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How To Install A Skylight On A Flat Roof

Skylights: The Natural Way To Save Electricity

How to replace a flat roof skylight – Bonner Master Roofing

Sundowner Skylights provides its clients with an effective way to naturally save electricity in your home skylights.

With the ever-rising cost of electricity and our growing concern for our impact on the environment, more and more people are looking for innovative and simple ways to save electricity in homes and workplaces all over the world.

Between lessening our carbon footprint and lowering our monthly utility costs, finding a solution that provides a simple and effective way of doing so can make all the difference to the average household, and to the environment.

Skylights present the perfect answer to this problem, with a solution that saves energy, saves money, and lessens your impact on the environment, all in one simple solution for naturally saving electricity.

Flat Ceiling No Problem Theres A Skylight For Every Ceiling

When it comes to skylights, many people love how they look and the health benefits they bring, but think their home isnt suited to one. Fortunately, skylights can be installed in many different types of ceiling and roof constructions.

A common misconception we hear often from homeowners is that a skylight can only be installed in a vaulted ceiling. Many people incorrectly assume that a flat ceiling with a condensed attic space means there’s flat roof structures no opportunity to add a skylight for daylight and fresh air. But the truth is that skylights can be installed on a pitched roof with a flat interior ceiling, and even in flat roof structures.

If you have a flat ceiling with an attic space and a sloped roof, you can connect the two with a skylight shaft through the attic. This will make for a more interesting architectural feature than a skylight in a vaulted ceiling. The blown-out ceiling adds drama, creating visual interest and a focal point that draws the eye and illuminates the area under it. The space will also feel larger, thanks to the extra natural light and the appearance of higher ceilings.

Heres how it works:

  • A skylight can be installed on the exterior of the roof and tied into the roof systems using our three layers of water protection.
  • Repairing Skylight Leaks On Flat Roofs

    Five easy steps on How to repair a skylight

    Many types of skylights

    Some skylights are for pitched roofs, and others for flat roofs only.

    Skylights have the function of bringing natural light into a dark area in a building. So often they are the primary cause of a leak in a roof. Most of the time they do not leak from the beginning, but it will take several years to become a problem.

    On a shingle roof, the flashing will get clogged with debris, and in turn, the water will get diverted under the shingles where it could start leaking.

    The other issue is if the installer nailed the shingles through the flashing, then those nails could start rusting and cause a skylight to leak.

    Most of the time it would be debris collecting on the top end of the skylight that causes the leak.

    Another issue could be that the seal between the frame and the glass could dry out and start leaking.

    What is the difference between a flat roof and a pitched roof skylight?

    Most of the times its the flashing. A skylight that is for a shingled roof will have step flashing. It is important to weave the step flashing into every line of shingles.

    The person in the image is starting to install the shingles around the skylight as well as the step flashing with every row of shingles.

    Step flashing are for skylights installed on shingle roofsIn this image step flashing is installed

    Skylights for flat roofs

    Skylights are an ongoing problem for roofs.

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    Thermal Performance Of Flat Roof Windows

    The U value is a measure of the thermal effectiveness of any glazing unit and this information is usually available online, though sometimes it takes a bit of sifting through to get to.

    The thermal performance of a flat rooflight is no different to a vertical window.

    It is determined by the quality of the glazing and the way the glazing units and the surrounds have been constructed.

    Generally speaking, the lower the U value the better. Look for a U value below 1.5, which represents the heat loss score of a good double glazed window. Triple glazed windows will have an even lower score, below 1.0.

    Are Flat Roof Windows Any Good

    Skylights, the problem of every roof.


    Flat roof glazing is a brilliant way to get lots of light into the space below. It is said that you get around three as much light from above than you do through a conventional vertical window and there isnt any time of day when you are not collecting that light.

    There are many modern designs where big open plan spaces would be dark and unwelcoming without overhead light.


    They have to be carefully installed to ensure good waterproofing. This is normally achieved by building a small upstand which acts as a base wall for the rooflight to sit on. Whilst domed rooflights can be laid horizontal, genuinely flat ones need a camber to ensure good rainwater run off.

    In really hot spells, you can accumulate rather more heat than you want in the room below. There are ways you can mitigate against this, including fitting solar control glazing which reflects sunlight. It is best to limit the amount of overhead glazing to no more than 20% of the floor area you wish to light.

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    Can It Be Installed At Any Time

    Although you can have a skylight window for flat roof installed at any time, it is always preferable to undertake its installation at the same time as youre reroofing.

    Not only will you minimize installation costs, but you will also ensure maximum watertightness since everything will have been done simultaneously.

    A Brighter Future With Natural Light

    While not an appliance that consumes the most electricity in homes and buildings, an over reliance electric lights always amounts to a waste of electricity. This is particularly the case in homes and offices where even lighting is difficult to achieve, with some rooms growing darker as the day wears on.

    Skylightspresent the perfect solution to both of these problems by introducing natural light into indoor spaces, which penetrates interiors more evenly than artificial light.

    On top of this, being natural, the light provided comes from the sun, which means that internal spaces can be illuminated without any running costs at all.

    The accumulated effect of this is not only beneficial for the health and finances of the home, but takes pressure off of the power grid , significantly reduces costs, and creates a healthier living or working environment.

    On a larger spectrum, the more homes and offices that use skylights instead of artificial lighting, the better it will be for the environment. While even one home can make a difference, a collection of them, and offices, will have a profoundly positive impact on our carbon footprint.

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    Can You Put A Velux In A Flat Roof

    Can you put a VELUXflat roofVELUX doroofFlat RoofsVELUX Flat Roofityou

    . Likewise, can you put a skylight in a flat roof?

    Any new flat roof skylights cannot project more than 150 millimetres from the existing roof plane. Although installation of roof lights may be covered under permitted development, in most cases even the most low profile rooflight will require an upstand to securely fix to.

    Secondly, can you put Velux windows in without planning permission? Planning permission isn’t generally needed for most roof windows and skylights. Unless you‘re making very visible changes to your home or need to change the position of chimneys, flues and pipes, installing roof windows are covered under permitted development rights.

    Additionally, how do you install a rooflight on a flat roof?

  • Step 1 Plan Design. Determine where you wish to place the skylights.
  • Step 2 Measure and Mark. Use your chalk line, tape, and level to mark the outline of the skylight on the ceiling and roof.
  • Step 3 Cut Roof.
  • Step 6 Install Flashing and Insulation.
  • Do you need planning permission to install a skylight?

    You do not normally need to apply for planning permission to re-roof your house or to insert roof lights or skylights as the permitted development rules allow for roof alterations subject to the following limits and conditions. No alteration to be higher than the highest part of the roof.

    The Hard Part: Cutting Your Roof

    Flat roof Installation – Skylight curb flashing – part 6

    With all the pre-cutting finished, its time to start cutting your roof. To learn how to install skylights properly, you must cut away at the ceiling underneath the skylight measurements and not at the roofing material itself .

    The reason: youll end up with debris messing up the internal ceiling insulation and wiring, which will cause havoc and additional expenses for repairs and replacement.

    In the event you encounter ceiling rafters, you can brace them to lock them in place and keep them out of the way until you frame your skylights. Damaging your rafters can result to ceiling collapse.

    Next, cut off roofing materials at skylight location. Use a precision saw to remove the roofing materials accurately and without too much residue.

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    How Do I Replace An Existing Flat Roof Skylight

    True enough, youll only need the steps listed here along with a complete removal of your old skylights. In addition, youll need to conduct additional skylight frame repairs for possible damages during tear-offs. True enough, youll be dealing with a lengthy replacement process than installing a new skylight.

    Installation Preparation Skylights Are A Beautiful Complement To Any Room

  • Like real estate, location is everything in planning a skylight installation.
  • If you have access to the attic, crawl inside and look over the layout of the roof rafters and the ceiling joists. Some areas allow you to cut ceiling joists and roof rafters while others do not. Basically, you never want to cut any member of a roof rafter system or any chord of a roof truss if you can avoid it unless local building codes specifically approve it. In general, the same applies to ceiling joists.
  • Make certain that the location of your skylight does not interfere with wires, piping, ductwork, or mechanical equipment in the attic area.
  • If you have a flat built-up roof that is hot-mopped asphalt, torchdown, or polyurethane, you can simply layout the skylight and cut through the roof and the ceiling leaving you with a very small light shaft to finish off with sheetrock.
  • For regular pitched roofs, you will most likely have to frame out a light shaft between the roof opening and the ceiling opening. These light shafts can be of any design you choose, straight, splayed out, rectangular, square, round, oval, etc.
  • Cut the opening with the proper saw, i.e., a circular saw or a reciprocating saw.
  • Tranfer the corners to the ceiling below.
  • In good weather, cut out the roof material.
  • Your skylight may be the self-flashing type. If so, you will not need a curb for that style either.
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    Skylights And Flat Roofs

    Now, let’s talk flat roofs. Believe it or not, your roof doesn’t need to have a slope to install a skylight. In fact, VELUX has a few options for skylights made specifically for flat roofs.

    The main issue skylights face on flat roofs is rainwater collecting on top. VELUX’s Flat Roof Skylights are slightly curved on top to prevent this. With a slight curve and our Clean, Quiet & Safe glass, rainwater whisks right off the skylight while featuring a clean interior appearance.

    Making An Informed Decision

    Flat Roof Skylight Fitting

    Skylights can contribute positively to your home and business aesthetic. They can also help reduce the cost of electrical lighting and even have a positive impact on your mood and the moods of your employees. However, there are several drawbacks to consider.

    It is always important to make an informed decision when it comes to adding a skylight to your roof. Make sure you discuss the addition of a new skylight with the roofing professional that is maintaining your roof. It is also a good idea to discuss the skylight with your building manager and maintenance crew to be sure they are willing to take on the extra care and maintenance, as well as the risks involved in a skylight.

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    New Skylight Installation In A Warm Flat Roof

    New glass skylights being fixed into new warm flat roof using a liquid roofing system as the waterproofing. The old asphalt roof was used as the vapour control layer then 120mm of flat roof insulation was glued and screwed over the top, finished with a liquid roofing system called AH25. The glass skylights were quite big so they had to be craned into position.

    Before You Put A Skylight On Your Roof

    The best time to install a skylight is when you’re re-roofing your home, or when you’re installing a new roof on a brand new home. Installing a skylight on an existing roof is challenging, but it can be done, if you hire the right contractor.

    To install a skylight onto an existing home, your contractor will need to do upfront design work to ensure that the fixture is properly placed. A carpenter may be required to modify the roof and perform additional interior work.

    When you’re hiring a contractor, ask to see pictures of skylights they’ve installed in existing roofs. Check references from homeowners who have hired the contractor to perform skylight installation on their home.

    Your contractor should help you pick the skylight that’s right for your house. Different skylights achieve different effects. For example, your contractor may ask you if you would like a deck mount or curb mount skylight. Deck mount sits flush with the roof, curb mount sits slightly above the roof.

    Some skylights open and some do not. Your contractor may ask you if you would like a manually opening skylight, or one that opens by electric or solar power.

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    How Much Does A Flat Roof Window Cost

    Obviously, prices vary greatly depending on the size of the skylight, its shapeflat or dome-shaped glassand the materials used.

    Prices range from $500 to $3,000, plus installation costs .

    As mentioned earlier, it is much more advantageous to install a skylight when redoing the roof, so that installation costs are kept to a minimum.

    To learn more about flat roof windows and the costs associated with their installation, ask the specialists at Clinique de la toiture FCA for advice! We serve the areas of Laval, Montreal North, Montreal East and other neighbourhoods on the Montreal Island.

    How Big Can A Flat Roof Window Be

    VELUX Installation Guide – Flat Roof Skylights

    Off-the-peg flat rooflights are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Until recently, these options ran up from as little as 600 x 600mm to around 1.5 x 1.0m but Velux have introduced a Vario range which is modular, meaning that you can add extra units to make up your chosen configuration.

    The limitation thus becomes a structural one: how big an opening can your roof take and does it need to be re-reengineered or rebuilt in order to incorporate your chosen rooflight.

    There are also many niche players making structural glazing solutions, which can be used for walls as well as roofs, and once again, the same structural limitations apply.

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    The Benefits Of Skylights On A Commercial Flat Roof

    Improve the work environment of your workplace with a skylight. It will radiate natural light through your commercial facility. A skylight installation on a flat roof is growing in prominence as a feature of all industrial structures. There are many benefits that your staff and your building will enjoy with a skylight installation in Toronto, and the considerations behind the decision should be analyzed.

    Flashing Insulations And Other Shielding

    Your skylight is almost complete. At this point, youll need to make sure it doesnt drip water into the internal ceiling. Youll need to place a water/ice barrier around the skylight perimeter. To make sure the barrier stays in place, secure the perimeter with additional sheet metal flashing.

    You can choose to paint over your flashing with acrylic or elastomeric paint for additional protection and longevity. In doing so, you help create a watertight seal too.

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    Before You Put Skylights In Your Roof

    Skylights are popular, so if you’re thinking about adding a skylight to your roof, you’re not alone. Homeowners like skylights, because they add beauty and allow for natural light to enter the home. However, installation of skylights must be done correctly in order to protect your home from leaks and structural damage. If you’re considering a skylight installation, here’s what you need to know.

    Key Takeaways For Installing A Skylight


    Whether as part of a loft conversion or a simple home hack to let more daylight in, skylights can be transformational. Before browsing the market for the perfect roof window or skylight, its important to consider the following:

    • Skylight installation is a relatively simple task but one best left to a professional as it can be hazardous.
    • Roof skylight costs are determined by the price of the window or skylight and the scope of the work required
    • Roof window installation costs are often charged by professionals at a day rate averaging£150. Time taken will depend on the complexity of the task.
    • Roof window replacement costs come at an average of £500. This includes the window itself and the installation assuming its straightforward.
    • Additional needs such as scaffolding will be charged separately.

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