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Is Roof Covered By Home Warranty

Home Warranty Companies That Provide Roof Coverage

Roof Warranty Plan

Not all home warranty coverage is equal. If you want roof leak to be included in your contract, thats an important factor to consider when selecting a provider. After extensive research and reviews, House Method put together a table of the best home warranty companies that provide roof coverage.


American Home Shield is another top home warranty provider that serves over 2 million homes across the United States. American Home Shield offered three coverage plans, ShieldSilver for appliances, ShieldGold for systems, and ShieldPlatinum for a combo plan that covers both. Roof leak coverage is included in the ShieldPlatinum plan.

AHS allows its customers to choose their service fee of $75, $100 or $125. If a customer chooses a lower service fee, the monthly premium will be higher and vice versa.

Pricing and plans offered by Select Home Warranty are laid out below:

$400 $60

To get a free quote from Select Home Warranty, fill out this online form or call .

Read ourSelect Home Warranty review to learn more.

Home Warranty Roof Coverage: What Does It Cover

When purchasing a roof home warranty, you can rest easy knowing youre covered with roof leak repairs over the areas of your family home. Select Home Warranty will connect you to a qualified service technician to repair the leaking section of your roof. Well cover the costs associated with the repair according to your terms.

  • Covered: A leak in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any other occupied area of your home is covered, so be sure to check for leaks after storms and make a claim as needed.
  • Not Covered: Certain areas of a roof are not covered, such as if the leak occurs on a patio or through a metal roof. Take a look at our home warranty terms to be sure youre covering the essential parts of your homes roof.

Be on the lookout for leaks and when the time comes, submit a claim. Select Home Warranty will help coordinate sending you a qualified technician to repair the problem.

First American Home Warranty


First American Home Warranty operates in 36 states, including California, Florida, and Texas. The company keeps its offerings simple, with two plans to choose from: Basic or Premier. The Basic Plan covers 8 essential appliances: refrigerator, washer-dryer, dishwasher, oven range, cooktop, microwave, garbage disposal, and trash compactor. The Premier Plan covers everything in the Basic Plan, as well home systems like heaters, plumbing, electrical, water heaters, and more.

Homeowners can also request add-ons for an additional cost, such as air conditioning units with ductwork, pool and spa, well pumps, and a second refrigerator. The company does not offer roof leak coverage. However, they do also offer a First Class Upgrade, which includes limited upgrades required by building codes, disposal of replaced appliances, and fixes for improper installations completed prior to the coverage period.

Unlike most companies, First American covers preexisting conditions, as well as issues due to rust, corrosion, and sediment. However, they do not cover expenses that are not explicitly listed in the contract. These include structural modifications and cosmetic changes.

There is no limit to how many service requests you can make in a contract term. In addition, First American has a generous benefit limit on appliances, at $3,500 per appliance. The limit on home systems tends to be lower, ranging from $500 to $1,500 per year.

Company Reputation

Service & Claims


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If Home Warranty Policies Do Provide Roof Coverage Its Likely To Be An Add

When you choose a home warranty policy, youll see a list of the systems and appliances that the warranty covers. Often these systems are arranged into packages at different price points to help homeowners select the level of coverage they prefer. Because roof repair and replacement is expensive for the warranty company, lower-priced packages may not include roof coverage at all, or the warranty company may make the coverage available as an add-on for an extra cost. Higher-priced packages may include the roof coverage as a standard part of the package, but youll want to look closely at the policy to make sure the roof is listed as covered.

Interested in getting a home warranty? American Home Shield is a lead provider in home warranties and covers up to 23 appliances and systems in your home, meaning that you can stay within your budget when it comes to costly repairs.

When Does Home Warranty Coverage Begin

Does your home warranty cover your roof?

When you buy a home warranty policy, the coverage does not start right away. There is a short waiting period to ensure that the systems and home appliances are not malfunctioning even due to pre-existing conditions.

Most warranty providers have a 30 day waiting period, while a few have a 10-day waiting period. Some companies provide the option to shorten the waiting period if a home inspection report can be provided. If youre renewing your home warranty policy, then a waiting period may not apply to you.

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What Water Damage Does Home Insurance Not Cover

While your homeowners policy will cover water damage under one of the perils noted above, there are other instances of water damage that are not covered under standard policies, including:

  • Flooding
  • Neglect or unsolved maintenance issues
  • Sewage
  • Water backup

In the event your insurer does pay for damage caused to your home by one of these conditions, they typically will not pay to repair the item that caused the damage. This means that if a neglected pipe bursts, your insurer may pay to fix the damage caused by the pipe, but will not cover the cost of replacing the pipe itself.

Here Are Some Tips To Circumvent Potential Damage

Every day your roof is exposed to a wide array of weather conditions and elements, all of which contribute to the deterioration of your roof over time. The most common problem is a poorly maintained roof. The roof being one of largest protective components of your home, it requires regular inspection, maintenance and repair. With proper maintenance, your roof can last an average of 15 to 30 years.

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Does A Home Warranty Cover Roof: Why Roof Leaks Are A Concern

Roof leaks are cause for concern no matter where you live – regardless of climate. The major common causes of roof leaks are hail, storms and mold.

You can’t afford to neglect a roof leak. Delayed roof repairs can lead to mold in your ceiling and walls. Not only can this be harmful to your health and wallet, it can also impact a home inspection and cause costly delays when selling your home.

Further, minor damage can be exacerbated by major storms, including lightning, wind, rain, and snow. Personal property inside your home can be damaged.

The age of a roof is also a major factor. A roof only lasts half as long as estimated, according to ARCHITECT Magazine. And leaks are a major reason for faster deterioration. In fact, water intrusion is a leading cause of all building-related issues.

The good news? There are easy solutions to mitigate roof risk — from proper roof upkeep to complete roof protection via a home warranty.

What Water Damage Does Home Insurance Cover

2-5-10 Warranty Roof Inspection

Most standard homeowners insurance policies cover water damage that is internal, sudden and accidental, as long as the water has not touched the outside ground or come in from outside the home. Typically, insurance policies require water damage to be the direct result of one of the perils covered by homeowner’s insurance, including sudden and accidental cracking, burning, tearing or bulging of an automatic fire protection system, heating or AC unit.

Homeowners insurance will often cover water damage when caused by the following:

  • Accidental overflow of a fixture or appliance
  • Leaking roof
  • Mold
  • Plumbing
  • Snow or rain storm
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage caused by extinguishing a fire

Standard homeowners insurance policies require water damage to be internal, sudden and accidental, with the stipulation that the water has not touched the outside ground.

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What Items Are Not Covered In Basic And Enhanced Home Warranty Plans

Contracts only cover specific parts, appliances, and systems, while all the rest is excluded. You may opt to pay an extra premium to cover items that are not already in a standard plan before signing the contract.

  • Faucet repairs
  • Hot tubs
  • Outdoor items such as sprinklers
  • Whirlpool bathtub
  • Hauling away debris
  • Remote Controls
  • Gas A/C, Window Units

Make sure to accurately ascertain what is covered and not covered in your plan before signing any contract. While a home warranty is an added layer of protection, it doesnt replace every malfunctioning device.

Is There A Service Fee

Yes, there is a trade service fee which is payable at the time of service. The amount of the fee is determined by the product available in your location. Trade call means each visit by an authorized repair contractor. The trade service fee applies to all approved costs, including service call charges. If multiple visits are required for the same repair, you will not be charged an additional trade service fee.

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What Is Covered In A Home Warranty With Roof Warranty Coverage

The Home Service Club Home Warranty Plans with Roof Warranty Coverage include repair or replacement of many Roof Warranty components, although certain limitations and exclusions apply. Components of the following systems are covered:

  • Leaks that result from rain water penetrating the roof due to normal wear and deterioration of the building materials covering the roof
  • Includes attached garages

What does the Average Repair or Replacement of Roof Warranty Cost Without a Home Warranty? $612 – $1,512 STOP PAYING FOR REPAIRS GET IT COVERED TODAY

What Does A $500 Home Warranty Cover

Does your home warranty cover your roof?

The coverage afforded by a $500 home warranty depends on the company offering the plan. Generally, plans that cost $500 or more are a variant of enhanced coverage and will include core systems like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and core appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, etc.

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Roof Leak Repair With Choice Home Warranty

With roof leak coverage from Choice Home Warranty, home owners can be assured that roof leaks will be quickly dealt with. Choice Home Warrantys network of professional technicians will work to repair roof leaks before they can cause serious damage to your home.

Dont wait to call Choice Home Warranty for help with your roof leak. As soon as you notice a problem, contact the claims department at 1-888-531-5403 or submit a claim online. Service is available 24/7/365. Choice Home Warranty will dispatch a service technician to your home right away to assess and repair the problem with your roof. Regardless of how much the roof repair actually costs, youll pay a low $60 service call fee to the technician.

How To Find Roof Leaks

The fastest way to find where a roof leak is coming from is to work upwards from any damp or mold-covered patch of the ceiling indoors. Though this is not always so simple. Locating the leak becomes difficult when the path of the water is not immediately apparent.

If the leak is hard to find, pour water over some likely areas and ask someone to call out when there is a visible drip in the home. Cracks inside the wall can also be conduits for water, leading it in unexpected directions.

Shingled roofs offer challenges to a simple upward path to the source of the leak, but they also come with handy clues to it. Just as mold and mildew gather at the ceiling leak, so do they at the source, often under the shingles in that spot.

If mold has not yet formed, there should be a trail of water formed by the slope of the roof leading you to the source.

No, American Home Shield Home Warranty does not cover roof leaks but you can review a host of the top companies on Home Warranty Reviews that cover roofs. Some of the companies include Choice Home Warranty.

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What Happens If I Sell My House While The Warranty Is In Effect

Any remaining coverage will transfer to the new buyer as of the date of closing at no additional cost . The buyer will be covered for the remaining months left on the contract. For example: If you have 10 months of coverage remaining at the time of closing, your buyer would be covered for 10 months. The buyer will also have the option to renew at the end of the original contract term. You can also decide to renew early in order to provide the additional coverage to your buyer. If you would like to provide a full 12 months of coverage to the buyer, you can add the remaining difference at closing. Its up to you!

Home Warranty Coverage: What Is Covered And Not Covered

Understanding The Differences In Shingle Roofing Warranties | FHIA Remodeling

Grab the best Home Warranty deals from the top rated companies

A home warranty serves as monetary security against unexpected breakdowns of home systems and appliances requiring expensive repairs or replacements. While getting home warranty coverage, the most crucial thing is to check what is covered in a standard service contract. Most people assume that a home warranty plan covers all sorts of repairs, but you should know that some items are NOT covered in your home appliance insurance.

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What Doesnt A Home Warranty Cover

In most cases, home service contracts do not cover appliances that have not been properly maintained, appliances that have failed before, and appliances that break due to an accident. A few companies will cover pre-existing conditions that were unknown, but this is rare. In general, most companies will not cover any pre-existing conditions, either known or unknown, and some require a home inspection in order to get coverage at all.

Home warranties also do not cover damages resulting from hazards such as weather, theft, vandalism, mold, or asbestos. Many of these items can be covered under homeowners insurance, which is a separate type of policy.

Furthermore, home warranties will not cover cosmetic defects, such as dents or scratches. You will also need to check to see if certain parts or components of an appliance are not covered. For example, some parts that are not essential to the functioning of a devicesuch as a shelf, a light, or a timermay not be covered either.

Roof Leak Repair Emergencies

Roof leaks rarely make themselves known on beautiful sunny days. Rather, they pop up during heavy rainstorms or when your roof is covered in melting snow. But given the risk of damage to your roof and home if you ignore even the smallest roof leak, its important that you call a technician for help right away. Thats why Choice Home Warrantys professional roof repair technicians are always available to help with roof leaks.

When home owners submit a claim, Choice Home Warranty immediately dispatches trusted local professional technicians to assess and repair roof leaks. Work orders are approved within minutes so that technicians can get your roof leak repaired as quickly as possible, saving you time and potential damage.

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Home Warranties Vs Home Insurance

While a home warranty is entirely elective, homeowners insurance is typically required by your home’s mortgage lender. After all, until you’ve paid off your debt, the bank is still the true owner, and they want to make sure they’re covered in case anything happens to the home.

While there’s a dizzying array of insurance coverage you may be required to get, most homeowners insurance is made up of the same basic components, which outlines your coverage and cost and arbitrates your interaction with your insurance company should you need to file a claim.

In general, insurance covers you when something external — such as a heavy storm, fire, earthquake or some other catastrophic event — damages your home or the contents inside, like your furniture or electronics. You’re also covered in the event of a break-in or theft, and your policy will pay to repair any broken windows or locks as well as replace any items that were taken.

But what about home warranties — do home warranties cover roofs?

The simple answer is yes, they can, but it’s usually an add-on, so make sure to talk to an agent if you’re unclear about your existing coverage.

Indeed, unlike your homeowners insurance, a home warranty covers things that your insurance policy doesn’t — like your home’s air conditioning and heating system, as well as your electrical system, plumbing system, appliances, and, yes, even your roof.

Whats Covered In A Home Warranty

Does Home Warranty Cover Roof Leaks

A home warranty covers systems and appliances in a home that have failed from normal wear and tear. Systems and appliances have lifespans they break down, wear out, and stop working, unfortunately. They wont last forever, and a home warranty is there to help soften the cost of paying for a brand new system or appliance when it fails from old age .

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Your Preferred Service Provider

A home warranty can help you defray the costs of plumbing repairs or a stove replacement, but not all policies allow you to choose your favorite contractor or plumber. If you want control over who does work in your home, verify that you can select your own service provider under the terms of your home warranty.

Buying a new home is exciting, and you dont want to worry about potential problems while youre dealing with a move. A home warranty can be a great way to give you security and help with unexpected systemic and appliance issues. Just be sure you know what youre getting into before purchasing a home warrantyand dont be stingy with your new knowledge. Share this guide with friends and family who are also considering a home warranty for the next place they call home.

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