, chip, crack or rust
    • No repainting required
    • Highest ventilation efficiency of any product
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Highly flexible and less rigid than vinyl
    • Water and fire-resistant

    The benefits of vinyl are:

    • Very low maintenance
    • Less expensive than most other options
    • Very versatile lots of choices in colors and textures
    • Highly durable will not rot or corrode over time
    • Water repellant
    • Can withstand most weather conditions

    Your preferences for color and texture will also help inform the ceiling finish you choose. Some homeowners prefer a beadboard look and feel while others want a more smooth ceiling.

    No matter which options you choose, the addition of a ceiling is a simple home improvement with lasting benefits. Start enjoying the outdoor life even more with your new under-deck living space!

    Prep House For New Roof Framing

    If you install a slanted roof over your deck, your deck roof rafters will have to attach to your existing roof rafters or trusses. To do this, youll have to remove a section of existing roofing materials and sheathing, plus soffit, fascia, and any gutters that are in the way.

    If your new deck roof connects to a flat, vertical face such as a homes exterior wall, youll need a ledger board fastened to a rim joist. Youll need to remove the siding to fasten the ledger. Once in place, the ledger can support beams or joists that will support rafters or trusses for gable or hip roof construction.

    When installing the ledger board, youll need to put flashing over the top edge of the board. This flashing should go up and under your siding. You should use an adhesive to affix it to the sheathing beneath the siding.

    Youll need to bend the flashing to sit flush over the top ledger board edge. The flashing should cover the top half of the ledger board. Once the flashing is installed, the rafters will sit on top of the flashing.

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    How To Build A Roof Over An Existing Deck: Step By Step

    In this guide, well go over how to build a deck roof over your deck. This step-by-step overview will cover the installation of a slanted deck roof. Gable and hip roofs will vary, particularly in how you connect their framing to your existing roof, but the construction of posts and beams will be similar to the slanted roof.

    How To Build A Deck On A Flat Roof

    Deck Building
    • Written by Justin Stewart on Aug 25, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    Building a deck on a flat roof is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Two people can install a brand new deck in a weekend, with little or no previous construction experience. Before beginning, however, it is important to do two things: inspect the roof to make sure it is in good condition, and acquire any permits that may be required by the local zoning board.

    Step 1 – Simplify the Project

    The joists of the deck, as with most flooring, will be set out on 16 inch centers. To simplify a construction project of this type, adjust the size of the project to be divisible by 16. For this project, the deck will be relatively small, but will be sized to use factory cut lumber, saving a tremendous amount of construction time. This deck will measure 16 feet by 12 feet. To build it, you will need four 16 foot 2×6, and 44 12 foot 2×6. Order one box of 16 diameter nails.

    Step 2 – Order Materials

    Step 3 – Prepare the Materials

    Step 4 – Assemble the Deck

    Step 5 – Add Handrails

    A roof deck is almost certainly going to be required by law to have handrails. The specific requirements will vary from one location to another. When you know the requirements, use 2×2 lumber for the rail posts, and connect a 2×6 to their tops edgewise for the handrail.

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