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How To Get Rid Of Bees In Your Roof

Other Methods Of Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees

How to Kill Wasps Nests in Walls and Roof Spaces

Like for many other pests, there are a number of heavy-duty sprays on the market that can do the trick with carpenter bees. These sprays are meant to terminate the bees, unlike the gentler, natural DIY methods that will simply send them on their way.

If you choose to buy a commercial carpenter bee spray, keep in mind that these repellents are filled with chemicals that can be toxic to humans and pets. If you choose this route, be sure to keep your pets and young children away from the area where you spray.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

There are several ways in which you can reduce the carpenter bees activity around your home or garden, but to fully get rid of carpenter bees from your property, the only real solution is to call a professional pest management service.

Many people only resort to this if they have taken up nesting in their home. Because there is little chance of them stinging, the carpenter bees damage on some occasions doesnt require anything as drastic.

What Are Ground Bees

Ground bees are bees that nest in the ground. The majority of the species are ground-nesting, but unlike honey bees, for example, these bees tend to be solitary, and many lack stingers. Males tend to be aggressive but are unable to do more than bounce off of surfaces helplessly. Females have ovipositors in place of the stingers on social bees.

Common ground bees include leafcutter bees, digger bees, sweat bees, mason bees, cellophane bees, mining bees and plasterer bees. Theyre usually no more than three quarters of an inch long and appear in a wide range of colors from blue and green to copper, metallic red and black. Since theres usually only one generation born a year, ground bees dont generally multiply dramatically.

Its important to note that ground bees are vital pollinators, so if you have them in your yard, youll be making some important decisions for your local ecosystem when you notice their presence. Ground burrows contain everything the next generation of ground bees need to survive, including sticky wads of pollen that the young insects fee on.

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Removal Of Honey Bees In A Flat Roof

This was one of our early jobs sadly I cant find many photos for this honey bee cutout from a flat roof void, in fact we dont seem to have that many photos showing examples of honey bees in a flat roof, which is strange as we have done a fair few honey bee relocations like this.

I remember turning-up on a Sunday morning having no real idea of what to be expecting other than that we had been told that there were some honey bees in a flat roof and that they needed to be removed. Thankfully the roof was being replaced so we were allowed free access to it. On removing the felt and lifting the boards we came across some beautifully clean fresh looking stores surprising as this was in early March these girls had obviously been really productive the previous year. These bees had been fairly considerate often we will find that they brace the comb to the plasterboard but they hadnt done a lot of that and it allowed for an easy cleanup which we dont usually find when removing honey bees in a flat roof.

This cutout was clearly done a few years back as we dont appear to be using a polystyrene nuc box. This is used for the young brood and eggs to allow for the development of a new queen should we not find the original queen. On completion we recombine the bees vacuumed into the holding box back with the brood and nurse bees as soon as possible.

For further information on bee removal and relocation please use the contact form in the side bar or

But Waittheres Morefor The Humane Crowd

How To Get Rid of Bees

If youre not so into the idea of chemical warfare, then you have a few other alternatives. One of them is just to call a professional beekeeper. No shame in that. They will come over ins a space suit and gently lure the bees out of your siding to some pipe music, or whatever devils magic he or she has in her beekeeper bag of tricks. Or, you could try this

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How To Get Rid Of Bees Nests On The Roof

Have you ever heard about the importance of bees to our environment? They pollinate thousands of crops in the world. Statistics show that bees have a strong role in 70% of the worlds agriculture systems. Unlike the importance of bees to our world, sometimes they can bring a lot of hassle when they are around the living spaces.

Millions of people in the world try to find out how to get rid of bees nests on roofs. A simple decision can play a role. Killing honey bees is not a good idea. Choosing a reliable pest control servicefor identifying whether you deal with bumblebees or honey bees will be your first step. If you deal with the right service, they will never get rid of honey bees by themselves. Instead, they will call for beekeepers or a special company for live honeybee removal from your roofs or property.

Preventing Carpenter Bee Infestations

Prevention is the secret into ridding your home of carpenter bees. All wooden surfaces which are unpainted should have a coat or two, and even if the paint is cracked and flaky, it could do with touching up.

If you have exterior openings where the bees can get inside, these should be sealed. Carpenter bees look for cracks which will protect their entrance holes.

A quick layer of caulk can be enough to stop them worming their way inside tiny crevices.

To prevent carpenter bee infestations, the work needs to be carried out before there is any sign of nesting activity.

If you dont have a chance to do it before there is activity, then more harsh methods will need to be taken.

Residual spray treatments the areas where there are signs of boring will be sprayed with these residual spray treatments.

To prevent the onset of carpenter bees, you need to spray in March or at the latest early April before there is any nesting.

The areas which have been sprayed should have two treatments with an interval of 3-4 weeks. If the treated areas are protected from the rain, these treatments will be sufficient for up to 3 months.

If you have them applied in late winter, the treatment will stay active through most of the season when carpenter bees are at their most active.

Dusting the bees holes you can purchase dust and dusters which come with curved tips. Inside the hole, they normally take a turn, so having a tip that can follow this helps the dust penetrate all the way into the hole.

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Take Preventative Methods For Future

To ensure bees will not come back again, you can take extra steps to protect your roof from unwanted beehives. A good bee-prevention technique includes all the crucial steps, from removal to prevention. It means that dealing with a professional remains the best idea. However, you can examine your house to find all the possible reasons that can cause bees to nest on your roof and get rid of them.

Light A Citronella Candle

Removing A Bee Colony From A Roof Space

We already mentioned that citronella has a strong smell that repels bees. If you dont have a green thumb, you can achieve the same effect with a citronella candle.

Citronella candles are much easier to find. Theyre available in department stores and candle shops. These sell like hotcakes because they repel everything from bees to wasps, and mosquitoes to flies.

Place a citronella candle near the hive and light it at night. This is the best time to do this because most of the bees are at home.

Plus, you get a pleasant smell wafting through your window as you sleep. Another variation of this would be to buy citronella essential oil and use an oil diffuser to allow the smell to permeate the surroundings.

The advantage is that you can easily change the oil for a different scent. A citronella candle is not toxic and leaves no residues. It is used to repel bees, not harm them.

If you want to keep bees away from you but leave them free to pollinate the earth, this is a good way to do that. But for heavier infestations, you may need something stronger.

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How To Identify The Type Of Bees Living In Yourroof

Bees are important because they pollinate plants and help reducethe risk of plant-based allergies.

Wasps are social insects they fly in swarms and often nesttogether in cavities of trees or buildings. Hornets, on the otherhand, are solitary, ground-dwelling insects that hunt otherinsects.

So how do you know what type of bees are living on yourroof? The first thing you want to do is carefully look at the sizeof the hole. If its small enough for a honeybee to fit through,theres a good chance that its a honeybee nest inside your roof.If its larger than that size but still small enough for a wasp tofit through,

How To Prevent A Carpenter Bees From Returning

As with most pest problems, its not just about getting rid of carpenter bees, its about making sure they dont come back again.

The best way to prevent carpenter bees is to make sure any wood outside is painted, which creates a hard barrier to stop the carpenter bee from being able to get to the wood, says Dr. Nancy Troyano, Board Certified Entomologist and Director of Operations Education and Training for Ehrlich Pest Control.

If there is weathered or decayed wood on the exterior of the building, Dr. Troyano says it must be removed to avoid infestation. Pressure-treated wood is best for home exteriors or any other places that are exposed to moisture, such as decks or wooden gazebos or pergolas.

Carpenter bees arent social insects like the smaller honeybees were familiar with, but they are beneficial insects and important pollinators, says Tom Mascari, bug expert and entomologist at SC Johnson. He says that carpenter bees are attracted to natural or unfinished wood, where they build galleries in the wood so they can hibernate and lay eggs. Thats why painting, varnishing, or otherwise treating any exposed wood outside of your home is vital to stop them.

In the early fall, I would also suggest plugging up any existing carpenter bee holes with caulk or putty so they arent used for hibernation or revisited again the next season, Mascari told Forbes Advisor.

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What Not To Do

Children, pets, and other people should never be around when you are attempting to treat a bee problem, and a protective bee suit should be worn.Some sources say bees are more aggressive on windy and cloudy days, as they cannot hunt for food in those conditions. However, bees can be short-tempered in any weather conditions, and should always be approached with caution.Bees are just as ready to sting at night as they are during the day if they feel that the hive, or themselves, are threatened. Do not use bright light if working to remove a hive at night . Use a red light to avoid agitating the bees

Fenn Termite + Pest Control, Inc. is the areas professional pest control expert for residential and commercial properties. We always offer green pest control options and our pest control specialists have the training, experience, and resources to assure protection from and solutions for all types of destructive pests.

Find A New Way To Use Mothballs

Honey bee nest removal from roof near Bruton, Somerset

Aside from getting rid of spots to nest and food sources, another way to prevent bees from building a hive in your yard is to make it smell badto them, anyways.

There are some scents that bees don’t like and one of them is that of mothballs, says Foster. To use mothballs, hang them all around your property and keep the entire yard/deck area bee free.

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Honey Bees In Roof Spaces

Honey bees in roof spaces are not nearly as common as you might expect, in fact we dont come across honey bees in roof spaces that often. Generally honey bees dont colonise roofs as such, when they are flying in beneath tiles they more often than not are colonising a cavity wall or an old dismantled chimney stack that is hidden beneath the tiles or possibly a soffit.

How To Kill Bees In Attic Completely

Home » Blog » How to kill bees in attic completely

You can read through this document to identify out much more about how to kill bees in attic. You could discover some essential things within this article. You can enjoy many benefits from this info. You could read many valuable things about all of these undesirable pests from this article all of these days.

This topic becomes popular among many viewers today. Whenever you dont clean your own house regularly, you may identify lots of pesky pests in your house. Many well being troubles are triggered by certain pests in your own house. Read through this document to find out about these easy ideas.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Ground Bees

Ground bees, as stated above, are important pollinators, so if you can leave them alone, its best for the ecosystem. Since they rarely have stingers and arent generally aggressive, they pose little to no risk to homeowners. However, if theyre doing significant damage to the landscape, there are ways to encourage them to move along or discourage them from nesting in your yard again.

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bees Nests

Pest Control : How to Remove Bees From the Attic
  • Protection And Precaution
  • We are all aware of the critical roles bees play in our ecosystem. However, having bees around your residential or commercial property can be dangerous. Understanding how to get rid of bees nests is vital to any property owner. This article focuses on how to remove bees nest effectively from your home. But before indulging in that, lets first look at why bees are important, then why it is necessary to remove them around your home.

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    Install An Electric Bug Zapper

    If youre want to know how to get rid of bees in house without the threat of toxins, a bug zapper is your best bet. An electric bug zapper emits ultraviolet rays that attract insects.

    When they fly too close and touch the grid, they get electrocuted with a short zap sound. The dead insects drop to the base or on the ground, which makes for an easy clean-up.

    PestNot Bug Zapper is effective on a variety of insects, including bees. It delivers 2000 volts of electricity that kill bees quickly. But even with this high voltage, its surprisingly cost-efficient on electricity.

    Its waterproof head allows its use during the rainy season. It looks like a lamp emitting a blue glow that attracts insects within a one-acre radius.

    All you have to do is plug it in a socket nearest where you hear bees buzzing and hang it on a hook. You may need to use an extension cord if the nest is far off. This works best at night in a position close to the beehive. Be sure to check on it regularly to clean out the dead bees.

    Alternative Solutions For Ground Bees

    There are a few ways to deal with these bees.

    Boiling Water

    The first is to pour boiling water into the hive entrance at night. The water will kill bees on contact. This will not affect bees that are away from the hive, however.

    A Glass Jar

    Using a large, clear jar is another method to eliminate Bees from the ground

    • Place the jar over the hive entrance at night. During the day, bees will fly out, only to be trapped in the glass.

    The heat from direct sunlight will have some effect, but the primary effect is to prevent the bees from having access to food or water.

    • The major flaw to this method is that there may be another entrance to the hive by which the bees may escape.

    The Tarp Method

    A third method for removing or kill bees requires several large, dark tarps.

    • Wearing dark clothing, cover the nest with the tarps, making sure the tarp stretches several feet in every direction.
    • Place large stones, bricks, or other weights down around the tarp so that the bees are sealed in.
    • With no light and no exit, they will starve to death over the next several days.
    • This is one of the best eco-friendly methods of ground bee extermination.

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    How Is The Honeycomb Removed From The Attic

    To clean out honeycomb from an attic or parapet wall the roof or wall must be cut open. This allows access to the hive. The comb is then carefully removed. Its not uncommon to remove honey and comb that weighs up around 150 pounds or more.

    The honeycomb must be cleaned out and wiped down then inside the roof sprayed out with deodorizing sealer. Next the void is packed with insulation to occupy the area, then framed, re-roofed and place tile back or patch a foam roof or Stucco wall.

    Fast Ways To Tackle Carpenter Bees

    Honey bees in roof

    Trapping the bees this is time-consuming, but it wont harm the bees. To make a trap, all you need to do is use screen mesh and form it into an exit cone with the smallest hole around 3/8th of an inch.

    Place the widest end of the cone around the hole of the hive. On the smaller end, have something for the bees to get into which they are unable to escape. The small hole will prevent them from returning.

    Once the original hive is empty, you can discard the bees and plug the holes.

    DIY bee sprays you can make your own natural bee repellant from a few ingredients. Mix 1 drop of peppermint, tea tree, and cinnamon oil with 1 cup of baby shampoo which is unscented. You can use the oils one by one or mix all three together.

    Once you have mixed it, pour it into an empty spray bottle, and spray all the areas where you want to keep the carpenter bees away from.

    A vinegar spray this can be another quick and easy way, but you should be wary. This method can agitate the bees as it is a little more than a bee repellent, so you are better off doing it at night and make sure you are covered just in case.

    Mix half and half of vinegar and water and place this mixture in a bottle spray. Coat the nest at night, and spray areas where they are most active during the day. This can be reapplied as needed, and if you see any dead bees, these should be removed.

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