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How To Write A Roofing Proposal

How To Write A Roofing Contractor Business Plan

How to Write a Construction or Contracting Proposal

Quality Business Plan’s writers have found that the roofing industry is experiencing a growing trend for several reasons. First, an unfortunate reality is that there have been more natural disasters throughout the US, like forest fires, hurricanes, and snowstorms in the last several years as compared to previous decades.

These natural disasters inevitably lead to roof damages. As a result, the more damage done, the more roofing companies needed. Also, the number of homes built and remodeled across the US has been growing at an above-average pace thanks to low-interest rates. This new construction/remodeling also drives the demand for new roofs, which again leads to the need for more roofing companies. However, as new roofing companies enter the marketplace, or, established roofing companies seek to grow, inevitably, the need for a roofing business plan, or a roofing business plan template, is almost unavoidable. From this, our roofing contractor business plan writer has come up with some tips and tricks to embrace and practice when writing a roofing contractor business plan .

What Is The Difference Between A Roofing Contract And A Roofing Estimate

A roofing contract is an agreement between the roofing contractor or company and a client who needs roofing services. A roofing estimate, on the other hand, is just a quote about the possible cost generally about getting a roofing service done to your property. The estimated cost can often be very near or very close to the actual service cost.

From getting yourself a free printable roofing contract template to acquiring free residential roofing contract forms, you now know that what we have are all supreme in terms of quality. Roofing contracts may be similar to any other legal contract, but that doesnât mean itâs without its own nuances. With this articleâs valuable information, youâre now in an excellent position to make your own or choose the best free roofing contract template possible. Donât waste another moment and act now!

How To Write An Estimate For A Roof Job

Once you have a pricing structure, youre ready to write a formal bid. You need to keep three key things in mind to write a successful bid:

  • First: It has to clearly communicate to the homeowner exactly what products and services they are getting.
  • Second: It should be easy to understand, free of too many specifics or industry jargon.
  • Third: It has to be detailed enough that the homeowner understands the value he/she is getting.

It can be a challenge to balance these needs. Some clients will be more knowledgeable about roofing than others and will understand or want more details. Others will be less inclined to get the details. However, what you never want is for a homeowner, who has multiple bids, to see an important detail on someone elses bid that you didnt include on yours. Make sure that you cover all of the basics.

Homeowners expect to see the following on a job estimate:

Homeowners will have multiple bids in their pocket. You want yours to stand out. Therefore, there are a few marketing items you can include to help seal the deal. They include:

Of course, there are many more tactics from the marketing world that could apply to your bid. See IKOs advice about marketing to women , and more general sales presentation advice for roofers.

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Creating Your Own Document

With your word processor choose a professional color and font for your company letterhead. Place it at the top of the document. The letterhead should include your company logo, name, physical and email addresses, and phone and fax numbers.

In a new paragraph: List the client’s name, mailing address and job location, description of work to be performed as dictated in the pre-bid walk and architectural drawings . When describing the project specifications, refer to the bidding material for clarification to avoid unnecessary hold-ups once the project is under way.

Next, state the projected starting and completion dates. Then include the details of your contractor’s licenses , and attach certified copies of your workers’ compensation and liability insurance .

Give a breakdown of your material, labor and taxes only if requested, include your profit margin. Always provide detailed terms for a cost-plus rate on additional work that is requested after the signed contract, partial and final payments.

Provide the list of manufacturer names for materials, and specify the warranty products from them and your company. Roofing material manufactures offer material warranties that vary based on the type of roofing and product.



  • Bidding as a licensed contractor provides financial security for both parties. In most states it is illegal to contract for roofing work without a license.


We Keep Your Data Safe And Private

31 Construction Proposal Template &  Construction Bid Forms

When it comes to protecting your private information, weve got it locked down tighter than Alcatraz. We partner with Amazon Web Services, use 128-bit SSL encryption, and create daily backups. And we never, EVER disclose any data to third-parties without your permission. Rest easy, nothings getting out of here alive.

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Variation In Wood And Materials

I list the following in my proposal:

Natural variations in grain, texture, and / or color of the wood is a reality. Most people are aware of the natural characteristics of wood. Since no two trees are exactly the same, wood is a unique materials and natural variations in grain, texture and color are the ingredients that cause the beauty of wood. These variations can also cause noticeable differences between the sample and finished installation. These grain and tone differences are a natural and acceptable condition of quality wood finishes and will be even more pronounced in a completed project. My suppliers only use select woods to insure their quality

Consider listing the following bullets:

  • Defects in appliances or pieces of equipment which are covered by manufacturers warranties are assigned directly to the Homeowner, and each manufacturers warranty claim procedure must be followed where a defect appears in any of those items.
  • Damage due to ordinary wear and tear, abusive u common to materials used/ Such as, but not limited to
  • Use, misuse or lack or proper maintenance or the home or its component parts or system.
  • Work done or defects in items installed by Homeowner or anyone other than Contractor and its subcontractors at contractors order.
  • Defects in items supplied by Homeowner.
  • Loss or injury due to elements.
  • Conditions resulting from condensation on or contractions of materials.
  • Defects which are the result of a characteristic Such as:
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    Mobile App Development Proposal

    Persuade your clients to avail your software services by submitting a remarkable Mobile App Development Proposal PDF. This wonderful proposal has a cover page, introduction, company overview, development process, services offered, project details, and terms. In this proposal, your prospect will definitely value your proposal because it contains the mission and vision of your company. It also illustrates the development process on how you create a mobile app from proposal, meeting, approval, testing, and launching.This sensational Mobile App Proposal Template also shows the project description and the quoted price. Lastly, the terms and conditions specify the scope of services of the company.

    Option To Terminate The Contract

    The Construction Business : How to Write a Construction Bid

    The roofing contract should state the terms of terminating the contract,including the notice that should be provided, any payments that need to be made, or information about whether deposits are refundable. Many roofers require clients to pay a fixed percentage of the total value of the contract or for the cost of the materials if they want to cancel past a specific date and the roofer has already incurred costs.

    Image viaUnsplash by cytonn_photography

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    Meta Descriptions And Seo Titles

    Your SEO title, or title tag, is one of the most important components of your contents SEO. This title tag tells Google what the page should be about and also shows up to users when they find you in a search. When you type a search into Google and you read through the results you will see a title tag and meta description listed for the results. For example, the results page might say:

    City Roofing Company | Roofing Contractor

    Our Roofing Company in City is the best company to choose for superior service. Contact our Roofing Contractor today at 888.888.8888.

    The first component of this is the SEO Title and when you write your SEO title you need to use the most important keywords for that page. For your home page, these will be your primary keywords. For your interior pages, these will be your secondary keywords.

    Your meta description is a quick call to action and should include your keywords found in your SEO title. This content is some of the most important to your ability to succeed online. A poorly written SEO title or meta description can ruin your chances of optimization.

    Title tags length: 50-60 characters

    Meta Description length: approx. 155 characters

    Content Basics For Roofing Websites

    When you launch a website with multiple pages, the content on each page is eventually spidered by Google. What Google finds when they spider your site determines where they rank each page and for what keywords. Your homepage, for example, should explain who you are, what you offer, and indicate to Google the needs of users who will want to visit your website.

    10 years ago, ranking content for roofing websites was easy, as long as you knew the basics of keyword placement. Today, securing top rankings is much more competitive and requires content that meets the need of the searcher. The old way of ranking content relied on keyword stuffing which meant repeating a term like roofing company over and over on a single page. Today, engaging, informative, and unique content is what Google values.

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    How To Write A Roofing Proposal

    A lot of contractors often refer to roofs as fingerprints. For each of them is distinct and no two ones of them are similar. A roofing proposal, on the other hand, consists of a lot of similar aspects. There are few things which you should always keep in mind while writing your roofing proposal.

    The first and foremost is quality. Be it the crafting of the sales proposal or working on the actual project, you should make sure that youre presenting your clients with quality work. It is important that you make your clients feel so. Clients often view through multiple roofing proposals before they choose you so that they can find out the cheapest one with the best services.

    Instead of making them feel exactly that, you should make them feel that they chose you not because you are the cheapest one out there, but because youre the best one.

    A roofing proposal is usually received by clients after they meet the contractors but before the roofing process actually beings. During such a period, clients have a lot of doubts regarding the contractor, the organization and the entire process. To make sure that your roofing proposal serves its clients to the best that it can make sure that it answers a few principal questions. These include details about your organization, your portfolio, previous clients who have had happy reviews, the working capabilities of your customers etc.

    Apart from these, you should also make it a point to include keep a few points in your article, such as:

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    Understanding Written Roofing Proposals

    The Florida sun has done a number on your roof. The shingles are worn and loose, and 20 years of hanging holiday lights has really taken its toll. It may be time to have that roof replaced, and the first step is to consult the experts to properly evaluate your roofs condition and present a proposal for the work to be done.

    Understanding all the components of those proposals is important in order to make an informed decision, especially when comparing proposals from different roofing contractors. Keep in mind that proposals are a roofing contractors opportunity to earn your business, so look beyond a flashy presentation or sales technique and read the proposal closely. Here are some important questions to ask when reviewing a proposal from a roofing contractor.

    1. Estimated materials. When a roofing contractor provides a quote, their first step is to evaluate the size and condition of your roof, take measurements and estimate the cost of the materials needed. Ask your roofing contractor if all of the necessary materials are included in the proposal.

    2. Material Grade. Are all the proposed materialsdecking, flashing, shingles and ventilationsimilar in grade and quality? Including a lower-grade shingle on a quote will bring the price of the quote down, but using lower-grade materials could mean more frequent repairs down the road.

    Calculate Materials Labor And Overhead

    Now you need to find the costs of your other materials as well as labor and overhead. When you first learned how to bid a roofing job, its likely that you neglected several key costs, including a portion of rental costs or insurance costs. This list will help you find those missing costs.

    First, before you start calculating your materials and labor, refamiliarize yourself with any relevant building codes, because they can significantly impact your calculations. For example, some municipalities require you to use more than four nails to secure shingles. Others require an ice and water protector. It all depends on the location of the home.

    Once youre ready, calculate each material youll need:

  • Nails: If youre using IKOs Cambridge® shingles, youll use approximately 240 nails per square, or 360 nails per square when installing by the High Wind Application Procedure. Our shingles are larger than many brands, and along with their larger exposure, theyll need fewer nails than most others, which is a great way to cut costs. If youre using another shingle with a smaller size and exposure, and consequently less coverage, youll likely need to use more nails. You can keep track of how many nail boxes you use on each unique job, which will help you come up with more exact estimates for your future bids.
  • Vents: For some jobs, you can keep the vents as is, or reuse them, but not always.
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    Depth Unique Value & User Experience

    Not only do you need to have a clear purpose for your websites content, but you also need to have depth. As time has progressed and Googles algorithm has improved, they have constantly updated it to weed out spammy websites. One of the more recent updates was called the Panda update. This update penalized websites with shallow content.

    Google wants to see a well-crafted page that covers every question a reader may have about the topic at hand. Your content should be lengthy, but that length should have true depth of knowledge, not simply fluff. Your content also needs to have

    Your content also needs to have a unique value. This means not only can you absolutely never use copied or duplicated content , your content also needs to have a unique value.

    Unique value means:

    • You have a unique perspective to share about your topic
    • You are presenting your information in a better format than is found anywhere else
    • You are sharing information to an audience that was previously without a good source for this information

    Ultimately all of your online content should be geared towards the user experience. It should be easy to follow. Simple to navigate . And it should ultimately lead your visitors to convert to leads that in turn convert to sales. One of the simplest ways to create better leads is to have a website that readily presents what you do to a visitor.

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